Lying in the Sun

Lies and Libel

Lies and Libel 

I’m sure most who know of Jim Gamble, consider this man to be a despicable character.

Most now also know of the lies that R. Hutton/Cristobell spreads online about others which is despicable also.

On the Cristobell Blogspot she wrote in respect of the missing Madeleine case:

"The reason I do not present facts or theories, and final solutions, is because I DON'T KNOW!"  

She then wrote:

"...the only thing I can say with any certainty, is the parents of Madeleine are involved in her disappearance and there has been a cover up"  

This prompted the following response from a reader in respect of the contradiction in her statements:   Quote


Anonymous10 February 2015 at 14:11

Quote 1) "The reason I do not present facts or theories and final solutions, is because I don't know!"

Quote 2) " the only thing I can say with any certainty, is the parents of Madeleine are involved in her disappearance and there has been a cover up"

Make your mind up.

Indeed, make her mind up!

Quote 2, also prompted the following responses from readers.

Anonymous10 February 2015 at 14:50

What you don't know Cristobell is irrelevant.

To implicate the McCann's is libel.

10 February 2015 at 14:56

You are libelling the McCann's.

Perfectly fair comment!  

It was however followed by the usual drama and lies by Hutton:

"I have stated what I believe ON THIS BLOG, and so the LIBEL THREATS BEGIN.  It seems under McCann Law, I am not
allowed to hold these beliefs and if I don't change them THEY will FORCIBLY TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING I OWN ...!"

What more could we expect from a Hutton blog but lies, drama, attention seeking.  She so desperately wants to be thought of as B. Leyland or Dr Amaral.

We've had her lies this past week about her life being threatened, and now, her lies about libel, her home to be taken.

Now those who know of Hutton know that this is a lie.  But to other readers they will take her lies at face value, believe that she was threatened.

What is astonishing,that after all that has been said and done, in the past week or so, in particular, where Hutton, her lies have been outed, is, that on the forum where she is a member, the forum owner asked of Hutton/Cristobell, the following:

"Am I reading correctly, or still not awake.......... Cristobell, you have been threatned with libel action???  You say 'so the libel threats begin'"

Seems the dear lady was not paying attention over past days.  Still she falls for Hutton's lies. 

'Andrew' a member responded to Candyfloss (forum owner) who fully awake, I believe would still not have grasped the FULL untruthful picture: 

" I don't think its anything official.  Just someone posting a comment on her blog saying 'stop libeling' the McCanns."

Awesome Andrew, you clearly were paying attention this past week, full marks young man, go to top of the class!   Just one thing though, no one told her to stop libeling the McCanns, just pointed out the fact that she was.

But how would Hutton herself explain this latest lie?  

Let's see now.  No one had threatened her with a libel suit, that much is evident.  Two persons commented on her blog, pointed out to her that by saying what she did about the McCanns, it was libel.

Not a threat in sight!

So how would she get out of this one?  She could not produce evidence of said threatS!

Hutton to Candyfloss (CF)

"Sorry CF, no the threats are not 'official' but they are threats nevertheless. I get the same thing from Jim Gamble on twitter."


She had NOT received any legal, official notification that she was to be pursued through Courts for libeling the McCanns!

She had NOT received any notification/threat from anyone that this was in the process of being prepared! 

She had NOT received any threat by anyone who had posted on her blog either!

Two individuals had simply pointed out that by implicating the McCanns in the way that she had in the disappearance of their daughter that she was libeling them.

That is NOT a threat, that is pointing out the obvious.  But hell why let the truth come between Hutton and one of her stories!

In Cristobell land, pointing something out, takes on a whole new meaning - she had been
threatened - she was once again a victim. Not her life and limb this time being threatened, no physical threat of harm as she claimed last time around was the case, when she wrongfully accused others. No, this time it was her home (her dinner even) that was to be taken from her by McCanns.  Poor old gal!

Of course anyone with a working brain cell knows, she hadn't been threatened by anyone at all.  

More interesting perhaps is, that when she could not produce any such threats, was unable to present any such threats to the forum, or the ever faithful, but somewhat seemingly gullible Candyfloss, no evidence was she able to bring of the threats she had claimed to have received, she turned it around, distracted her fellow forum members from the threats she SPOKE OF ON HER BLOG, threats which were a RESULT OF ONE OF HER BLOGS written, SHE CLAIMED, and took them all off in another direction, in the direction of Gamble (who had not been a part of her blog, not a mention did he get there)

Do remember this, her words:  

"I have stated what I believe ON THIS BLOG, and SO the libel threats begin"

She is telling us the libel threats BEGAN as a result of the blog!  NOT earlier.

One really has to read very carefully the words of Hutton)

In her response to Candyfloss, she dismisses these threats,that is, the ones which she claims were as a result of her blog, the threats she could not produce as they did not exist, she makes light of them (strange that as they had caused her to write the blog to tell the world of the threats the injustice of it all, that she was to have her home forcibly taken from her) and she continued then by telling Candyfloss and fellow forum members:

"I get the same thing from Jim Gamble on Twitter"

So all that fuss on the blog, and now she has nothing to say about this terrible thing that has happened to her?

What happens next, is that the forum members play right into her hands, they turn their attention to Jim Gamble, the nasty man, one of the most hated men involved in the case of missing Madeleine - but a man who had NOT threatened her on her blog or elsewhere.

Hutton still didn't produce evidence of the threats, not those she wrote about in her blog, NOR the threats she claims Jim Gamble made in respect of her libeling the McCanns on twitter.

And she won't.  Because she has no evidence of either.

She tells them - "I get the same thing from Jim Gamble on Twitter"

Well produce BOTH sets of threats, is what most would ask someone who has a track record of lying.  Produce the Gamble threats, the ones that are the 'SAME THING' as the ones she claimed to have received on her blog!  The ones the forum are still waiting to see.


You can bet your boots if Hutton had been threatened with a libel suit the whole world would have been made aware of it.  And if Gamble had threatened her in any way at all, that blog would not have been about imaginary threats, it would have been about GAMBLE.  She would never have missed an opportunity if she had proof of Gamble threatening her.  It would have been in that Sun article had he threatened her!

Again Hutton accuses persons of things that just never happened.

Not only does she make the accusations, she exaggerates in the extreme as she does so.

She lies also to those who are, perhaps not her friends, but fellow forum members, when she is caught out.  

There is no lie that she will not tell to cover her ass.

And no lie she will not tell for attention in the first instance.

The Madeleine case has wall to wall liars, all of those who do, it is for the purpose of making sure that those who should be punished for crimes against the child, remain free.  Justice for the child (who according to the evidence gathered by police authorities, is dead, died in that holiday apartment) furthest from their minds.

It is a murky case to put it mildly, the liars, the money grabbers, the attentions seekers, those all who wish to make a name for themselves, a buck for themselves no matter how detrimental to the hope,, and the fight if you like, by others, who seek only justice for this little girl, and who do so quietly with dignity and respect for the little one.  That does not mean their voices are not heard, just that they go about it without the need to make the case of little Maddie, more about them, than the child, without adding to the many lies and liars, who unfortunately have latched onto this case.

The good, the honest people who keep Madeleine's name, her plight out there, keep her firmly to the fore for ALL the RIGHT reasons, I take my hat off to you, as all that matters is Madeleine, justice for the child.

The Hutton's of this world, do the case of this missing child so much damage.

Her lies so damaging to those who are her victims of those lies.  The attention seeking so damaging to the case of little Maddie.

We keep touching on the issue of Hutton saying she suffers from mental illness.

Mental health issues are not what are the cause of the perpetual lies.

People who suffer from mental health issues do not become liars overnight.

She lies because she is a liar!  Someone who cares not a jot who her lies harm.

And when she is cornered, the fact that she then raises this issue by way of excuse is absolutely disgusting.  She does so as she knows most will begin to tip toe around her, the lies.

The issue of mental health such a serious one for those who suffer and for their families, and it is distasteful for that very reason that Hutton should diminish this by acting as she does, using it to excuse her behaviour as she does..

Suffering from mental health issues and being a liar do not go hand in hand.

Hutton knows exactly what she is doing.  You better believe it!

No one, not even the loathesome Gamble threatened her as was her claim on the forum.   

Do give yourself a shake Candyfloss and others, waken up, smell the coffee - NO ONE threatened to sue Hutton.  She is a compulsive liar.

For her to say 'not officially' is a nonsense.  Unofficial threats then?  

Lordy, lordy, heard it all!

And where there is Hutton, irony is never far:   


Jan 24 So how will spin their defeat? Who will they accuse of lying and cheating next? The Court, the Judge, the whole of Portugal? Perhaps same way Hutton does when caught out - by lying, cheating accusing others of offences they did not commit?

Do please, forum folk, ask when exactly it was that Gamble and others threatened her, if this is so, why was he not given a mention in her blog about libel and threats?

Things are bad when Hutton has to lie about one of the most disgusting guys on the planet to get attention, When she behaves no better. And what will tomorrow bring, what will she be 'threatened' with next one wonders?

Who will she accuse next, one wonders? Could she get any worse?

Does she feel no shame when she lies to her readers, no shame when they show sympathy towards her for the threats she has led them to believe she has received?

When she makes mugs of them?

Does she not feel ashamed that she misleads those who read her blogs, and believe her every word, when they then send her messages of sympathy, not knowing she has LIED?

One such poor bastard was taken in by Hutton, and asks why Hutton/Cristobell is being singled out.


Just another Hutton scam for attention!  Just Hutton making a mug of you!

If Cristobell is libeling the McCann's then so is most of the internet! Why single her out? I have to say, I do believe that SY knows that they are involved but have had instructions NOT to investigate them for obvious reasons, and instead find a scapegoat that lets them (the McCann's) off the hook. 11th February 2015

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