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Kate & Paedophiles

 Kate & Paedophiles


I haven’t read Kate McCanns book, only excerpts, but recently I came across some printed pages, which had been sent to me a long while back, and skimmed them – the first parts written by McCann are about her, and her, and her, oh and her - I gave them a miss not worth reading in entirety!  And the parts where she tells us of how the poor woman feels she is a victim, and feels she is a victim, did I mention she feels she is a victim - Well I gave that a miss too.


For anyone who has read the police files, and then went on to read this piece by Kate McCann you must be feeling pretty sore, angry that you’ve been stung – sorry you parted with your cash I’ll bet (just like those who are now sorry they gave to the Fund) – as you will have quickly realised, the ‘account’ in her book Madeleine – doesn’t match her other accounts!


There is a fine line between a vivid imagination embellishing a story, and lies, and even then whichever category this book falls into (both at times) it cannot be an honest account if we are to believe the ‘accounts’ she has given before the publication of ‘Madeleine’ and after, in the statements she has made in televised interviews, police witness statements, her diary, and other interviews she has given to the press.


‘Madeleine’ was written she said for her twin children so that when they are older they will have an account of the truth?


There can only be one truth surely.


Yet Kate McCann has surpassed her own ambition, she’s managed to provide for her children more than one.


As young adults ‘Madeleine’ will be a difficult book for them to read for obvious reasons, but it is made more difficult as it is not an honest account.  Very quickly, when comparing ‘Madeleine’ to the police files, the witness statements given by their parents and their holiday companions, the magazine interviews, their mother’s diary, televised interviews, the young adult McCanns will spot the difference in a flash!


 ‘Madeleine’ I would say was written by someone who wishes to fool the reader, someone who planted lots of little seeds, an exercise in ass covering!


Kate McCanns Diary

Tuesday, June 26 2007


“I went for a short walk to the shops nearby.  I had heard that there was a paedophile there.   Nice isn’t it?


If people informed us about these criminals of course we’d be more cautious and we’d feel safer!”


  • Where was Kate McCann when she heard there was a paedophile at the shops?
  • Who told her this?
  • Did she overhear others having a conversation about a paedophile out doing his/her shopping?

To then continue by saying that if ‘people’ informed ‘us’ of these criminals, ‘we’d’ be more cautious and ‘we’d’ feel safer (who are the people she expects should inform her, and inform who – her and Gerry, or are we all included in this ‘us?’) 


Poor old Kate, if only she’d known when she decided to leave her three under 4 year old children in an unlocked holiday apartment, night after night - of the existence of paedophiles in the world, and if only “people” had informed her about paedophiles going shopping– What?  She would have stayed home and played happy families with her three little kids, or locked the patio door before heading out, so that the big bad paedophile couldn’t get to them?


Oh ding dong, pull the other one McCann – it’s got bells on!


What was McCann “on” when she wrote ‘Madeleine?’ 

And, talking of which:


Kate McCann – ‘Madeleine’ 

Morning of 3rd May 2007


“The morning continued like the others with kids clubs and tennis.  After my lesson, I hung around on the grassy play area, watching Gerry on the court and chatting to Russell, who I’d found there.  Another guest appeared with a video camera to record this three year old daughter playing mini-tennis.   He looked a little embarrassed and laughingly remarked to us that filming in this way made him feel like a dirty old man.   It led to a conversation between the three of us about PAEDOPHILES.   I remember Russell talking about how everything had got a bit out of hand, that these days people were so untrusting you HARDLY DARED SPEAK TO CHILDREN YOU DIDN’T KNOW.   What he was effectively saying was that the world had become paranoid, that he wanted his daughters to grow up with confidence and a sense of freedom.   The other dad and I chipped in with our views – I mentioned not being allowed to take photographs of your own kids in swimming pools any longer – and we agreed that it was a shame things had come to this, especially for the children.  IT WOULD BE SOME DAYS BEFORE RUSSELL AND I WERE ABLE TO ACKNOWLEDGE TO EACH OTHER THE HORRIBLE IRONY OF THIS CONVERSATION.”


What was that McCann was saying about not knowing about paedophiles, and if she had she would, take more care of her kids I take it – Hell, seems she had a whole conversation about them, with Russell O’Brien and some stranger at the pool!


And what is the horrible irony of Russell and Kate’s conversation?


I’ll be blowed if I know! 


I know what she wants us to think, is the irony, but there is no irony if there are no facts – or rather if the fact is:

There is no proof that Madeleine McCann was abducted, let alone abducted by a paedophile!

The irony, Kate?


Cops don’t think Madeleine was abducted!

We have in ‘Madeleine’ an author who has tried on almost every page (at least the ones I have read) to plant seeds…sensationalising too the disappearance of her daughter, laying blame at everyone’s door but her own.  And trying to guilt trip anyone who has the savvy to question her outrageous tale, by accusing them of being nasty, she plays the victim too to gain sympathy.


My sympathy lies with Madeleine, her brother and sister and all of the little kids who holidayed in that group – all were treated badly by their parents.   All of the parents behaved badly then and continued to do so after the disappearance of the child by not fully co-operating with police and not being truthful.


And it is the untruths which have led to their “problems” if they are innocent of all involvement, WHY have they been less than honest?


It is astonishing really that those close to Kate McCann never advised her to steer clear of penning such a piece – it is like a nail in the coffin!


But they needed the cash – the Fund was in a bit of a financial mess at that time – big appeal for money if I recall correctly (they’d paid a fraudster a whole bunch money from Madeleine’s Fund and got nothing in return, and for months they didn’t notice he wasn’t doing anything?) with Gerry and Kate telling the world they would not be so reckless with the monies donated next time, and Gerry telling the public they had a nice new shiny Board of Directors who would have the Fund operating in a much better way.   His brother John McCann had left the Board at that time?  


Did he get a new job?


Odd he gave up the one he had only days after Madeleine vanished, especially when Directors on Board of Madeleine Fund aren’t paid, and that is what he did, became a Director.  Madeleine could have been found at any time so rather hasty move to immediately give up his job… an agreed leave of absence perhaps for a few weeks, but to give up paid employment to work for nothing and indefinitely?


Perhaps Board members were paid in the early days when John McCann was a Director?  Perhaps one of the wealthy backers paid him a salary, so not from the Fund.


A long time to have gone without a salary if he wasn’t receiving any form of payment!


And had they not just lost in Court to Goncalo Amaral around that time too? – that Fund was in a bad way I would say…Kate’s imagination had to go into overdrive to get that book out there…


The Darshna Soni interview with the McCanns highlighted this, that the Fund was ‘running short’   Soni also highlighted whilst not suggesting anything untoward re the Fund, that not all transactions were transparent!

In the link below there are two videos.


The first video when Darshna Soni asks the McCanns about ‘spending’  (01:41 on video) has been edited, clipped, just as Gerry McCann responds to the question it is not heard in full, and he is off-camera for part of it.

In the second video (01:58 on recording) A very anxious looking McCann is seen here, a shaky reply, a dose of the usual deflection, as he squirms and wriggles his way out of answering directly.  But his full response is heard in this video together with visuals - his facial expressions...well best to watch...


Then at 03.34 on the video Darshi Soni puts the ‘big one’ to McCann

‘How can they the McCanns re-assure the public that they will not spend the publicly donated monies on people like the fraudster Halligen?’


A now less shaky McCann replies, angry, arrogant McCann rears his ugly head – indignant – How dare Soni ask him/them about how they spend the monies donated by the public!


It’s an interview worth watching again, and a sharp reminder of how funds are spent - on dodgy detectives and libel trials to silence others!


I know if I was considering donating at this point in time, I’d be thinking twice after watching that interview, about parting with my cash.   My cynical side – and of course it’s Christmastime, and I’d much rather buy some candy than give Gerry and Kate McCann a few dollars more…


Going completely off topic:


Kate McCann – ‘Madeleine’


Here she is speaking of their arrival at apartment 5A, the first day of their holiday:


“The travel cots we’d requested for Sean and Amelie had been placed in the back bedroom.  As there were full length patio doors here, too, and it was bigger and brighter, we decided to put the three children in the front bedroom, knowing they’d only be using their room to sleep in, and to take this one ourselves. 
We removed the cots and shoved the twin beds together. 

In the other room we pushed the beds further apart, positioning each against a wall, to make room for the cots, which we placed in between them.”

My question:

The bedroom Kate and Gerry McCann used in apartment 5A – it had full length patio doors?


Can’t say I’ve read that anywhere before – Where/what did these open out onto, if in fact they did, are they simply a full length window as opposed to a door which could be used to enter/exit?


The steps up to the patio door the one which the McCanns say they left unlocked, could the bedroom window/full length patio door of this back bedroom be accessed by walking past these doors a little beyond, or did the patio area outside the unlocked doors not extend that far?


McCanns I believe say they reported a fault in the window shutter in their bedroom – a full length shutter then?

18th December 2013

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