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Kate & the Missing Jemmy

Kate McCann and the Missing Jemmy

When Madeleine was reported as missing, the story line was very much that an intruder had entered the apartment by jemmying open the shutter on the window of the bedroom where the McCann children slept.  Of how the intruder had ignored the twin two year old's sleeping in their cots which were placed together in the middle of the room, passing the twins preferring to get to Madeleine asleep at the other side of the room. 

He then we were told took her out through the window and carried her off, through the streets of Praia da Luz but not before once more having to push his way between the baby cots to get back to the window area.

Strangely, the cots were not out of place at any time during the checks made by the adults on that night, and had an intruder entered or exited by the window the cots would have to have been disturbed there was so little space in the room for anyone to get between them without causing some disturbance.

There was no disturbance either of the bed which was situated below the window, which an intruder would have to have stood on to enter or exit.  Particularly so, to exit to allow him the height to climb through the window opening.

No trace found by forensics on the window area either.  The lichen which covered the area undisturbed too, which forensics experts said was impossible if someone had gone through the window.  

One side of the window was static, the other side, the glass slid to one side providing a not very wide opening for anyone to get through,  an adult would struggle to do so.    An adult carrying an almost 4 year old child – impossible!  

The shutters had not according to forensics been jemmied.  They too had not been disturbed as in forced open.  If the shutters were open, they were opened by someone inside the apartment, using the chord for this purpose.

Only the fingerprints of Kate McCann were found by the forensics team on the window/area.

What we must NOT forget, is that:

It was not the police who said Madeleine was abducted.

It was not the police who said the shutters were jemmied open.

It was not the police who said an intruder had come in through the open window, and left by the same route carrying off Madeleine.

It was not the police who changed this story to – an intruder coming in through the patio door and out through the window.

It was not the police who changed the story, to the next version - the window was opened by the intruder from inside to create a red herring!

No the police never said any of this.

These stories were manufactured by the McCanns themselves. 

Without being able to provide ANY evidence whatsoever to back any of their stories, they happily allowed for such tales to be printed in the press, happily allowed their friends and family to spread the unfounded stories, stories of their making.

On the night the child disappeared, the couple contacted, friends and family in the UK, had their friends in Portugal contact the media, and between them they got the “abduction ball” rolling – before the police had a chance to begin any kind of investigation!

Hours later the world woke up to the news that a three year old British girl had been abducted from a holiday apartment in Portugal - Job Done?

Madeleine McCann had been abducted by a jemmy wielding intruder, who had smashed open, the shutter on the bedroom window, who was not interested in Madeleine’s two year old sister, or her two year old brother who were asleep in their cots he was interested only in the sleeping  three year old Madeleine.

The McCanns friend Jon Corner telling of what Kate McCann told him during the phone calls she made to him on the night of Madeleine's disappearance:

"They had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal, but when they went back the last time they SAW THE DAMAGE"

"Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed"

"They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl."

Kate McCanns father:


"Gerry told me when they went back the shutters to the room were broken, they were jemmied up and she was gone" 

Much was made by the McCanns about how the perpetrator had smashed and forced open the shutter from the outside.  

Gerry McCann himself tested the shutters, and rather oddly he did not notice there had been NO damage to them!

Surely if a shutter had been jemmied open it would have been warped, the locking mechanism if there was one, a catch broken?  And surely if the shutter was so easy to open as easily as Gerry McCann declared it was, then why ever would, a criminal, who had presumably, done this type of thing before have to jemmy it, if it simply slid up and opened with ease as McCann suggested?

Why would Kate and Gerry McCann continue with this story of a jemmied shutter when quite clearly they knew it not to be true?

Gerry McCann claimed he immediately tested the shutter when he arrived at the apartment after being told by his wife that their daughter had vanished.  Stands to reason then that he KNEW that shutter was not damaged in any way, yet this was what both Gerry McCann and his wife Kate were telling family and friends back home, Kate going as far as to say to Jon Corner they had returned to apartment and SAW the DAMAGE.

How could they have when there was none?

Their story though of a shutter smashed and forced open they were soon ‘forced’ due to forensic evidence to the contrary, to change!

No longer did the alleged abductor jemmy open the shutter and enter through the window, in ‘Kate and the mystery of the Missing Jemmy Part 2, the alleged abductor was now to come IN through the unlocked patio door and then OUT through the window!

But why would an abductor who could enter by a door decide to climb out through a window rather than exit by the route he had entered, or why not just simply exit by the front door which would have taken him to exactly the same locale as exiting the window but with much less hassle, a door which too was unlocked that is, a key was not needed to open from the inside for to get out?

Neither version of Kate McCanns story, made any sense at the time, and neither do they now!

So now we had an unlocked patio door and an open window and shutter, NOTa  jemmied shutter and window.

The perpetrator of the crime, now gaining access through the patio door, but still exiting through the window carrying the child!  

The window which Kate McCann claims to have discovered lying open when she went to check on her children

The window which she wrongly and knowingly claimed had an opening wide enough for an adult to climb through with ease. 

The window which when forensics determined that no one passed through it, the suggestion being that the scene  was ‘staged’  caused Kate McCann to rather rapidly change tack, and lodged on their website the ridiculous ‘red herring’ comment.

Kate McCann:-

The window:  

“I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim.  The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it.

Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. 

It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when
inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a ‘red herring.’ "

So after all of the fuss and hullabaloo about how this evil perpetrator had jemmied the window, we were now being asked to forget that story and take on board a shiny new story, where the perpetrator did not, from outside the apartment jemmy open the shutter, but opened it from the inside!

A much less dramatic account I am sure you will agree.

The McCann spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell ALSO having to re-tract the earlier story of the jemmied shutters make a few changes to his previous spoutings...

“There was no evidence of a break-in.  I’m not going into detail, but I can say that Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the view that somebody got into the apartment and took Madeleine OUT of the window as their means of escape. To do that they did not necessarily have to tamper with anything.  They got out of the window fairly easily.”

From this we can establish that:

1. McCanns are having to acknowledge there was NO break in at apartment 5A

2. They believe still (or rather want the public to believe) the alleged abductor exited with no need to tamper with anything.

3. The alleged abductor got out of the window, his means of escape, fairly easily.

Clarence words his statement very carefully, avoiding telling us if the McCanns have any FIRM VIEW as to how the guy got in, if NOT through the window.  No he wouldn't go into detail about such an important issue as - how in heavens name did the intruder get IN?  You really have to laugh at the man!

Master manipulator?  Merely a Money Grabber - with a few stock sayings/comments which he re-hashes to fit whatever is his current job, who would say anything, anything at all if the price is right!  He fools no one!

So this is THEIR view, 'view' being the operative word - as they have no proof that any intruder GOT OUT of the window fairly easily, or at all, and not forgetting the little detail which Clarence would not speak of  - NO PROOF that an abductor ever was IN the apartment in the first instance!  

Do note -  NONE of the above is the view of the investigation!

So not only do we have an alleged abductor who got into the apartment (Clarence fails to say how the guy entered but clearly not through window Mitchell has been forced to acknowledge the findings of the Portuguese Police - there was no 'break- in' no tampering) who then, managed to get out through a narrow window frame again, without having tampered, with anything.

How then did the guy open the window and shutter if he didn’t tamper with anything when inside or out?


Let’s run that one again. 

The guy got into apartment 5A – Clarence doesn’t say how.

He enters the children’s bedroom, takes Madeleine from her bed. To exit by the window as Clarence has stated is the firm view of Kate and Gerry McCann, the abductor would have to push through the cots in the middle of the room, holding Madeleine, and without tampering with window and shutter, he manages to open them – a quick abracadabra shezam shezam I presume – he would then have to climb onto the bed to reach a height and balance for him to even attempt to exit through the narrow window opening if he was carrying a child, and as we all know it is IMPOSSIBLE for that to happen without leaving trace - whether on his own or carrying a child.

No, this story isn’t looking too good Clarence. 

Especially so when Kate McCann ISN’T now FIRMLY of the VIEW that the alleged abductor made his escape out through the window!

Keep up Clarence – Kate is of the view FIRMLY or otherwise that the alleged abductor OPENED THE WINDOW AND SHUTTER FROM INSIDE TO CREATE A RED HERRING!

Phew and he charges £70k a year!  It's really not money well spent!

If at first you don’t succeed... we know is the McCann moto, so we can all be sure there will be 'Kate and the Missing Jemmy' Part 3, 4, 5 'coming soon, on a front page near you'.   However many attempts it takes eh Clarence?

But why would a perpetrator have any need to create a red herring?   It makes no difference whether he went out the window or out the front door in respect of red herrings.  Both lead onto same footpath.   It would serve no purpose whatsoever, and if we are also to believe that this person struck in the ‘small window of opportunity’ which Kate McCann claims he did  - whilst her husband was standing in the street outside the patio door entrance - having just exited the apartment himself, it makes even less sense.

The perpetrator would not have the time to climb over cots, climb onto the bed located under the window, open the window and the shutters, in the space and time of the ‘small window of opportunity’ which the McCann couple would have us believe, was at around 9:15 pm  the time they claim Madeleine was removed from the apartment.

But what is the ‘small window of opportunity?’ I hear you ask.

Well, you know, if you must know, you know, it’s erm, you know, you know, erm Kate’s imagination, erm , you know, gone you, know, WILD, you know you know!:-


The small window of Opportunity

Kate McCann:

“They’ve been watching us over a matter of days I’m sure, you know, they know, erm you know, they must have known, you know, that Gerry had just been into the apartment and then cluck.  You’re right there was only a small window of opportunity but you know…”

Gerry McCann:

“How often did you say we were checking?  That is not what we said this has been widely reported that it was about 30 minutes now that is what our checks were. Clearly different people were going at different times and there was a small window of opportunity there is no doubt about it, it was a small window! I believe it is a high risk strategy and that person almost got caught”

By who?

Gerry McCann:

“By Jane”    (Tanner)

Why would any abductor, who according to Kate McCann had been using surveillance tactics in the days leading up Madeleine’s disappearance, who had closely monitored them, their group of friends, the ‘different people’ that Gerry McCann referred to as going and doing their checks of their children at different times from them, the other holiday makers who walked those streets at night, staff coming and going to work, who had monitored the apartment, local people, why would he then put himself in such a position, one where he could be easily observed, if not caught, and why would he wander out on the street, if as Kate McCann said, He KNEW Gerry had just been in the apartment.

For this person to have known Gerry had just left the apartment would mean that he was watching him, or an accomplice was.

So why would the person who removed Madeleine do so when he/they knew Gerry McCann was standing right outside the apartment and then openly walk across the road where McCann stood chatting, carrying Madeleine?

How was it possible for this person to get by Gerry McCann to enter the apartment by the patio door, as is how Kate’s second story goes, when he McCann was standing outside the patio door?

It’s just not possible.

Gerry calls this the alleged abductor's high risk strategy -  One has to laugh - If we are to believe even half of the tales Kate and Gerry have told on this one, of the antics of this imaginary abductor - he must be the Mad Magician from La La Land with an invisibility cloak - cluck - and a very tidy one too.

Tales of how he managed to smash open shutters and windows, got through doors in and out, all unseen, all without disturbing anything at all, not even the children - the children who woke and cried most nights! (I know some are going to say but he drugged the kids - but he couldn't do that until he got inside AFTER hammering down the shutters and the noise that would make) and really, why would someone who only wanted to nip in and out with Madeleine, stop to drug the other children?  This guy if we are to believe the stories, monitored the movement of the McCanns and their friends he would know then NO ONE was coming to see, to check on those kids, not for a long while after he was gone.  But, we don't believe any of the stories!

Not even Madeleine's bed was disturbed.

Most fascinating is, if he entered by the patio door as we are led to believe (in one of the accounts) to quote Kate McCann (in reverse - see Best Friends) we are basically saying the alleged abductor

  • Opened the gate at the bottom of the steps, and closed it behind him.
  • Opened the gate at the top of the stairs and closed it behind him.
  • Opened the patio door, and closed it behind him.
  • Opened the long curtain, and closed them behind him.

Presumably doing so so that to anyone passing everything looked 'normal'  yet, he then for NO REASON at all opened windows and shutters in the bedroom for ALL to see.  For all of those different people who Gerry McCann speaks of who were going and checking their OWN children, for them to see and raise the alarm!

How odd is that?

Why would any intruder be so sloppy in his strategy at one side of the apartment (the window/shutter) and so terribly neat, careful at the other (patio entrance/gates)

It really doesn't make sense at all.

No, no intruder entered by that patio door!

Kate’s jemmied shutter and open whoosh window morphed into a red herring – then came back to bite her on ass!

This alleged perpetrator would have had no time for jemmying the shutter from the outside or opening it from the inside, and more crucially no need, or reason to, he could simply have walked out the front door.  The front door the McCanns say that they locked when leaving/didn’t lock/then locked/ then didn’t lock!

I think last time I looked Gerry was sitting on fence on this one, saying he probably didn’t lock it!

We know from forensics no one went through that window. 

If for talk sake Tanner is being truthful and she saw someone she believed to be an abductor walk across the top of the road, then we know also that the alleged abductor did NOT exit by the patio door.  The only way then for him to have left the apartment would have been the front door.

Still leaves us with the puzzle as to how he gained access.

He was not in the apartment when Gerry McCann was checking the children.  Gerry we know said the shutters and window were closed when he was in apartment.  He did, AFTER Madeleine was reported as missing suggest that the alleged abductor may have been hiding behind the bedroom door while he, Gerry was inside, but we know this too was ruled out by police - just not enough room for an adult to do so. 

He did not pass Gerry McCann who was standing outside the patio gate entrance, and

He MOST DEFINITELY did NOT jemmy the shutter and enter by this route.

We would have to say then that he, this alleged abductor entered by the front door and exited by the front door.

The front door like the window as confirmed by forensics was not damaged in any way.  If anyone came in by that route they must have had a key or someone inside opened the door to allow the person who was to remove Madeleine from the apartment access.

The big gaping whole in this tale, in every version we have heard thus far is the OPEN WINDOW AND SHUTTER.

It always comes back to this.

It is of course possible, though most unlikely in the case of Madeleine (taking account of everything else) if someone had a key to front door to have gone in and taken a child and out again, but the window/shutter is the sticking point.  Someone with a key had no need to mess around with shutters for the purpose of entry/exit/red herrings!

Apart from wasting time opening the shutters he would further run the risk of the children waking.  Someone abducting a child would be wanting to make a quick escape, unseen obviously, would be wanting as much distance as possible between him and the apartment as quickly as possible - so WHY would he open the shutter and attract attention - which would most definitely scupper his chances of escape unseen, without being caught.

Even front door has its problems - As we KNOW Gerry McCann used the front door entrance on his check that evening, though he later changed this story too - to fit Kate's?

It is most unlikely that any intruder would immediately after Gerry left by front door, and knowing that McCann was outside, then open it and walk in, and for this guy to be on the street when Tanner saw him, that is exactly what he would have to have done!  He would have had no time to open shutters!

If as many people believe, Kate McCann opened the window and shutter, set the scene, and much points to this being so, then it was her biggest mistake!

The open window/shutter has been the cause of her story having to be changed on more than one occasion!  Time and time again it has proved IMPOSSIBLE for them to fit the rest of the story around this open window and shutter.  And it seems to have been the cause of others having to change their story too!

Like Fiona Payne’s patio door story, Kate’s window story just doesn’t add up.

If the alleged abductor didn’t jemmy it, and forensics said it was not tampered with or jemmied from the outside, and the alleged abductor had not a reason in the world to create a red herring (Anyone know what the red herring might be?  To open a window so that others might think he used this route – is nonsensical – red herrings generally serve a purpose – Kate McCann’s idea of a red herring DOESN’T! )

Any attempts at creating red herrings in this case, have not in my opinion come from a mysterious stranger, an alleged abductor.

Any attempts at misleading the public into believing that the alleged abductor jemmied that shutter open and entered by this route are definitely coming from Camp McCann - despite KNOWING and having been forced to re-tract their story in this regard, as recent as the Late Show interview in May 2011, Gerry McCann was still repeating the same nonsense about how the shutter could be opened from the outside the implication being that an intruder had opened the shutters from the OUTSIDE!


I went over to the window and lowered the shutter then I went out the front door and I found I could lift the shutter up from the outside I just knew as well that someone had taken her. There was no way she could have got out of that apartment alone, and with the window open like that.

Turbridy:  You could open the shutter from outside?

Gerry: Yeh

Turbridy - That must have been a pretty sickening discovery?

Gerry:  "I think everyone knows the terror you have when you lose a child in supermarket or something even for seconds or a minute well that was developing and then when I did that (opened shutter) the pit of my stomach...terror just absolute terror."

So FOUR years AFTER the child disappeared, and the police forensics confirming this shutter WAS NOT jemmied OR SLID OPEN from the OUTSIDE, despite McCanns spokesperson having to re-tract the McCanns WILD STORY re the shutters being forced open or slid open from outside, despite Clarence Mitchells words in having to acknowledge the police findings -

Mitchell -    
“There was NO evidence of a break-in."

Gerry McCann was up to his old tricks again on Late Show.

How many times KATE AND GERRY? - POLICE forensics say the SHUTTER  


The shutter was opened from the INSIDE in the normal way, by someone using the chord/mechanism intended for this purpose!

An intruder with a key wouldn't need to go near a window and open it.   Wouldn't want to draw attention to himself by opening windows and shutters, either inside or out.  Someone might see an open window and shutter before he made his escape back out through the door - why risk it, an open window would have served no purpose whatsoever other than to potentially lead to him being caught in the act!

The McCanns and Co. seem to forget that they have said the alleged abductor monitored them, knew their movements, their checking pattern, how they checked.

They seem to forget that they have spun the tale of how they listened in turn at shuttered windows for children crying.   Did it not cross their minds then, that the alleged abductor would have seen this, noted during his surveillance that the group listened at shutters, and the
LAST thing the guy would want to do is OPEN A SHUTTER/DRAW ATTENTION TO HIMSELF!

A good memory is required if one is going to lie.  Their memories are not only selective, but don't serve them well in this area!

Let us not forget the only fingerprints found on the window area/shutter window, inside/outside were those of Kate McCann - pretty much leaves us with the big question -


Did Kate McCann open the window and shutter?

It’s certainly looks that way!  Looks like a 'staged scene!'
12th March 2013

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