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Maddie McCanns Cries

Maddie McCanns Cries

Portugal, Praia da Luz, Tuesday 1st May 2007.

The three McCann kids are alone in the holiday apartment.

Kate McCann stated in her book 'Madeleine' that on the nights of 

Monday 30th April 2007
Tuesday 1st May 2007
Wednesday 2nd May 2007
Thursday 3rd May 2007

...that she and Gerry McCann walked out and left their kids alone, they CHOSE also to leave the sliding patio door of the apartment in a position where anyone on outside or inside could slip it open.

An astonishing CONFESSION by Kate McCann that as parents of such young and vulnerable children they would act so cruelly towards these kids placing them in such OBVIOUS danger!

They tell us they NEVER thought an abductor would go in!

Who DID they think would go in - as for the life of me I cannot fathom why THAT door had to lie, in essence OPEN TO THE WORLD, OPEN ACCESS TO THEIR THREE KIDS?  (That of course is IF that is truly what they did.  They have CLAIMED that it is that it is their truth their testimony)

But back to the TUESDAY night.

An elderly resident a permanent resident who lived above the apartment the McCanns had rented gave police a witness statement -

She had heard on that night, a child cry for a very LENGTHY period, over an HOUR, crying out for her daddy.  She said it was not a baby, a toddler, but a child a little older - MADELEINE!

There were no other children (that we know of) in the McCann apartment EXCEPT McCann kids.

How could they treat their kids in this way?

We could ponder that perhaps Kate McCann or Gerry McCann was in the apartment during the time the child was crying distressed?

As she was crying out for her daddy, I think safe to rule Gerry McCann out as being around to attend to his distressed child.

Was Kate McCann in the apartment?   Possible!

But if she was WHY did she not make a statement to this effect to the Portuguese Police?

She DID however make a police statement that TWO of her THREE kids were crying on the WEDNESDAY night!

These poor kids - Bedtime in Portugal was for them truly a frightening situation, knowing they were being put to bed that their parents would then go out for the evening and they would be left alone.


  • Tuesday the kids cried alone in the dark scary apartment
  • Wednesday the kids cried alone in the dark scary apartment
  • Thursday Madeleine was removed from the apartment.  
Did she cry then too?

McCanns on the Thursday morning were made aware by Madeleine that she and her brother had cried on the Wednesday evening.

And they still walked out and left them that night!

What kind of people are the McCanns?

TIME the Police, Andy Redwood, sat this lot down and thrashed out their stories, all this DID THEY/DIDN'T THEY lock doors windows, check, not check, listen, not listen, for kids crying...

This case what happened to Madeleine and at what time can only be established WHEN THE TRUTH of the checks by these people is discovered?

SEVEN years is long enough for this farce to have gone on!

Redwood and his team know this!
25th August 2014

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