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Maddie A Murder Inquiry?

Maddie a Murder Inquiry?

With the publicity DCI Andy Redwood created and courted regarding the Metropolitan Police Investigation we could be forgiven if we forget at times that the Madeleine case was re-opened in Portugal and that it is the Portuguese who are the lead, NOT Scotland Yard.

We might forget too that the Portuguese before the case was shelved some years back were not treating this case as murder, but rather that Madeleine died of an accident in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, possibly, probably when alone, at a time when her parents were out having fun with their buddies.

Since the case has been re-opened, unlike the Metropolitan Police, the Portuguese have not been leaking information as to how their inquiry is progressing, or what lines of investigation they are following.

DCI Andy Redwood, who retired before Christmas 2014, well he came up with shed loads of stories, most of it shit, as to the Metropolitan Police investigation.

He dabbled for a while, announced he was not looking at the McCanns, their buddies, or anyone related to them as suspects or persons of interest.

He created Crechedad, invented a tale of pink pyjamas, that had most laughing, presented the public with a shabby pair of pyjamas which he said crechedad's kid had worn on the night Madeleine vanished, and which crechedad and his wife had kept all these years.  Yeah right!   He flew in a helicopter, had a few trips to Portugal, had his guys try to dig up some hard soil around 5A, he changed the timeline of events, IGNORING everything IN THE POLICE FILES which tell us that HIS TIMELINE what he did just DOESN'T ADD UP.

One of the obvious points being - Gerry McCann said that the door to the kids bedroom he found open at just after 9pm.   He said he closed it over and left the kids alone once more.

Matthew Oldfield claimed he found it open at around 9.30 pm.

Yet DCI Andy Redwood in his SHINY NEW TIMELINE stated that the alleged intruder never ARRIVED TO INTRUDE ON 5A until JUST BEFORE 10 PM!

So WHO opened the door to the McCann kids bedroom, NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE ON THAT NIGHT?

And why did DCI Redwood NOT address this absolutely crucial area in his new timeline/story?

Load of crap by Gerry McCann, Matthew Oldfield, and DCI Redwood!

DCI Redwood's Crimewatch in October 2013 was farcical.  And nothing more farcical than the E.Fits of Smithman!

Well actually there IS!

We are to believe that Smithman is the MAIN SUSPECT.  Smithman the man seen by the Smith family, the dead ringer (in one of the E.Fits, for Gerry McCann) and who members of the Smith family stated they thought was GERRY McCANN!

Redwood IGNORED THIS FACT ON CRIMEWATCH made no mention of this!

But more importantly, Redwood claimed that Madeleine's disappearance may have been the result of a burglarly gone wrong. He made much of this.

But WHY would a burglar carry off a child at all, and secondly why would a burglar calmly and openly carry a child they had taken, through the streets of town, and not conceal her in any way?

When burglars steal material goods, they don't walk through the streets and openly flaunt what they have taken.

IF Redwood is saying that Madeleine was removed from the apartment by a burglar, and saying ALSO as he has, that the man seen by the Smith family is his prime suspect, then we can assume he was the burglar - WHERE then was this burglar taking Madeleine and WHY?

Burglars don't kidnap kids!

So what reason would a burglar have for not taking any valuables from the apartment, but instead taking a child?

Are we to take it that DCI Redwood was suggesting that the burglary gone wrong, resulted somehow in Madeleine's death?   And this burglar was carrying a DEAD CHILD, A DEAD MADDIE?

It would seem so!

Let us NOT FORGET GERRY McCANNS TALES, of entering the apartment by one door then changing his story to another.

Let us NOT FORGET GERRY McCANNS TALES of open bedroom doors.

Let us NOT FORGET Matthew Oldfield and the tales he told also, of OPEN BEDROOM DOORS.

Let us NOT FORGET THE TALES told by Kate McCann of jemmied shutters, whooshing curtains.

Let us NOT FORGET JANE TANNER the outrageous stories she told of seeing the Maddie being carried off and describing pyjamas which she could not have seen in the dark.

Let us NOT FORGET FIONA PAYNE the lies she told her story contradicting Kate McCanns.

Let us NOT FORGET DAVID PAYNE his incredulous story of his visit to KATE McCann.

Let us NOT FORGET Rachael ' if Maddie need resuscitated there were lots of medics in group to do so'  Oldfield

Let us NOT FORGET Russell O'Brien who LIED about having gone into the McCanns apartment and that of Matthew Oldfield on one of the nights the children were alone, AND WHO was missing from the table on 3rd May 2007 for a considerable time.  

Let us NOT FORGET the story told of how he and OLDFIELD volunteered to carry out Kate McCanns check of her children, something neither had ever before done, a story which they cannot agree on!

Let us NOT FORGET THE MANY LIES TOLD by ALL in this group, their BADLY TOLD STORY as it is referred to.


Most of all 

Let us NOT FORGET MADELEINE what they did to her, and what they continue to do.

This child was treated badly, before she was reported as missing, and nothing has changed.

DCI Andy Redwood expects the public to believe HIS TALES, tales which are as incredulous as those of the McCanns and their buddies.

DCI Nicola Wall I believe is the officer to take over from DCI Redwood.


As their stories stand they SIMPLY DON'T ADD UP, and NEITHER do the stories invented by DCI Redwood!

If DCI Redwood's burglar we are to believe removed Madeleine from Apartment 5A it can only be assumed that he removed a DEAD CHILD!

It can only be assumed also that the Maddie case is NOW A MURDER INQUIRY by the Met.

Will DCI Wall be following DCI Redwood's lead, or challenging his nonsense his ridiculous stories of burglaries gone wrong, and Madeleine being carried off?

After, what is it now, 4 years of the Met Investigation, Redwood had no clear direction of where this investigation was heading it would seem.   No evidence of an abduction by a paedophile or any other.  No evidence of a burglar either.

What he did have was LOADS of files, filled to overflowing with stories told by this group of people, which DO NOT ADD UP.  Packed with lies and inconsistencies.   All which he appears to have IGNORED.

But what of the Portuguese investigation?  The lead investigators, the people the Met MUST consult with ask permission of, before carrying out certain inquiries.

Do they agree with the Met that Maddie was carried off by a burglar either dead or alive? (not likely)

Do they agree that the Smith's saw this burglar?

Are they now thinking MURDER and not an accidental death which was what the evidence gathered in their original investigation led them to believe?

Have the Portuguese managed to now reconcile the lies and inconsistencies in the McCann and their buddies police witness statements, the lies and inconsistencies which troubled them so, and if so, how so?

Have the Portuguese authorities interviewed crechedad?

In cases of missing persons, based on information, evidence gathered, a missing person inquiry can become a murder inquiry and steps up a gear.

Both the Metropolitan Police and the Portuguese Police MUST know what type of inquiry they are each viewing the Madeleine case.

If either force believe Madeleine was taken from the apartment as a result of a burglary gone wrong - then this has to be a MURDER INQUIRY.

DCI Andy Redwood may have thought it sufficed to come up with his tales of burglars, dads carrying kids home, years old pyjamas which just happened to have been stored away, awaiting Redwood's visit 6 years on, and altering timelines without reconciling these changes with the stories told by Gerry McCann, Matthew Oldfield  and his buddies, and that no one would notice but it doesn't.

Someone please TELL ME, how, if this burglar/intruder did NOT arrive until just before 10 PM, did Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield, see and find, on their alleged separate checks of the McCann children, the bedroom door wide open?
15 th March 2015
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