Lying in the Sun

Kate & Gerry Memory Loss

Kate and Gerry - Memory Loss

Your 3 year old child is missing.   You had left her alone in a dark scary and unlocked holiday apartment on five nights while you wined and dined with holiday buddies.

You discover her gone.  You believe she has been taken by a paedophile.   A massive search by police and local people entails.

A Fund is set up within days of the disappearance whereby the public can donate to help with a search for the child.

£m's are raised.

You blame others for your child not only being missing, but for her not being found.

You condemn the police investigation.

You refuse to accept any blame whatsoever.  

You insist the child is alive, and unharmed. though how in hell you can insist on this when you also claim that you were NOT there when she was removed from the apartment is a mystery.  And the fact that she is missing quite obviously means she HAS come to harm.

You tell the police the story of how you entered the apartment by the front locked door using your key to do so,

Seven days later you change your story.

Seems you entered by an unlocked patio door, though why in hell it took SEVEN days for you, the parents, both doctors to remember this, is quite frankly a shed load of shit.

You begin your own private investigation hiring dodgy detectives, crooks in fact, to look for your child at huge cost to the Fund set up for her through public donations.  You hire very costly teams of solicitors to protect yourselves.  You hire very costly spokespersons to lie for you and protect you. Reputation management.

You are interviewed for TV and are asked how your investigation is progressing.  You are also asked about 'sightings' of your child, and if any were considered promising had credibility.

You are desperate to find your child so every sighting which is given attention due to it seemingly being credible is etched in your mind.   How you investigated the sightings, when and where the sightings took place you absolutely would never forget, such would the hope they had given you that your child may be alive, may soon be traced and returned home.

Well that is what one would assume to be the case!

Not SO with Kate and Gerry McCann!

When asked that very question, Gerry McCann stated that there were one or two sightings which were credible.  When asked which sightings, he was UNABLE TO ANSWER.

Kate McCann too was UNABLE to ANSWER.  

Their daughter, a little girl missing due to their appalling neglect (that is their story, that they left the child alone, night after night) a little girl whose parents refused to co-operate fully with the police investigation, hindering her chances of being found, a little girl whose mummy and daddy CANNOT REMEMBER WHICH SIGHTINGS OF HER THEY INVESTIGATED, OR WHERE THE SIGHTINGS AND SEARCHES TOOK PLACE.

I cannot think of a more sickening, brutal and hard hearted pair than Kate and Gerry McCann, their lack of compassion for their missing child her suffering when left alone in the lonely dark and scary apartment and her plight after her disappearance is beyond comprehension.

But let us not forget they said that they are not responsible for the situation the little girl finds herself, and ask why would it be their fault if she had come to be injured in their absence.

And the public give this pair money!

But view the footage for yourselves, it is like watching the most cold and heartless of child killers being interviewed.  Like watching a couple of psychopaths.  They appear not to give a flying fuck as to the fate of Maddie!  In fact Kate McCann finds the situation funny!

Something seriously wrong with them!
15th March 2015
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