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Kate's Hate Spills Over

Kate's Hate Spills Over

In August 2013, I  wrote the blog  'Hate Filled Kate McCann' (above) which I must add, for some unknown reason has had over 2000 views in the past two weeks?  I included the following quote from Kate McCanns book - Madeleine, in said blog.

"Not sure how I feel about seeing Mr Amaral – for the first time ever, I hasten to add! I know I'm not scared but that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine and the search to find her. He deserves to be MISERABLE AND FEEL FEAR." 

If there was anyone left in any doubt after reading the blog of how the McCanns have lied, cheated, deceived, refused to fully co-operate with the Portuguese Police investigation, or were not convinced of the crazed Kate's hatred of Dr Goncalo Amaral, the malicious legal action she and her other half the equally despicable Gerry McCann have taken against against him, then her performance today in Portugal will have set all straight - McCann was at her, hateful, spiteful, most acid awful best - positively poisonous!

As ever the vile McCann female was hostile in the extreme towards the good and honest Dr Goncalo Amaral, She is not the good natured genteel female that some might think, her reputation for being foul mouthed and her violent temper, angry outbursts, where she has lost control, smashed to smithereens, pieces of well documented. Some think it is possible that in a fit of anger she lashed out at young Madeleine, the child who never slept.  The child who would wake and then wake her parents to let them know the younger siblings were crying.  The child who would wake and go looking for her mummy and daddy.  A child Kate McCann may well have felt 'a problem.'

The type of child who would pose a problem for parents like the McCanns who wanted to party without their children... if only Madeleine would allow them to get on with their adult only evenings!

Kate McCann did not reserve her outbursts for only Dr Goncalo Amaral, she referred to other Portuguese Officers as Fucking Tossers.   See blog 'Kate's Chant' above.

And the elderly lady who lived above the holiday apartment where the McCanns resided she did not escape the nasty Kate and her buddy Fiona Payne,their malice.

But back to today's performance.

Kate McCann was at her angry best.  Almost in tears, but not tears for Madeleine, not tears of distress - she held back tears of temper - that Dr Amaral had not played it today the way she wanted him too, caused both Kate and Gerry McCann to pop their tops.  It was like watching a pressure cooker coming to boiling point.

Her tears of temper were because Dr Goncalo Amaral did not 'feel the fear' the fear that she hoped he would, the fear that she has done her utmost, nasty and vicious best to try and bring about, the fear in her head which she planned for him.

The vile female McCann seething and spitting her hatred in Portugal yesterday, is something I will view and view again, and I hope the rest of the world will do likewise, not because she and Gerry McCann in the minutest of ways appear to have gotten a taste of their own medicine, but because it will be a constant and stark reminder (as if one was needed) of the evil the dark doctors do!

For seven years they have dished it out, called the shots, sued,silenced anyone who did not believe them - that is persons who they knew the public would listen to, persons like Dr Amaral.

Thus far though they have not succeeded in silencing Dr Amaral, but it is not for the want of trying.   They so desperately want to shut him up, because they know he speaks the truth!

DCI Andy Redwood of the great Scotland Yard - knows Dr Amaral speaks the truth!

The McCann spokesperson and paid liar (paid £70,000 per year from the monies donated by the public to help Madeleine) Clarence Mitchell had this to say:

"Mr Amaral's claims are entirely unfounded and we hope the British media will not repeat them."

I'll bet you hope they don't - is this Mitchell and McCanns up to their old tricks again, threatening anyone who doesn't believe the lies?  Then again, maybe he hopes they DO repeat and put to print - that might prove profitable for he and his employers!

The spiteful one, she and he, Gerry McCann, were angry as Dr Amaral once again did not roll over and play dead.

I don't know the reason behind what happened, but if a tactical move by Dr Amaral - I congratulate him.   His tactics worked!

The horrid pair in the smallest of ways got a taste of what they have been dishing out to all and sundry since they started spending the monies donated by the public to help search for Madeleine, on everything but searching.   They have used it to raise legal actions against others,given it to dodgy detectives (or so they say - who really knows what they did with the £1m+ donated by the public) used it to attempt to 
silence the truth!

Today they were asked by a reporter:


Don't you think Mr Amaral might be in pain too?

Kate McCann - Why?

Reporter - Because of all the things he has been (harassed ?) he has children too.

Kate McCann - Mr Amaral is not the victim in this.

Indeed Kate McCann and NEITHER are you!  That is, you are not the victim in either the case of your missing daughter or the case you have actioned against Dr Amaral.

You are a perpetrator in BOTH!

You are the perpetrator of crimes against your three children.  Leaving three under 4 year old children alone night after night, in an unlocked holiday apartment is the story you have told the world.

One child vanished due to your lack of care and protection.  Your irresponsible, negligent, and selfish conduct.  Perhaps you both know exactly what became of her?

Amelie, Madeleine and Sean are the victims 'in this'

You Kate and Gerry McCann are the cause of your daughter Madeleine losing her life.  And for the life that Sean and Amelie now live, being far from normal. 

While the truth of what really happened to Madeleine is kept concealed, these children cannot possibly have the remotest chance of living anywhere close to the life they should have had.

Dr Amaral is the victim, he his family, HIS children, the victims of your GUILT your GREED.

You don't hate Dr Amaral, you hate the GOODNESS which he stands for!  You hate that his good name is intact, while the name McCann, is now infamous!   And arguably, rightly so!

Something both you and your other half could never possibly understand - goodness!

The McCanns stood in Portugal before reporters, Gerry McCann telling us we can think what we like about he and his wife (how good of him) but that Madeleine was an innocent child.   Are not all children innocents?

Madeleine the innocent child is not here, because her less than innocent parents, failed her and still do.  Now they use her for financial gain.

In this libel action they made monetary claim for themselves, for Sean and Amelie, and for the missing Madeleine.

Madeleine is a Ward of Court in the UK - the Court in Portugal ruled that unless the McCanns, within a given time frame can produce the documentation from the UK Courts which allowed them to raise an action in the missing child's name - they cannot claim, benefit financially through this libel trial on behalf of this missing child.

(The Ward of Court issue aside.  Is it not the case in the UK that after a person is missing seven years they can legally be declared dead.  I wonder how this also may affect any claim made, in this instance, in Madeleine's name.  She is now missing more than seven years?   Does it make a difference I wonder too whether that person is legally declared dead?  McCanns chose I believe not to do this in the case of Madeleine)

Their greed knows no bounds - claiming monies for a child  missing, claiming money for the two remaining children who they claim suffer and have suffered from Dr Amaral's book, who Kate McCann claimed yesterday, every time the libel trial is postponed her children suffer.

Funny that as a year or more ago the McCanns attempted to get Dr Amaral to settle out of court, a process which they instigated and which delayed the trial for around 6 months!   In effect they caused their children months of suffering?

The McCanns speak of an innocent child, Madeleine.  But are not Sean and Amelie innocent children too?

So why do they continue to make Sean and Amelie suffer?

Does the money mean that much to them?  It would seem so.

For this vile greedy and uncaring pair, money is their master!

Dr Amaral's children are innocent children.

But there is not a chance in hell of McCanns giving these children any consideration whatsoever.  They don't give their own flesh and blood consideration!

What chance does Dr Amaral's family, his children, or any child, of being shown the remotest of consideration by the dark doctors?

Kate McCann, Ambassador for Missing People Charity?

That Charity needs a wake up call.   No less charitable a person you will find on the planet than the vicious and vengeful Kate McCann.

My advice to one and all - keep your money in your pocket - do not give a penny to the McCann Find Madeleine Fund, nor the Missing People Charity.

Stop enabling them to cause harm to others, it is your money they use to bring about such actions.  

Stop enabling Kate McCann, stop giving to the Madeleine Fund, the Fund which is her means, which enables her attempts, to make others, good people FEEL the FEAR she wants them to.   It is a disturbed individual who wishes this upon another.

Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, felt the fear when mommy, and daddy dearest abandoned them night after night.

Madeleine if we are to believe the crap from the McCanns is alive, and unharmed.

This alone shows this pair are unhinged!

If they truly believed this, then all those years back, they and their equally despicable doctor buddies would have boarded a plane to Portugal to assist in the police investigation.  NOT ONE OF THEM DID.

They preferred to leave Madeleine with the paedophiles who they claim abducted her!

They left Madeleine to FEEL THE FEAR THE PHYSICAL PAIN PAEDOPHILES would inflict on this child.

A few mounds of dust and dirt dug up in Portugal last week and they take it as the green light to ask the public once more for money.

That is what they are doing.  Standing in Portugal yesterday in front of the press, spouting their usual, no evidence of Madeleine being seriously harmed or dead - in McCann land means - give us your money!

The all too familiar phrase - the SEARCH!

The only searches the McCanns do - is to find their next pot of gold.

They think they are back in business because the Met didn't find anything last week.

The Met knew they wouldn't find anything, before they set out.

McCanns knew they wouldn't either.

That child in my opinion was buried at sea!

The McCanns didn't board a plane last week 'for the innocent child' but they sure in hell got over there pronto when there was a $1m at stake!

It's about the only thing that could draw tears from Kate McCann, the loss of...not Madeleine, the fear of losing that money...

Money and the flies round shit!  And I know which of the two I prefer to watch.

And as their 'search campaign, their appeals for money they have taken back to's all about to begin again...the begging bowls are back in business.  The Met not finding anything - their green light for all search systems go - they'll be wanting your cash!

For those still wishing to make a pledge do remember if their lines are 'busy' please be patient as your call IS IMPORTANT to them
17th June 2014

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