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Kate McCann Cover Ups

Kate McCann - Cover Ups

'Madeleine' by Kate McCann, written for her THREE children so that they would have 'an account' of the truth.

Been said many times, but surely there is but one TRUTH?   Course there is - and IT ISN'T contained in Kate McCanns 'Madeleine'  that is simply a version that Kate McCann put together for the purpose of making some cash.  Their Fund was not at it healthiest at that point in time - not least because they had once again lost a legal action they had raised against Dr Goncalo Amaral.

She filled the book (which I have not read, couldn't stomach it read only excerpts) with stories of her pregnancy, nothing worse than listening to a female whinging on about childbirth, does anyone truly care whether she could hold down a tea biscuit or a fat juicy steak - short answer NO!  Or at which month she no longer could fit into her bikini knickers and had to resort to giant granny drawers - short answer NO!  Put me off my cornflakes...well life!

We all know she didn't stop at that, she had to bring the hairy monster, that is Gerry McCann into the equation - poor darlin' we sympathised with her on that one - no one, not even she, should have had to bear such a burden - hairy scary Gerry man creeping between her sheets of an evening - but he didn't, did he - she was brave and bold, battened down the duvet and clunk clicked, zipped up her onesie, up and over the hoodie section.  She took no chances of infiltration, a smacker on the lips would not have been welcome, so who could blame her?   Not me, wouldn't wish the worm on anyone -
If McCann tried anything while Kate was in her armour he'd leave with a fat lip, zip track to boot!   Should his advances have left her traumatised there is always counselling - fellow by the name of Tricky, or is it Pike - oh what's in a name, sure they can assist!  Was going to suggest they could tie Gerry up for while, but the circumstances that might not be the answer...might encourage him...

Right, that's a few chapters dealt with, moving on...

The McCanns we know have a bit of a problem a bit of a battle with the back/front door saga.

'Madeleine' was the platform for airing any of their issues.

Gerry we know never told us which night they changed their routine from front door to back door, he was cagey about it.  He needed it to be open, for some parts of his story but wasn't wanting to be tied down exactly.  It was a problem that wasn't going to disappear so...

Kate obliged, by slipping in, in her book that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night were the nights they left the patio door unlocked.

She also slipped in the following just to re-enforce the idea that they did not use the front door often:

Here she is describing their arrival at the apartment block for the first time and gives a description of the apartment - her ground floor apartment:

"From the front door of the apartment, there was a kitchen to the left with a hallway leading into a sitting room at the back. On the right-hand side were two bedrooms, separated by a bathroom.  The sitting room area was furnished with two blue sofas and a coffee table, TV, dining table and chairs. Glass sliding patio doors gave out to a veranda, with a flight of steps down to a little gate at the side of the building.   At the top of the stairs there was a child safety gate.  After the first couple of days we barely used the front doors coming and going through the patio doors and up and down the steps."

Ah see what Kate did there?

Describing the apartment and slips in that after a couple of days they barely used front door.  The implication being that, just as they left the patio door unlocked at night they did so also in daytime. But of course that is not the case at all according to their police witness statements.

What she doesn't make clear is that, some of them (her and kids?) in daytime exited by the patio door, it was THEN locked from the inside by either her or Gerry McCann, and then whichever of the two locked it, they then left by the front entrance, locking it after exiting.   So in daytime, UNLIKE in the evenings, the apartment was secured!

Kate McCann 'Madeleine'

"...being on the ground floor meant we didn't have to worry about the children's safety on a balcony"

Oh Kate McCann, always economical with the truth.

The apartment block was built on a slope.  This side entrance (also referred to as the patio or back entrance) was on the slope, the veranda was pretty high up.  And as we can see great danger for little ones that little railed area with chairs outside for them to climb on.  A child falling from that height could be seriously injured or killed. Madeleine for instance, if she slipped open the patio door and stepped out here.  Even if the top gate (child safety gate) was closed the child could climb on a chair and topple over the little balcony/veranda or over the walled area to the right of the picture falling to the gardens below.

The apartment was described ground floor technically correct but as we can see, the side entrance was more akin to a first floor apartment.  The other side of the apartment at the front door, was on the flat!   So pretty surprising they chose to leave by the patio/balcony route with three little ones down those steep stairs!

But doesn't Kate McCann like her little joke, her little stories to mislead her readers.  Those who had not followed the case, seen the pictures of the apartment thinking there was no danger of her children falling from a balcony!   Every picture tells a story!

Kate also tells of the night of the 3rd May 2007:

"We exited via the patio doors at the back, facing the restaurant and pool area, just as we had done the previous three nights.   There was a lamp on in the sitting room.  The long curtains on the inside of the glass doors were drawn and the doors themselves closed but not locked.  We shut behind us both the child safety gate at the top of the short flight of steps and the gate at the bottom, as we always did."

But see - THERE lies their problem - THEY LEFT THAT PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED - and tell me a four year old as Madeleine was who cannot slip open a patio door that isn't locked?  Younger kids can open those doors - even when locked - they can slip the catch EASILY!

So whether the darn door was unlocked or not ANYONE on the inside could just slip catch and open it!  A danger to any child.

The door was a danger from the outside IF unlocked.   That's when scary dangerous people could get IN!

McCanns chose to leave it unlocked.   Their reason for doing SO?

Kate McCanns best buddy Fiona Payne said it was so that Madeleine could get out, Kate McCann told her this at the dinner table she said on the night of 3rd May 2007, the night Madeleine vanished, but maybe she told a great FAT LIE, and maybe Kate and Gerry McCann placed their kids in such DANGER for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASON?

It's one thing (a ridiculous thing) to say they left them alone because it felt safe BUT WHAT about leaving the door UNLOCKED, did that feel safe?

Couldn't have!   No one in their right mind leaves kids in an UNLOCKED holiday apartment.

Big question really is - DID THEY?

And tell me a four year old as Madeleine was who couldn't climb on one of those outside chairs and fall over that balcony rail?

And dear old Kate was desperate to tell us that they closed the gates behind them - What of Oldfield, did he close it over after his alleged check.  Did the McCanns explain to him that this is what he had to do?   What of any other caller to the apartment, sales persons?  We all get callers who just NEVER close over our garden gate on leaving - so annoying!

This pair think by telling us that the child safety gate was closed that all was safe, all was well!

Gerry McCann on Tubridy Show was so excited to tell us it was a child safety gate.  That little smirk of his escaping thought he was going to burst with the excitement of it all!

Where is the logic in closing a child safety gate when you leave the door leading out to the gate in a position where a child can open it, climb on a chair and topple over a balcony?

You could go on forever with this pair!

I'm not going to go through all of Kate McCanns little tricks in her book just one or two more:

"For the record, there was subsequently some uncertainty about which side of the road Jes and Gerry were actually on.  Jane and Jes remember it as the same side as the tapas entrance, whereas Gerry is sure he crossed the street.  Either way, exactly where they were standing is not crucial.  What may be important is that all three were there."

Actually it was vitally important where Jes and Gerry were standing because if Jane Tanner had had to squeeze by them - how did she do so without being seen by either Jes or Gerry?

And had she done so, it would have caused Gerry and Jes to change position and no doubt resulted in one or either of them seeing also this man carrying the child who Tanner claimed to have seen.  

They never saw Jane and they never saw the man with the child.

The reason the McCanns didn't demonstrate this in their documentary with Jes and Gerry being where Tanner said she saw them was that it opened up a whole other can of worms for Gerry which he wasn't going to allow.   So despite everyone disagreeing with Gerry, he got his way - they all stood on the WRONG side of the street just to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that there was no chance of Gerry having possibly seen the man with the child, as that wasn't the script!

And this one, Kate McCann referring to Madeleine telling her that Sean and she had cried on the Wednesday night:

"We mentioned to the others what Madeleine had said that morning.  Obviously we didn't want any of our children waking and wondering where we were, even for a few minutes, and if the chances of that seemed remote,it was enough of a concern to make us absolutely prompt with our checks of the kids.   That is why Gerry and I were subsequently able to be so accurate about timings."

Loud laughter, loud laughter, loud laughter, this lady takes the cake!

(a)  Her child told her she and her baby brother had cried on the Wednesday night.   She dares have the audacity to write that such was her concern, and no matter how remote the possibility of her children waking even for a short time - she decided to be ABSOLUTELY PROMPT with her checks!

Your kid telling you she was crying her baby brother too, doesn't make you more prompt with your checks  - IT MAKES YOU STAY AT HOME AND LOOK AFTER THEM SO THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE, AFRAID, CRYING DISTRESSED.

But what a ridiculous thing to say that they would be absolutely prompt with their checks.   How would that help?  They could leave at 8.30 pm.   One, two or all three of her kids could wake FIVE minutes later and cry for the next TWENTY FIVE, UNTIL HER PROMPT RETURN at 9 PM     Just as Madeleine had cried for WELL OVER one hour on the Tuesday night.

I'm fast remembering why I never read 'Madeleine' because it is full of crap!   Who does this female think she is kidding!

And that prompt check of hers THE ONE OLDFIELD DID FOR HER- Demonstrates the concern she had for her children, especially when Madeleine was so poorly before she, Kate McCann headed out to the tapas bar that evening!   Oh Kate McCann how does she live with herself?  Bad enough what she did to her children to Madeleine, but then to insult the child's memory with such complete and utter garbage.  I can only guess - driven by money!

"As it was we were  in an apparently safe, child- friendly holiday complex full of families just like ours.   The children were fast asleep and being checked every thirty minutes.  Even if there had been a baby-listening service it would not have given our kids as much attention as our own visits did.   We later heard it as an option that had been chosen by many other parents at similar resorts before us. But I'm willing to bet not many since."

What the heck does that mean?

The resort was and IS child friendly.   The McCanns just made their apartment UNSAFE, UNFRIENDLY!

There is no one else responsible for that other than Gerry and Kate McCann.   Captain Evil didn't call on them twist their arms up their back make them leave their kids alone, make them leave the patio door unlocked.  What a load of bullshit!

As for 'she later heard it was an option at other resorts?   What was - Doing a McCann?  Leaving kids alone?

Then to be so crass as to say she is willing to bet 'not many since! '


I'm willing to bet that many other parents in other resorts around the world did not 'Do a McCann' because there just isn't that many parents out there who would be so miserable to not pay for a babysitter, so uncaring to leave their kids alone night after night, and so cold as to have left them alone after being told they cried.

No there would not be many parents behaving like Kate and Gerry McCann.

It is insulting to good parents to even suggest that they would change their way of parenting due to the cruel treatment the McCann kids suffered at the hands of their parents.

When I hear people ask of them - Do they think other parents will have learned from them - it is utter disbelief!  They take this to be some sort of compliment.   Other parents DON'T behave like them, other parents are more caring, less selfish, less cruel!  Just would not act as they did.

And here's another of Kate McCann's little gems, this time she is speaking of how early her children are put to bed in the evening, around 7.30 pm, speaking of the children's bedtime routine:

"It's a time-honoured routine viewed as the norm by the vast majority of British parents and children, and we were dumbfounded when in the months to come, it provoked sceptical comments in Portugal."

The Portuguese people did not make comment on the McCann kids being put to bed early their comments were in relation to the McCann kids BEING LEFT ALONE IN AN UNLOCKED HOLIDAY APARTMENT! People, and not just Portuguese people were shocked at the McCanns if they were not going to take their children out to dinner with them, how could they then NOT bother to arrange proper child care for them to keep them safe?

Quite a difference Kate McCann.

Around the world it sparked outrage that they would have treated kids in this way, particularly so in the UK, as Clarence Mitchell their spokesman had stated that this is what British parents did so that they could get some 'adult time.'

British parents that I know DON'T put their kids to bed and THEN WALK OUT AND LEAVE THEM ON THEIR OWN.

Mitchell left it at this implying that they did!

And Kate McCann too in 'Madeleine' has acted in the same devious way as Mitchell, the Portuguese people DO recognise cultural differences - THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PARENTS WOULD LEAVE THEIR KIDS ON THEIR OWN IN SUCH A DANGEROUS SITUATION.

Had the McCanns hired a babysitter - ensured their children were looked after by a responsible adult there would have been no comments from parents in Portugal or UK!

They are so sly, twisting the facts.

"Later we were told by the British Police that the ground-floor location, access to roads, front and side, secluded entrance, and partial tree cover made our apartment a prime target for burglars and other criminals.  Never once did that occur to us when we arrived."

Of course it occurred to them ELSE they would not have secured that apartment when they went out in daytime!

Did it really need the Police to tell two doctors that ground floor apartments - just like their house at home - ground floor entrance - could be burgled, and that if you leave the DOOR OPEN FOR THE BURGLAR that it makes it so so easy for them?  Nah!

Did they really need to be told that if you LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN when you have three little ones who you are planning to abandon every night that it makes it so so easy for the little ones to get OUT?

And that is exactly why their story of UNLOCKED patio doors is so very doubtful.  Because people who lock up an apartment in daytime to keep passports etc safe, would also lock up that apartment in the evening for the very same reason!  In the evening the most precious little people in the world to them were to be left alone with those passports - the precious little passports they protected in daytime!

DID they leave that patio door UNLOCKED ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHT as Kate McCann said in her book? 

The McCann apartment was no more of a target than the Oldfield's and the O'Brien/Tanner apartment.

They each were on the ground floor, they each had the same windows and shutters (Rachael Oldfield said she did not lock their bedroom window) they each had patio entrances.

They each had little girls of similar ages.

All three apartments the front entrances faced onto the car park. All of their apartments in a row.

The patio entrance to the McCann apartment would be less likely to be used by an intruder as this was an entrance leading onto a busy route particularly in daytime, tourists all walking on that road, it was busier than the front entrances to the apartments, where all entrances, shutters window etc were in a row facing onto a car park, the McCanns no more vulnerable an apartment at that side than any other.

Unless an intruder entered by the McCann patio entrance where he would be seen most probably - and there was NO sign of that - Kate McCann tells us that, all gates, doors, curtains undisturbed - then no reason for the McCann apartment to have been any more of a target than any other.

In fact less of a target if we are to believe the number of people who checked THEIR kids (and no one else's - funny that!)

Madeleine had an accident, that is clear to me and the evidence points to this, ALL the rest, the checks the windows, the doors open, closed, half open, jemmied just a load of nonsense.

There is no great mystery, no great conspiracy, no burglars, no paedophiles, no one watching them, spying on them - it is as simple as Madeleine was the child who didn't sleep well, she was the child who did not sleep in a cot so could easily get out of bed and she did many times on this holiday. She was a child who by the McCanns own admission would get out of bed and go look for mummy and daddy.

Sadly she is also the child who when out of bed suffered an accident, fatal it would seem.

Kate McCann said in her book that Gerry McCann when he saw the bedroom door more widely open (the door to he children's bedroom) he looked FIRST in their bedroom (his and Kate McCanns) to see if Madeleine had gone through there.

Now that is not a normal reaction - a parent would check Madeleine's bedroom FOR Madeleine, before going off looking elsewhere for the child.    Logic tells us that is what anyone would do.

If you notice your child's bedroom door wide open in the night, you look in the bedroom to see if they are there, you don't go downstairs and search the kitchen, the garage or the garden shed before checking their bed, their bedroom.

After reading this comment by Kate McCann I therefore would suggest that Gerry McCann did check Madeleine's room FIRST and she WAS NOT in her bed and it was this that prompted him to check his bedroom!

Where did he find Madeleine?

Well that is anyone's guess, but I now further suggest he did not find her lying on her bed as he had left her earlier, and that he did not have a proud father moment.

Taking into account also the comment by Mrs Rachael Oldfield that Matt Oldfield headed to the PARENTS room also to see where Madeleine slept suggests that he DID look in kids room and she was not there, and thereafter 'checked out' the parents room.  NOT the parents room first.

Why else would he go looking for her in the parents room when he only had to check where she should be?

You see, the actions of both men (if this happened, so many lies in the case) indicate that Madeleine McCann was not in her bed when Gerry McCann/Matt Oldfield were in that apartment.  

***There is one other reason why Gerry McCann would have looked for Madeleine in HIS ROOM before checking if she was in what is know as the children's bedroom - and THAT is, if Madeleine was put to bed in GERRY AND KATE McCANNS bedroom.

IF SO, then they were not truthful in their police witness statements - but that wouldn't be a first!

What is clear also from the little I have read of these excerpts of 'Madeleine' is that Kate McCann is a stranger to the truth has no qualms in lying.

Anyone who reads that book and is honest knows that she has not been truthful that she has quite deliberately tried to lead the reader up the garden path, just as she, and ALL in the McCann holiday party did when being interviewed by Police both in Portugal and in Leicestershire UK.

Whether DCI Andy Redwood has had the pleasure of the same who knows but for sure he and his colleagues cannot have missed the deceitful ways of this group.

That Kate McCann is of the mindset that such a book should be given to her THREE children when they are older is a scary and disturbing thought.   She knows a lot of what she has written is not truthful.

And that is what is so tragically sad for Sean and Amelie.   I mention only two children, as Madeleine will never read it!

If Madeleine could she would be able to say - 'But that's not right, that never happened mummy!'   Madeleine would know the truth.

'Madeleine' is a book written in the knowledge that Madeleine will never read it!
25th August 2014

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