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Maddie McCann Madness 1

Maddie McCann Madness - 1

Well it’s that time of year again when the UK press, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns spokesperson, and for the past three years, the Metropolitan Police also, get to make up stories re this missing little girl.

And the McCanns, well they get to play the innocent victims, the parents who as Gerry McCann said:

 “We played no part in the disappearance of our lovely daughter Madeleine.”


Seven years since the neglectful parents Gerry and Kate McCann , left their three children (according to the statements they gave the Portuguese Police) alone in a dark unlocked holiday apartment while they went out with their holiday companions.  Every night they left the children alone, and should they wake they were to fend for themselves.

The children being Madeleine McCann, days from her 4th birthday, Sean McCann, 2 years old and Amelie McCann 2 years old.

The McCanns have said in many interviews that on the morning of 3rd May 2007 Madeleine asked them why they had not come to attend to her and her little brother Sean when they had both cried the evening before.

We must take from this that Amelie did not wake, that the sound of her brother and sister crying did not wake her.   All three children we are told slept in the one room.    McCanns also said that Madeleine would alert them to the crying of Sean and Amelie and did so on this holiday, more than once - that is when she was able to find them at home.

The poor child.  How was this little girl, not quite 4 years of age ever expected to cope with, and to comfort her baby brother sister when they became distressed in the absence of their parents?  Little twin tots, in high sided travel cots, little Madeleine would have been unable to do anything for them - other than alert her parents - but they just were not around!

The McCanns did not answer their children’s cries the night before Madeleine vanished, as they were not ‘at home’ they were out having a blast with their boozing buddies, while their three babies were alone, afraid and crying.

That is what the McCanns have told the world.  Not a myth, not a story created by terrible people on the internet, but the story told by the McCanns themselves, that they went out and left their children alone and that their little girl Madeleine, told them of how she and her baby brother had cried, had needed their parents.

And these are two doctors?

Is that what happened the following night, the night Madeleine vanished, that she got out of bed to once AGAIN go look for her parents to alert them to her siblings crying, or her own upset, and she had a fatal accident?

It is more than possible!

It is what the Portuguese Police Investigation believed.   The Portuguese never at any time suggested that the McCanns murdered their daughter as many seem to think - Madeleine having an accident in the apartment is where the investigation pointed...

This child had a history when at home in UK of waking in the night and going to her parents room.   She did so on this holiday, Kate and Gerry McCann have stated this in televised interviews.

So why do they insist this could not be the case on the night Madeleine vanished when, if we take into account, their own words, their own story, that Madeleine woke on more than one occasion during her time in Portugal to go look for her mummy and daddy to alert them to the little ones crying?

Now even the worst of parents having left their children alone night after night, on hearing their child tell them of her upset and that of her baby brother too, would be utterly ashamed of themselves, their conduct, their neglect and abandonment of three such young and vulnerable children.   And NEVER IN A MONTH OF SUNDAYS WOULD ANY PARENT WITH A MODICUM OF COMMON SENSE, WHO  LOVED THEIR CHILDREN IN THE SMALLEST OF WAYS,  GO OUT AGAIN THAT VERY NIGHT, BACK OUT BOOZING,LEAVING THEIR CHILDREN ALONE , WITHOUT A THOUGHT OR CARE FOR THEIR SAFETY–IN FACT, DECIDING ON THAT NIGHT TO LEAVE THE PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED ALSO?   GERRY AND KATE MCCANN DID - SO THEY SAY!  

In the Oscar Pistorius case, there were at the beginning of his trial, millions around the world who did not believe his tall tale of an intruder coming in through the bathroom window, and after very thorough and skillful cross examination by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel  there can be few left in any doubt that Oscar Pistorius has lied to the Court.

After seven years of the McCanns and their spokesperson Mitchell spinning and shaping tales for the press to protect them (at a huge cost reportedly £70,0000 per annum, to the Find Madeleine Fund) to portray them as innocent victims when there is so much left unanswered, when their story, like that of Oscar Pistorius, does not add up, in fact not in any way, there can be few left in the world who believe their tale, few left who have not been able to identify the lies.

One difference that I can see between the Pistorius and the McCann case – one party has escaped thus far a Court of Law where their story would be tested.

If the McCann have 'tuned in' to the Pistorius trial, they and their legal teamS must now, more than ever know that to face a skillful Prosecutor questioning their account of the events of the night Madeleine vanished, and the mountains of bullshit they have spouted since, that they would be ripped apart, that their story would not stand up to scrutiny that whatever it is they have been hiding these past seven years would be discovered.

And it is not a question of IF they are hiding something, they ARE - that much is clear to even the most dim among us! 

The missing piece of the puzzle in this case is not who removed Madeleine from apartment 5A - but how have the McCanns got away with what they have?

Much of what we hear and see about missing Madeleine has not a jot to do with finding this child and the perpetrators of the crimes committed against her, it is about the protection of the parents, ensuring that they never have to answer for the part which we know they did play in the child's disappearance - the appalling, willful, and conscious neglect of their three children without question being the part they played, and it may be that this is only a part of the part they played.

While we have wonder boy DCI Redwood on the job with his band of Merry Metropolitan Police Detectives not prepared to challenge, or so it seems, the story told by the McCanns, and their boozing buddies - there will be no justice for Madeleine.

While the remit and the money thrown at this case, is to keep the McCanns out of  Court at all costs, on any charge in connection with this child's disappearance, there will be no justice for Madeleine McCann.

While DCI Redwood, continues to increase his list of 'persons of interest' which now must be longer than not only his arm but the arms of his 30+ strong team of detectives, increasingly the Metropolitan Police are being perceived by the public, if not to be corrupt, but to be fools!   Rumour has it too that they now have a mathematician on their team, as Redwood is struggling in the numbers department, all too much for him it seems, all that addition and subtraction 3 burglars + 2 dead men + numerous paedophiles, 3 blonde haired Germans, a smelly man, a black man, 140 leads, reduced to 38, then increased again, hundreds of thousands of mobile phones and thousands more calls to track, loads of white British kids being attacked, loads of dopey dolts of British parents who didn't bother reporting it...I can see how he has a headache with numbers...and how his credibility has fast gone down the pan!

Strange though that the tapas 9 aren't included in the equation!

I'm sure all of these Met officers are not, dolts that is, at least not all of a 30+ team can be idiots, all wanting to cover up or whitewash this child's disappearance, so it makes one wonder what these 30 + detectives make of the utter garbage spouted by not only DCI Andy Redwood, but other high ranking Metropolitan Police officers when they state publicly that they 'KNOW' who the perpetrators are, yet do nothing about it (and more conspicuous when the parents don't say - 'well who are they then?') and when these parents don't make threats against the Metropolitan Police as they did the now retired Portuguese Officer when no arrests are made, that they don't kick up a stink, that rings alarm bells.  That DCI Redwood appeared on a production of Crimewatch spouting a story more incredulous than that of the McCanns themselves, and when DCI Redwood appeared on this programme which broadcast a reconstruction of the events of the night Madeleine vanished, one which could not have been further from the truth, that is, further from the accounts in the police witness statements given by the McCanns and their buddies.

Now what kind of police officer in charge of any type of investigation into the disappearance of a child, would go along with that?

What kind of police officer if he was taking the investigation back to zero as  DCI Redwood has stated - would not have firstly sorted out the McCann story, the story told by this couple and their buddies - and there is a mountain of shit for him to plough through - not least -



From all that DCI Redwood has said thus far he seems to have missed this, and much more when taking his so called investigation back to zero.

Now whether the McCanns are directly responsible for Madeleine having been removed from apartment 5A and there are lots of reasons to believe that they are, one thing for sure is that they have lied about the events of the night the child vanished, and when one lies, it is to cover up something!

Until DCI Andy Redwood, discovers what that is (he may already know but if not his remit...) what the McCanns and their buddies are hiding, and make no mistake they are hiding something, then Redwood is barking at the wrong burglars!  Time he listened to the the alerts by the police dogs Eddie and Keela!

Allowing the Crimewatch production to be aired in the knowledge that the reconstruction was not a truthful account, as in, it was not based on the police witness statements given by the McCann party, and knowing what he absolutely must about Gerry and Kate McCanns changing versions of their story - what kind of cop does that make Redwood?

  • A corrupt one?
  • One who is lulling McCanns into false sense of security?

This absolute nonsense by the McCanns that they felt it was safe to leave the kids – is a story they invented – No two parents, doctors would think it safe to leave three kids of that age unattended night after night and certainly not in an unlocked holiday apartment.

But that is what we are being asked to believe.  

For Madeleine her twin two year old siblings the biggest more serious threat to their safety their lives came not from the outside, but from the enemy within - their parents!

And unless you are as thick as two short planks – everyone knows that the McCann story stinks!

Like in the Pistorius case the vast majority in the world has woken up to the McCanns – when people lie, it is to hide something and the lies and inconsistencies in the McCann case make Pistorius look like a novice in that department.

But how have they been allowed to still get away with all that they have? Is it who the group knew as a whole that assisted their story, connections they had?  A bit of luck also?  And being heavily assisted financially?

One has to look in particular at Clarence Mitchell giving up the position he held to become the McCann spokesperson?

Pistorius has had the monies, a wealthy family to fund a defence but even he has had to sell his home, and other worldly goods.

The McCanns- they have not had to sell anything – the have used the monies donated by public for their “defence”  their protection.

Pistorius was wealthy before his crimes against Miss Reeva Steenkamp he will never be without for sure, but his bank account a little lighter.

The McCanns they had not a penny to their name by all accounts when young Madeleine vanished and as we know they used the Fund monies to pay for their mortgage, until that little loop hole was filled in…

The Fund for Madeleine though is set up in such a way that it could run for generations if her body is not found.

Whoever set up this Fund, they were not simply thinking of the welfare of a missing child, in finding her.   The Objects tell us that.

Why would that be?

Funny old world when crime can pay!
27th April 2014

And just as a reminder the following a couple of views of the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared.

At NO 4 - is the back/side/patio entrance to McCann apartment.  The bedroom where the McCann children slept was at the front side of the property, which is the side Gerry McCann said he entered the apartment by on not only that night but on previous nights, then changing his version.

To reach the front entrance McCann would have had to walk beyond where the patio entrance is marked at No 4 to the top of the road, take a left and cross through a car park.

We can see from this, that where the McCanns were dining (No 1) was quite some distance away, and not 'like dining in their back garden' as McCann and his buddies have stated.

The children's bedroom was out of their view and their children's cries they were not able to hear from such a distance.

How is it possible for McCann to have forgotten the routine he had followed all week he first claimed - entering by the front door entrance -
and changing this to entering by that side patio entrance?

To enter by patio side he had but to walk to the gate on street level, open this, climb a flight of stairs, open the gate at the top of the stairs, then proceed to this UNLOCKED patio door, enter the apartment, cross the living area to the children's bedroom.

If he entered by the front door as he first claimed, and was his usual routine for that week which he also claimed, it is the first version too which he gave Portuguese Police he would have had to walk past the little side gate, continue to the top of the road, take a left turn until he reached the entrance to the car park,cross the car park then walk down a little walk way just outside the bedroom window where his children slept, next would come the front door, which he would have to unlock with his key, enter the apartment and the door to the children's bedroom would not be in his view at this stage until he went more fully inside.

How could this guy McCann have forgotten?

He didn't!   He lied!

Polícia Judiciária (PJ), the Portuguese criminal investigation police, aerial view pool apt complex Praia Da Luz madeleine McCann abducted 3 may 2007 930 pm to algarve village

In the following - Block 5 Indicates the location of McCann apartment, the arrow pointing to side/back/patio entrance.  The road which runs along at the front side of the apartment can be seen in this picture.

No, this guy Gerry McCann  did not forget which door he entered the apartment, not on the night Madeleine vanished, not on any night.    Just not possible!

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