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Liar WhichCot & Wardrobe

Liar, Which Cot & the Wardrobe

"...And then I quickly, quickly, looked through the wardrobes, I had I suppose this temporary thought that perhaps she's cowering in a wardrobe or something, in any case she wasn't there.............that's how it all started really..."

Kate McCann
Oprah Show


What an absolutely extraordinary piece of footage, featuring Kate quite the little actress McCann - so not only Gerry McCann who can put in a performance!  

Have to say the look on Gerry McCanns face is priceless as he watches Kate McCann perform.   Oprah Winfrey she just had to be thinking to herself - 'they ain't foolin' me!'

Extraordinary for more reasons than one.

Her flippant comments when telling her story of how she came to discover Madeleine was missing  - 'in any case she wasn't there' and that's how it all started really.

Listening to her, one would think she was speaking of a friend she'd arranged to meet who hadn't turned up - 'in any case she wasn't there'   This is her missing daughter, the moment she discovers she is missing that she is relating, and in such an offhand way.

And as for - 'that's how it all started really'  she could be speaking of when a friendship perhaps first started, not of a child she claims to have been stolen from her bed by a paedophile.   

To say in relation to her daughter's disappearance - that's how it all started really  is astonishing.

 But how WHAT all started?

Surely 'it' all started when this child was abandoned by her parents, if not sooner?  Nothing started at the point Kate McCann claims to have discovered Madeleine missing.  Nothing started AFTER this time.  It all 'started' way before Kate's little drama!

So according to Kate McCann 'it' all started with HER!   Not at the point where Madeleine was removed from the apartment or before?

The point though of highlighting this piece, her chat with Oprah Winfrey, concerns those wardrobes.

The cots where the twin children slept were they not positioned in front of the wardrobes?

Did Kate McCann have to move them, or at least have to move one of the cots to gain access to the wardrobes?

Did she frantically push them aside to give her the room needed to open those wardrobe doors, so that she could look through them in case Madeleine was cowering there?

Makes it all the more surprising if she did shift a cot/s to allow those closet doors to open, that the little kids didn't stir, were not disturbed by this movement.  Not disturbed by the open bedroom window, the cold night air blowing through the room, the door slamming due to the draught or their mother running around back and forth to that window!  Was there enough space between the cots for her to run to the window?

And what interests me further - If Madeleine for some strange and unknown reason decided to get out of bed to cower in the wardrobe - would the child have needed to move a cot to gain access to it?

Would she, Madeleine, (this kid who her parents say would not have been able to draw open the curtains hanging at the patio door that she wouldn't have strength to do so ) have been able to push a cot, a cot where either one or two of her siblings slept? (I say two as I just get this feeling that the twins were in one cot. There was an occasion when Kate McCann spoke of the twins in 'the cot' not in their cots, so I wonder at this)

IF gaining access to the closet required a cot to be moved, and Madeleine did exactly that, would not Kate McCann have noticed the cot out of place when she entered the room?

Madeleine we are told was pretty much able to do anything, everything, for a child of her age (except open curtains or doors ) in fact some quite fascinating tales the McCanns have told about her, but one of the things I am sure this lovely little girl absolutely would not have been able to do, had she required to shift a cot containing a sleeping sibling, to allow her access to the closet, WAS to lock herself inside same and leave the cot in its original position.  

Kate McCann said she doesn't know why she looked in the closet, it was just in case Madeleine may be cowering there.   So she did not check the wardrobes/closets in search of Madeleine because she was alerted in any way by a cot being out of place.

Therefore, if the cots (or one off)  had been placed close to the closet doors, and had not been moved, then why would Kate McCann think Madeleine was in there and how did she think Madeleine managed to perform this trick, getting in there without moving the cots?

And just out of curiousity, I wonder too which twin slept in which cot?  Which twin was closest to closet doors?

Would Kate McCann know, I wonder!

But most of all I wonder if Kate McCann had to move the cots for her to be able to open the wardrobe doors?

I haven't read anywhere, though it may indeed exist somewhere out there, any story by Kate McCann in reference as to having moved the cots to gain access to the closet?

What position were the cots found to be when police arrived?

What position where they, when Kate McCann ran to the window?

Did she pass them on the side of the closet doors as she headed/ran to window, or were the cots parted and she ran between them, at a centre point?

Did she move the cots, open the closet doors, look through closets ( as she stated in interview) and then just run out the apartment (after having  shuffled the cots around) leaving her precious babies lying asleep in them?   

I cannot see that happening, any mother, shuffling cots around, cots where her children were sleeping, then just running out and leaving them to perhaps the same fate she claimed Madeleine had met?

She said she knew instantly someone had taken Madeleine.  Why would she then leave those twin kids alone?


And as for the closets in the parents bedroom...Did Kate McCann check them too?
14th October 2015

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