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We tend to forget that Madeleine McCann was made a Ward of  the  High Court of England and Wales.  

Does she remain a ward?

The libel trial due to have resumed Tuesday 7th January 2014 was postponed, and it is reported that this was due to matters relating to Madeleine being a Ward of Court.

Original Source: Astro Tuesday 07 January 2014

Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer filed a request for the court to evaluate the McCann couple's legitimacy to file a lawsuit in their daughter's name, as she is a Ward of Court in the UK.

He did not ask for any postponement.  It was the judge that issued a 15- day deadline for him to submit the relevant documentation.

Afterwards, Dr Isabel Duarte filed a document that is related to Mr Alan Pike, and asked for a postponement of Tuesday's session.  

This information is not covered by judicial secrecy and can be freely shared.'


Madeleine being a Ward allows whichever judge 'responsible' for her to act in her best interests, to make decisions on her behalf.

In a blog I did previously (see above 'Madeleine a Ward of Court') I asked the following:

Does the Court/Judge, whomever is now responsible for Madeleine under her Wardship status, believe that the legal actions raised by the McCann couple, Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine's parents, and the use of Madeleine's money from the Madeleine Fund, to pursue such actions, and the general conduct and actions of the McCann couple concerning Madeleine, are being carried out or have been carried out over the past six years, in Madeleine's best interests?

This and other questions relating to Madeleine being a Ward of Court (the implications that has on The Fund but one) I raised in the Madeleine Ward of Court' Blog.
10th January 2014
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