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Lorraine's Price Tag

Lorraine's Price Tag

'There are some things that just shouldn't have a price tag.'
Lorraine Kelly


And certainly not human life!  Life is so very precious.  

The life of a child such as little Madeleine was so very precious, but that did not prevent her parents from treating her so appallingly.  Did not prevent them from treating her life as though unimportant, not worthy of their care and protection.

So much in this case is about money!   McCanns always asking for money for their Fund.  No amount is ever enough for them.

Money is NOT the only way to have helped this child, it is way down the list of what would have helped most.

Her parents and their buddies fully co-operating with police authorities would have been far better.
Her parents and their buddies not leading the police up the garden path, would have helped no end.
Her parents not changing their stories, would have helped also.

If these parents are truly NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY in Madeleine's disappearance, if they truly do not know what became of her, then why oh why have they hindered the police investigation in they way that they have?

Of course a price cannot be placed on any life, but when someone disappears in mysterious circumstances, and police have exhausted all leads as the Metropolitan Police appear to have, money cannot continue to be thrown at the case forever more.

When your child is missing, a parent ANSWERS every question thrown at them by police.  A parent takes part in reconstruction of events when asked to do so by police authorities.

A parent jumps through hoops, stands on their hands,  if that is what the police ask of you, if it helps find your child.

McCanns didn't!

An indication of how little they valued the life of this child  (not monetary value)

Or an indication that they already knew this child was not alive?

Lorraine's sofa no doubt is already being prepared for the annual visit by the McCanns, but even Lorraine must be tiring of it.

Madeleine, this coming month of May, if she does not somehow miraculously turn up, will have been missing 8 years.  Lorraine in her piece spoke of Madeleine being missing for NINE!

Maybe all these years interviewing the McCanns, it just feels longer!

I see too Lorraine has been more restrained in her latest.   She does not speak of abduction but of Madeleine's disappearance.

She is not bad mouthing innocent persons like she has in the past, Brenda Leyland and Dr Amaral, two who come to mind.

Good to see no more of her false and malicious statements in reference to the above named persons!

She speaks of the case being heartbreaking.  It is indeed heartbreaking, when every adult in that holiday party refused to help the child, refused to assist police.  That is more than heartbreaking.

By not helping this child, they were placing a price on her life.

Evaluating whether her little life was worth their help.

If she was worth saving from the paedophiles who they said were her captors.

Can anyone imagine for a split second having to think twice about helping a police authority who were investigating the disappearance of any child?

They didn't go to Portugal when asked to do so by police.

Does that tell us how little they valued this child?

Does that tell us that they knew she was dead?

Perhaps this year Lorraine might find the guts to ask them some very important and pertinent questions, questions which show clearly how valuable this little girls life was.  Questions which show that Lorraine cares about what happened to Madeleine and is prepared to stand up and be counted, prepared to stand up for Madeleine, and not simply present us with her usual nonsense, fawning over the duo.

Lorraine would do well to gen up on this case!
31st March 2015

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