Lying in the Sun

Late Show - Tubridy

Late Show - Tubridy

Gerry McCann:

“And we kind of looked at each other and thought did they wake up, or was it the night before when Amelie woke up, and Kate had obviously slept in that room, but at the time we weren’t even sure they had woken up.”

Now Gerry McCann states that Madeleine asked them why they did not come when she and Sean had cried ‘last night.’

He said they wondered if she had meant, not ‘last night’ (Wednesday 2nd May 2007) but the ‘night before’ (Tuesday 1st May 2007)

Why would he think Madeleine, this articulate child would ask why they did not come when she and Sean cried, if she actually meant – why did they not come when she and Amelie had cried?

Tuesday the 1st May is the night that Mrs Fenn the elderly lady who lived in the apartment above the one the McCanns were staying, said that she had heard a child cry for over one hour.  The child was calling out for her daddy.

Did Amelie cry on Tuesday 1st May 2007 when the McCanns were out of the apartment at the tapas bar, or did she cry when her parents were in the apartment?

Did Mrs Fenn hear Amelie cry?   Or, Amelie and Madeleine?

If it was when the McCanns were in the apartment, then they would know whether they heard crying and whether they attended to the child or not as the case may be.

If Amelie crying was when the McCanns were ‘at home’ then a whole lot of crying went on the night of the 1st of May 2007.  A child crying for over an hour as Mrs Fenn gave witness statement to, and Amelie crying also.

Then crying again on 2nd May 2007, this time Madeleine and Sean!

How likely is it for two out of the three children to cry at any given time without waking a third when they are all in the same room, so close together?

So why the silly act, this silly routine by the McCanns with the even sillier faces they pull every time they tell this story, in their attempt to convey that they were puzzled by what Madeleine had said.

Pretty simple – If true that their daughter asked, where were, they, when she and Sean were crying ‘last night’ – then if they were in the apartment, they would have heard their children cry.  They weren’t staying in Buck Palace, the children in one wing, they in another.  Wherever the parents were in that tiny apartment, they would be mere feet away from their crying children.

And if they didn’t hear the crying – then they weren’t around to hear it!

Why this silly pair think that anyone, anyone at all is fooled by the lies and pathetic acting is beyond comprehension!   

And quite simply Madeleine telling them she and Sean had cried this pair should have NEVER left the children alone again.

They have the absolute gall to sit at interviews and spout the nonsense they do, Kate McCann on this Late Show saying it upset her to hear the children might have been crying.

Yeah, so upset she walked out on them.

Now they are either evil to have done this, to walk out on children they knew had been alone and distressed, or they are lying through their teeth!

This interview, the Late Show, the McCanns spin like tops – every question most obviously agreed beforehand, every answer, well, rehearsed.

It is very sad to know that little Madeleine was treated as she was and that her parents continue merrily along with this absolute damn nonsense, and it is nonsense. 

Every question in this interview designed so that the McCanns could throw in their bit plant seeds about:

  • The book records at reception lying open for the stream of paedophiles we are to believe filed through there on a nightly basis to read who would be dining at the tapas bar.

  • For Kate to tell (and rather badly) her tale of how she thinks the alleged abductor called round the night before they reported Madeleine as missing.

  • For Gerry to get his bit in about the Portuguese Police recording the first call on that night as 22:40 when McCann claims they made an earlier call. Gerry condemning the police for the speed (or lack of) in which he claims they responded.

All of this and more was crammed into this interview, even McCann telling of how the window was shutter was open, of how he could open it from outside, when he knows this is not true.  When he knows that forensics had already confirmed this was not possible, when he knows his own spokesperson, Mitchell had had to retract their statement about jemmied windows.

One might ask how these people can sit and lie.

They can, because no one but no one (with the exception of perhaps Sandra Felgueiras and Jeremy Paxman) have ever been prepared to ask them the questions which matter, questions which come anywhere close to being probing, gritty, the questions which need answered.

They have taken the world for a ride, and are still doing so.

Someone needs to ask McCann on camera for the world to see and hear:

Why he changed his story.

His first statement to the police he said he entered that apartment by the front door entrance, using his key to unlock it.

Seven days later he changed this, stating he entered the apartment by the side/back patio entrance which he had left open/unlocked.

In the documentary Truth of the Lie based on Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book of the same name, McCann is shown to enter the apartment by the front door.  This is what McCann said he did, in his first police statement.

In the recent Crimewatch production he enters by the unlocked patio door!  This is McCanns second version of what he claims he did on the night Madeleine vanished.

If Redwood of the Metropolitan Police wants to take this case back to zero he best first, question McCann as to how he entered that apartment!

Ask McCann why he changed his story SEVEN DAYS after Madeleine vanished! 

If that isn’t cause for alarm bells to ring at Scotland Yard, then I don’t know what is!

And he must ask Fiona Payne why she told police that Kate McCann told her that she and Gerry McCann had left the patio door open for Madeleine to get out of the apartment, yet we have the McCanns in interviews like this one, stating that their daughter was not able to slide open the patio door.

Redwood, the Met officers on his team must have viewed the many interviews this couple have given and they must know of the many lies.

Pity Ryan Tubridy the Late Show wasn’t allowed to ask them something much more challenging, but his job during this interview was simply to feed them the questions they had pre-arranged, it was a platform for that and only that!

This interview was like all of the others, an exercise in getting ‘out there’ what the McCanns wanted the public to hear, as ever an attempt at squaring all the gaffes they have made.

Each time they go down this road though, they make more!  Hence now there is a whole host of lies, misinformation which can be attributed to them.  All of which shows them in a bad light.

The Late Show is one to be watched again, Kate and Gerry McCann in full and flamboyant flow, Kate’s arms flapping around as she gets carried away wrapped up in her tale which she seems to relish relating, a tale told so many times now, yet every time we are “treated” to their puzzled faces and strange high pitched voices when they speak about the ‘crying incident’ that it’s almost laughable.  Certainly not believable!

After 6 six years one would have thought they’d have figured it out – they either heard their kids cry or they didn’t.  They were either in the apartment or they were not!

Madeleine either said what they attribute to the child or she didn’t!

Either way their story stinks – as no parent having heard this, having heard their little girl, not quite 4 years of age speak of being in a distressed state, both her and her baby brother crying, would then walk out on their children to hook up with buddies, leaving a door open/unlocked whereby their children could get out of the apartment or some undesirable could get in!

9th November 2013

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