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Maddie - Not Alive!

Maddie Not Alive

Well that's where DCI Andy Redwood left off before his long summer break from this case.

He was at that time of the opinion that there was every possibility that Madeleine was not alive when she was removed from apartment 5A.   Oddly a revelation which didn't prevent Kate and Gerry McCann popping off to do a charity run, and looking very happy and pleased with themselves too if I may say.  Not even the Metropolitan Police digging 'the dirt' in Portugal perturbed them in any way.

Took Redwood THREE years to come up to speed with that (that Madeleine didn't leave apartment 5A alive) to catch up with the Portuguese Investigation.

But what has happened to now make him think this?

Has he been "listening" to the evidence of the dogs?

He took dogs to Portugal last visit, so clearly he doesn't believe cadaver dogs to be unreliable. Gerry McCann as we know believes them to be INCREDIBLY unreliable.   But doesn't look as though DCI Andy Redwood and his team of detectives are in agreement with McCann.

There are murder detectives in Andy's team.

If Madeleine is not alive as he is now suggesting - WILL he be needing the services of his murder detectives, or does he believe she died of an accident in the apartment, and he just requires the services of his run of the mill detectives those who deal with the removal and concealment of a dead body?

If he's listening to the dogs - and the dogs were responding to cadaver and blood - blood that is, that was cleaned away, blood that the human eye could not see - THEN WHO WAS THE CLEANER?

Who would have time to clean that apartment?

If Andy is going with the burglar 'messing up big time during a 'job' theory, a burglar who killed Madeleine and then carried off her dead body, a theory so far fetched as it is, does he really expect anyone to believe this burglar hung around to clean the apartment too?

He would be asking us to believe that a petty thief entered the McCann apartment, killed Madeleine in a way that caused blood splatter, that he thought 'oops a daisy' better clean that up and then carry this dead child off.  I know... I won't conceal her in any way I'll just wander through the streets carrying her for all to see.'

Can you imagine the panic if a petty thief entered an apartment and encountered a child let alone decided to kill her, clean up the blood and then carry her off?  More likely if he encountered Madeleine he would be out that door quicker than he came in.

Which reminds me - Which door would it be that he gained access?

The unlocked sliding patio door or the front locked door?

Which way did he exit carrying Madeleine?

Out through the patio door, closing it after he exited, opening the child safety gate, closing it after he left.  Opening the bottom stair gate, closing it after he left.

Do petty thieves who want to steal a wallet or a watch, but oops kill a child instead, stop to clear up blood, then carry the child off taking care to open and close every curtain, sliding patio door, child gate and stair gate?

Of course they don't!   They just don't kill kids!

Never before a kid killed by a petty thief and carried off in Portugal. And never since Madeleine vanished has any alleged abductor ever struck!   Ger

Gerry and Kate McCann would have us all believing this guy is lurking around in Praia da Luz just waiting to strike again...sorry there was not first strike!

And we know the bottom stair gate, the child safety gate, the sliding patio door and the curtains WERE ALL CLOSED when Kate McCann arrived!

How do we know that?   Because KATE MCCANN told us so!

In the Tubridy Interview she said exactly that - that if Madeleine had left on her own she would have had to have:

Opened and closed the long curtains
Opened and closed the sliding patio door
Opened and closed the child safety gate
Opened and closed the bottom stair gate that folks is how Kate McCann claims she found the doors gates and curtains on HER CHECK  - ALL CLOSED!

But what about Oldfield I hear you ask - maybe he closed them these curtains, doors and gates AFTER his check?

Well maybe he did - but even if he did that still leaves one big problem 

DCI Redwood claims the alleged abductor struck AFTER Oldfield had been in the apartment and BEFORE Kate arrived!

So if the doors, gates, curtains were closed when Kate arrived we have either an alleged abductor who exited by another route, and the gates doors curtains were closed as Oldfield had left them,  or an alleged abductor who as cool as a cucumber took the time to make sure all was neat and tidy both in the apartment and outside.

Do we really think that happened - Nah!

Do we really think a petty thief killed Madeleine, cleaned up the blood, and coolly walked out the front door with her dead body, the front door where the tapas team were busy busy busy, sticking their ears to metal shutters, listening for children crying, Oldfield and O'Brien out on the doorstep discuss the laundry, popping the sheets in the washer?  - Nah!

Do we really think a petty thief killed Madeleine, cleaned up the blood, then struggled carrying the dead body of the child through the bedroom where two other children lay sleeping, her brother and sister, then opened a window, shutter, climbed on a bed and tried to squeeze out with the not alive Madeleine?   Nah!

Do we think while he was cleaning he thought - 'hey I could open that window as a red herring - that will fool them all?'  Nah!

IF and it is a huge huge huge not believable in any way IF - a petty thief, burglar went in to 5A not a child murderer a petty thief if by some bizarre turn of fate he killed the child do we not think this guy would have shit himself and good and proper?

Someone in the habit of killing kids, all in his stride - a petty thief - a different story!

He wouldn't have headed to the kitchen to search for the Marigold's, Dettol a wash cloth, Mr Sheen, and a polish cloth!  Maybe he slipped on Kate's pink running shoes to scoot the hell out of there but not the Marigold's!

And if he had - DID he take the cleaning materials with him?

So will DCI Redwood explain to us all how this petty thief:

Entered the apartment?
Exited the apartment?
How he killed Madeleine?
How he managed to clean apartment 5A?
At what time he did this?
Where did he head after leaving by either the back or front entrance?
Where he thinks a petty thief would hide body?
Does he think Smithman is the petty thief who killed and carried off a not alive Madeleine?

But what I want to know most of all is DCI Redwood's thoughts on that MORE WIDELY OPEN BEDROOM DOOR!

You know the bedroom door that Gerry McCann said was more widely open at around 9:05 pm?

The same door that magically after Gerry closed it over to a 5 degree angle was open wide again when Matthew Oldfield went into 5A twenty minutes later?

If the petty thief/burglar/child killer/abductor of dead children didn't arrive UNTIL after Oldfield's check - HOW DID THAT DOOR move from a 5 degree angle to a 45 degree position?

Maybe Gerry McCann might be able to help Redwood out with that one!

Or, if Redwood thinks a paedophile entered the apartment - Did he clean up after him, then carried off a dead child - Don't think paedophiles deal in dead kids!
25th August 2014
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