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Maddie- Pain - Paedophiles

Any form of abuse, cruelty against children is abhorrent - physical or mental.  And arguably physical abuse can lead to psychological damage also, they go hand in hand. Sexual abuse likewise, it is both physical and mental pain.  Children who are victims of sexual abuse, suffer physical pain, that and a whole lot more.  I think at times that this element of such abuse is forgotten.

Unless we ourselves have experienced any type of child abuse, then we cannot truly know the multiple pains suffered by victims.

We absolutely cannot come close to knowing how victims of child abuse have suffered at the hands of their abuser.  We absolutely cannot know their pain, a pain which goes beyond the physical.  We absolutely cannot know the pain they continue to live with.  We can try to imagine, but only that - try.  We cannot ever truly know their suffering.

We also have absolutely no right to decide that one type of abuse is more devastating to a child than another.   Whatever the abuse, the child victim is made to feel pain, to suffer torture in one or more of its many different forms.

ALL of these children are made to feel fear.  They live their lives in fear, in fear of the 'next time.'  

And living in constant fear of someone, something, knowing the pain they will inflict, waiting, knowing what is to come, the terror that fear brings, can be the most painful.

We cannot decide which child suffers most, a child who is sexually abused, a child who is beaten each day, a child who is deliberately starved of food, starved of any kind of love and care.

We just cannot make that judgement.   

Somehow I do not think that abused children, little kids, who are being tortured in whatever way, think to themselves that their suffering is greater or lesser than any other abused child.   A child suffering will only know that they are suffering, will know their own pain and fear, and will not understand why they are being  treated so cruelly.

Fear is what all abused children have in common.   A sickening  fear that crushes them.  And no child should live in fear of any person, of any type of abuse.   No child should live in fear!

So much talk just now about paedophilia in particular.

Let's not pussy foot around this.  Paedophiles are the scum of the earth, as are all who would deliberately harm a child in any way, deliberately cause them physical pain, mental anguish, deliberately make a child feel fear.

A paedophile is a paedophile, there is no such thing as an
inactive one who will
'do no harm to anyone'
as was recently stated in a rather ridiculous piece.

How did these persons then come to the attention of authorities, come to be labeled paedophiles if they are but persons sitting at home, harming no one, not being a threat to anyone?

For that to happen to have come to attention of authorities, they must surely have done 'something?'

Or, did they all come out of their homes put their heads above the parapet, and announce to the world - 'hey we are paedophiles, we are of no harm to anyone (CHILD) so don't you folks out there worry your pretty little heads, long as we stay indoors searching the internet for images, and as long as the opportunity to abuse a child doesn't present itself, then we're doing no harm?'

Nope, I really don't suppose they did.

So for someone to state that there are
passive inactive paedophiles who will do no harm, is but speculation on their part.  Or rather, a load of crap.

Of course some may not physically molest a child, but each and every paedophile
is active in some way.   And ALL of the ways
are harmful to our children!

  • So foolish, so ignorant, to state these people are harmless.
  • So foolish, so ignorant, to state that the internet has not been a gift to paedophiles that it has not further aided their activities. 
  • So foolish, so ignorant to not understand that these so called 'inactives' are communicating with those deemed active, to harm kids.
  • So foolish, so ignorant to not understand that those so called passive inactive paedophiles, sitting at home, collecting indecent images of children, REAL children and catalogueing them, swapping images of REAL children with their 'active' paedophile buddies (male and female) images of REAL children being abused tortured, setting kids up for the picking, grooming, are DOING NO HARM!  So very foolish!

As for defending paedophiles?  

I wouldn't know if those accused of defending paedophiles are then in turn accused of being a paedophile themselves, but I would think that most people would struggle to understand any defence of those who harm, abuse children in any way, would struggle to understand those who sympathise with paedophiles.

I would think that most would struggle to forgive the actions, and harm a paedophile causes a child, the young lives they destroy, the fear, misery and pain they inflict on the most vulnerable in society.

In my book, there is no defence of behaviour where children, vulnerable defenceless children are harmed in any way.  Be that harm caused by a child being beaten, molested, or by a stay at home paedophile with his collection of images of REAL children being tortured and abused, images of REAL CHILDREN.

Time for some out there to get real!

Sadly for our kids, their voices their pain and suffering is still in some quarters, falling on deaf ears. Those children who have suffered in any way at the hands of any type of abuser, their pain is very real, and much ignored.

Still we have persons who are willing to protect those who harm our kids in this way, who make excuses for their attacks on our kids.

It would be impossible I would think to have a paedophile free world, but a step in the right direction to protect our kids would be to ensure that abusers, and those who protect them are punished in an appropriate way, a punishment that fits their crime (and not a silly slap on the wrist) until that happens we continue to fail all children. Those who are victims and those who may become victims.

It was a curious piece I read.  On one hand telling us that we should not fear the stranger paedophile, as most children are abused at home (which may well be the case, children being abused at home) but curious, as it stated as though fact, that paedophiles/child abusers worm their way into the homes of single parents?

What a sweeping statement to make.

I do wonder where the statistics for that came from?   If such stats exist?   

Are there more children abused at home by the fe/male friends/second husband/wives/partners of a lone parent, than there are children in a home with both parents?

I would think not!

It was a curious, and contradictory statement as it concluded that the all too real and cunning predators are working closely with vulnerable children, that they acquire jobs in such fields as child care etc.

Does this not make them the 'stranger paedophile' the paedophile outside the family home?

Now whilst we all know it is true that there are predators who do indeed seek employment which allows them access to children, and we know also that children are abused at home (not only in the homes of lone parents) but are not they all real and cunning predators, is the danger they pose the children in their care, be it at home or outwith, not the same, are they not ALL a real danger, a real threat to our kids?Is the family member who attacks his/her own child at home, not every bit as real and cunning a predator?

Kate and Gerry McCann have both stated they believed their daughter Maddie was 'taken from her bed - by a paedophile'

Surely every parents worst nightmare that their child would be abused by a paedophile, yet Kate McCann is noted to have said that she could forgive whomever harmed Madeleine?

She wrote in her diary at an earlier time, about paedophiles.  And the entries concerning paedophiles do not sound forgiving.  Perhaps she would care to update it?  Does she still keep a diary?  Does her diary now reflect this new forgiveness phase for paedophiles?

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 (2007) 

(After trip to see Pope)  The kids went to bed again around 9 pm!

Fed up again - poor M.

Once again it took a long time before S and  A were sorted.  Finally went to church for 10 minutes.  Private worship (despairing!)

Cried again in bed - I can't avoid it.  I need her close to me.

Thinking about her
fear of pain is breaking my heart.

Thinking about paedophiles makes me want to tear at my own skin.

Of course these people, like psychopaths, aren't "normal" human beings.  I was never in favour of the death penalty, but these people should be kept in a secure place.  I wouldn't even complain if it was in nice surroundings but, certainly in the case of paedophiles always distanced from any type of contact with children.

Whose human rights are more important?  Those of a paedophile or of a vulnerable defenceless child?'

FRIDAY, June 1

Quite fed up...I can't stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain.  How can I go on knowing that her life could have ENDED like this?

Thursday, June 26

I went for a short walk to the shops nearby.  I had heard that there was a paedophile there.  Nice isn't it?

If people informed us about these criminals we'd be more cautious and we'd feel safer!

Thursday, July 12

I hate the person who took my Madeleine.  The same one who has caused all this trouble, who made us feel worthless and mistrustful and mainly who has frightened my beautiful Madeleine.  I will never forgive that person/those people for this. Never!

She wrote in the most explicit of ways, in her book 'Madeleine' of the tortures she imagined Madeleine was suffering at the hands of a paedophile, of how her genitals were being torn apart.

What is both striking and sickening about these statements by Kate McCann is that as a mother who believed her child was in the hands of a paedophile, who spoke in her diary and her book as she did about paedophiles, YET SHE REFUSED to FULLY ASSIST POLICE IN PORTUGAL WHO WERE INVESTIGATING THE DISAPPEARANCE OF HER DAUGHTER.

She condoned too, the actions of all of her buddies who also REFUSED to assist the police in Portugal with their investigations.  

All of them, all of these mums and dads,  including dear daddy Gerry McCann shouted PAEDOPHILE, yet they all seemed perfectly happy, to leave Madeleine with one.   ALL refusing in one way or another to assist police in finding the child, finding the paedophile who they claimed took her from her bed!

Maybe they thought she was in the hands of one of those nice inactive one's one of those nice stay at home paedophiles who wouldn't harm anyone.  

Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, and Clarence Mitchell keep telling us there is no evidence that Madeleine has been harmed.  That'll be just the same as there being no evidence that there are paedophiles who do no harm.

And what did Kate McCann mean when she stated that she was thinking about Madeleine's fear of pain?

What kind of pain was she referring to?   What kind of pain had Madeleine suffered before her disappearance that would have Kate McCann make such a statement?

What could a three year old little girl have suffered where it was acknowledged that she FEARED PAIN, in an any way, out of the ordinary, for a three year old child?

Does any little kid like pain?  The pain of a fall from their bike, or a clash of heads whilst playing with friends perhaps or a grazed knee?
That is a given that a child would not like such pain, the normal pain that healthy happy children experience when growing up, playing around with their little buddies, that they have through little accidents.

If your child was with a paedophile as a parent you would not be thinking about
'her fear of pain'... yes, a parent would be going out of their mind at the thought of their child being abused, being in fear, being in pain, wanting their mummy and daddy to help them, but not THEIR FEAR OF PAIN!  

The only type of pain a three year old would have experienced,  or it should have been, is through normal play.

The pain of being tortured by a paedophile can hardly be compared to the normal pains a child experiences through accidents at play.

So what was the specific pain that Kate McCann spoke of in reference to Madeleine?  If she was thinking about it, she was thinking of specifics!

Kate McCanns diary - written for the public to serve the purpose that was and is their agenda!

How else could any innocent parent who wrote what she did in that diary, about paedophiles, about Madeleine's fear of pain, then not fully assist police with their inquiries?

How could any mother REFUSE to answer more than 40 questions put to her by police then answer only one where she was asked if she understood that by refusing she was hindering the investigation to discover what became of her missing daughter?

was the cold and flippant reply by mommy McCann!

She obviously wasn't fucking thinking of
Madeleine's fear of pain, or of her perfect little genitals being torn apart when she made that astonishing statement, so detached, no empathy, cold uncaring!

Kate McCann asked in her diary:

Whose human rights are more important those of a paedophile or a vulnerable defenceless child?

I think her performance at the police station, her refusal to help her child, her performances on TV in interview, her diary and her book, the many stories which she and Mitchell created, rather answer that question.

Kate McCann, is all about Kate McCann.  Her book is about Kate McCann her diary is about Kate McCann of that there is no doubt:

June 7

I can't bear this.  I can't bear being without Madeleine.  It's like torture - a slow, painful death. I hope her suffering,
IF she is suffering, is much less.

How in hell could the suffering of a three year old child, who the mother claims was taken from her bed by a paedophile, be less than that of the mother who was together with the father, responsible for having left the child alone night after night, in an unlocked holiday apartment, as is their claim, as is their police witness statements?

These people know how this child's life ended.   Of that I have not a doubt in my mind!

Just as I have not a doubt in my mind that there does not exist such a thing as an inactive and harmless paedophile!

And just a thought.  Redwood the Metropolitan Police say they are investigating the abduction of Madeleine.   Would that be the abduction by a paedophile?   Not sure if I have ever heard Redwood state that the Met believe the alleged abductor was either a lone paedophile or part of an organised paedophile ring?

Not sure either what exactly Redwood thinks this burglar who he said may have been disturbed by Madeleine, did to her?

What too do the McCanns believe the Metropolitan Police believe happened - paedophiles, burglars, or parent and buddy involvement?

Wicked webs, wicked webs...

It would be interesting to know too whether this new forgiving Kate McCann still feels the same towards paedophiles as she did in her diary entries, her book etc?  Would it not be at odds somehow if she was forgiving of this alleged paedophile who has harmed/killed her daughter, yet still felt as she did towards paedophiles, paedophilia as she did when she wrote those diary entries?

And Kate McCann herself, her writings a psychiatrist/psychologists dream?

She spoke one time too of taking a lie detector test....don't think there exists a machine that wouldn't explode...once attached!
18th January 2016
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