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Kate McCann on Dr Amaral

Kate McCann on Dr Goncalo Amaral

Common knowledge that Kate McCann has expressed that she wishes that Dr Goncalo Amaral be miserable feel fear.

We know also that outside the Court in Lisbon she spat venom as she declared that Dr Amaral was not a victim, before she and Gerry McCann stomped off angry at being asked a question about Dr Amaral, Gerry McCann stating that they were not speaking to Dr Amaral!

They had each stated that Dr Amaral had caused the case to be postponed four times, which was a blatant lie.

Why did they lie to the press, the public?

Kate McCann made further accusations against Dr Goncalo Amaral - speaking of Madeleine she said:

"She deserves that right to be found we believe that Mr Amaral is trying to stop her that human right to be looked for and found.  It’s happened to other children it can happen to Madeleine."

So, not only did they WRONGLY and knowingly accuse Dr Amaral of postponing the case FOUR times, Kate McCann accused Dr Amaral of attempting to prevent Madeleine having the 'human right to be looked for and found'  

How interesting, the irony from these parents.  Madeleine's Human Rights included the right to be cared for and protected as far as is humanly possible.

Did her parents see to it that her human rights, and those of Sean and Amelie to be cared for and protected as far as is humanly possibly were honored?

Sadly for the McCann kids, the answer is NO.   And as Gerry McCann would say - 'that's an EMPHATIC NO!'

Kate McCann said that she, and Gerry McCann believe, it is the INTENTION of Dr Amaral to deny Madeleine the human right of being looked for and found.

Quite an accusation by Kate McCann - I wonder how she will provide the proof of that one!

It is certainly looking like the McCanns are to have an opinion on pretty much anything they like but others have not to be afforded the same rights.

I guess in McCannland they can make their own laws.

I don't believe there is such a human right:

'To be looked for and FOUND?


And how can Dr Amaral be denying Madeleine this right to be found?

That's nonsensical.

But that last part of Kate McCanns accusation against Dr Amaral -

"It’s happened to other children it can happen to Madeleine."

What exactly has happened to other children?

  • Their rights to be 'looked for and found' have been denied them?
  • They have been found?

Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say is it option two, that she meant - other children who were lost, have been found.

It is however a comment worth looking at.  Kate McCann, the McCanns claim that Dr Amaral's book has damaged their search, but were unable to provide the Court with any proof of this.

She states that 'it has happened to other children' 

As we are assuming she meant, other children have been found, and of course they have, but we must factor in different children, different age groups, different circumstances. Police investigations in the cases, finding different evidence, leading to different conclusions. No two cases the same.

If it was as simple as to say - other children have been found.  That statement can be countered with 'very many more children have not, or have been found dead, murdered, and usually by their parents some close family member.'

So -
'other children have been found' gives no guarantee that Madeleine will be.  Not Madeleine, nor the other child - had a human right to be found.   It may be of some comfort to the McCanns to think this way...

But all of these children were not found through any search, most missing children escaped their captors, there were not ongoing searches for the very many years they were missing.  

It truly is quite a ridiculous case the McCanns have brought against Dr Amaral, to say that the book by Dr Amaral caused the people of Portugal to not search for Madeleine.

Apart from those early days, weeks when almost everyone in the town of Praia da Luz, tourists also (with the exception of Kate and Gerry McCann and their buddies) were out searching for Madeleine, taking time from their work to do so, has anyone since really gone out there and searched for the child?  Where would anyone search after all these years?

If the child is alive, and if she is ever found, it will not be through any search.   No one has searched for years.

There are two active ongoing police investigations, the Portuguese Police and the Metropolitan Police investigating Madeleine's case, NEITHER are searching for the child.  And that is a fact.

Another fact - its not a jot to do with Dr Amaral's book that they are not!

The McCann case against Dr Amaral should have been thrown out of Court it is a nonsense.

***To be noted the McCanns refer to Dr Amaral as 'Mr'   For some reason they prefer to be petty, small minded not able to bring themselves to address Dr Amaral correctly. ***
6th August 2014

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