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Key Problems 2

Key Problems 2

We know according to the statements made by Gerry McCann and Kate Healy McCann, that:

Gerry McCann when checking on his children was NOT alarmed in any way to see the bedroom door open more widely than he had left it earlier that night.  He simply thought Madeleine had been out of bed and had gone through to his bedroom to escape the noise the twin siblings produced.   So not something McCann found to be out of the ordinary, Madeleine getting out of bed and wandering through to her parents room, be it at home or on holiday.

When he discovers all three children to be safe, the twins sleeping soundly in their cots and Madeleine in the exact same position he had left her, he is satisfied she had not moved from her bed.

He does NOT then feel it necessary to figure out how the door came to be open?

If the children had not been out of bed, McCanns’ immediate thoughts should have turned to the unlocked patio door, his children’s safety, asking – ‘could someone have entered the apartment?’ 

How else would the bedroom door have come to be open wide?

Yet he didn’t!

The unlocked patio door and someone having entered does NOT cross his mind, does NOT concern him in the slightest.  The safety of his children, despite discovering the bedroom door not as he had left it, but more open, and knowing the children had not opened it, does NOT concern him in any way.

He wanders off, back to the bar NOT a worry NOT a care in the world for their safety.   

He again, leaves the apartment unlocked creating the opportunity for anyone who cares to, to access his sleeping children!



Kate McCann on her check, the same scenario!

She sees the door open more widely, does NOT give ANY thought to the children being out of bed, to Madeleine having left the apartment through the unlocked door.  Does NOT give any thought to someone perhaps having entered by this same route.  Her only thought is to close the bedroom door over and get back to the tapas bar to her friends. 

Unlike Gerry McCann, who said he did look to see if his children were still there, she had no intention whatsoever of doing so.   No intention of making sure the children were all present and correct. She intended only, to close the door over. 

Had the door not then been blown closed by a sudden a gust of wind sweeping through the apartment, she too would have been perfectly content to return to the bar.

The only reason I can think of as to why these parents would:-

NOT have been concerned at all about the unlocked patio door.

NOT been perturbed at the possibility that an intruder may have been in the apartment.

NOT concerned that an intruder could have been in their children’s bedroom.

NOT concerned that Madeleine a child prone to waking and wandering as McCann himself has made clear, may have exited the apartment.

NOT concerned for the safety and wellbeing of their children in this regard


NOT bothered about staying with them to protect them after having discovered the bedroom door was open wide which indicated that someone quite clearly had to have been in the apartment


The patio door was NOT left in an unlocked position!  NOT on the night Madeleine disappeared and NOT on any other night.

Gerry McCann told police in his FIRST witness statement that both he and his wife Kate McCann, entered the apartment on the night the child disappeared by the FRONT DOOR, using their key to open it!  NOT an unlocked patio door.  

Not until some days later did he change this story!

Which door they used, is not something a parent could forget or
uld forget or mistake!

The only reason the parents would have changed their usual routine, from locking and securing this apartment, the patio door first from the inside, and then leaving by the front door,locking it from the outside which required them to use a key to gain entry on their return, which they did in day time, and which they did, they say for the first however many nights, was if the noise of the front door opening had caused at some point, their children to wake.  

Whilst far from being acceptable placing their children in 
greater danger there is no other reason I can think of as to why they would do this.

The McCanns though are vehement that their children did NOT wake and cry at any time on any night during any check.

If the patio door had been unlocked and these parents then acted as they both claim to have done on finding the bedroom door more widely open, opting to leave their children in a dangerous position knowing something was seriously amiss, then there is not a legal body on the planet which would have led them to believe, instructed them that they acted responsibly towards their children on any level.  Recklessly YES!  Crimes against the children– Absolutely!

Neither does it bode well for the McCann couple that they admit to making a conscious decision to further endanger their children's lives by changing to this new routine, deliberately leaving the door unlocked. And for what?- So that they could go out and enjoy themselves!  Not a Court in the land would excuse this.

Their claim of checking regularly would hold no weight in a Court of Law in light of the above.

We must not forget either that they say, Madeleine on the morning of the night she vanished told them she and her brother had been awake and crying the previous evening, no one there to attend to them.  Yet they still left those children alone again in that unlocked apartment.

Was their need to be with their friends again for dinner so great, that the welfare of their children took second place?

The McCanns themselves on one hand peddle the theory that the alleged abductor struck in the space of 2/3 minutes.    Yet on the other in their defence they say the children were only alone at any given time for half hour periods, not long enough for them to wake and cry... just be abducted?

The statements they have made, officially and otherwise give us a clear indication of the three stages of their neglect of the children:

1. They leave their children unattended in a locked holiday apartment

2. They take it a step further and decide to leave them in an unlocked apartment.

3. They discover the bedroom door of unlocked apartment is wide open, it is established none of their children has been out of bed so not responsible for having opened the door.  Someone clearly then has been in the apartment whilst parents were out dining with friends.

Gerry McCann knowing this leaves the children again in the unlocked apartment?

It is not conceivable that Gerry McCann after finding the bedroom door wide open, confident none of his children had been out of bed, would not then go on to attempt to discover, establish how this ‘open door’came to be, especially knowing the apartment had been open to all who cared to enter.  Inconceivable he gave not a thought to the safety of his children in this circumstance, that he was not fearful for them.  That he cared so little for his children that he would leave them in such grave danger as he claims to have done.

In such circumstances a responsible caring parent would not leave their children alone again.   A responsible parent would not have left them alone at all we know, but surely when presented with this more than concerning situation, he would have acted appropriately, that it would have jolted him to his senses - that he had to protect his children, and not walked out and left them again?

Answer honestly - Would you?

Neither is it conceivable that Kate McCann would not check to see that ALL of her three children were safe in bed when she came up against the same scenario – the open bedroom door - when she too knew the patio door was lying unlocked allowing for anyone who cared to, to enter, or her daughter who was prone to wake and wander to exit.  We must not forget either, Fiona Payne stated to police that Kate McCann announced at the dinner table that they, the McCanns had left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to be able to exit the apartment to look for her parents.  Kate she said, appeared anxious about this.  

Seeing the bedroom door open, the first thing therefore which should have crossed anxious Kate McCanns mind was that Madeleine had done exactly that.  Yet when she stood in the doorway of the apartment as she herself said:

"I did my check about 10.00 'clock and went in through the sliding patio doors and I just stood, actually and I thought, oh, all quiet, and to be honest, I might have been tempted to turn round then, but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it."

Kate McCann did not intend doing a 'head count' a visual check of her children, she intended only to 'turn round' to leave, head back to the bar (astonishing when she had left that patio door unlocked for her eldest child to exit) and when she approached the 'more open than she had left it' bedroom door it was simply to close it over NOT to check that all THREE children were still tucked up in bed.   Still this anxious mum, did not intend doing a visual check.

The accounts given by both Gerry and Kate McCann are not remotely believable when we factor in to the equation, this unlocked patio door!

Neither Kate or Gerry McCann gave ANY thought to the unlocked patio door?

Madeleine at the time of her disappearance was days from her 4th birthday quite easily could she have slid open the patio door.

There is NO missing piece of a puzzle  - there never was a puzzle, not at least for the Portuguese Police -  NO unlocked patio door - that much is obvious…

Madeleine is missing nothing else...

Lying in the Sun

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