Lying in the Sun

Maddie McCann Madness- 4

Maddie McCann Madness - 4

Can there ever be truth and justice for young Madeleine?

Only if the parents and their buddies come clean, clear up the outstanding matters regarding the inconsistencies and indeed in some areas, the lies which exist in the stories and statements they have made.

Unless Madeleine's daddy Gerry McCann tells the world how it is possible for him to have told the Portuguese Police one tale when first questioned by them and SEVEN days later gave them an entirely different version of his movements on the night Madeleine vanished, and until such times as Kate McCann, Fiona Payne, and the other female members of their party, come clean as to which of them is telling the truth (if any) regarding that patio door, then there is little hope that Redwood or anyone else can solve this case.

A case where the main persons involved, in this instance the parents and their buddies, where the father of the child Gerry McCann had to change his story to cover his ass, and when the mother of the child Kate McCann, and her female buddies are contradicting each other regarding that unlocked patio door...or rather all of the other females in the party disagree with Kate McCanns version of events - that tells us something is seriously wrong with their accounts.

The Portuguese Police knew and know this and requested them to return to take part in a re-enactment of their movements to clarify matters - and guess what NONE of them wanted to go back!

Speaks volumes!

When on this 7th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance you hear them speak of whatever they have planned for this year - remember these people have been less than truthful with Portuguese Police, and to this day had given no explanation as to why daddy Gerry could possibly have forgotten which door he entered that apartment.

It's impossible that he would have forgotten.

Think about it - this guy has left his kids alone in a holiday apartment, he said he went to check on them.  When he went into the apartment he said he noticed the door of the children's bedroom was more open than he had left it.

He remembers that absolutely - no doubt in his mind - he remembers it clear as day.  He remembers that he looked into the room and saw that his three beautiful children were lying asleep as he had left them.

He remembered on that night also that he had entered by the front locked door, and that he had used his key to open it as he had done on previous nights.

Yet seven days later after having told the police this and discovering that this version really didn't help their situation - HE CHANGED IT!

That McCann forgot - baloney!

When witnesses and suspects in a police investigation start changing their stories to cover their asses - not good!

When the mother and the father of the missing child - change their stories - to cover their asses...
27th April 2014

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