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Maddie Search Resumed

Maddie – Search Resumed?


Much talk as to why the libel case in Portugal was halted on Day 2.  


The Judge we are told did not return for the afternoon session – a personal matter to attend to, some sort of emergency situation.


It happens!


Martin Brunt Sky News who had reported on the first day of this libel trial appeared not to be in Lisbon for the hearing on the second day.


That doesn’t happen!


So where was Martin Brunt?  


There is video footage of him on the Thursday, the 12th September 2013 taking notes, as Kate McCann and Ma Hubbard leave the Court and head for their waiting car.    Edgar, the McCanns ex private detective (dodgy dick as he is affectionately known) lurking around in the background in various shots.


Were the notes used to put together a report for Sky News or did Martin disappear before he had the opportunity to do so?


We must establish a timeline!  Nephew coming round later, get him to bring a colour book... 


I’m only guessing here but perhaps Brunt after having interviewed Isabel Duarte the McCann lawyer, at the Palace of Justice on the first day of the trial, before she headed in to Court, and at which time she told him that she thought Dr Goncalo Amaral had hidden away (his hard and legally earned cash) the profits from the sale of his book, which she said, they had not as yet found (see Stand and Deliver)  – that Brunt, ever the gentleman, felt sorry for Duarte and he took the day off to resume the search for Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money – to help her/her clients (?) find it!


Perhaps Brunt thought such a gesture would mean a lot to the McCann couple?


Perhaps he was thinking of the brownie points he could earn – if he was to be the one to find Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money, in a clearly, thus far fruitless search by Madame Duarte/McCanns – the kudos then due him by Team McCann, too great a temptation – to not phone in a ‘sickie’ on Friday, the second day of the libel trial?


Just hope he does not get any ideas about setting up a Fund to finance his private search!


But if he should succeed where Duarte has failed, if he whips Duarte’s ass in the search and is first past the finishing post in finding Dr Goncalo Amaral’s money - I can see the breaking news -  round and round the ticker will go – ‘Bad Ass Brunt Beats Duarte to her Booty!’


Studio: Martin old boy- at your booty-ful best eh?  

Martin – Bit booty never hurt anyone, and if it helps Bizzy Izzy as she has her hands full at the moment with this libel trial –


Studio –  You too, Martin, you too, ya old dog... But why are Izzy's hands full?  Your tweets were thin on ground we didn’t know what was happening... explain?


Martin :  I know, I know, sorry mate!


Studio: Cool mate. Good to see you back in saddle!  But what’s the story about the search for the Big Man’s Money? Always a story in Maddie case eh?


Martin:  Two days in man, and Izzy’s witnesses hadn’t come up with the goods – no evidence to support the action.  Seems there is a search party out for a nurse, in Canada…


Studio:  Not another bloody search Martin?


Martin:  ‘fraid so mate, ‘fraid so...

What about this adjournment?

 Ma Hubbard again...She doesn't know who Oprah is...Now come on... pull the other one, got bells on ha ha  ...So the Judge adjourned so that Ma could go google 'Winfrey!'

Studio: This a wind up Brunty old boy.  She hadn't heard of Oprah Queen of Chat...Tell me she knows Harpo ...?

Martin: Wish it was, wish it was - Judge told the whole gang if they had no evidence to 'Go Google!'    Good mannered Judge, could have said 'Go Google ya Fucking Tossers'...but judge had class.  Can't beat bit class...

Studio: You told wife yet you’ll be reporting from across pond?  Canada's beautiful in the fall, best time year..!

Martin: Not yet – went AWOL once already this week need to let her down gently – maybe on Sky Breaking News Ticker… or something ha ha?

Studio:  What a guy, what a guy…But what about the Big Man’s Money Martin… the search has been resumed?  How did you get involved in searching?

Martin: Well like I said- Izzy she’s been let down by Ma Hubbard, Trickey, Dodgy Dick and the gang… and Iz she hadn’t found the cash yet…and Ma Healy was in town...didn't want to face her tell her there'd been another disaster...and me and Iz,  well we’ve got close like…


Studio: We seem to have lost the link to Lisbon… that was Martin Brunt…this is me saying  goodnight!




Mr Brunt, I take my hat off to you.  What a scoop – Isabel Duarte, the McCann lawyer, in the libel action they raised against Dr Goncalo Amaral stating that she/they believed he had hidden away his earnings, the profit made from the sale of his book!


Scoop of the century – or at least the scoop of the Maddie case – it has to be!

Footage you can show your grandchildren!  Run and re-run it!


martinbrunt ‏@skymartinbrunt12 Sep


#madeleine McCann lawyer Isabel Duarte tells Sky News she believes ex-cop Goncalo Amaral is hiding the profits from his book.




You will be much in demand sir!

But I think I may be able to assist you here.  Libel lawyers and the like...

You once said this of Dr Goncalo Amaral:



Martin Brunt : My New Best Friend


December 2011


“Spare a thought for my new best friend Goncalo Amaral.


I’m beginning to think the former detective in the Madeleine case has a point when he complains about the British media attacking him.


My Beeb colleague accused him of saying ‘Fuck the McCanns, in an alleged off-guard moment when we all followed him out of court the other day.


What he actually said was ‘Fala com McCanns’ which means ‘Ask the McCanns.’ 


The rest of us, through our interpreters, understood perfectly what he was saying.


I think he needs a good libel lawyer.


Isabel Duarte may be free when she has finished pursuing him over this book on the Madeleine case.”




I think times have changed Martin…the tide may have turned in some respects…others may be seeking the services of a libel lawyer… but the British media attacking Dr Goncalo Amaral - no change there!

Spare a thought Martin for your Old Best Friend..?
16th September 2013


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