Lying in the Sun

Lisbon Calling Lorraine

Lisbon Calling Lorraine

A while back I wrote a blog 'Kelly from the Telly' highlighting how Lorraine Kelly hangs on every word spoken by the McCanns - dumb as a box of rocks  - to the point where she does not check out facts before spouting off in her column what they have told her, and it generally comes back to bite her on the ass.   She never learns.

At Court in Lisbon in July 2014, Kate McCann had the following to say in respect of Dr Amaral his book:

Judge – Do the twins know about the book, the documentary?

KMC - answers that of course they use computers at school and at home and she has to be very careful and try to supervise the information they get.

Judge – Do they have a global idea about what people say?

KMC - mentions that her son, in October asked her why Mr Amaral said that they hid Madeleine. She answered that there were many stupid things in his book.

Judge – How did your son know about that? How was it possible if you were careful to prevent access to the book?

KMC  - thinks he heard it on the radio, in the school bus.

Judge – So what did you do?

KMC  - says that they spoke to David Trickey who advised them to let the twins make comments and just answer when they ask questions. She says that they had to contact the school in case a child would tell the twins about something that is in the book. She says that the book is noxious for adults and must be even more damaging for children.


Now Kate McCanns story about her 'thinking' her son heard what she claimed in Court he had, on the school bus, is far fetched.   Had she been so concerned about this child, she would have darned well sought to discover where he had heard it.  But the McCanns don't seem to bother that much with their kids.

  • Madeleine said she and her brother cried.  Parents didn't give her the time of day on that one.
  • She had a stain on her pyjamas. They didn't bother to discover where that came from.
  • Sean asks his mother why Dr Amaral said they hid Madeleine, and they don't bother to discover where the child heard such a thing.

Kate McCann in Court told the judge - could have been on the school bus!

After this appearance in Court by Kate McCann, Lorraine Kelly in her column wrote the following:

"Sean McCann had heard disgraced Portuguese police officer Goncalo Amaral on the radio claiming that his mum and dad had faked their daughter's abduction."

"The poor little boy would have been completely bewildered - and Kate must have felt that a dagger had been plunged into her heart."

"She was able to answer calmly and console her son, but how disgusting that this poor family were put through such an ordeal by the revolting claims of a man who should have been leading the hunt for Madeleine."

Oh Kelly is a piece of work.  (and we all know she didn't stop at making false accusations against Dr Amaral, she then attacked Brenda Leyland also - not a nice lady

The little boy had not heard Dr Amaral on the radio as Dr Amaral was never on the radio.  Dr Amaral speaks Portuguese, not English, and the little McCann boy doesn't speak Portuguese.  But that did not stop Kelly printing her lies.  Had she an ounce of sense she would have known this, known to check out any statement made by the McCanns.  She then went on to speak in the nastiest way about Dr Amaral.

Now Kate McCanns above statement to the Judge was dodgy at best. Kelly added to the utter nonsense by adding blatant lies.

At the Court in Lisbon, on 21st January 2015:

Sean and Amelie McCann will soon become aware of the conclusions that are mentioned in J) because they will go to school?

Judgement -

It is PROVED that Sean and Amelie started school in August of 2010 and have NOT learned about Mr Amaral's thesis yet.

The Judge therefore did NOT ACCEPT Kate McCann's story re Sean hearing of the thesis on the school bus, or anywhere for that matter.

Perhaps Kelly from the Telly would care to put that in her column!

In fact so much from today's proceedings which Kelly might care to print as the Judge really wasn't buying the McCanns stories!

And Kelly may also like, before printing any more lies in her column, to read and understand the other counts which were dealt with today in Court.   She will soon discover that the Judge was not fooled by the McCanns. 

The Judge just didn't buy their tales.  She didn't believe they were being truthful, and they failed to bring the evidence to convince her otherwise.
21st January 2015

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