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Undying hope for Madeleine McCann


Scotland Yard has new leads, and 38 new ‘persons of interest’ in the case of the missing child


by Leah McLaren on Friday, July 12, 2013 9:50am





In response to the above:




Each of us entitled to our opinion on this case (though Kate and Gerry McCann do not appear to share that view - hence their reason for employing Carter Ruck at huge cost to the Madeleine Fund, monies donated for the child, NOT for their parents to squander and that has happened on more than one occasion) so I have not a problem with the writer's view. 

I do however have a problem with the content of the article factually it is wrong in many areas.

Most of it is simply repeating the inaccuracies which have appeared in the press of late, but perhaps the most glaringly obvious error is:

"They have devoted the past six years of their lives, as well as THEIR LIFE SAVINGS, to a relentless—and often UNAIDED AND LONELY—search for their daughter.”

Unaided, and lonely?

Donated their life savings?

Perhaps check out the reason why the Fund had to be 'tightened up' - a little matter of their mortgage being paid from it in the very early days. No life savings at that time? 

Their family said they had no personal funds. Nothing wrong in that, many of us in fact, most of us I’ll wager, don't have - but please get it right.

They may not have had the cash as in personal funds to help find their child/discover her whereabouts/discover what became of her, but cash was not going to find her.  Special funding is not a requirement to trace a missing person the police are!   And the Portuguese Police did a damn good job of investigating what did become of the child – though not to the liking of a certain some…


Assisting fully the police investigation would have been the BEST way to help Madeleine, to help this poor child but they refused to fully co-operate. When they did "co-operate" it was to give conflicting accounts of the night the child vanished, Gerry McCann in particular, changing his story!  And perhaps his trousers too!

Please do not make martyrs of people who neglected their children in such a heinous way.


People who have been less than helpful to the police investigation in Portugal, to a mother who refused to answer when questioned by police.   It was her legal right to refuse, but let us call a spade a spade - What kind of parent refuses to help an investigation attempting to discover what became of their missing child?  What kind of mother behaves, liked a spoiled selfish brat throwing a right royal strop putting herself before her missing child who she and her husband claimed was abducted and being held by  paedophiles?   A ‘guilty one’ I’ll bet the answer on the lips of most! 


Guilty of what though? 


That has yet to be discovered.  But for sure, when someone does not tell the truth, when they change their stories, suddenly have loss of memory when questioned on important and relevant issues, become evasive, bad mouth police officers, people too who went out of their way also to help, do likewise with witnesses, ‘lawyer up’ to the hilt,  both in the UK and Portugal, extradition lawyers, libel lawyers and the rest at an enormous cost – sums of money the McCanns would never have seen in their lives had Madeleine not mysteriously vanished – alarm bells ring – and for those who still six years on do not hear them I might suggest that they get their ears syringed!


For those who deliberately refuse to hear/see and more importantly refuse to speak out and question – shame on you!


Their less than truthful accounts, discrepancies, changes to their stories are all recorded and evidenced in their televised interviews, police witness statements, Kate McCanns book, and the diary is a real eye opener…


Please do not announce their innocence when the Met have not proven or solved this case, when the Portuguese Police have primacy and always will, when the Portuguese findings are not as those of the Met according to Andy Redwood, and when in fact Andy Redwood has stated he may not be able to solve this case but he will come up with ‘some sort of’ resolution. 

Andy Redwood, may have stated he does not suspect them the Leicestershire Police and the Portuguese do not appear to be quite of the same opinion.

We all understand 'innocent until proven guilty' that the McCanns and or others the 38 included do not need to prove their innocence in the UK unless they are charged and are appearing in a Court of Law to defend those charges.

Equally, without absolute proof we cannot rule anyone out.  Has Redwood got that proof to rule out those he said are not suspects?

not be a suspect at any given point in time we must remember does not necessarily point to absolute innocence of the McCanns (or anyone else).

Just as the McCanns had suspect status at a certain point in Portugal, did
not necessarily indicate their absolute guilt.

Redwood did not say the McCanns or their companions were innocent - he said they were not suspects.

Suspect status can change at any point.  The McCanns have experienced this and may do so again.

Until they are found guilty of crimes against the child they can waltz around as they have been doing for quite some time now, like Lord and Lady Muck, and until Yacht Man has been found guilty, he too can continue to sail the seven seas telling everyone he is Captain Birdseye if he so wishes!

A thought which crossed my mind (and putting the new investigation to one side as we all know that has not begun and may not do for a very long time) but the current Review did the McCanns know from the beginning that it would take so long.  Did anyone know that it would?

You see the McCanns were so very impatient with the Portuguese yet time seems not to matter any more?  There appears to be no urgency.

The Met are but  2/3 of the way through it, it has taken them 1 year for each 1/3, so on that basis, another year to complete the final 1/3.

Pardon my lack of knowledge in this regard but is it normal for a Review of a case to take so very much longer than the initial investigation?  Is it more difficult a process for a review team than it is for the original investigation team?  Obviously I am generalising somewhat and every case will be different, but I am curious as I know, I for one somehow never imagined a Review would take such a lengthy time - perhaps I am now attuned to 'Cold Case' where all is solved and revealed in a 55 minute time slot!

But back on track -


What sort of resolution is Andy Redwood suggesting might make this case go away? 


The sort that had it “resolved” before it began –  his instruction to bury it?   Perhaps!


He may at this point in time not consider them suspects then again he just might, but is choosing not to provide that information to the press.


Did he not state he would not divulge too much? Whether he is being truthful in this, guarded or whatever you may like to call it, we cannot tell for sure.


He has for someone being ‘guarded’ however, allowed the latest stories of the 38, into the arena, the ‘couple’ newly rich who purchased a yacht, into the arena, why would he do so if he was trying to keep information under wraps?  Why would he do so if this information was sensitive?   Sounds too silly to be that though!


Is this just a red herring – must ask Kate McCann – she has an Honours Degree from Fishy University, located in Makebelieve -  Sea bass her specialist subject!


Redwood in my opinion, could not possibly have reconciled the many lies and inconsistencies in the statements given by the McCann party, difficult then to see how they can be ruled out of anything, of having not played a part, or NOT KNOWING what became of the child, or at the very least not knowing what the truth is as to the checking system on that night and on others, especially regarding the Penn Jillette patio door, the magic one – now it’s open,  now it’s not!.  Difficult too, to see how the Metropolitan Police could be that far off the mark, so far from the original investigation in Portugal?  That they have not sniffed out that the cadaver dogs had something very relevant to tell them.  That unless there was a ‘fire sale’ of the type of trousers Gerry ‘Buttons’ McCann owns and unless he allowed a friend to borrow his, he may just be the person the Smith family saw?  They saw a man who looked like McCann wearing trousers just like his, carrying a little girl, just like his daughter Madeleine!  Perhaps the alleged abductor had time not only to clean the apartment but to dress in Gerry’s clothing, put Madeleine on the yacht and return the garment?


Perhaps one of Gerry’s holiday companions, one who is not dissimilar physically to him, more so on a dark night, tried on Gerry’s pants for size…

The ever changing stories by McCanns are for a reason of that we can be sure of, and they were not designed to help Madeleine, I would say to ‘throw’ the investigation.


The McCanns though, like the 38 reported are ALL innocent until proven guilty.

But why is it necessary to interview 38 when we have this ‘kind couple?’


At the end of the day, it is not Andy Redwood who will decide the innocence or guilt of anyone involved in this case – it is truth!


But will the truth be allowed to be heard?  That is the real issue. The real concern of the majority!


A problem I understand the Portuguese faced.


Some can stifle or bury the truth, do all in their power to prevent the truth surfacing, and arguably there have been robust attempts to do exactly that in the Madeleine case, and by key players.   Even the Metropolitan Police, are not free of corruption their record as we all know, not squeaky clean, but we can only hope that for Madeleine that will not be the case and justice, true justice will be served.  That Andy Redwood and his team are doing things as they should be done.


The McCanns are not openly jumping for joy at recent reports that Madeleine may be alive.  I suggest that is because they (like Redwood and his team too) know that she is not!


If they the McCanns truly believed this child was alive, and then discovered, after Redwood announced his ‘full blown’ investigation, that


1.   The CPS had not as yet gotten round to dealing with it, that is, dealing with, drawing up the complex legal paperwork required, the first step to enable this to happen, and then to discover that Redwood has said he probably won’t solve the case, but will merely attempt to come up with some sort of resolution – 

2.    It will quite likely take many months to interview these people, the 38 (one now dead, only 37 to go – they might all have ‘passed’ before the paperwork is!)

3.   Their daughter may possibly be alive, living with a now rich British couple who floated her away on their yacht, yet they will have to wait months and months before anyone will do anything?


Would this not anger them?  Much less, had them doing daft dog dances in temper bouts when in Portugal! 


Surely the McCanns themselves armed with the information, which Redwood said he regularly updates them on, would launch their own investigation go out there and find her…but no!  Seems to be no urgency!


Perhaps then they should now consider donating the fund monies to another cause, a worthy one if the monies are just laying around – are they, just laying around?  Is there anything left in that Fund at this time to lay around?


Why are they happy to sit around and wait, when Madeleine we are told could be within touching distance so to speak, living with this rich British couple?  Are they in UK just now?


Would you, as the parent of a missing child, having this information on the nice rich couple, who you had the name and details of, and a fat Fund with £hundreds thousands, just sit and wait for the Metropolitan Police to get round to interviewing them or would you take some action?  The best lead you have got, your daughter is with the couple, and you are happy to sit around for many months and do nothing?


Not forgetting in this scenario both you and the police have known about this couple for TWO YEARS already!


Just would not happen.


And why is Redwood - if he believes a couple, has taken Madeleine to raise as their own saying she is possibly alive?  Does he think they may have killed her now that they know he is on to them?


You see it just gets dafter!


If you were told by the police that your daughter was dead and the police have a lead on the culprit, you may do as the McCanns are doing now - sitting around having absolute faith that he will be caught! 


Just as you would have absolute faith, too if you were re-assured that the real story will be buried because for some reason that is what you need to happen!


Is this case really so complex as it is being made out to be, or just corrupt to the core?


Should we be taking all that Redwood has said on board and believing it, or should we be listening to what has not been said?



Redwood’s “update” for the public told us nothing,  other than to inform us that the number of suspects had shot up in a matter of only weeks from ‘around 20’ to an astonishing 38!    But of the 38 – suspects he further stated he ‘would not go so far as to refer to them as suspects as such’


I wonder, does he have even half of the type of information on any one of them, suspicions, circumstantial evidence as there clearly appears to be in those police files concerning the McCann party, certainly enough for serious questions to be asked of them?


Was the purpose of this exercise not to tell us inform us of the “suspects” but more to tell us that the McCanns and their companions are not suspects?


He could hardly have a press conference to tell us simply that the McCanns had been ruled out of his inquiries, without having someone else to, ‘fill their shoes’ shall we say, none better so as to keep Madeleine “alive” also, than a kindly and rich British couple, caring for her.

To keep her "alive" it would not do to have the culprit a swarthy looking Portuguese paedophile.


This too was not simply a press conference to announce the ‘new suspects’ this was carefully planned, drip drip effect over a couple of weeks, the Met leaking information to press.  Gerry McCann back in April/May slipping in, when interviewed by Lorraine Kelly, that the Met would soon be ‘asking’ for public assistance.  But Redwood doesn’t need the assistance of the public, he has his rich couple, who he must know who and where they are.  Who he must know if they have been raising Madeleine as their own or if they have killed her?


So what is it really all about, do we give the Metropolitan Police for now ‘some sort of’ benefit of the doubt, as something tells me there is a possibility that Clarence stating the McCanns will not be giving us a ‘running commentary’ on this case is more due to them knowing about as much as we do rather, than them staying schtum due to operational reasons! 


Then again, the Met have known of the couple for TWO YEARS and did nothing! 



Neither did the McCanns!


Or, the McCanns might be saying nothing because it suits them to, they might be thinking – Met have played their part, made an announcement that we are not being investigated, nor are our friends, no need to say more – job done! 


My late great aunt Nellie a lady of the law would have found such amusement – persons who, though not according to Andy Redwood (who may I remind us all, has not solved the case) remain potential suspects in some quarters,  not speaking out due to operational reasons indeed!   Tail wagging the dog!  'Ideas above their station' I can hear her say!  Mitchell would have been a tremendous source of amusement to her!


Pity ‘operational reasons’ didn’t hush Kate McCann, prevent her writing her bookie, so much pain she poured on the public – hospitals were inundated…the ER could not cope I heard - ‘split sides’ - never so many cases of this had they dealt with, folks had laughed so hard – who would have thought so much damage could have been caused by Kate’s pen,  that piece of …sh...oh what’s the word…oh yes – ‘evidence’ I think it was Goncalo Amaral made in reference to it – yes, that it may one day be used in evidence!


Does the Met have a copy of ‘Madeleine’ I wonder?


Perhaps like that first week, they are busy doing other stuff, ‘perhaps not physically searching’ as Kate might say, but keeping extremely busy and this is why for the past two years, since discovering the existence of the kindly comforting couple, they have not been searching the length and breadth of the UK for this mystery pair who took their daughter?


And would it not be interesting to look back over the past two years at any interview the McCanns have given, to see if in any way they reflect that they knew of this couple hmm?  Redwood did say they have been kept 'informed’ from the beginning that he has been in regular contact with them!


Their loyal supporters however I am sure, as I speak are out there, doing just that, torches at the ready to shine in the eye of any unsuspecting 10 year old female child, checking for eye defects, searching for homes where there are yachts parked on sidewalks or moored in lakes which flow along at the bottom of back gardens, where parents are dining out.  But they will have to be quick, it is 5.30 pm now UK families will be in a frenzy preparing children for bed shortly, the dining in the back garden to commence, for parents only - a restricted area, not child friendly!


And would Redwood/Metropolitan if there was a rich couple who took Madeleine really announce this to the world, not forgetting that the rich couple would get to know too?  It is all too silly.


Mitchell’s announcement that the McCanns have absolute faith is on the face of things quite astonishing!


What an extraordinary response by the parents of a missing child on hearing that:


  • The CPS as yet has not taken any steps to initiate any full blown investigation.
  • That they have not a clue when this will commence all depends on the legalities which could take a very long time and no guarantees that it will be accepted, meet the proper conditions necessary in Portugal.
  • That until then nothing further will be done to interview these persons this couple.
  • Until such times as all of this is in place the ‘possibly alive’ Madeleine must remain with the nice people who hadn’t managed to adopt a child so took matters into their own hands!  


Perhaps Clarence misunderstood, the paperwork has not been set in motion yet?

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) said they didn’t get much notice.  Would this be same CPS which was in Portugal back in April?  How much notice did they need?


  • ‘Absolute faith’ in a system, which is clearly not operating as it should?  
  • Happy to wait until Redwood and his team interview the 38, which will take many months probably closer to a year if it ever happens at all?
  • Happy to wait for their daughter who they are being told is with the lovely couple?



That sets alarm bells ringing too!


Unaided and lonely?


The past six years have been like a circus hardly lonely and unaided, more people in and out of this case than in and out of 5A, all making big bucks out of missing Madeleine.  More people dipping in and out of the Madeleine Fund too than one could shake a stick at, their Board of Directors like the British weather ever changing.


Gerry McCann the Ringmaster cracking the whip Clarence Mitchell the juggler trying to keep too many balls in the air and often dropping them – clangers!  David Cameron the clown ‘dopey faced’ doing Gerry’s bidding – yes Gerry, no Gerry, three bags full Gerry, I’ll get my ‘man bag’ now Gerry, the special monies for special people like you Gerry are inside, bought it from ‘FarFetch’ would you believe that Gerry a store called Farfetch? 


Andy Redwood, well jury still out on him still time to redeem himself turn this around if he is on wrong track, or for the truth of what is really going on with these latest reports to come to light, hopefully soon, as, as they stand, they are making little sense -  and of course Kate McCann the star of the show - her spangles glittering in the spotlight, the trapeze artist flying through the air, swing to swing, as she makes contact with one, twisting turning, quickly changing direction just as she has throughout this case, as she has in her book, her diary her interviews, twists and turns, changes direction, but somehow she has managed not to fall…she has tripped up but not as yet come crashing down.


This past week or so, much being put out there by Met with the press having a field day, who knows what is actually going on, perhaps Kate’s ‘safety net’ is about to be whooshed away like those curtains in the bedroom at 5A?


Perhaps Gerry McCann will remember, erm remember…erm remember, oh yeh everything that happened on that night.  Perhaps he will recall opening that front door with his key – it is after all quite possible – did not Tanner after a period of time remember that the man she claims to have seen, was not bald after all but had a glorious head of long flowing locks…So no reason why Gerry too could not have a flashback involving ‘locks!


Clarence dropped another ball telling us that Kate and Gerry won’t be giving us a running commentary on what is now happening – Perhaps because they too, like us, are just not sure what the Metropolitan Police are up to?


Then again perhaps it is all to help the McCanns with the upcoming libel trial?


What do they need to happen most – aside Madeleine arriving home before it takes place?


They need to have something to support their case, something in the vein of –

  • ‘Madeleine is possibly alive’ 
  • ‘There is no clear and definitive proof within the police files that she is dead’


Would something like that go a long way to help them?


Would adding to this –


‘Oh and we think she is with this nice couple that the Metropolitan Police think may have her’ would that help too?


And would it help also that the Metropolitan Police, the CPS won’t be able to do anything to back up their suggestions and theories until perhaps AFTER the libel trial, but as long as those suggestions and theories have been put out there, the seed planted in the minds of the public, are on record?


The recent announcement and leaks by the Metropolitan Police served no purpose at this point in time that one can tell, if the legal paperwork to allow them to further progress in any way this case has not been obtained.   The public did not need to know this.

So why?


If they really do have this mystery couple lined up as targets, then it served no purpose to alert the public make them and their pet parrots privy to this what must be sensitive information.


And if they truly have information such as this, credible as they are making out, then should this not have been taken to the Portuguese to allow them to analysis it and re-open this case if it was so credible?   Get this ball rolling immediately, rather than have the CPS pad around dithering as to when they might get round to getting it off the ground?


And, should it not have been taken to the Portuguese Police - TWO YEARS AGO?


So what is really going on with Redwood?  So many more questions now than ever before!


If the purpose of this latest was aimed at quietening down matters regarding this case, to take the heat from the McCanns, then it has failed big time - now more so than ever, the public want answers, they want to know, not of mystery kindly comforting  couples, who have been kept a secret for TWO YEARS (why no mention of them at last year’s Met conference?  Too soon, not planned for release until now?) The public want to know how the Metropolitan Police reconciled the statements given to the Portuguese Police, the Leicestershire Police in the UK by the McCanns, and their holiday companions?


They want explanations as to why this group told the story of their child checking system, when it obviously did not happen!   Why they said the windows and shutter were jemmied when it was not?  That and very much more, why did they tell police both in Portugal and the UK such stories?

Redwood was poker faced barely flinched when delivering his speech,when answering the pre-prepared questions.  Part of the job, the training maybe?  

But noticeably even when delivering what should to him surely have been the good news - his telling us that the McCanns and their companions not being suspects in their daughter's death/disappearance -  - what should have elicited even the tiniest of smile, the tiniest show of emotion, an indication that he was pleased for them just did not happen?

Should we therefore be thinking 'outside the box' thinking about what Redwood didn't say, and didn't do?   And ask why?



The opinion, views, theories of the writer of above article are as valid as that of anyone else, if they want to hail the McCann couple as heinous or hero that is their choice, but when it comes to incorrect reporting albeit perhaps unintentional, of what is being put forward as factual, just please before putting pen to paper, check it out, and if still you get it wrong, as often I do – apologise, correct and acknowledge the error please.


Thank you.
14th July 2013

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