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Maddie McCann Madness- 2

Maddie McCann Madness - 2

Now if I was a cop in the McCann case, who like DCI Redwood, was taking the case back to zero, the first thing I'd want to know is where Kate and Gerry McCann and their buddies were on that night, their movements.

I'd want to know why on that night the routine of all of these people changed, and in particular:

  • Why Matthew Oldfield, who admits he did not know the McCann kids before this holiday, had never seen the two younger children and had only seen Madeleine as a very young baby, and further admitted that he had never at any time checked on the McCann children during that holiday for those very reasons,  supposedly decided on the night Madeleine vanished, that it would be 'a nice thing for him to do' to go check on the McCann kids, not anyone else's kids - just the McCann kids!

  • Why David Payne - the member of the group, who together with Gerry McCann was reported to the Police by a fellow doctor, a female British Doctor, Dr Gaspar as having made inappropriate gestures involving Madeleine on a previous holiday they had all shared together - had on this night, the night Madeleine vanished, visited the McCann apartment, supposedly to check on Kate McCann and her children at a time when Gerry McCann was not around.   Kate McCann speaking with this man at the patio door she said dressed only in a towel as she was just out of the shower, and the guy not remembering how Kate McCann was dressed, their stories not tallying, not in this regard, and not in the length of time they spent together  and not tallying either with regard to whether he actually entered the apartment or stood in the doorway only.   Kate McCann and David Payne's stories don't tie!

But why would he even have need to check on Kate McCann?  He hadn't like Oldfield, been to the apartment ever before, and like Oldfield had never at any time checked on the McCann children?

  • Why did Kate McCann in interview, a televised interview, the Tubridy Show state categorically that Madeleine would not have been able to exit the apartment by the unlocked patio door as she, Madeleine, as a 3 year old would not have managed to slide open a door but would have been unable to pull back the curtain, unable to open the gate at the top of the outside stairway, nor open the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Yet her closest friend Fiona Payne in her police statement informed them, the Portuguese Police, that Kate McCann addressed members of their holiday party at the dinner table on the night Madeleine vanished, informing them that they, Gerry and Kate McCann had on that night decided to leave the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine if she woke in their absence, could exit the apartment through the patio entrance and go look for her parents.

  • Why did Kate and Gerry McCann hide for 5 long years the e.fits of the man, who looked like Gerry McCann, carrying a child of Madeleine's description?

  • Why did Gerry McCann the father of the three children CHANGE HIS STORY, seven days after having given the Portuguese Police his first account of his movements on that night?

Why have they all lied?

Why on this night and this night only, the night Madeleine vanished, did the McCann apartment become the focus of the group?

Or at least, why was the story they told police made to focus on the McCann apartment, the McCann couple, the McCann children?

No one on this night, or any other night checked on each other's kids, and the McCanns not at any time checked on the children of the holiday buddies?

Now you don't need to be an officer of the law to know that something is far wrong with the stories they have told.

But DCI Andy Redwood IS an Officer of the Law tasked with heading the Metropolitan Police investigation regarding missing Madeleine.   So we must ask why the stories by the McCanns and their group have not been addressed?

We must ask why Redwood allowed the reconstruction which he did, which was not a true account, to be aired on Crimewatch?

We must ask why Redwood introduced Crecheman and by doing so, took Tannerman out of the picture.  Crecheman he said was a British father carrying his child home on a cold night without any blanket or warm clothing, a man Redwood said who was coming from the creche,when in fact the location where Jane Tanner claims to have seen him, was far from the creche, and he was not coming from that direction?

We must ask why Andy Redwood gave no explanation on Crimewatch as to why the McCanns withheld the EFits or indeed made no mention that he obtained them from the McCanns or the process followed to have the McCanns hand them over.

We must ask why Andy Redwood appears to be looking at everyone but the McCanns and their holiday party?

It is one thing to say that he is sifting his way through possible suspects, as some have said, so that when he eventually gets to the McCanns no one can say he did not investigate fully - but that really doesn't make sense when we know that Andy Redwood is daily increasing the numbers of persons of interest and at the rate at which he/the Metropolitan police are doing so, the McCanns will have long departed this world as will you, me, and Andy Redwood!

We must ask why he is now looking for numerous persons, not least a pot bellied smelly man who has never before abducted a child?

We must ask why in his latest 'outing' he declared that Madeleine may not have been alive when she 'left' apartment 5A?

Despite what others think - that this means he is "accusing the McCanns" I rather think not!

Based on his performance thus far I would say he is paving the way for the McCanns - a 'get out of jail' card, or stay out of jail card should that be?   

They all know what became of this child, I believe that to be so, but it has reached a time, after 3 years with the Met being unable to pin the child's disappearance on anyone (perhaps due to the unexpected re-opening of the case by the Portuguese, putting a spoke in Redwood's wheels) where it cannot run on and on indefinitely, and the McCanns for all the 'front' they display must want more than anything that this will all now go away!

Of course there is their Fund - a fund which I suspect is not doing so well in fact it may be that it does not have a healthy balance, and certainly not a balance which will see them long into the future.   Their wealthy backers will not carry on with the farce indefinitely either.  Their twin children fast reaching an age when they will completely understand and be able to scour the internet without their parents permission, and a libel trial which they know also that they had lost - from the moment their first buddy - took to the witness box and lied - the case was toast!

Added to which, Madeleine remains a Ward of Court they cannot legally make decisions on her behalf without the permission of Lady Justice Hogg, and this nonsense that they will not have Madeleine declared as dead I don't believe is because they still hope to find her - never in McCann world is anything as it appears on the surface - if they are not doing this - it is most likely because they either don't have the power to do so, or for some other reason it does not suit the duo.

Redwood's approach does not make sense either - if he had taken this case back to zero, he would have had to discover why the McCanns and their buddies had lied.

And no matter how we look at this, when the McCanns and their buddies lied to the Portuguese Police about their movements of that night, about the accounts they have given, they hindered an official police investigation into the disappearance of their daughter.

Andy Redwood know this!

So why are they being protected in this regard?

Even if these people are not responsible for having Madeleine removed from the holiday apartment, there is no doubt they were not truthful with Portuguese Police, and no question that they neglected these children on a nightly basis.

Andy Redwood cannot possibly carry out an honest investigation, with the integrity the UK taxpayer expects, more so when they are footing the bill, he cannot possibly expect to find justice for Madeleine when he does not firstly go back to zero with the McCanns and their buddies. When he does not discover why they lied, and give explanation as to why they did.

For three years this guy has been serving up a crock of crap to the world about this case, his 'revelation moment' in his head and his head only, this conduct, his actions, to the UK taxpayer insulting, despicable.  For Madeleine the missing child unforgivable.

I guess he has his orders, and they are not to find what became of Madeleine rather to bury it!

Whatever it is the McCanns and their buddies are hiding not at any cost must it be discovered, and not at any cost can it be risked, that any of them take to the witness box in any trial, as the accused party on any charge, or otherwise.

Even if it transpires (though it takes some stretch of the imagination) that Madeleine was abducted -
it does not explain the reasons why the McCanns and their buddies hindered a police investigation by lying?

There is no reason that could ever justify this!

As to Andy Redwood, why he has behaved as he has, would take another investigation to solve that one!

Seven years gone and not her parents, not their holiday buddies and not the Metropolitan Police are stepping up to the mark.
27th April 2014
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