Lying in the Sun

Lorraine Kelly/McCanns

Daybreak Interview Lorraine Kelly, Kate and Gerry McCann

Six Years since Maddie Disappeared

(1 min 35 secs )

Lorraine Kelly:

How can the public help now though?  What can we do now six years down the line… is there anything you would like the public to do?

Kate McCann:

I think it’s more of the same to be honest because you know the search is very much on- going erm nothing is slowing down, if anything I feel it’s escalating with the work of the Met.  And again it’s just, please be vigilant please still take your posters on holiday, yeh know and don’t forget about her she’s still missing.   We haven’t lost hope, our hope isn’t, any less than it was after the first 24 /48 hours.

Gerry McCann:

In some respects I think we are actually, apart from in the early days, weeks, I think we are actually in a better position now in terms of working out what happened, and having the Met involved has taken a huge amount of pressure off us now, and they are doing all the things that we said are needing to be done.  And you know when they are ready they will come forward and ask the public for help.


Doesn't sound as though the McCanns are expecting any time soon, to be charged in connection with crimes against their missing daughter.  Seem very happy with the Met?
23rd June 2013

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