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Latch, Locks & Lies

Latch, Locks & Lies 




  • Kate McCann interview on Late Show speaking of Madeleine not being able to exit apartment through unlocked patio door/back door (23:15 on video) 

“And even if they want to say theoretically – ‘Oh she (Madeleine) wandered out of the back door of the apartment’ basically saying a three year old has:

Opened the long curtains, closed them behind her.

Opened the patio doors, closed them behind her.

Opened the gate at the top of the stairs, closed it behind her.

(A child security gate)

And, done the same at the bottom, it’s just not, it’s just not possible.


  • Fiona Payne to Leicestershire Police speaking of what Kate McCann told her at the dinner table on the night Madeleine was reported as missing regarding leaving the patio door unlocked:

“She did, she brought it up, and that she, I mean this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying –

‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or erm, locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there, and the door’s locked if she woke up.’ 


  • Bilton (Panorama) speaking of the position of the patio door and top stair gate when Gerry McCann exited the apartment.


‘He closes the bedroom door and leaves through these unlocked patio doors.  A stair gate since removed is shut.  This gate is on the LATCH not locked.’


Now let’s go back to that video from the Late Show.

  • Listen out for Gerry McCann (23:29 on video) while Kate McCann is in the middle of her spiel about how Madeleine could not possibly have opened curtains/doors/gates, say – “with the child lock”

McCann is telling us that that top stair gate was locked!

Note also how Kate McCann refers to Madeleine as a three year old, indeed she was, but a 3 year old only days short of her 4th birthday.

A 4 year old child can easily slip behind a curtain, no need to open them, and no need to close them behind her.  A child half that age is able to slip behind a curtain.

A 4 year old child can easily open an unlocked patio door, a door which most likely if it was left unlocked was left slightly open too.  It had no handle on the outside for to grip to slide it open, one would therefore imagine it would then have been left open a little, to leave a gap enough for the parents to slide their fingers through to open it.  A 4 year old child is able to close it behind her.

A 4 year old child can open a latch on a gate with ease. A 4 year old child is able with ease to close it behind her.

Whether a 4 year old would close, curtains, doors and gates behind her is one thing, but for sure this child would have been able to both open and close them.

Whether Madeleine did or did not open/close, curtains/doors/gates, is not the point I am making – the point is:


Someone here is telling lies!  Or, perhaps ALL here are telling lies!


  • We have Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best friend (and Gerry McCann in this same interview states that the Payne’s are their best friends) tell us that the McCanns left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine if she woke up could get out of the apartment to find them, that Kate McCann told her this, in fact asked her what she thought of them doing this.

  • We have Kate McCann declaring that there is no possible way that Madeleine could open a curtain let alone an unlocked patio door.

  • And we have Gerry McCann stating that the child safety gate located at the top of the stairs outside the patio door entrance was in locked position.

Why would this gate need to be locked if Madeleine was not able to open the patio door to get out?

And who would leave a patio door unlocked with three young children inside, but then lock a top stair gate?

Makes no sense!

One two or all three of them are lying!

And of course we have Bilton in the documentary telling us that the top stair gate was not locked but on the latch.

This would not have been included in this documentary had it not been for a purpose.  Someone supplied Bilton with this piece of information at that time (2007) for inclusion and for a reason, and in 2011 Gerry McCann decided it needed changing!

9th November 2013

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