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Maddie Abandoned

Maddie Abandoned

Apartment 5A


Apartment 5a, Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Portugal is where the McCann family stayed during their holiday in 2007.


They had a key for the front door.

To open this door from the outside (whether the door had been locked by use of the key or not) the key was required to open the door.

This front entrance looked onto a car park.

At the other side of the apartment there was a patio door (referred to as either the side door or the back door) there was no key for this door.

The locking mechanism was on the inside (as is the case with most sliding patio doors) If locked from the inside, then it could not be opened from the outside.

There were no door handles on the outside of this patio door.

Just outside the patio door there was a small verandah area.   A narrow flight of steps led down to the street.

There was a child safety gate at the top of the stairs.  There was also a gate at the bottom of the stairs which was not a child safety gate.

The McCanns in daytime when going out for the day would lock the patio door from the inside, and then leave the apartment by the front door.  Locking it to keep safe their belongings!

In the evenings they have stated that they left their three children, all under the age of 4 years, alone in the apartment.

Unlike in daytime when they carefully and meticulously locked up the apartment so as to protect their belongings, the evenings they tell us were quite different.

In the evenings they claim to have put their children to bed and left the apartment by the patio door entrance.  A door which could not be locked from outside!

Their children were therefore not afforded the same consideration as their belongings were during the day.

Their belongings in daytime, all safe in the securely locked apartment - in the evenings – not so!

Why would the McCanns take such care to protect their belongings during daytime hours, but in the evenings not give a toss?

That in itself makes not a jot of sense.

Now add to the mix – the three little people who should have been most precious to them – Why would they leave them alone in an unlocked apartment?

That is the story they have told the world.

The nonsense spouted by Kate and Gerry McCann that it felt safe to do so, is exactly that – nonsense and lies!

If it didn’t feel safe to leave their belongings in an unlocked apartment during the day, and it clearly didn’t else they wouldn’t have bothered to lock up tightly – it sure in hell didn’t feel safe to leave three children alone at night.

Yes they will tell us – ‘but we didn’t think an abductor would come in and steal one of our kids from OUR bed.’

Indeed they may not have considered this.  But take the kids out of the equation for a moment –

If they considered the possibility of their belongings being stolen in daytime hours and did the sensible thing – locked up the apartment - then they must surely have considered the very same possibility in relation to evenings – that their belongings may be stolen?

How could they not?

And this simple fact – added to all else, is what makes their story unbelievable.

In fact, the fact that their story has changed more times than one cares to remember regarding this patio door – means they have been far from truthful in the tale they have told police both in Portugal and the UK, and they have not been truthful with the public, the people who have donated to their Fund in the belief that Madeleine was abducted, in the belief that the McCanns and their buddies had been entirely honest…

Now add to their fairytale – three little children, a little three year old girl, days from her 4th birthday, a little two year old girl, and a little two year old boy – the McCann children.

Now tell me – Did these parents who so carefully locked up that apartment during daytime hours to protect their materials goods – leave it unlocked in the evenings, in a position where their belongings could be stolen, and more importantly a position where their three year old daughter Madeleine could get out of bed and walk out, or where an intruder could gain access?

Rather difficult to believe!

The McCanns and their holiday companions have lied through their teeth regarding the patio door/the checking of the children, one only has to read their police witness statements to see this (‘Just Checking Blogs’ above.)

Kate and Gerry McCann too have claimed their daughter could not open the patio door and get out.

Kate’s best friend and holiday companion Fiona Payne claimed Kate McCann told her, on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, that Kate and Gerry McCann had decided on that night to leave the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could leave the apartment and go look for her mummy and daddy.

Their decision to leave the door unlocked prompted by Madeleine, on the morning of 3rd May 2007 telling her parents that she and her baby brother had cried in their absence the evening before.

From Payne’s statement we take it then that this was the FIRST TIME that the patio door was left unlocked?

Now this poses TWO problems.

Kate and Gerry McCann both say their daughter could not get out of that apartment, that it was impossible for her to open the curtains which draped the patio door, the unlocked patio door, the child safety gate at the top of the stairs, or the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

They said it was impossible for her to have opened them, the curtains, the door the gates and then closed them
behind her.



Gerry McCann stated that they had used the front door to gain access during that week when checking on the children, but at some point during the week, they changed routine, leaving the patio door unlocked to gain access (though he never did clarify on which night the routine changed or explained fully the reason why. He shied from this.)


In the documentary ‘Madeleine Was Here’ McCann when acting out his little tale, he states, in relation to the unlocked patio door:

“And part of the reason we ended up coming through the back is the noise coming through the front door, you don’t want to disturb them…stupid now”


//    5:22 on video.


When we now look at Gerry McCanns first police witness statement – He told Portuguese Police he entered that apartment on his check, by the usual way – the FRONT LOCKED DOOR using his key to open it.  He stated also that his wife Kate McCann on her check of the children did likewise – entered by the FRONT LOCKED DOOR using her key to open it!

  • So, we have Fiona Payne stating McCanns left the patio door unlocked for the first time on the night Madeleine vanished.
  •  Gerry McCann stating, they at some point during that week, he changed from entering the apartment by the front locked door, to entering by an unlocked patio door.
  •  We also have Gerry McCann telling police on that night that he and his wife entered by the front locked door.
  •   And we have Gerry McCann SEVEN days after his daughter was reported as missing changing his story and telling police he entered the apartment by the unlocked patio door.
  • We have Kate McCann saying she entered by the unlocked patio door too.


So according to Gerry McCann –

  • At the beginning of the week his routine was to enter by the front locked door.
  • At some point during the week he changed this to the patio door.
  • On the night Madeleine was reported as missing he told police he used front locked door. (he had reverted to the original routine?)
  • Seven days later he told police he had entered by unlocked patio door.

So which was it Gerry McCann?


Then we have:

  •  The McCanns stating Madeleine could not get out of the apartment for all of the above reasons.
  •   We have Kate’s best friend telling police that Kate told her that she and Gerry McCann had left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out.
  • We have this same best friend stating to police that Kate was anxious about having left the door open, but that Gerry McCann was not.
  • And again best friend Fiona Payne, also telling Leicestershire Police in the UK that basically she knew the McCanns were leaving the patio door unlocked, and had been doing so for a period of some nights before Madeleine was reported as missing, which of course contradicts her earlier statements!
  • She tells police she is shocked to hear that the McCanns had left the door unlocked, and in the same breath she tells them also that she told Kate McCann that leaving the door unlocked would be fine.  Something though she regretted.

If there is one thing that their statements make clear and abundantly so – is that they have all lied!   So many lies, that they have tripped themselves up, time and time again. 

Gerry McCann has never been specific as to which day he ‘changed his routine’ or gave any real reason for doing so.  He deliberately I would say avoided doing so.  Avoided, because he knew he was making false statements! 

According to Fiona Payne in her different versions they did so (left the patio door unlocked/changed routine)

Because Madeleine had cried the evening previous to being reported as missing, so the door was left open so that the child could get out should she wake in her parents absence.


2. Because it was easy for them to enter the apartment by the patio door as it was closer to the tapas restaurant. 

So the safety of the children didn’t matter, the distance the parents had to walk to the apartment did.  Well that is what Payne is telling us.

So, when exactly did Gerry’s routine change?

As the very wise Dr Goncalo Amaral once said, Kate McCanns book ‘Madeleine’ which contains a variety of different accounts of the events of that holiday would become a piece of evidence.

It also has become a source of reference – though sadly for Madeleine, not a source of truth!

Kate McCann ‘Madeleine’ speaking of the night Madeleine was reported as missing (Thursday 3rd May 2007)

“We exited via the patio doors at the back, facing the restaurant and pool area, just as we had done the previous three nights.”

Ah, so now we know.  We have the answer to the question that Gerry McCann so carefully avoided at all costs – ‘When did he start entering the apartment by the patio door entrance?’

According to Kate McCann - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the three previous nights.


So only on the Sunday night did they enter by the front locked door using their key to gain access.

Now if we look at Gerry McCanns first statement to police, he states that he took the usual route and entered the apartment by the front locked door using his key to open it on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  He states his wife Kate McCann did likewise.

But hey, as ever Kate’s book completely contradicts her husband’s version, and everyone else’s!

How extraordinary!

We must remember though that Madame Kate penned her grim fairy tale ‘Madeleine’ a very long time after dear old doting dad Gerry McCann changed his version of checking of his children. 

But as we can see when people try to deceive their lies usually come back to bite them on the ass.  And Kate and Gerry McCann the bunch of holiday buddies, their asses are going to hurt till the day they die they have been bitten so often.

And Russell, dear old dopey Russell O’Brien (Jane Tanner’s partner) who claimed to have checked on the McCann children on the Sunday night, the first night the group attended the tapas for dinner.

Remember, the Sunday evening according to Kate McCann in her book 'Madeleine', and according also to Gerry McCann’s police witness statement the front door to their apartment was locked…


Gerry McCann re the Sunday evening:


They (he and his wife Kate McCann) left the house through the main door (front door) that he was SURE he locked, and the back door (patio) was also CLOSED AND LOCKED.

On that day, ONLY the deponent and his wife entered the apartment. 


So how come Russell O’Brien claimed:

“I recall that Kate and Gerry’s apartment was accessed by the patio door which was left closed and unlocked.  I recall that their front door was accessed from the car-park, access was easily gained to the apartment from the poolside.” 

“And then on Sunday ‘I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s and my recollection is that I needed Matt’s key to check on their room and I had it, but I didn’t need Kate and Gerry’s key because THEY went through the patio door’, erm, WE went through the patio door to cross in and look into the children’s bedroom.” 

"I definitely did NOT go in through Gerry’s and Kate’s main, you know, double locked door or anything, I’m SURE I went through the patio”

(Note also, Matt Oldfield was in his apartment on the Sunday evening he was feeling unwell.  No need for O'Brien to check Oldfield's child.  Oldfield was there, so why would O'Brien have his key?)


And Russell O’Brien’s partner Jane Tanner speaking of his check of the McCann children in interview with Leicestershire Police:


“I think Russ had checked earlier in the week once on Madeleine and Sean and Amelie.  But I DON’T’ WANT to say who checked with him because I don’t, I don’t know that, but.”


(See Just Checking 9 )


Curiouser and curiouser –


  • Kate and Gerry McCann claim the apartment is locked up on the Sunday night, both the back patio door and the front door locked up tightly.

  • They say no one entered their apartment on that night.

  • Russell O’Brien claims he went into the McCann apartment on the Sunday night, and that he entered by the unlocked patio door.

  • In one of his statements above, in reference to the Sunday night he states ‘WE’ went through the patio door…’

Who is ‘we?’

  • And we have Jane Tanner his partner stating – ‘I DON’T WANT TO SAY WHO CHECKED WITH HIM, BECAUSE I DON’T, I DON’T KNOW THAT, BUT.’


Now if Tanner had said she ‘couldn’t say’ who was with Russell O’Brien because she didn’t know, that would make more sense, but to say she didn’t want to say, rather implies she knew who it was but was not for divulging that information.

Yet oddly she freely offered this piece of information to the officer   (4078) questioning her.  He had not asked her if O’Brien had previously checked the McCann children, so therefore had not asked her if anyone was with O’Brien on a previous check.

But if the apartment was all locked up on the Sunday night – how could O’Brien, acting alone, or with this ‘someone’ who Tanner wasn’t prepared to ‘give up his name’ access the apartment?

Oh and we also have Tanner in one of her statements to police saying that she knew the McCann apartment was unlocked at the patio side during that week as she had seen Kate and Gerry McCann going up the patio stairs?

It is truly sad that this little girl Madeleine Beth McCann was treated so horribly by her parents, she and her twin siblings left alone night after night in the holiday apartment, waking at times afraid, crying out for her parents to come to attend to them – and no one came.

When I see the appeals on television for children’s charities, the images of the children afraid abused by their parents, when the voiceover explains the harm these children suffer, and of how no one comes when they are alone and afraid, I think of Madeleine McCann, her brother and sister.

When I read and hear the McCanns their holiday companions, tell, tale after tale, lie after lie regarding the events of the night Madeleine was reported as missing it fills me with disgust.

A child is missing a little girl who should have had a wonderful life ahead of her, and this bunch can see no further than their own lives.

They will say or do anything it would seem to protect themselves.

And one thing is for sure, Andy Redwood and the 30 + team of Metropolitan Police detectives working on this case must know the bunch have been far from truthful, that they have misled the investigation in Portugal and the Leicestershire Police also.

The Metropolitan Police for sure must see what the Portuguese Police did, what everyone who reads the police witness statements by this group can see – a whole lot of stories, none of which add up - A bunch of people telling a bunch of lies.

Oh and Kate was very helpful too, not only in informing us which day ‘Gerry’s’ routine changed but by her comment regarding Madeleine not being able to open the door/gates etc and then ‘close them behind her’ Kate has answered another question, not necessarily truthfully, but has given a response:

Oldfield could never be exact he said as to whether the top or bottom gate was open/closed when he arrived, nor could he be specific as to whether he closed either gate when he left.  (Seems the only door in this tragic story, that any of the bunch could be exact about was the door to the children’s bedroom – funny that!)  Kate McCann by her above statement has confirmed that on her check both gates were closed over – well according to her!

Therefore, Oldfield or the alleged abductor, if he gained access by the patio door entrance either closed each gate after him as he entered, or if he left by the same route (patio door) made sure that he closed over both gates as he did so.

Somehow I don’t see an abductor leaving through the patio door, negotiating those heavy curtains Kate McCann spoke about on Tubridy Show, then sliding open patio door, opening and closing/locking a child gate, carrying a child down the narrow stairs, then opening and closing a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Just too silly for words!

And that window, we know it wasn’t forced open.  Last thing an intruder would do, is open a shutter when he knew (according to the McCanns they said they were being watched) the bunch were listening at shuttered windows.

The guy would have to be an absolute clown to have opened a shutter, drawing attention to himself.

No it most definitely doesn’t look like Madeleine McCann was abducted by any stranger.

Looks to me like this kid had an accident in that apartment, just like the evidence and the police investigation lean towards…

I really cannot think of any reason other than to hide something from the police, as to why the bunch would have not told the whole truth fabricated the stories which they clearly have...

Something bad happened to Madeleine Beth McCann, and I don't believe it was abduction...

Until the bunch come clean or there is some other breakthrough there will be no justice for this child...

Maddie was abandoned not only by her parents during that holiday in Portugal, but abandoned every day since, by the entire group of adults who are known as the 'tapas bunch' her parents included.

Let us hope at least one of them develops a conscience...
15th December 2013

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