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MacIntyre's Murders

MacIntyre's Murders

Seems in the case of Madeleine McCann 'trailers' are the way to go - be it to promote a book that needs selling, a newspaper story that needs selling, be it for financial reasons, to make a shed load of cash, or to cover the McCann asses (and sometimes both) the trailers of recent times, have all led up to some shit or other that someone wanted to spin, in the Madeleine case.  It would appear trailers have become a crucial tool for some, and not used in any way to help discover what became of this child, though that is always what the public are led to believe.  Always 'someone' knows the truth and for a price, be it monetary, or five minutes of fame, they are prepared to sink however low it takes...

DCI Redwood did it.
McCanns did it.
Others have been threatening to do it, 
and Donal MacIntyre did it!

Yeah all money makers do it
Fall in love with the trailer

feel I should be singing those words...)

Just to be clear, Donal MacIntyre, in the promo video (trailer) for 'Murder in Paradise'(
the killing of Michaela McAreavey ) described himself as an 'investigative reporter and a criminologist.'  

For those of us who have followed the case of Madeleine McCann, how could we ever forget the absolute shed load of shit Donal MacIntyre served up in his review of the missing Madeleine case.  It demonstrated that any skill he possessed as an investigative reporter or a criminologist, failed him big time when he put together this little trailer/story!  But I guess some will tell any story asked of them if the price is right!

His review was at best laughable!  An amateur production, not researched.  Clearly he had not read the police files. Clearly he had not read the lies and inconsistencies in the police witness statements given by McCanns and their buddies. Clearly he had not taken note of the evidence, that the McCann apartment had not been broken into, and the window had not been jemmied.  Had he done so he would not have served up the nonsense that he did (or perhaps it is for that very reason that he DID serve up what he did, to protect the McCanns)  in his review of this case.

Interestingly his little production was in conjunction with Sunday Express Papers, where MacIntyre tells us we can read more about his in depth analysis of the Madeleine case, and also the in depth stories by, none other than James Murray!

His trailer - MacIntyre said of the case in general, and of the kidnappers (as he refers to those he said are responsible for Madeleine being missing) :

1. It was highly organised.
2. There were at least two perpetrators.
3. The kidnappers had prior access to the layout of the flat here at 5A before the night of the kidnap.
4. These were men who were well versed in the art of house breaking and these men also had an ability to clean a crime scene.

He continued:

"Critical to this investigation is the timing.  There was 3 to 5 minutes for the kidnappers to perpetrate this crime.
 Consider the pressures the kidnappers were under:-

1.  They had to stay hidden in the apartment in the company of Gerry McCann for up to ten minutes.

2.  They had to subdue Madeleine McCann who was a notoriously bad sleeper, and bring her out of the apartment.

3.  They had to bring her out of a small window for which they required at least two perpetrators.

4.  They had to escape the complex and the entire area without suspicion.

In addition it is highly likely they cleaned the crime scene.   This required great planning and precision, and could not have been the work of an opportunistic drifter."


So what were these men, burglars, or kidnappers?
Either way, neither type, would have entered that apartment with any thoughts of killing a child, and as for cleaning the crime scene, BLOOD would not have been part of that planned crime scene clean up either.

But blood and cadaver was what the dogs alerted to!

So perhaps MacIntyre should have been approaching this as a murder case, or at the least an accident covered up.

Now anyone knowing of this case knows MacIntyre is up to no good with this lot.   But there is also a rather funny side to it.  Not least his comment that the kidnappers 
worked with precision, and had to escape the complex and entire area without suspicion.   Messed that one up then!

Whilst he is trying his darn well level best to steer the viewer/reader away from the McCanns, their possible involvement, many of the points he makes, fit them and their buddies to an absolute 'T'  If I didn't know better I might be tempted to think he was stitching them up with this little piece he put together, he and James Murray, the SUNDAY EXPRESS.

Lets look at some of what he said, and 'tick' that which fits Gerry and Kate and the crew!

  • More than 2 perpetrators (tick)
  • Perpetrators had access to the layout of 5A before the night of the kidnapping (tick)
  • Perpetrators had an ability to clean a crime scene (tick)
  • Cleaning could not have been the work of an opportunistic drifter (tick)
  • Madeleine was a NOTORIOUSLY bad sleeper (tick)  (that one tickled me pink.  McCanns claim she had gotten over being notorious for not sleeping, in fact they made claims, video recordings of this to be found online, that she didn't wake in their absence.  Though how in hell they could make such a claim if they were not there!  But dontcha just love it, Donal describing Madeleine as being a notoriously bad sleeper.  Flys in the face of ALL Kate and Gerry McCann has said in interviews!)

Sounds to me like he's describing Kate, Gerry, and the buddies.

But the one which had me doubled up with laughter.  MacIntyre said of the kidnappers that the following was a
pressure they were under:

  • The kidnappers had to stay hidden in the apartment in the company of Gerry McCann for up to ten minutes.
Hell that is funny!   Not even intruders can stand being in a room/apartment with Gerry McCann for more than a few minutes, such is the pressure!

But it does also highlight another great whopping boob in MacIntyre's tale - McCann claims not to have been in that apartment anywhere close to ten minutes.   MacIntyre, really doesn't help McCann by saying that he could have been in that apartment for
up to ten minutes!

But it doesn't really matter as we all know that MacIntyre was trying to pull a fast one with this story.  Just another money making scheme for Sunday Express, a nice little earner for Mac and Murray.  And their dodgy, but protective of McCanns tale of kidnappers,  would keep McCann legal team from knocking on Desmond's door!  Everyone a winner, EXCEPT Madeleine!

And we all know that DCI Redwood, the now retired Met Officer, in his investigation, his story COMPLETELY contradicts that of MacIntyre!

Why am I speaking of this old trailer by Donal MacIntyre?

It is the following that prompted it, MacIntyre's new show where he re-visits cold cases, murders/crimes in UK/Ireland.  (I wonder if he'll revisit the shit story he produced about the Madeleine case?)

Of the show, Donal said,

"I'm delighted to be working with AMCNI -Zone, bringing some compelling stories and investigation to the screen with an exceptional team comprising of criminologists, forensic pathologists, ex-Scotland Yard Homicide detectives and others as we try to shed new light on high profile
modern murder mysteries."  

Cases which will be featured: 

  • Killing of Sophie du Plantier, French film producer, murdered in County Cork outside her holiday home.
  • Murder of Leeds millionaire, John Luper at his home.
  • The case of missing schoolboy Daniel Entwistle, who was aged 7 when he disappeared in May 2003 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
I had never heard of these three cases, but was particularly interested in the case of this missing little boy?

  • Has his case received the same media attention or anywhere close to the attention as that of missing Madeleine McCann?
  • Has there been £m's spent on it?
  • Will MacIntyre do this child justice?  He failed Madeleine!
  • Does his case warrant funds from David Cameron's 'special fund' the one he is using to cover the costs of the Madeleine investigation?  
  • Does the little boys case warrant a 30+ team of detectives to be assigned to it for however many years it may take to discover what became of him?
  • Did it ever?

I found a few articles regarding the little boy.  Always terribly sad when harm comes to a little one.  Sadder still when people fail them.

I note also from one of the articles, this little boy Daniel, disappeared on 3rd May 2003.   The same date, as in day and month, as Madeleine.

Let's hope Donal MacIntyre approaches the case of this missing child, Daniel Entwistle with very much more integrity and honesty than he did that of Madeleine McCann.

Approaches it as an investigative journalist should, by tackling ALL of the information/evidence to hand which gives the viewer a balanced picture of the events.

In the Madeleine case, he didn't come close.  In fact he went all out to bury the truth of matters.

When anyone starts any documentary, written piece, in respect of Madeleine McCann by speaking of a kidnapping/abduction.  No need to hear/read any more.  That opener tells us, all that we need to know...that Madeleine is going to be failed again!   That someone has made a fast buck!
3rd October 2015

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