Lying in the Sun

Maddie Stolen for 5 Euro

Maddie Stolen for 5 Euros…?


              Sold for £m's  more…


                                                   by the UK Press, and all who have participated in the lies and cover up of the disappearance of this child…all of those who have made money from the tragic loss of little Madeleine McCann - from dodgy detectives, to lawyers, to a Fund created supposedly for some sort of search for the child, a search itself perhaps more mysterious than the disappearance of the child.  A Fund which its administrators claim, every penny is spent on the search for Madeleine, which quite clearly and obviously is not the case.


Press agencies too have been hired, and not forgetting Clarence ‘Ludicrous’ Mitchell who has made a small fortune from this child, in the role he has played as the McCann spokesperson – the man chosen to protect them, the man who would invent and shape stories, the man who has lied for them a man who has stated, that it was he who decided what stories the press put would publish in this regard, like the ones we see now – ‘Maddie Stolen for 5 Euros’ –  the man Gerry McCann describes as their ‘extremely good friend, who has done a superb job of shielding them.’


The McCann Fund (for Madeleine) has dwindled over the years, but still they ensure that there are funds available so that they are able to employ several high profile lawyers to defend them, this  at huge cost to Madeleine Fund.  Six years now passed since the child was reported as missing and still they keep these lawyers on their payroll.   Still they keep, Clarence Mitchell, and a press agency.


One has to ask why this is necessary?


Are they paying anyone to look for Madeleine, a search? – Nope!


They say they halted their search when the Metropolitan police took over 2 years 6 months ago.


The ‘search’ has always been a grey area, no one quite knowing what it involved.  The monies in the Fund spent in the main on lawyers, and of course Clarence Mitchell.


McCanns have always claimed that every penny of the Fund monies was spent on a search for Madeleine, not only can one see from the reported and published accounts that this is not the case at all, but one must question why, if they are still accepting donations, what they are being used for if there is no current search.   Has the Fund still been accepting monies from public, during the past 2 years 6 months – a period when there has been no Search by the McCanns?


If so, are they saving them for a time when what?  When it is established that Madeleine is no longer alive?


The McCanns have stated that the terms of the Fund are, that not until what has become of Madeleine, that she/her remains are found/and the perpetrators of crimes against her are brought to justice will they then, give any monies left in the ‘pot’ to help other cases of missing persons, both in the UK and Portugal – how touching – they include Portugal!


Which brings us to the poor deceased chap, who there is not one shred of evidence of his involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann -  who is being not only referred to as a suspect, but has been named in UK press as being the person who removed Madeleine McCann from the holiday apartment.


It does not come as any surprise that the person ‘chosen’ for this role would, like Madeleine, have no voice, that he would have already breathed his last breath.


A living, walking, talking suspect is the last thing the Metropolitan Police need or want,  a living, walking, talking suspect is the last thing the McCanns need or want, and for two very obvious reasons.


Someone who cannot speak is the ideal ‘culprit’ to put them in the “clear” and to possibly aid their disastrous libel case, which will resume in Lisbon on 5th November 2013.


But a petty thief – does not abduct children for revenge against an employer from whom he took this money, this 5 euoros.  It is a nonsense, and they do not abduct a child, as the UK press are suggesting, to discredit security around the properties belonging to their ex employer.


The security of the McCann holiday apartment, the safety of their children was the responsibility of the McCanns!


It is the McCanns who failed to lock the patio door.

It is the McCanns who failed to check all windows and shutters were locked down.

It is the McCanns who decided to leave their three children alone, unprotected, against not only any would be intruder, but the more obvious dangers than any parent with a modicum of common sense, care and thought for their children would take.

Just read their witness statements.   Not only, on the matters pertaining to that night regarding doors, windows, shutters are they vague, do they tell ever changing stories, read what they have to say about the security of the apartment in general – how neither of them they say knew at any given time throughout that week if any of the windows, shutters, in any room in that apartment were locked or not.


That I find incredulous.   With three such young children, the first thing any responsible parent does when staying in unfamiliar environment is to be sure to check windows doors, so that your child cannot get outside on their own, that if they climb on a chair a bed, a sofa, placed close to a window, they are not able to open it, an accident ensuing.


Not only are the McCanns expecting us to believe their actions on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, but we are to believe that every other day and night, they acted irresponsibly towards these children.


Some say the “neglect” issue is not part of this case.   But it is at the core of this case. 


The extent of the neglect has to be established to know how any would be intruder could have accessed this apartment and removed a child.


It has to be established which doors, windows and shutters were open/unlocked, and at what times who in their group entered that apartment and at what times.


In other words – a reconstruction of events!


To-date this has not been done.

Still no one knows why Gerry McCann changed his story regarding which door he entered the apartment?


Still no one knows why the entire McCann party have lied to police?


If they are completely innocent – there would have been no need for the lies, for the lying spokesperson Mitchell to be employed, and still employed six years on at a cost of £70,000 per year when working full time!


The McCanns were and are more than keen to accept, only for the purposes of the ‘alleged abduction story’ that they neglected their children.  They are more than up for that, as it allows for…well… the alleged abduction…to have taken place, lots of open windows, doors, unlocked of course!  


From a legal stance, whereby they could be prosecuted for neglect/child abandonment, they prefer to go with the – ‘we acted within the bounds of responsible parenting.’  


Looks like they want their cake and eat it too…


It is said that under Portuguese Law ‘intent’ has to be established when deciding ‘neglect/child abandonment.’


The McCanns on many occasions when giving interviews – and in fact in the recent Crime Watch programme – related the story of how, on the morning of 3rd May 2007 Madeleine, at breakfast time informed them that she and her baby brother Sean had been crying the previous night when their parents were out wining and dining with their holiday companions.  The child asked them why they did not come to attend to them.


The McCanns therefore knew that their children had been awake and crying distressed, little children, hoping that their mummy or daddy would come to them.


What did the McCann couple do?


They walked out on those children, children whom they knew would be harmed if left again, alone in a strange, dark holiday apartment, to cry, to become distressed.


It is quite simply a case of child cruelty.  They knew what they were doing and the harm pain and suffering it would cause and had caused their children as told by Madeleine.


Oh I don’t believe they intended for the children to come to serious physical harm.


But more than any other night of that holiday, if Madeleine had told them (so they say) that she and Sean had been awake and crying the previous night– they knew absolutely that what they were doing was wrong, dangerous and harmful to their three young children.


There is no way around that one… A good prosecutor would nail them!


But back to the poor fellow who has been named as a suspect.


How many more families, how many more innocent people have to been harmed, have to suffer in this way, to have their lives destroyed to protect the McCanns, their sorry asses and those of their companions too, all who have been dishonest from the start?


It is a disgrace!


Andy Redwood knows their story does not add up.  The Portuguese Police know their story does not add up. 


They know the group are hiding something, hiding something just like the McCanns hid the vital information which could have helped Madeleine, information they hid for 5 years.


So why do we not have headlines asking why Gerry McCann changed his story – extremely suspicious behaviour by McCann?


Yet a man who there is not a shred of evidence against, who is now deceased unable to speak out, is portrayed as the person who removed Madeleine McCann from the holiday apartment.


Did this man have similar appearance to Gerry McCann/the E.Fit of the guy the Smith family saw – I’m guessing for all the obvious reasons that he did not look...


Like this

 Smith family e-fit / Gerry McCann

So do we now have three men who were walking around Praia da Luz carrying a child dressed in pyjamas?


It would be funny if it were not for the fact that a child is missing, her parents and their holiday companions have not been entirely truthful, they have deliberately hidden crucial information relating to her disappearance, yet it is innocent people, families, children, who have to suffer to protect them!


It is time the UK press manned up, and the public woke up!


I would say it is time the McCanns their team, their companions examine their conscience, but clearly they have no conscience!


Gerry McCann stated in interview with Piers Morgan that fear of ‘going under’ prevented him supporting his wife. 

That just about sums them all up – they will let anyone else anyone at all take the fall for their actions, rather than go under!


As for the Metropolitan Police – they have been far from honest, allowing the Crime Watch Productions to go out in the form they did, both in the UK and other European countries – as they know they were inaccurate, misleading at best.


They may just have gotten away with it had they not introduced the characters Jolly Gerry…and Caring Kate, the couple who supposedly spent lots of fun time with their children on that "family holiday"  that is equally as, if not more unbelievable as Madeleine having been abducted by a stranger who had stalked them…

2nd November 2013

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