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Kate Smart Mouthed Mama

Kate McCann a Smart Mouthed Mama

Maddie's mum by all accounts a bit of smart mouth.

She stated she wanted Dr Goncalo Amaral to be miserable to feel feel.

She stated she'd like to kill Robert Murat.

She stated that Mrs Fenn, the elderly lady who heard a child crying for over an hour the crying coming from the McCann holiday apartment was plummy spoken.  She wrote about this woman in her book of lies - 'Madeleine' - and in derogatory terms.

And how can we forget how she said that the first police officers on the scene after her daughter was reported as missing, reminded her of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

The officer who drove her to the police station the morning after Madeleine mysteriously disappeared he too, she had nothing but unkind words, likewise the officers at the police office - they drove too fast, smoked, their attire was not to her liking, she wasn't offered a cream tea, coffee and cakes... Not what one would expect the mother of a missing child to be concerning herself with.  The mother of a missing child would want to get to that police office to hear of the progress the new information as quickly as she could, in fact I would say if this was my child missing, no person driving would have been driving fast enough.  As for tea and cakes, and the creases in a police officers pants, I would not have noticed.  My only focus would have been on my missing child and any news leading to her whereabouts.  Tea, coffee, cakes would not have entered my mind, my own needs would just not have come into it.  A coffee can wait, my missing child could not.  As for creases in pants and hair not groomed, that to me would indicate officers who had been working all night to find my daughter.

The woman is a self absorbed, malicious fool!

And other police officers, were, she said - fucking tossers.

A once Metropolitan Police Officer she claimed sent her a nasty message in the mail.

And of course she has told many a tale when interviewed, tales which leave listeners having to pick their jaws up from the floor, as they know she is not telling the truth. 

But when has a little matter of truth ever been an issue in a Kate McCann story.  

The public have grown to expect lies from this lady, so often has she been caught out.  She and her other half Gerry McCann, together with the despicable persons they holidayed with.  Not an honest one amongst them.

When they pay a piece of shit like Clarence Mitchell £70,000 per year from the fund, the fund set up to aid the missing child (£m's donated by the public, who I am sure NEVER in a million years imagined their monies would go to line the pockets of this unscrupulous man, and others) so that he would manipulate the press coverage, ensure the stories out there would be to protect the parents, to ensure the public only heard what they the McCanns wanted them to, then it pretty much sums up Kate McCann and all with whom she is involved in relation to the suspicious disappearance of her daughter.

We have heard loads about how this smart mouth mama REFUSED to answer when questioned by the police authority investigating her daughter's suspicious disappearance.  Refused to answer 40 + questions put to her.

We have heard loads from Clarence Mitchell, who when interviewed by BBC stated that Kate McCann had been advised by her lawyer, not to answer in case she incriminated herself.

But I ask, what mother, innocent of any involvement in her child's disappearance, who claimed her daughter was taken by paedophiles, would refuse to co-operate with police?

What lawyer would advise his client not to answer questions in relation to the suspicious disappearance of her child if he believed his client was innocent of all involvement?

It is beyond comprehension that a mother would do this, hinder a police investigation in this way by not co-operating with police.

But now, when we know so much more about Kate McCann, know of the many untruths she has uttered, it is easy to understand why she would not wish to answer.  It now makes sense why she condoned the decision by her group of buddies, when they ALL REFUSED too, to help Madeleine, who ALL REFUSED to fully co-operate with police authorities, hindering the investigation to discover the whereabouts of the child/what had become of her/who had removed her from the apartment.  

Her actions and their actions allow us to understand, that they have something to hide.

Yes, much has been made of the questions which Kate McCann refused to answer.

What interests me more, is the ONE QUESTION she chose to answer.

DESPITE having been instructed by her lawyer - according to her lying devious, scumbag of a spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell - to NOT ANSWER when questioned by police authorities - she went against said advice on that final question:

Question by Police authorities:

Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

Kate McCann replied:

Yes, if that's what the investigation thinks.

We have all expressed our utter shock at a mother who REFUSED to answer police questions which would have helped the investigation to find her daughter.  No matter that it was her legal right to refuse, makes no difference to the enormity the horror of what she did to her daughter by not doing so.

More shockingly disturbing though, is that this smart mouthed mama could not contain herself, demonstrating how little she cared about her missing child her recovery, when she answered that final question in the way which she did, essentially telling, not only the officers to fuck off, but Madeleine too!

Kate McCann the smart mouthed mama, always it has to be about her, her feelings, never about the suffering her daughter would be experiencing, if as McCann said, Madeleine was with paedophiles.

The question she answered, is the question which will interest Sean and Amelie more than all the others.   That their mother could have dismissed their missing sister in such a way will be tremendously difficult for them to bear to come to terms with.  That their own mother JEOPARDISED THE INVESTIGATION, and so flippantly and casually dismissed Madeleine her plight, her young life.

So many difficult questions ahead for Kate McCann from her twin children.   It will not fail their attention that Madeleine's fate could so easily have been theirs also.

And they will ask themselves - What if mommy dearest had decided to leave us in the hands of the paedophiles, in the hellish lair which they/their private detective Dave Edgar claim is what became of Madeleine?

These kids I doubt will ever be able to understand the actions of their parents from the neglect, the cruelty, the lies, the failing to fully assist the police with the investigation to find their missing sister, to the vast sums of money paid to Clarence Mitchell, and the many others, who have all made a mint out of this little girl.

And when these twin children see the support for Dr Amaral the doubts they will already have regarding their parents can only increase a thousand fold.

She can tell these twins kids anything almost at the age they now are and they will believe her, but the truth is out there, and that is something she cannot control, much as she has tried to.  Money aside, her book 'Madeleine' written for that purpose and that purpose alone.

Kate McCann thought she was being clever when answering that one question, telling police authorities to go fuck themselves, just as Gerry McCann did when he told Sandra Felgueiras to 'ask the dogs' essentially telling this lady, to go fuck herself.

Neither of them are clever or caring.   

Their little girl, according to them was in the hands of paedophiles, and all they could think of was themselves, of scoring points by being a pair of smart mouths.smirking as Gerry McCann did as he delivered his remark to Sandra Felgueiras, his equally despicable wife by his side, asking Miss Felgueiras if she had heard of judicial secrecy.

The reply this pair should have gotten was - 'Have you heard of truth?'

Pretty disgusting stuff - no decent person, let alone the parents of a missing child would behave so despicably.


Madeleine has never been the priority in this case.  Covering up what became of her, protecting their lives, their careers, their reputations, trumped Madeleine!

Madeleine's young life, her chances of living that life were so cruelly taken from her.

I don't for a moment believe the McCanns planned her disappearance. I believe they loved their little girl...just not enough to protect her as they should have.  Not enough to come clean.  Not enough to tell the truth.  Not enough so as to save their remaining kids the heartache which lies ahead for them when they reach an age, in the not too distant future when they will question the horrendously cruel conduct of their parents, the very many lies, the cover ups.

The twins will not then be palmed off with stories of burglars taking something which did not belong to them.

They will be adults, looking at this as most others do, and seeing the horrible lies, the stories invented by Mitchell, the murky case that is the case of their missing sister.

They will see that their parents put themselves before the lives of their children before and after Madeleine was made to disappear.

Yes the McCanns without question loved Madeleine, I have no doubt of that, but it is for that very reason that it makes no sense that they should refuse to assist police, makes no sense for them to have lied, as by doing so they were leaving their little girl to the horrors of being held by paedophiles.

Only one reason for them to have behaved so abhorrently and that is, that they knew absolutely that Madeleine was not a captive of any paedophile gang, but that the child was dead.

Why else would a mother of a missing child JEOPARDISE the police investigation seeking to discover what happened to her child?

Of all the 48 questions asked of Kate McCann by police, the ONLY one she answered, is the one which sends a shiver!

Question by Police authorities:

Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

Kate McCann replied:

Yes, if that's what the investigation thinks.  

Madeleine, her safe return was definitely not on this smart mouthed mama's mind when she responded as she did, she didn't see that by answering the questions she would be jeopardising Madeleine's life, she KNEW by answering, for the truth to be discovered, that she would be jeopardising her own life, her lifestyle, and she was never going to allow that to happen!  

She put Kate first!
28th June 2015

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