Lying in the Sun

Maddie McCann Madness-3

Maddie McCann Madness - 3

Remember the ex British police detective, who went by name of Horrocks, commissioned by the Sun to put together a report on the case of missing Madeleine McCann, and what a load of bollocks it was?

Well now we have the Sunday Express paying another ex detective a Peter Bleksley to do likewise, a jolly in Portugal, nice work if you can get it as they say, a trip to the sun, and Portugal is such a beautiful country, an extremely safe place to take the family.

But Bleksley, oh lordy lordy seems he drove his wife/partner to the point of suicide.

I guess that makes him a suitable candidate to report on the Madeleine McCann case!

But back to children - Whether children are safe, no matter where they holiday with their family, pretty much lies with how responsibly their parents behave in this regard.  

The McCann kids and all of the kids who holidayed with them, sadly drew the short straw when it came to their safety being priority, their parents didn't give a flying fairy what became of the kids while they were out boozing with their buddies.   

The parents can tell us until they are blue in the face - 'we love our children, I know we love them'  but bottom line is, they obviously didn't love them enough for kids safety to take priority over their nights out wining and dining with their buddies.  

This latest by the Sunday Express, James Murray is what we have come to expect by ex detectives making a fast buck at the expense of this missing child, and a press who 'coin it in' with ridiculous stories about Madeleine - arrests being imminent, the Portuguese Police bungling the investigation so on and so forth, and other such like guff.

So this latest today only serves to make one feel terribly sad that for this little girl this is the best they can come up with, using her name to make a buck.

And as for her despicable parents, and their equally despicable buddies and spokesperson Clarence Mitchell how any of them sleep at night is beyond understanding. 

Madeleine, or indeed any child missing deserves so much more than this. These reporters by not asking the questions which need asked, choosing instead to print ridiculous, nonsensical stories, inventing them to suit their agenda, and publishing them as though part of some sort of proper investigation, are to me no better than the parents who failed their children, their actions equally as irresponsible, and in the case of Madeleine, they are no  better than the McCann parents.

Their reports which always fail to even touch on the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies, which never at any point question or address the many inconsistencies - not least Gerry McCanns change of story regarding how he entered that apartment, and the story told by his other half Kate McCann that Madeleine could not slide open the patio door, when her best friend Fiona Payne gave a witness statement to Portuguese Police stating (and confirmed by other members of the McCann party) that Kate McCann, did on the night the child disappeared, inform the group over dinner that she and Gerry McCann had deliberately left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could slide it open, leave the apartment and go and look for them.

Now until some reporter in the UK grows the balls to at least put these questions to the McCanns, until the sofa kings and queens of morning television, the Lorraine Kelly's to name but one, get a grip, stop grinning and giggling looking adoringly when speaking to this couple treating Kate McCann as though she is  Mother Teresa having done good works in this world, and not the neglectful and untruth parent she has been proven to be, and start asking them some very direct questions as to why they have not been truthful then they are no better than the couple McCann.  They too fail this little girl and all other children.

When adults fail kids, and others help cover that up, they are in my book worse than the perpetrators of whatever that abuse may be.

The Kelly's of this world can ask the questions, they may not get a reply, but they sure in hell would get some sort of reaction, and that reaction would speak louder than a thousand words of response.

But they won't - McCanns wouldn't agree to speak with Kelly, unless there is prior agreement that Kelly's questions are as soft as the sofa where they will park their sorry asses.

Kelly will never ask:

  • Why did Gerry change his story?
  • Why did you keep the E.Fits hidden for almost 5 years?
  • Why did you say Madeleine couldn't get out of the apartment when your best buddie Fiona Payne, and the other females in your holiday group told police that you announced at the dinner table that you left the patio door in an unlocked position so that Madeleine could get out and go and look for you?
  • Why did you tell your family back home that the windows had been jemmied open when they had not?
  • Why did you not answer the police questions put to you?
  • Why did David Payne visit you on the evening Madeleine vanished and why do your stories not tally in this regard?
  • Why do none of your stories tally?

Until I read a report or listen to an interview where these questions and many others like them are at least put the McCanns are at least brought to the attention of the public by the press, then their reports their interviews are meaningless.

I have often wondered how the McCanns and their buddies sleep at night, I wonder likewise regarding those interviewing and fawning over this couple who have far from been made accountable!

If they cannot ask the crucial questions - they should at the very least, not entertain the McCanns by pandering to these parents in the way that we have seen many times too often in the past seven years.

And unless these reporter's interviewers are as thick as two short planks - they know what they are doing is so very wrong!
27th April 2014
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