Lying in the Sun

Let us Go, Let us Go...

Let us Go, Let us Go, Let us Go

Oh The Met are outside it’s frightful,

But Andy said…

Our Christmas would be so delightful?

Isn’t that so, Isn’t that so, Isn’t that so?   


I think he’s waving a warrant,

And we thought the PJ were abhorrent!

What are we gonna do,

Andy's lied just like me.

Just like you

Isn't that so, Isn't that so Isn't that so.


He’s showing no signs of stopping,

Up the path he’s running and hopping,

If we turn the lights way down low,


He’ll just go, He’ll just go, He’ll just go


Looks like he’s been Christmas Shopping,

Something shiny for our stocking,

Oh no, it’s handcuffs for popping,

Oh No,

Darling no, Darling no, Darling no.

He said he didn't suspect us,

Where's Clarence when we need him...

To explain and protect us?

And Izzy's missing too,

What are we gonna do?

Gonna do, Gonna do, Gonna do?

Our front door he’s now knocking,

Back patio door police are blocking,

Looks like our story is dying,

Been caught out with all our lying,

Still think he’ll just let us go?

Let us go Let us go, Let us go?


The cuffs are on so tight,

Time for us Docs

To finally kiss goodnight,

Under the Mistletoe,

Cos he's not gonna let us go

Let us go, Let us go Let us go

Christmas Mistletoe Isolated -

  Kissing Doctors Couple Stock Photo

Time for us to stop trying,

Time too for our good-bying,

But as long as we love each other so,

Don’t care, that he won't...

Let us go, Let us go, Let us go.  

.....G. If you hadn't written that book...K. If you hadn't tugged at your earlobe every time you fibbed.  G. You wrote the darn diary...K.  You flirted with the damn damsel always got to get your stethoscope out.  G.  Your idea to open shutter...Oh and the patio door, make me look like a mug, make me out a liar why don't ya...I told Amaral FRONT DOOR, FRONT DOOR, don't you ever listen? K. You that came up with the seabass, what 2 year old eats seabass for fucks sake? G. Yeah so says the woman who came up with the red herring! K. And whose idea was it to say the bedroom door was more widely open huh? G. Would have worked if you hadn't added the fucking whooshing curtains, door slamming.
K. Don't talk to me like that, you fucking tosser. G. A real lady ain't ya just. K. And you ain't no gentleman, should have listened to my mother G. Old Ma H. tired listening to her, old windbag. K. Don't speak about my mother like that. G. Your idea to include the crying incident K. Well Rach said she heard crying G. No she didn't that was old lady upstairs..TUESDAY NIGHT Tuesday night, get it right...K. How have we come to find ourselves in this situation? G.Don't know but when we get to the cop shop you give that Tosser Redwood your tuppenceworth  K. Who d'ya think ratted on us, Tanner? I think it was Tanner, she doesn't like you...G. Feelings mutual K. In fact nobody fucking likes you...G. Who says so?  K. 3,000 calls to Crimewatch says so... 

K. Darling, does Apt 5a have a chimney? 
G. Nah Redwood will never fall for that one, like Amaral he sussed the jemmied window, unlocked patio door. K. Might be worth try, everyone believes Santa comes down the chimney G. Let's do it...


Hey quieten down back there... on Tubridy Show you said you never argue...So let it go, let it go, let it go...

21st December 2013

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