Lying in the Sun

Kate, Cat with 9 Lives

Kate McCann, Cat with 9 LIVES

  • Kate McCann appointed Ambassador of the Charity Missing Children.
  • Kate McCann presented with an award from one of her friends/associates, a wealthy backer, awarded for her services, dedication to the Missing People Charity! (I believe that is what one would call ALL IN IT TOGETHER!)
  • Kate McCann mother of missing Madeleine McCann
  • Kate McCann mother who refused to fully co-operate with police investigating her daughter's disappearance.
  • Kate McCann who described the police in Portugal as Fucking Tossers.
  • Kate McCann who described the first officers on the scene as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Kate McCann who said she received malicious mail from an ex Metropolitan Police Officer
  • Kate McCann who told her buddies at the dinner table on the night she reported Madeleine as missing, that she had left the patio door open so that if Madeleine woke up in her absence that the child could exit apartment and go search for her parents.
  • Kate McCann who said she wishes that a now retired police officer, suffer, pain, misery, that he feel fear.   (Would that be the same fear her children felt, the same pain and suffering she caused her three children on the five nights she abandoned them in a dark lonely, and unsecured vacation apartment?)
  • Kate McCann who has told the most incredulous stories regarding her daughter's disappearance, who has been less than truthful over the past NINE years in the many and various accounts she has given regarding the disappearance of her child.
  • Kate McCann who accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the disappearance of her child.
  • Kate McCann who ignored her daughter when she told her that she and her baby brother had been crying the night before she disappeared.
  • Kate McCann the mother who after hearing this walked out and left the child alone again to her fate, in an unlocked vacation apartment.
  • Kate McCann the mother who left little Madeleine, a three year old child, who Kate McCann said was not feeling well that evening, a child tired and pale, too tired to walk home and required to be carried.
  • Kate McCann who left her THREE under 4 year old children, knowing they had cried for their parents when alone in the apartment, when she knew Madeleine was not well.
  • Kate McCann a mother who listened to her daughter's heart wrenching words describing her crying, describing her baby brother crying, describing them calling out for mummy and daddy to no avail, alone afraid in the vacation apartment, and she still walked out and left those kids again. 
  • Kate McCann dedicated mother of the year?  - NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
KATE McCANN, according to her and husband GERRY McCann, IGNORED what Madeleine had said. They walked out of that apartment FOR THE FIFTH NIGHT leaving those children to whatever would be their fate!

Kate McCann Ambassador to a Missing Persons Charity?

Lordy, Lordy who in their right mind would make such an appointment?  Has to have been one sick puppy or a bunch of greedy no gooders who saw the opportunity to make a buck or a million using the name McCann!  The name sells papers, hence reason Murdoch and others keep pumping out the stories, and the name draws attention be it good or bad to any charity who wants to make a fast buck!

Kate McCann, receives an award for dedication to Missing People Charity - presented by the Missing People Charity, and the award came from, Kate McCanns buddy/acquaintance, a wealthy backer of the McCanns!

Yip keeping it in the family, all in it together certainly comes to mind!


Sadly no such dedication was afforded little Madeleine her brother and sister when on vacation in Portugal!

These kids were treated with such cruelty by their "dedicated" mother Kate McCann, and arguably the twin children still are.

Always they are used by the parents to promote the parents, to beef up some tale concocted by Kate and Gerry McCann, to gain sympathy, which is a truly shocking situation.

There can be no denying that Kate McCann is dedicated - DEDICATED to Kate McCann, her own preservation!

As for Coral Jones?  

Coral, the mother who did lose her child through no fault of her own.

To lose a child in any circumstance is awful, no one expects their children to be taken before they are, and this mum Coral Jones lost her child in the most horrible and terribly tragic of ways.  In a way no child should have suffered and in a way which has caused her mum suffering that no mum should have to suffer or endure. Everyone's heart goes out to Coral, she has the deepest sympathy, support, and respect of all.

But this poor woman has been used too! 

This lovely lady has been paired with the tainted Kate McCann, and  if we are honest, for no other reason than Coral brings decency, goodness, brings to one of the many Kate McCann stories, that which Kate McCann cannot!  Stories created for Kate McCann, by Kate McCanns spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, the guy who for most of the nine years Madeleine has been missing has been picking up £70,000 per annum or thereabouts, from Madeleine's Fund for his seedy services, for creating stories to protect and promote Kate and Gerry McCann!

And what better way to promote the tainted Kate McCann than pairing her with a decent human being, a lovely mum such as Coral Jones!

Dedication indeed - these people are only dedicated to keeping themselves safe, keeping themselves outside the bars looking in, and will destroy anyone who stands in their way.  Dr Goncalo Amaral his young family were and are a prime example of the lengths and the lies they will go to to serve their purpose, equally they will also use anyone they deem helpful to their cause - self protection!

Sadly for Coral Jones, her pairing with Kate McCann is for no other reason than it serves Kate McCann's purpose, the McCann agenda! They got their claws into this poor woman and it is obvious as to why!

Do any of us imagine Coral Jones approached the McCanns and arranged this pairing!  Not a snowballs chance in hell of that!

So Kate McCann the mum who refused to fully assist police in their investigation into her daughter's mysterious disappearance, the mum who condoned the refusal by her holiday buddies to fully co-operate with police also... and some fucking clowns make her an Ambassador to a Missing Persons Charity and give her an award for dedication to missing people!

Would be roaring with laughter here, but for the fact that would only add to the mockery of the case of missing Madeleine by these despicable people!

Makes one wonder if this charity is dodgy, as is most else in the case of missing Madeleine McCann. Corruption, corruption, corruption to the core in this case!

So let us go back NINE years and take a look at the McCann story, and oh what a story it is!

JK Rowling her imagination and story telling at its best could not compete with Kate McCann, and her story! 

This blog will be lengthy, repetitive, but I make no apology for that. It is not new information, but a stark reminder as MOTHERING SUNDAY in the UK fast approaches (?) of the tall tale told by mummy, Kate McCann.

A tale which demonstrates her dedication - to herself!

A tale which it would appear a lot of the British public swallowed hook line and sinker!

If anyone has the stamina to stay with it, I guarantee you will be left bewildered as to not only, why this mother could ever have been made an Ambassador for a missing persons charity be given any type of award in connection with missing people/children. children in general Bewildered as to why she was never charged with neglecting her children, and quite possibly also, other crimes committed against the missing child and those other kids in her care.

Mothers have been imprisoned for less!

Madeleine McCann, her brother and sister, all under the age of 4 years, were abandoned, left to care for themselves in a vacation apartment in Portugal in May 2007 by their parents Kate McCann and Gerry McCann. Both parents are doctors.   Dr Gerry McCann is not a surgeon, heart or otherwise, as has been wrongly reported on many occasions.

The following is the story the parents told the police, the public, the world, it is not speculation, it is their OFFICIAL STANCE/STORY of how they treated their three young children, night after scary night when in Portugal! THEIR story, one quite clearly of CHILD NEGLECT/ABUSE, IS NOT necessarily TRUE, but it is THEIR STORY!  And it is on that basis I continue.

And let’s not shy away from the fact also, that their story
if true, demonstrates a complete lack of good judgement where the care and protection of young children is required.  It demonstrates the abuse which these kids suffered.  It clearly demonstrates the degree of neglect pain and suffering these kids suffered at the hands of their parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

You see they cannot have it both ways!

Clearly what they did was irresponsible and cruel.  They are happy to tell this story (for whatever reason, perhaps as the truth of matters is more damning)  but NOT HAPPY if anyone suggests it was CHILD NEGLECT/ABUSE!

It demonstrates without question that young children should NEVER have been in the McCanns care as by their own account, they DID NOTHING WHATSOEVER to keep those kids safe.  In fact they PLACED THEM, consciously and deliberately so, in GREAT DANGER!

And yes, I say, the children were left to care for themselves, as by leaving three such young children alone in a un/locked vacation apartment, whether they were asleep or wide awake when the parents left the apartment, asleep or wide awake for any part of the time the parents were ABSENT from the apartment – IS LEAVING YOUNG VULNERABLE KIDS TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES.


When awake these kids, or Madeleine rather, being the eldest, had to make decisions.

  • Madeleine, not quite FOUR YEARS OF AGE had to make decisions. Decisions which would affect not only HER OWN SAFETY but that of her TWIN TWO YEAR OLD SIBLINGS!
  • Madeleine had to decide when her brother or sister cried, whether to get out of bed and go look for her parents in their bedroom, in dark scary apartment.
  • Madeleine had to decide whether to go out through that unlocked patio door to look for her parents.
  • Madeleine had to decide whether to try and open that front door to go look for her parents.
  • Madeleine had to decide whether she would climb on that sofa and look out the window to see if she could see her parents (which the Portuguese Police believe she did, and had a fall, a fall which proved fatal)
  • Madeleine had to decide whether she would stand at the side of cots of the crying twins her young siblings and tell them it was okay, mummy and daddy would come back soon.
  • Madeleine had to decide whether to give the little kids some juice, to perhaps sooth and quiet them.
  • Madeleine had to decide when she herself woke afraid needing comfort, whether to get out of bed in the dark, and go look for her mummy and daddy.
  • Madeleine if thirsty in the night had to decide whether to get out of bed and get herself a drink of some description.
  • Madeleine if she woke in the night in this dark scary apartment had to decide if she was brave enough to get out of bed wander through the dark scary apartment, her siblings crying, to go and use the bathroom or any of the aforementioned.
  • Madeleine if her baby brother/sister were sick, choking, or just needing to be comforted had to make the decisions as to the next step.






Do please think people.    This was a little girl, not quite four years old, having to make decisions which a child should never have to.

On the night Kate McCann said her daughter and her son were alone and crying, Kate McCann must have known then that Madeleine would have gotten out of bed to go look for her and Gerry McCann.

THAT is what Madeleine did.   That was Madeleine's job, to ALERT these parents to any crying!  To look after and look out for her brother and sister!

IF Madeleine and her baby brother were crying the night BEFORE the parents reported her as missing
(and that is the tale told by Kate and Gerry McCann, which can be viewed on many online videos, the footage there for all the world to see) then Madeleine was OUT OF BED looking for her parents, as that is what Madeleine did!

You see, Kate McCann is prone to a story or two, or three or four, and many more!

We get half stories from this dedicated lady, little tidbits that she likes to drop into the mix, all which suggest there was a big bad intruder.   She never though tells us the other half of the story, and never answers any questions in that respect.

You see, Madeleine as per the McCann interviews, and according to them, if she or her brother or sister cried in the night, the little girl always got out of bed to look for mummy and daddy.

It stands to reason that on the night of
Wednesday the 2nd May 2007 the night the McCanns claim Madeleine told them she and the baby brother were crying, that Madeleine got out of bed to look for her mummy and daddy.

Now hearing this story from their little girl on the
morning of Thursday the 3rd May, the McCanns still left the kids alone that night.  

Rather extraordinary decision, for more than one reason.   Not only that their kids were clearly distressed, afraid, the previous night, but that they MUST HAVE KNOWN Madeleine would have gotten out of bed, and to any decent parent, that too would have been a frightening thought, that their little girl was wandering about this apartment alone crying afraid, trying to
DECIDE what best to do for her baby brother and sister!

And add to this another element:-

The McCanns also claim that by this night, the Wednesday night 2nd May that they had begun to LEAVE THE PATIO DOOR OPEN/UNLOCKED!  (how very convenient for their story, but we will get back to that later.)

The fact that they say on the Wednesday night they left the door  unlocked also, the night that Madeleine cried, as did her baby brother (little sister it would appear slept through the crying of her siblings and all in same room? ) SHOULD HAVE HAD THE McCANNS scared out of their minds, thinking of the danger they had placed their kids, their kids awake crying, Madeleine out of bed, an unlocked door, looking for her mummy and daddy!




And as good old Judge Judy says.   IF IT MAKES NO  SENSE, PROBABLY A LIE!

Little Madeleine McCann it would appear, on that vacation, and according to her parents tale, had the weight of the world on her shoulders

  • Left with adult duties
  • Left alone and responsible for her baby brother and sister
  • Left alone to make decisions, decisions that a 4 year old child could not reasonably make.      (though that said, the child knew that when her baby siblings cried they needed their parents.  Her parents did not recognise this)

For those out there who say, but the parents only left them a half hour, an hour at a time?

Think about this:

To a 4 year year old, and two, two year old tots, waking in a dark, scary, unfamiliar apartment, not in their homeland, and no mummy and daddy there to comfort them, every MOMENT would be the scariest of their lives.

Little kids of this age, have no concept of time.  A half hour means nothing when they are afraid.  

A minute an hour a day, means nothing to them.  They cannot rationalise, and certainly not when in a state of upset and fear. Cannot comfort themselves by telling themselves, mummy will be back in a half hour, or even begin to know what that means.

A moment, lots of moments, millions of moments alone and afraid upset crying, whether a moment or a minute or 30 minutes, for those kids time meant nothing, they only knew and FELT FEAR!

And that is what is shocking to me, makes me fucking angry, when I hear McCann supporters, the Lorraine Kelly's, the Fiona Phillips of this world say, oh they were only alone for periods of 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Children of two and three years of age no not what 30 minutes is! 

And to listen to Kate 'dedicated' McCann say that, IF Madeleine had been awake and crying together with her baby brother, then they couldn't have cried for long, as they weren't crying when the dedicated mummy arrived home, is shocking!  They must have woke up, cried and went quickly back to sleep again she said!

This female knew that Madeleine when hearing her baby brother cry, would get out of bed to alert her parents!



What if the crying started the moment the McCanns walked out the door, and ceased the moment before they returned.  That's at least 30 MINUTES!


There's that time again.  

TIME, KATE McCann means nothing to a child of the age your kids were when you abandoned them.   A moment a single moment when they realised you were not there for them, the fear that caused them, you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

So much can happen in that time.  So many moments of fear for these kids in a 30 minute in 60 minute period of time.  And for little kids who cannot either tell the time, and have no concept of time, a single moment of fear is the same as a lifetime of fear.  A moment of fear they should never have had to experience.

For two doctors, two parents not to recognise this, to not be honest about what they did to their children, and for any adult to support the abuse of the McCann kids by their parents, and support the outrageous story they told after the disappearance of this little girl is beyond disgusting!

We all know such young children can wake at the drop of a hat in the night, for a multitude of reasons, and to leave them home alone, for 2 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, however long, is putting their lives in danger.  We all know for a child to wake in the dark of night and have no one there for them, is causing them unnecessary fear and upset!

A lady who lived in the apartment above the McCann vacation apartment, made a statement to police that she heard a child crying for over an hour, crying coming from McCann apartment.

Kate McCann the mother who did not search for her child on the night she vanished, but had the time, she and her best friend Fiona Payne to pass derogatory comment at this elderly lady who offered assistance, and of whom she wrote also in her book Madeleine in a derogatory way regarding this lady quite beggars belief.

The furthest Kate McCann went on that night was to the front door where there is a little car park to call out for Madeleine!  But she had plenty of time for her other nonsense!

Astonishing that two parents who are doctors did not recognise the danger they placed their little kids!

They have appeared in many TV interviews stating that they felt safe.   What in hell does that mean?

How can two doctors, two parents make such a ridiculous statement, that it felt safe to leave three tots alone in an unlocked vacation apartment in a country foreign to them, and when they knew absolutely their kids had been crying in their absence the previous night and to leave a door open/unlocked to boot?

An apartment which was described by their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell as being located at a remote part of the town!

An apartment which the McCanns describe in relation to the bar they went to of an evening as BEING LIKE DINING IN THEIR BACK GARDEN ON A SUMMER'S NIGHT!

Night after night according to their story, they neglected their children in this way; LEAVING THEM IN THE REMOTELY LOCATED apartment while they dined in their 'back garden!'  Meeting up with their holiday companions, their buddies, in a bar.  Five consecutive nights the McCann kids were left alone in the dark and scary vacation apartment.

The McCanns claimed that on some nights they locked the apartment securely, front door, and side/back patio door.

On the night they reported Madeleine as missing they claim they left the patio door unlocked.

  • They claimed an intruder came in through a bedroom window, that the shutter on that window was broken.  This was proved not by police forensics, not to be the case at all.  The shutter had not been broken, nor had the window been jemmied open!  INSIDE JOB I BELIEVE IS THE TERM)

They then changed tack, changed their story, and had their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell concoct another story which he released to the public, a statement on their behalf, they now claimed:

  • The intruder EXITED the apartment through the open window carrying Madeleine, leaving no trace!    This was the FIRM BELIEF OF GERRY AND KATE McCANN , Mitchell stated!

It would be ludicrous that an intruder, who they also claim must have been watching their movements all week long, would have entered or exited the apartment through the window when there was a door lying unlocked/open.  I say open, as this patio door had NO handle on the outside.  To open it from the outside it would probably have to have been left ever so slightly open to allow for a person to slip their fingers through the space to grasp the door.

To be noted also, the McCann spokesperson when announcing this change to their story, DID NOT state WHAT IS THE McCANNS FIRM BELIEF as to how, in this new story, the alleged intruder gained access, ONLY that they were now of the FIRM belief that the big bad intruder he had exited the apartment by the open window. 

Quite a change from their 
PREVIOUS FIRM BELIEF, that the alleged intruded had busted open the window and shutter and accessed the apartment that way.

But hell, this is a McCann story, so anything can happen!

To be noted also:

  • NEVER did ANY of the McCann private detectives come up with any type of scenario as to how an intruder gained access to the apartment, or for that matter how they exited.  The world were just to believe Kate and Gerry's outrageous tale!

  • NEVER has the MIGHTY METROPOLITAN POLICE, NOT EVEN IN THEIR CRIMEWATCH STORY, explained how the intruder gained access or explained how he exited that apartment with Madeleine.  No explanation either as to the route this alleged intruder took after exiting, either by the window, the front door or the side/back patio door.   And whoever removed the child had to exit in some way.   (personally I have never discounted the patio doors located in the McCanns bedroom and over the wall into Oldfield's apartment)


When first questioned by police after Madeleine vanished, Gerry McCann claimed he had entered the apartment by the front door. 

Seven days later
he told police he wanted to change his story, now claiming he entered the apartment by an unlocked patio door)

Did he change his story when he realised the police had not been fooled by their claims that the shutter had been broken from the outside, and the window was the route the alleged intruder had used to gain access?

McCanns also claimed that on the morning of Thursday 3rd May 2007 (Madeleine was reported as missing later that night) that Madeleine had asked them why they, her parents, had not come to attend to her, and her baby brother, when they had been crying the previous evening, Wednesday evening, 2nd May 2007.

Firstly, it is sickening, frightening, cruel beyond belief, that these kids (if the McCann claims/story are true) were abandoned in an unlocked vacation apartment while their selfish parents went out each evening.  But, for their little daughter Madeleine, to have asked such a question the following morning, and the McCanns to then abandon their kids once again was a cruel and evil act.

What kind of people could do that to children, leave them alone in such vulnerable position in the first instance, but to then be told by one of their kids of their distress, that they had been crying, calling out for their parents, and their cries were not answered…what kind of people after hearing this, would walk out AGAIN on their own kids, their own flesh and blood?   

Cruel, evil, selfish people!

There is no one I know who would treat their children in this way, abandoning them in the way the McCanns did, and I absolutely would not want to associate with such type of persons, child abusers, and their treatment of their kids, as per their official story, the story they continue to perpetuate, is a tale of child abuse, appalling abuse, an horrendously cruel acts, and to not bat an eyelid or accept any responsibility whatsoever for the pain and suffering they caused Madeleine and her little brother and sister is unpardonable.

For these kids to have called for their parents, and no one to answer their cries, no one coming to attend to them, and for those parents, to THEN IGNORE what the child had told them about that crying, only to continue with their neglect of these kids, leaving them AGAIN, that very night is sickening.  

  • Only cold heartless bastards could walk out in such circumstances. 
  • Only cold heartless bastards could sit in interviews and state it felt safe.  That it was NOT their fault the situation Madeleine found herself.  Not their fault, not their fault, not their fault, not their fault.  Nothing was their fucking fault!  They had they said ACTED WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF RESPONSIBLE PARENTING.

Hell that's a new one on me.  Abandoning three tots night after night in an unsecured property, in my book, and in that of the rest of the world is an ACT OF CHILD ABUSE!

Maybe in minds of the McCanns and their ilk, treating kids in this way is acceptable conduct, acceptable conduct in doctorland, but it sure in hell isn't acceptable in the world of decent caring parents!

When the McCanns tell their story of how they treated the kids, leaving them night after night, they are describing the actions of cold, uncaring, heartless bastards, child abusers.  No ifs, buts or maybes about it!

We see on our TV screens appeals from children’s charities, for financial help for abused kids.  The campaigns have scenes where little kids are seen, recoiling from the parents who abuse them. 

Little kids left alone in cold dark rooms, listening for their abuser, knowing what is sure to happen to them.

Scenes where little kids are alone, afraid in homes where their parents have abandoned them while they are out enjoying themselves. 

Every scenario, every type of abuse.

Every time I see this, I see the faces of the three McCann kids, alone in that dark, scary, lonely remote vacation apartment, frightened, crying, feeling fear,  as their mummy and daddy are not there for them. Little Madeleine scared for her baby brother and sister, their crying, the little girl going to look for her parents, Dr Kate McCann and Dr Gerry McCann, and they are not there for her.

The little girl trying to DECIDE what else she can do to help the little ones.

The kids in those charity appeals ARE the McCann kids of May 2007!

McCanns have never accepted any responsibility whatsoever for their horrendous treatment of their children, not one bit!   They simply say they are sorry they were not there at that moment’ as in the moment, the magic tragic moment when she vanished never to be seen again!

Interesting that they describe the child’s disappearance as happening in a moment?

They tell us Madeleine was taken in a moment, and from her bed.  Taken from her bed when she was sleeping, they say.

Makes for a good story, a story to pull at the heart strings, a child taken from her bed when sleeping, torn from her loving family (that's the parents who abandoned her)

But truth of matters is, IF, and BIG IF, the McCanns genuinely don’t know what became of little Madeleine, and as they were not there as is their claim, at the moment when she was taken, THEY DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE then, what happened in that apartment!

  • Madeleine could have been WIDE AWAKE when she was removed from the apartment.  
  • Madeleine could have been TORTURED for MANY MOMENTS before being removed from the apartment, beaten into silence.
  • Madeleine could have been dead before being removed from the apartment.  
  • Madeleine could have died from a fall in the apartment
  • Madeleine for however many moments could have faced the alleged intruder, terrified!

In the MANY, MANY MOMENTS these kids were alone, night after night, fending for themselves, MANY MANY, THINGS could have happened to Madeleine, and her baby siblings.

On ALL of those nights the kids were alone, during those moments, all sorts of people could have been floating in and out of that apartment fiddling with their three kids - IF THAT PATIO DOOR WAS LEFT UNLOCKED!

When you leave three kids in unlocked apartments in a remote location, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN AT ANY TIME.


BUT NO -  the world has to believe ONLY the story as told by the child’s parent…that she was TAKEN FROM HER BED, AND WAS ALIVE, ASLEEP AT THE MOMENT WHEN THIS OCCURRED!

Well wouldn't do their story any good if they said - Oh Madeleine might have been afraid crying when the intruder arrived!

No siree, they couldn't release a story like that.   It had to be a slick operation, in and out by the intruder, Madeleine taken alive, no suffering, no pain, no crying just carried off when she was sleeping!

The McCanns cannot possibly know that that is what happened if they were not there AT THAT MOMENT.

But how convenient is their story, and for several reasons.  

Taken from her bed when she was asleep.  How interesting.   But NO proof of that whatsoever!

But plenty of evidence to suggest quite the opposite!

The McCanns would have the world believe that an intruder gained access, and took a sleeping child from her bed.   A child who rarely slept through the night.  A child, when on this vacation often woke and went to her parent’s room to tell them of the crying of one of the younger kids.

A child who the McCanns say, the very night before she vanished, had, together with her baby brother, been awake and crying calling out for her parents to come attend to them.

So WHAT IN HELL makes the McCanna believe such a child would have been FAST ASLEEP, AND TAKEN FROM HER BED by an ALLEGED INTRUDER?

When Gerry McCann went to check on his kids.  He said the bedroom door was wide open, and the first thing he thought was that Madeleine had been awake and had gotten out of bed. 
He thought this, BECAUSE
that is what this child did.  Got out of bed in the night, either because she had woken and needed her parents, needed comforted, or to tell them that one, or both of her younger siblings was crying, upset and needed their parents to attend to them.

So why do these parents expect the world to believe that their little girl who rarely slept through the night, who had been alone, awake crying afraid in the dark lonely apartment, the night prior to her being reported as missing, was fast asleep and taken from her bed by an intruder?  A child who was left in a bedroom with two little kids who also were prone to wake and cry?

What if Madeleine was DEAD when removed?  Now that type of story would not allow for a Fund to exist, a fund which claims to be looking for an alive and findable little girl.

Alive and findable is how Gerry McCann describes Madeleine.

Truth is, he cannot possibly know that she is ALIVE now, any more than he can state she was alive when removed from that apartment (unless he knows something he's not telling) when police information points to something quite different – to the child having died on the night she was reported as missing, her body concealed..?  

Concealed by whom?  There is no question this child/her remains at this point in time, is/are concealed in some way!

Of course, genuinely innocent parents will say, and understandably so, that they will always hope that their missing child will one day return to them, but that is in the case of kids who genuinely have gone missing, been abducted. Missing children where there is no suspicion or cause for suspicion surrounding involvement by the parents or close family/friends.

Again the truth of matters is that there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to suggest that Madeleine was abducted, and a WHOLE LOAD of untruths, inconsistencies, in the McCanns statements, in the statements by their buddies also, added to which police information gained during investigation which more than suggests that the McCanns and their buddies are involved at some level in the disappearance of this little girl!

  • A little girl WHO THEY HAVE CLAIMED they left alone night after night in an unlocked holiday apartment. 
  • A little girl WHO THEY CLAIMED told them the very morning of her disappearance that she had been awake and crying the previous night.
  • A little girl who very easily could slide open a patio door had she gotten out of bed in the night to go look for her mummy and daddy.
  • A little girl whose mummy told her buddies at the dinner table that she had left the patio door unlocked so that the child could do exactly that exit the apartment (see blog above 'Best Friends)
  • A little girl who was smart, articulate, bright funny and at almost 4 years old perfectly capable of sliding open a patio door! Perfectly capable of climbing on a sofa to look out of the window, perfectly capable of climbing on kitchen chair to reach sink for water.  Perfectly capable of opening kitchen drawer and gaining access to all sorts of dangerous utensils.  Perfectly capable of opening fridge for juice and staining her pyjamas with same.
  • A little girl who they claimed was not well that evening, pale, tired, poorly, too tired to walk back to their apartment, after tea at the resort, and required to be carried, yet they walked out and left her alone again in that unlocked apartment.
  • A little girl, who, more than anything, more than being bright, funny, pretty, articulate, was exactly that A LITTLE GIRL.  A little girl who should have not needed to do any of the above, if her parents had been there to care for her and her siblings.



So why has the world to believe that on the night Madeleine vanished, the night they reported her as missing, that the child slept soundly?  Slept while she was TAKEN from her bed by an intruder, was removed
in a moment, when EVERYTHING points to an entirely different scenario, when the scene suggests a staged crime?


I don’t think many believe that the McCanns killed the child, but they do believe that this child had an accident when alone and unsupervised.  An accident which proved fatal, and concealment followed.

And that is what makes most sense.  That is what Portuguese Police believe, and for good reason.

  • Does anyone believe that the McCanns, two doctors left these kids in an unlocked apartment night after night?
  • Does anyone really believe that Madeleine told them of her crying and they THEN walked out on those kids again, leaving the patio door unlocked/open?
  • Does anyone believe that Gerry McCann found a wide open bedroom door which absolutely told him that someone had been alone in the apartment with his three kids, and he just walked out back to the bar?
  • Does anyone believe that Gerry McCann arrived back at the bar and NEVER reported his findings to his wife Kate McCann, telling her only that ALL WAS WELL, when it WAS NOT?

All was NOT WELL!   So why would he not have told his wife Kate McCann what he discovered?

Why would he leave his kids ever more vulnerable, knowing someone had been in that apartment?

  • Leave them knowing that Madeleine could wake, as she had the previous night, and could exit the apartment through an unlocked door?
  • Leave them knowing Madeleine was pale and tired, not well?

Are we to believe the McCanns faced with such a statement by their daughter, that they gave:

  • NO CONSIDERATION to what might become of their kids if they again woke and cried? 
  • That they gave no thought to the possibility of Madeleine getting out of bed and sliding open that unlocked patio door and exiting the apartment?
  • That they gave no thought to someone on the outside sliding open that unlocked patio door and harming any of their children?
  • That they gave no thought to the possibility that Madeleine might be awake, and out of bed when MATT OLDFIELD (the guy in their group who barely knew the McCanns, who had NEVER before that night checked on the McCann kids, a guy who the McCann kids did not know, the ONLY person in their group who entered the McCann apartment to check on them) went into the apartment to perform his alleged check, that if she was, she, and or her siblings, that seeing Matt Oldfield would terrify them, that Matt Oldfield would have been unable to comfort them as he did not know them?

This was the little girl who Kate McCann claimed was feeling unwell that evening, pale and tired.

Yet another reason to ask WHY THEN WOULD THEY LEAVE HER ALONE AGAIN, a poorly child, left alone with two babies to look out for?

HOW ANYONE with a modicum of common sense could listen to the McCann tale (and what I have pointed out here is only the tip of the iceberg) and not see their story for what it is…utter fabrication…is truly beyond belief!

Adults who are abused by partners, know what it is, to feel real fear, the fear perhaps of the next beating, the next time…

That is what Madeleine and her siblings must have felt… REAL FEAR!

This little girl was awake on the night prior to her disappearance, crying, as was her little brother (AS IS THE CLAIM BY THE McCANNS) yet they left the kids again.

How must Madeleine have felt on the night of her disappearance to know that she and her siblings were to be abandoned again?

And this little girl, according to her parents, was bright, articulate, could do almost anything, a sort of super child, she was the child who questioned them that very morning as to WHY they did not come when she and her brother cried, and cried out for them?

When that little girl was put to bed that night, the Thursday night, ther night her parents reported her as missing, it would be fair to say that she would most certainly have asked her parents, if they were going to leave her, and her baby brother and sister alone again, as that is what kids who are bright, articulate would do.  That is what kids who were left alone and afraid, who had had a terrible scare, as Madeleine and her baby brother had the previous evening, would do - ask her mummy and daddy if they were planning to leave her once more, and plead not to be left again.

Kate McCann claimed she slept in the same bedroom as her three beautiful kids on the night that Madeleine and her baby brother cried (the Wednesday night, the night before she vanished.)  

She had come home late from the bar, and decided to sleep in the spare bed in the kids room.  She did this as she and Gerry McCann had a fall out, the first fall out/disagreement since they met, the first they had slept apart through having a fall out, is the claim made by Kate McCann when interviewed on the Tubridy Show which aired on TV!

How extraordinary, that they had been together, known each other for what, 9/10 years and never a cross word, never a night spent apart, until that night in Portugal when she said, she looked at Gerry lying sleeping, snoring, in their bedroom, was cross with him, so decided to sleep in the room where her kids slept.   The very same night, Kate McCann claimed that Madeleine had said she and her baby brother were crying and no one came to attend to them

She claimed that the following morning, they all got up really early, around 7 am I believe, and had breakfast, and it was during breakfast that Madeleine told her about the crying.

So Madeleine and her brother we must assume cried before their mother came to sleep in their room, as Kate McCann was stunned to hear Madeleine speak of them crying.  No crying when she slept there in the room with her kids.

So yes, the crying and calling out for their parents occurred before Kate arrived at the room to sleep.  

Kate McCann does not tell us how delighted Madeleine must have been, when she woke on that Thursday morning to find that her mummy was sleeping in the same room as her and her siblings.  And a child who had been crying and afraid, on the same night, but before the arrival in the room of her mummy, would surely have been over the moon to wake and discover mummy had slept close to her?

How strange Kate McCann made not a mention of Madeleine's reaction to her mummy sleeping close by!

One must also assume, that the stain which Kate McCann noticed on Madeleine's pyjamas on the morning of Thursday 3rd May, a stain which was not there when the child was put to bed on the Wednesday evening, also made its appearance between the time Madeleine was put to bed, and the time Kate McCann arrived to sleep in the kids bedroom.  

As the kids had been awake and crying during this same period of time, it is safe to assume that Madeleine got out of bed as she would usually do when she or a sibling was crying, and not only searched for her mummy and daddy, but also took a drink of something from the fridge perhaps and spilled it down her pyjamas, that she dabbled with some soft of liquid, a drink or medication of some description perhaps?

And it would also be fair to say in such circumstances the little girl would not have cleared up the mess, and the mess would have been there for Kate McCann to see on her arrival home.  The McCanns, Kate McCann would therefore see signs,  KNOW ABSOLUTELY that this child had been out of bed.

Which would make Kate's story that she did not notice the stain until breakfast time more than shaky!

It would also indicate that Kate McCann if she did not notice the stain until the morning of Thursday 3rd May, that she did not approach Madeleine's bed when she arrived in the bedroom,
 to tuck her in (as most mums would do) as had she done so, she would have noticed at that time the bedclothes disturbed, due to Madeleine getting out/in bed, and also the INFAMOUS STAIN!

Also when Kate McCann approached the bedroom where the kids slept, it would be unlikely that a little child would have returned the bedroom door to the position which the McCanns left it of an evening, just slightly ajar.   Little kids don't do that, and not when they get out of bed in the night to go look for their parents, they just pull a door open and wander out or in.  

So when Kate McCann arrived home she would know if that door (Wednesday night) had changed position, know if her child had been out of bed.  And for Madeleine to have a stain on her pyjamas in the morning of Thursday, one she didn't have the night before when put to bed, and when we know Madeleine and her baby brother were awake crying afraid, and when we know Madeleine always got out of bed in such situations to alert her parents, then pretty safe to assume she spilled something on her pyjamas, and safe to assume that bedroom door was open when Kate McCann arrived (Wednesday night)

The only reason perhaps this would not have been the case is if the intoxicated Gerry McCann who arrived back at the apartment before Kate McCann, and before falling into a drunken sleep, had looked in on his kids and returned the bedroom door to its original position!  BUT then HE, GERRY McCANN would have discovered the bedroom door not as he had left it on this Wednesday night. 

The Wednesday night tale by Kate McCann is equally as dodgy as her Thursday night tale.

You see the McCanns when the speak of the Thursday night, tell us in the minutest detail to the degree, how widely open the bedroom door was, that they noticed it not in its original position etc etc.

But the same would apply to the Wednesday evening surely?

Kate McCann would have us believe a big bad man was in the apartment on the Wednesday night, and not only made her kids cry, but spilled some substance or other on Madeleine's pyjamas!

But whether Madeleine got out of bed to look for her parents, or whether a big bad intruder visited the kids room Wednesday night, THAT BEDROOM DOOR would not have been in the SAME position as when the McCanns left the apartment, and the McCanns would know this.

And why they never asked Madeleine about that stain on her pyjamas?

When Madeleine, according to Kate McCann asked why she and Gerry McCann had not answered their cries, Kate McCann did not say to Madeleine – hey honey, mummy came later, and slept right beside you in spare bed.

We know this as Kate McCann, Gerry McCann too, in interview said Madeleine stated what she did, and then dropped it.  The conversation was over!

Now why would that be?

Probably because the crying incident story is a crock of crap like the rest of their story!

Like the stained pyjamas!  Like the open bedroom door!

Stories concocted so that the listener will think a big bad intruder was in the apartment on the Wednesday night too, and made their kids cry but not before making a stain on Madeleine's pyjamas!

Yeah right.   A stain that Kate McCann could not identify!

What a shed load of a shit, a stain the McCanns could not identify!

So not only did the McCanns leave their kids alone night after night, in an unlocked holiday apartment.  Not only did they ignore the heart wrenching words of Madeleine telling them of her and her baby brothers anguish, they fucking IGNORED the stain on the pyjamas!


I tell you they have got to be the most negligent parents on the planet if they discovered a stain on their little daughter's pyjamas, a stain that was not there when they put her to bed and was there in the morning when she woke, and when they had abandoned their kids in an unlocked apartment after putting Madeleine to bed with UNSTAINED pyjamas, YET DID NOT seek to discover from the child how it came to be there in the morning, and did not seek to discover what that stain was! 


Any mother knows what the stains on their kids clothing are.  With such young kids, and the situation as this one is, a kid being put to bed clean unstained pyjamas, kid gets up in the morning, stained pyjamas?   The parents had left the kids unsupervised went out to meet their buddies at a bar, leaving kids unattended after having put them to bed.  Kids awake and crying in their absence.

What does that tell us?  That the kid got out of bed and spilled something down her pyjamas, or had been ill in some way, vomited perhaps.

How hard would it have been for Kate McCann to determine what caused the stain?  She must have known what liquids were accessible to Madeleine!  So really easy to determine the stain.  And even easier to ask Madeleine, the bright extremely articulate child!  She could have told her mother in a flash how she stained her pyjamas!

Gerry McCann stated when interviewed by Jane Hill that Madeleine 'for one so young can express herself really well.'

Yet they never asked the child about the stain?

Kate's pyjama story, shed load!

But still it is a story not to be dismissed, because, when Kate McCann tells such stories, it is generally to cover for something else, she is covering her back! 

Her pyjama tale is ridiculous, in that she could not identify the stain. A doctor, a mum who could not identify the stain on her kid's pyjamas? In fact TWO DOCTORS, two parents who could not identify the stain?


But never forget that the dedicated Kate McCann is as devious as they come.   If she is churning out a pyjama tale, a story of a stain, it is to serve a purpose.  It doesn't mean there was not a stain.  It could mean there was a stain one she COULD IDENTIFY, and KNOWS EXACTLY how it came to be on her daughter's pyjamas!

It is not necessarily the stain on the pyjamas, that is the lie, it is the story which Kate McCann has told to account for it, which surrounds it, that is!  Because it is not believable that these parents could not identify a stain, two doctors, and not believable that they did not ask the articulate, Madeleine, the child who could express herself really well, how it got there!

That makes no sense!

So how in hell does it work, that two doctors, parents, abandon their kids every night in an unlocked apartment, tell a shed load of shit for a story to the world and NINE years on they are still getting away with it and receiving awards?

MONEY!  The route of ALL EVIL!

How does that work, that three little kids have been allowed to be let down so very badly with neither parent accepting any responsibility?

Think about your own children, your family vacation.  The thought of abandoning your kids, three under 4 year old's in an unlocked apartment several nights in a row.  A truly terrifying thought for any responsible parent to contemplate.  It just doesn’t bear thinking about. 

But just try and imagine you did exactly that!

And then one morning you are told, by your daughter of 3 years of age, that she and her baby brother had been crying in your absence?  That would have any parent who loved their children with all their heart, any parent with even a tiny bit of decency, feeling utterly ashamed of themselves, that they had caused such pain and suffering, distress for their kids.

It would make a parent feel so guilty at how uncaring and selfish they had been towards their kids, so sorry for what they had done, that they would want to make amends that very day, make amends the very moment they heard that their children had been caused such upset, make amends for the fear they had caused them.   It would make a parent vow to never treat their children so appallingly again.  It would make a parent want to immediately hold their children close, tell them mummy and daddy were so very sorry for causing them to be frightened and unhappy, and assure them that it would never happen again.  It would make a parent spend that day with their children, spend a special day with them, keep their children close, so that the kids were made feel safe and secure, in the knowledge mummy and daddy were around and would never leave them alone again in the scary apartment.


According to them, after hearing this child’s heart wrenching tale of crying calling out for her mummy, and daddy, they simply dismissed it, and headed straight back to the bar to meet their buddies that very night!  LEAVING ALSO THE APARTMENT UNLOCKED, THAT PATIO DOOR OPEN IF YOU LIKE FOR ANYONE TO GET IN AND ANYONE TO GET OUT!

Judge Judy again - THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

Further Gerry McCann claims he left the bar, and went back to the apartment to check on his kids.  Got to the apartment, found the bedroom door wide open (not as he had left it) checked that all three of his kids were still in bed, which they were, he claimed, and he further claimed that Madeleine had NOT moved, not moved an inch from the position HE had LEFT her, lying on TOP of the bedclothes (not tucked in, under the bed clothes)

Now for a father who had left his kids in such a dangerous environment, to have found that a bedroom door was wide open, a door which he KNEW FOR SURE he had left open only slightly, and to have established that his kids had not been out of their beds/cots, even the dimmest of individuals would conclude that SOMEONE HAD TO HAVE BEEN IN THE APARTMENT FOR THE DOOR TO HAVE A CHANGED POSITION.

Knowing he had left the apartment unsecured (that unlocked patio door) PANIC would have set in for sure, for any parent in such a situation.

Didn’t for Gerry McCann!

He JUST ONCE MORE, ABANDONED THE KIDS.  Strolled on back to the bar, for the second time that night, stopping to chat with an acquaintance, leaving the kids NOW MORE VULNERABLE THAN EVER!

Now does that sound like a father who has just discovered someone MUST HAVE BEEN IN HIS APARTMENT ALONE WITH HIS THREE LITTLE KIDS, DOING WHATEVER TO THEM?  

That story by McCann has more holes than a colander!

It is a story that would have alarm bells ringing for anyone hearing it, and most certainly for any police officer, anywhere in the world.

And it did just that for the Portuguese Police, and rightly so!

But the Metropolitan Police in the UK – these guys appear blind to all of the lies, inconsistencies, in the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies, but then they were all issued with a blind fold and a gag, had their hands tied behind their backs right at the beginning of their investigation. 

Thirty + Metropolitan Police detectives, some from murder squad, and now, six years (?) since their investigation began and ZILCH!   Still they see nothing wrong with the McCanns story, nothing at all!

In fact, they produced Crimewatch October 2013, and made excuses for the McCanns and their buddies, and also decided to change the timeline of events for the purpose of this Crimewatch production with no concrete or sound evidence, no credible reason for doing so.  Their reason for doing so was very clear though!

The now retired DCI Andy Redwood, simply changed the timeline.  Ignored the fact that by doing so he left a million and one loose ends as it did not tie in with the police witness statements given by Kate and Gerry McCann, Matthew Oldfield or Jane Tanner!

He completely ignored the fact that his new timeline did not take account of Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield’s tales in particular.   It is as clear as the nose on his face that had he done so, he could not have SOLD his new timeline to the public in this Crimewatch production.

Now why would that be?

Why would the Metropolitan Police not take account of the police witness statements given by Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield regarding that open bedroom door?

Only one reason!

Even the dimmest on the planet can see through the lies and ridiculous stories told by the group of doctors.

We have these two parents, doctors, who claimed:

  • They left their kids alone in a vacation apartment for FIVE consecutive nights.
  • They sometimes left the kids alone, and locked the front door and the side/back patio door.
  • Sometimes they left the kids alone, the side/back patio door unlocked (allowing for anyone on outside to just slide it open)
  • They never ever left the apartment unsecured during daytime hours when the family was out.   Only left it unlocked at night when their precious kids were alone! (A Judge Judy moment!)
  • That their daughter, 3 years old as she was at that time, told them that she and her baby brother had cried and been calling out for their parents to come attend to them. This she told them over breakfast on the day of her disappearance
  • That the child never mentioned that her mother had slept in the same room as her and her brother and sister (which is rather strange, kids having been abandoned all week, crying afraid would have been cock-a-hoop to know their mummy had been sleeping right beside them, yet Madeleine didn’t mention it, and NEITHER did Kate McCann make mention of any conversation between her and Madeleine regarding mummy sleeping in that room!)
  • That they decided to AGAIN leave their kids ALONE, despite. knowing, of their kids distress the previous evening!
  • That Gerry McCann, knowing on the night they reported Madeleine as missing, that the bedroom door was wide open, not as he had left it, didn’t bat an eyelid, when clearly someone had to have been in the apartment for the door to be open wide, he chose to just willy nilly abandon his kids again, leaving them ever more vulnerable, knowing someone had been in that apartment and opened the bedroom door, not taking a single precaution to protect his kids who he knew ABSOLUTELY at this point were in GREAT DANGER from WHOMEVER opened that bedroom door!
  • He stopped outside the apartment to talk to Jez Wilkins an acquaintance and NEVER mentioned to this Jez guy that someone had been in his apartment and opened the kid’s bedroom door.  He chatted with Jez as though he had not a care in the world.
  • He didn't call to Jez - 'hey Jez someone has been in the apartment with the kids, would you go alert Kate, she's in tapas bar'
  • And most of all Gerry McCann NEVER when he returned to the restaurant even mentioned to his wife Kate McCann that the door to the kid’s bedroom was lying wide open.
  • The routine, as their police witness statements show, was to return and say ALL WAS WELL
  • Did Gerry McCann return and tell Kate McCann ALL WAS WELL when it QUITE CLEARLY was NOT?  He must have done as this dedicated to missing people mother, did not rush back to that apartment to protect her kids!
  • He never said to Matthew Oldfield when he went to check on the McCann kids a short time later (unusual in itself as Oldfield didn’t know McCann kids and had never checked on them before this night, claiming also he entered the apartment to do so, something that no one had done with the McCann kids that entire week)  ‘ 'Hey Matt, you don’t know my kids, they might be awake and crying, so you might scare them, oh and by the way, when I was there someone had opened that bedroom door it was wide open and I never leave it that way, would you mind old boy checking the bedroom door, and if Madeleine is awake as she usually is, tell her, her mummy and daddy will be home soon!'

Now when you and your wife know you have left three little kids in an unlocked apartment, and when you know your little daughter that very morning had told you of her crying the previous night, you know that child in particular had been poorly, and you then find the door to your kids bedroom wide open, not as you had left it, what would that tell the most dim among us?

And what action would even the most dim among us take on discovering such a situation?

Of course, no responsible parent would walk out and leave their kids again knowing this.  They would TELL THEIR OTHER HALF IMMEDIATELY of what they discovered when checking their kids … that open bedroom door.  And their other half, if s/he cared at all for their kids would go running back to the apartment.

The Doctors McCann?

No siree – Business as usual!

Yeah, pull the other one Kate and Gerry McCann!

Yip, almost nine years on since Kate McCanns daughter vanished, and still she’s pumping out press stories, still plugging the Missing People Charity (which took Kate McCann on as their Ambassador! That tells us much about the Charity!  

Every year about this time, the McCann pantomime swings into action, the carefully created press stories, the interviews, Kate telling us of her agony, and of how she will never stop looking for missing Madeleine.   Did she ever start?   So little, about Madeleine in last nine years, so much about her mother!

And this year is no different, they pulled out from the hat a story of Kate's dedication to missing people, which her rich buddy/acquaintance/associate/wealthy backer, Wynyard, together with the Missing People Charity, gave her an award for.  What a story this year eh?

And to put the icing on Kate's cake, they used Coral Jones!

Who in their right mind would appoint a mother who abandoned her THREE under 4 year old children in a dark, scary, and unlocked vacation apartment, night after night, for FIVE CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS while she and her other half Gerry McCann and their doctor buddies went out to a bar? 

And Yip, the brazen mother still spouting all the usual stuff that she/they do at this time of year, leading up to yet another anniversary of little Madeleine losing her life.

No escape for the public as Kate launches herself into yet another load of lies and nonsense - even Kelly’s couch is luckier than the public, last year it escaped having the McCann asses parked upon it, and no doubt it will again this year, as as early signs indicate, we’re going with the press stories about dedicated Kate, how Kate feels her missing daughter Madeleine is in the Algarve,   –

Well shouldn’t they be hightailing it over there to go look for the kid?

Shouldn’t they be spending that £750,000 they say is still in their Fund on doing exactly that?

Course they should!

And of course they won’t!

Because they are once again taking the public for a ride. 

And anyone out there still gullible to fall for any of their stories, or part of any of their stories, gullible enough to part with any cash, handing it over to the McCanns – be warned – there will NEVER be any return, as in, Madeleine will never return.  She is not an alive, and findable little girl as her father Gerry McCann claims.

If this child was alive and findable, EVERY PENNY in that Fund or that was ever in that Fund would have been spent on finding her.

It wasn’t, and it never will be!

There are spokespersons to be paid, Clarence Mitchell, and he does not come cheap, but as far as the McCanns are concerned he is needed, more valued it would seem than Madeleine!  He is a priority!

Now why a guy like Mitchell should have been paid £70,000 per year approx to invent stories for the Mccanns for the past nine years, and kept on a retainer, what would be a very costly one, more than raises eyebrows!

Why would innocent parents need the seedy services of Mitchell?  

He does nothing to help discover what happened to Madeleine, and that's one hell of an amount of Madeleine's money, money from her Fund, the fund which the public donated £millions to, to help find her, to be handed over to this guy.  We're talking £hundreds thousands here.

Imagine how that vast sum of money may have helped discover what became of the child?

Would not the innocent parents of a missing child prefer to spend that money on searching for their child?   Would not their missing child come first, rather than concentrating on how the public view them?   Would not their missing child come before their own self protection!

At the beginning of this sad case, the McCanns wanted to clear their own names they said before they could properly search for Madeleine.

I guess their names have yet to be cleared!

If Kate McCann is NOW so sure that her missing child is still alive and in the Algarve (ANOTHER CHANGE OF STORY, ANOTHER FIRM BELIEF? which most who have followed this case from the beginning have been stating from the beginning, that the child, was removed from the apartment and her dead body dumped not too far from said apartment) then WHY IN HELL is that Fund money not being used right at this very moment to find the child?

Yeah, yeah, the Metropolitan Police Investigation!  Pull the other one!

When the Metropolitan Police went out to Portugal, and dabbled in the dirt with a few shovels, took a happy holiday helicopter ride,  Kate and Gerry McCann went jogging in the UK, smiling, posing for the press, for the cameras!  Dedicated to jogging?

If this female believed her kid was still in the Algarve why in hell was she, on that specific day, not out there?

If this female believes her kid is still in the Algarve why in hell is she not out there now, spending that cash to find her, digging in the dirt with her bear hands?

Because if she did, it would cause all kinds of upset for that Fund, they cannot be seen to be looking for a dead child!  It would destroy their story that Madeleine is an alive and findable little girl!

Because this is the mother who on the night her daughter mysteriously vanished DID NOT GO LOOK FOR HER CHILD.   DID NOT WALK THE STREETS CALLING HER DAUGHTER'S NAME.

The little girl could have been hiding somewhere afraid, and to hear her mother's voice would have meant so much.  Would have meant mummy was close by, that mummy had come to save her.

NO KATE McCANN DID NOT LOOK THAT NIGHT OR ANY OTHER DAY OR NIGHT, she was too busy she stated in interview.

(scroll down page for the link to video)






Lest we forget the Madeleine Fund is not a charity, it is a BUSINESS as Gerry McCann stated.  The McCanns are a business!

And it was their business to be seen AROUND Town as the loving couple, carrying cuddle cat!

So where in the Algarve does Kate McCann believe Madeleine to be, an alive Madeleine of course?  Or is that the NEXT installment of this latest nonsense story?

Perhaps in the hellish lair 10 miles from Praia da Luz, the lair where the McCann dodgy detective Dave Edgar said she was being held?

The lair he said it would take 10 years to get to!

Now he made that statement about 6 years ago perhap more…and in those years the McCanns their detectives never made any move or attempt to discover this lair?  IF they had, we could have said to then expect Madeleine back in around 4 years from now, but as they didn’t!

Now should Kate and Gerry McCann decide that they want to part with any of that £750,000 (that’s the cash they have been shuffling around from bank account to bank account according to the spokesperson Mitchell ) and decided to make a start in finding that hellish lair, and IF we use the dodgy detective, Dave Edgar’s calculations, then we should expect Madeleine, if their search goes well, to be returned home in around TEN YEARS from now!

The kid if alive, will be 13 years old in May 2007, so can we safely say if McCanns get a team to head out now to this hellish lair, she will be returned home when she is approximately 23 years old?

See how ridiculous are the spoutings of the McCanns and their dodgy detectives?

Or, does she perhaps think Madeleine is to be found elsewhere in the Algarve, somewhere that they will be able to get to her a little easier than the hellish lair, somewhere that will not take as long as TEN YEARS TO REACH HER?

I doubt there are many who will disagree that Madeleine McCann, her remains are somewhere in the Algarve, but few will agree, based on the police investigations, the witness statements, the evidence gathered, and the lies and inconsistencies in the stories told by Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and their buddies, that the little girl is alive and findable.

And no one out there who has followed this case will believe for a moment that the magic sum of £750,000 which has been bandied about and moved about, will ever go towards any meaningful search for this missing kid! 

If the mighty Met can’t find her, and didn’t find her on the many jollies they had in Portugal, spending £11m of the UK taxpayers money in their pursuit, then Kate and Gerry McCann ain’t gonna find her with their £750,000….oops yeah that's what they think too, THAT is why they want MORE of your money, as they have already spent the £m’s already donated, but NOT on Madeleine, ON MITCHELL!   Well he is one of Gerry's close buddies now, so Gerry McCann, told Sandra Felgueiras in TV interview!

Gerry McCann claimed in interview also that every penny in the Fund would go towards finding Madeleine.  It hasn’t!  

So after 9 years why would we believe the McCanns when they are once again spouting more of the same?

Still we are hearing about Kate McCann, NOT MADELEINE McCANN!

We hear of Kate's agony, NOT Madeleine's agony!

And if the little girl is alive and in the Algarve with paedophiles then she has suffered a pain and agony that only those who have suffered likewise can understand.  She is suffering still.  Her agony beyond the imaginings of most!

Kate McCann once said that Madeleine will be giving her captors her tuppenceworth!


This mother who seeks sympathy for herself, who is always on about HER agony and she comes away with such a disgusting statement about her little girl, that she thinks her little daughter will be giving the paedophiles her tuppenceworth!

That is not a comment that any normal mother of sound mind would even contemplate making!

If your three year old daughter had been abducted by paedophiles the last thing you would imagine is the little one standing up to the bad guys who took her.   For fuck sake she was 3 years old.  Adults abducted cannot stand up to their captors! 

The little girl would have been so very frightened, wanting her mummy and daddy, suffering both emotional and physical pain and agony and not understanding why!

If the little girl was abducted by a lovely childless family (is there such a thing as a lovely family who kidnap other people's kids ) then the child still suffered, pain and agony.

And this heartless mother dared to say that her young daughter Madeleine would be giving the guys who allegedly took her, HER TUPPENCEWORTH!

You read and listen to the McCanns with utter disbelief that any parents could act as they do, and say the things that they  do!

One wonders how these people, NINE years since Madeleine’s disappearance are still getting away with it, with all they do?

Kate McCann,
the cat with nine lives, whose agony we are once again hearing of.

Madeleine the kid who lost her one life NINE years ago!

Her pain, suffering, fear, agony... NOPE you will NEVER HEAR OF THAT, MUMMY IS THE STAR OF THE SHOW.

When people read a McCann concocted story in the press do we read/ hear of how Madeleine has suffered, is suffering?

Of course we don't as they cannot allow a story out there that even hints that Madeleine may be suffering, experiencing pain, agony!   That would reflect badly on the parents, would not be helpful to the Fund!

Do people read the stories and even think of Madeleine as an alive child, a child being tortured and suffering daily? 

Perhaps some do.  Perhaps some don't!

McCanns say she is alive.  But we have not to think of her, as being suffering agony of any description.

We have to think of her as an alive and findable little girl who is having a jolly old time to herself somewhere in the Algarve, and who will one day, return to Rothely!

Until she does folks, don't forget to donate to Kate and Gerry McCann, their fund, oh and remember too, to feel Kate's pain, her agony....Madeleine can wait!

Kate McCann a tragic mother? (as described in the Sun)

No siree!  

What is tragic in this case is that she saw fit to NEGLECT her kids, and in the last NINE years has continued to not ADMIT or ACCEPT any responsibility whatsoever for the fate of her little daughter!

Neither she nor Gerry McCann accept any responsibility, and have gone out of their way to protect themselves in this regard.

That is a tragic.
Madeleine being abandoned being neglected is tragic.
Her brother and sister being neglected is tragic.
Her brother and sister being used as they have been since Madeleine's disappearance is tragic.

Coral Jones being used is tragic.

The McCanns and their buddies not being truthful is tragic for Madeleine!

What is also tragic is that they have no shame, and coming up to the anniversary of this little girl's disappearance, nine years on, they will conduct themselves as appallingly as ever.

They will still not accept responsibility for their actions for what happened to Madeleine, and they will continue to deny the undeniable!

Bewildered as to why anyone would believe this story?

Bewildered as to why the McCanns were never charged with child abuse/neglect?

We all should be!

Because the story they have told (and as I say the aforementioned is only the tip of the iceberg in their storytelling ) cannot reasonably, possibly be true!

The view of Jon Gaunt 8 years ago may be of interest to those who have not read previously (and since that time nothing has changed in McCannland)

And another similar article regarding the McCanns neglect, a more recent one, which I have still to read in full, will be of interest to those who care about justice for little Madeleine.
27th February 2016

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