Lying in the Sun

Ma's Cupboard

Ma’s Cupboard


Old Ma Hubbard

Went to her Cupboard

To fetch Kate and Gerry a bone,

When she got there

The cupboard was bare

So she made up a story,

All of her own.


So, if the McCanns win the libel trial the £1m will be used to search for their missing daughter, the monies presumably lodged in the now in/famous Fund…


Loud laughter


That would be the search which has not existed for past 2 years since the Metropolitan Police began a review of the case?


Still more loud laughter


Well sure doesn’t sound as though the McCanns have any faith in the Yard, when they think they will need MORE MONEY to re-start their private search!


A search, SO PRIVATE that no one knows how or where they search… not even Kate or Gerry McCann it would seem!

(We do know however from private dick, Dave Edgar, that they don't do searches of the lairs surrounding the area from where the child vanished, where dick Dave believes Madeleine can be found - wonder if Andy Redwood does 'lairs?')


But then why would they – as Mrs Hubbard their new best friend said in Court –


‘The couple (McCanns) were FORCED to use all their energy defending themselves instead of searching for their daughter.’


Now that poses a BIG PROBLEM for McCanns and their Fund, their so called ‘search.’


The public has been told in the past, countless times that EVERY penny raised - donated by the public would be used to search for the missing child.


When promoting the, let us say, faux pas filled book ‘Madeleine’ by Kate McCann the public was assured again that EVERY penny raised would go to a search for their missing daughter.


Not according to Ma Hubbard – Who I am sure does not approve of Kate McCanns book as it is not based on facts. In fact it’s a bit of a fairytale sprinkled with lies, and that is a fact…which must leave Ma Hubbard wondering why Kate was ever “allowed” to write it!


Loud laughter


A bit of a loose cannon is Ma, bit of a storyteller – perhaps why she is now Kate’s new best friend, so much in common?


Ma told the Court the McCanns were FORCED to use ALL their energy defending themselves, INSTEAD of searching for their missing child.


Would that mean that not ALL of the money donated, that not EVERY penny the proceeds from the book were USED TO SEARCH FOR MADELEINE?


Quite clearly they were NOT.  


A defence, such as the McCanns launched for themselves, involving more than one law firm, legal representatives both in the UK and Portugal – does not come cheap - and over a period of 6 years -Wow!


Therefore do we take it, legal fees for the McCanns defence were paid for from this Fund, the Fund where they have claimed on numerous occasions – every penny is used to search for Madeleine? 


If not, where does the funding for the McCanns legal defence come from?  


How can they afford such expensive lawyers?

Kate and Gerry McCann have put all their energy into defending themselves says Ma Hubbard instead of using it to search for Madeleine.

Lest we forget:-

Energy = Money 


Perhaps they have a secret stash, a little something hidden away for a rainy day, yet to be found?


Who knows?   It would certainly explain a few matters.


Almost forgot, could be that all of these people, the Carter Ruck’s, the Isabel Duarte's and all others who make up the McCann army of lawyers, who they have employed to defend themselves – work for free?

Loud laughter

No problem here either – their accounts will establish that one too.


Now let us all think back to when Kate and Gerry McCann FIRST employed their army of solicitors to DEFEND THEMSELVES..?

I for one could not pin point the exact date, that is, without first doing some checking - but I can safely say – It was long before Goncalo Amaral put pen to paper…

Begs the question - What did they feel they needed defending, and by such an army?

13th September 2013

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