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Maddie Disgraced Parents

Madeleine - Disgraced Parents

The disgraced parents of Madeleine McCann, Kate and Gerry McCann are due to fly out to Portugal again this week for the continuation of the libel trial.

The McCanns are the parents now infamous for the neglect of their three young children, young Madeleine their eldest daughter vanishing without trace due to the neglect.

The McCanns left their children, all under 4 years of age at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, alone in an unlocked holiday apartment - on five consecutive nights.   

Their reckless abandonment of the children it would seem according to recent press reports/statements by the Metropolitan Police resulted in Madeleine's death.   The Metropolitan police now it would appear believe that Madeleine met her fate in the holiday apartment.

Such a tragic case, a death of a child which could so easily have been avoided had her parents not acted to selfishly so cruelly towards the little ones.

This week they are hoping to rob, yes rob seems a good word to use, Dr Goncalo Amaral, a former detective who worked on the case of missing Madeleine, of his worldly goods.

In true McCann fashion they hope to be awarded compensation for pain and suffering for themselves and their twin children who they claim have been harmed by Dr Amaral's book.

They also claim when interviewed that their children are just fine and dandy.   So which is it?

Suffering only when it comes to the libel trial.  Certainly looks that way.

They made a claim for Madeleine too but were instructed by the Court to produce evidence that they are allowed to claim on Madeleine's behalf as Madeleine is a Ward of Court in England and Wales.

McCanns claim that the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral affected their private search for their daughter causing the public to stop looking for her.

How they can possibly determine that any member of the public stopped looking for Madeleine, or indeed how they can determine if any of them were looking for her in the first instance is a bit of a mystery.   And how they can determine what went through the minds of those who read Dr Amaral's book more of a mystery.

That the McCanns HID E.Fits of a potential suspect in this case and kept them hidden for a number of years has to be the greatest hindrance to any investigation.

That parents of a missing child would stoop so low is beyond the understanding of any decent person.

We know the McCanns and their buddies failed to fully co-operate with the police investigation, which without question hindered the search for young Madeleine.

At the time this was discovered the public were stunned that they would do this to Madeleine, not help the child who they claimed was in the hands of paedophiles.

Could they sink any lower - Well, NO is what most thought - until the discovery that they had hidden the E.Fits.

That these people dare suggest that others are to blame for the fate of this child, that others are responsible for the child not being found is outrageous.   

And knowing what we now know - that they HID those E.Fits...Truly sickening conduct!

On their last visit to Court they stood outside after being informed proceedings had been postponed and made all sorts of accusations against Dr Amaral which they knew to be untruthful.

As the libel trial resumes, it will come as no surprise to most if we get more of the same type of untruths from these disgraced parents.

It is what the public have come to expect from them.

Ironically they claim for monies for Madeleine - Yet Gerry and Kate McCann stood outside the Court last time and said that there is NO EVIDENCE that Madeleine has been seriously harmed.

If there is no evidence that this child has been harmed in any way - how can they claim that Dr Amaral's book which simply reflects the findings of the Portuguese Police Investigation has harmed Madeleine, any search for her?

They want their cake and eat it too, and they want more than a slice of Dr Amaral's!

Surely the McCanns BURYING the E.Fits of a possible suspect is the ONE act that put the nail in Madeleine's coffin, any chances of the child if alive, being found, buried with the E.Fits.

The following from the recent televised documentary the 'McCanns and the Con Man'

' The report funded by PUBLIC DONATIONS reveals that amongst the most ground breaking leads were these TWO E.Fits of a possible suspect, NOT revealed until FIVE YEARS later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard Investigation, who described the E.Fits as VITALLY SIGNIFICANT.

Shame on the disgraced parents!
6th July 2014
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