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Maddie Who?

Maddie Who?

"I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room"  

31st January 2015

In my last blog 'No Better Than Brunt'  I highlighted the attack by Sonia Poulton at the McCann home.

The home of the McCann children.  Minor children.

All were disgusted when we heard of a similar type attack by Martin Brunt on Brenda Leyland which resulted in the saddest, and most tragic of endings.

Poulton crossed a line.  Never is there any justification to do what she did, act in the way she did, at the home of minor children.   It's appalling conduct.

Today we now hear of shall we say
'her partner in crime' a female by the name of Hutton, having given the Sun a story about how she too attacked the McCanns describing how she did so, she, and her band of evil friends, though she claims not to have been one of the 'evil ones?


" We had this hardcore group, all women much like myself - similar age, backgrounds.  We formed a friendship.  I wasn't one of the evil ones - and there were a few of those around."

"I was attacking the McCanns..."

Today she is now screaming -

The Sun misquoted me!


Well fix it dear Hutton, dear Hutton, well fix it dear Hutton, dear Hutton fix it!

But we all know that is not true.  That she has not been misquoted.   All who know anything about this lady know that she thrives on ME, ME, ME.   She loves to play the victim.  One look at her blogs...

It is obvious to even those who are as thick as a box rocks, that Ms Hutton is as barmy, mad as a sack of frogs.  As dishonest as the day is long.

But despite this, astonishingly today we still have those who:

  • Are massaging the madness that is Hutton, telling her to get the Sun to put the record straight
  • And those who it suits to 'believe' her as they dislike Hutton's nemesis, pretending they are outraged on her behalf.
I hate to tell you, all that comes out of this female's mouth is not the truth, and much as those in the above category will have great trouble in accepting the truth of matters, Hutton has taken you all for a ride.

The story she gave the Sun, IS the correct story.  It is the very same story she has been feeding you all for a very long time now on her blogs.  The Poor Me Story.

There are three types of persons in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

  • The Maddie People - Who seek nothing more than justice for this little girl, those who are selfless in their pursuit of the truth, a truth that hopefully one day will lead to the justice the child so deserves.
  • The Money People - Those who seek to make a fast buck out of the kid.  And there are many of those snakes in the grass slithering about this case.
  • The Me People - Those, like her parents, who have done all in their power to see to it that Madeleine has no voice.  Those who claim to be the victims.

The Money People and the Me People feed off each other.  As we have seen in the Sun article.  

Today, the Money People are rubbing their hands, thanks to Hutton, not only did Ms Hutton provide the means for them to make that fast buck, she provided also, all the material necessary to ensure that the reading public got the clear and distinct message that she is not only an abuser of the McCanns (she said so in her own words we cannot argue with that, said also she is happy to not challenge the Sun?) but she rubber stamped the suspicions of most that she is an out and out crackpot, a lady of little truth.  A very bitter and twisted individual.   Of that there is no question.

Of course there will be those who will tentatively broach the subject, pander to her and say - 'Oh Cristobell, if they have misquoted you, see that it is put right.'

Yah think?  Get a grip people - you are dealing with a  self serving mad woman!

Be honest with yourselves, see it like it is.

She wanted publicity.  She wanted today's story to be about her.  She does not care what form that publicity comes, what price, what is the story.  Like the McCanns, as long as she can play the victim she's happy.

So not only did she provide the Sun with her personal ME, ME ME, tale she has now added to her victim status declaring, the Sun stitched her UP!

Funny that because she also said:

SHE KNEW, they, the Sun would not quote her correctly! But she is fine with that!


She is taking you all for bigger mugs than first thought then!

Hutton/Cristobell,/Crazy Lady - she is one of life's ME PEOPLE!   She lives in Cloud Cuckooland! Cristobell world.  Never will she be able to fight for any cause in a selfless manner, always it will involve 'her story.'   Always it will take from the true victims.  Always she will slither along with the snakes in the grass if it allows her her fix!

Do any of you truly believe she gives a flying fuck that the story is a load of crap, that it helps Madeleine not a jot?   As long as it stars Cristobell this female is happy?

Come on folks - a story about Trolls!

Again I say, what bigger load of bullshit can we get than stories about trolls?

Time to get real.

This is a case of a missing child.  A little girl who has been let down by so many.

Today is no different.  She is still being let down by those who should have cared most for her.

And no, not the Cristobell's of this world, they are in this for themselves, no other reason. Madeleine McCann means nothing to them.

(Madeleine has been let down by her parents, her family, their friends, the lawyers, the press agencies her parents employ, UK Government, the UK Police and Clarence Mitchell!)

If anyone is in any doubt of that Maddie meant nothing to Hutton - Look no further than The Sun article and the self absorbed, silly article that is Hutton herself.

And if I hear another person say that Cristobell has let down the supporters of Madeleine (the antis as Hutton refers to you all)   She has not!

She doesn't speak for you surely?

I wouldn't even go as far as saying she let herself down.  She did EXACTLY what one would expect of her.

She sought attention, played the victim, used the case of little Madeleine for her own purposes.  And that is shameful.

Stories of her drug taking, her messed up life.  What in hell has that got to do with this little one?

Who actually gives a flying fuck about the mess she has made of her life?

Time everyone stopped this ridiculous nonsense about trolls.  Warring trolls.  Never have I heard such absolute guff in all my living days.

I hope the MADDIE PEOPLE, those who truly care about the disappearance of this little girl, see beyond the grasping, greedy ME PEOPLE, THE MONEY PEOPLE, one lot who seek attention nothing more, and the other financial gain, nothing more.

Hutton posted a long winded comment on one of the forum's.  I will post it in its entirely in my next blog, and there all I have to say about this mess she has created will end.

What horrified me about her comment, and confirmed, as if any confirmation was needed, that she seeks nothing but attention, is the following, sickening comment by her:


"In fairness, it is THE SUN!  I expected the article to portray me in a bad light. I have no problem with that, I know the truth and am ready, willing and able to shout it from the rooftops.  I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room, whatever McCann and Bennet trolls bat at me, will be coming right back at 'em, and then some."

Hutton's remark in reference to Brenda Leyland is offensive, repugnant - 'I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room...'  

As for her speaking on behalf of those of you who seek justice for Madeleine - She has no problem with being portrayed in a bad light?

As I said, self serving, mad as a sack of frogs, again the victim - 'Whatever the McCann and Bennet trolls bat at her?'

Today's mess is of her own doing.  It has not a jot to do with the McCann/Bennet Trolls.  As ever trying to veer from the point.   But like the McCanns, this individual will never accept responsibility for her actions, always someone else is to blame. 

From her stories, we can see that her whole life, she has never accepted blame, always someone else was responsible for the way she has led that life.

Just like now!

She will milk her latest poor me drama, like no other before.

Madeleine it would appear these last years has been her platform to promote her Me, Me, Me Stories! 

Don't let that happen folks.  Don't feed her!  Don't let her use Madeleine in this way.

This is not the first time I have drawn to attention the antics of Hutton, but as I said previously you can only lead a horse to water...

Oh, and before y'all get carried away again.  I am not a member of a forum, not a buddy of anyone on a forum, I am not 4 persons in 1 as suggested by some. 

Shame some have to build a story to make themselves feel better, but in process make themselves look dumb as hell!   

I am one person with my head screwed on the right way, who observes all around me, and tells it straight!

One of the Maddie People!

My advice to you all, to put the Cristobell crap of today behind you (and if not close the thread down, censor her comments on that thread, they do the forum as a whole no favours comments like those in reference to Brenda Leyland - she's not running off to a lonely hotel room - not nice) and move on pronto with what matters - The truth of what became of little Madeleine McCann!

Hutton also said she would like to:

"pick up where Brenda Leyland left off"

For crying out loud, how insulting to mention Brenda Leyland in this way.  This Hutton appears not to have a decent bone in her body, no sense of decency!  No sense of reality!

I would say also to stop the silly bickering on Twitter.

Do those who take part in this know just how bad it comes across to those on the outside looking in?

Of course discuss the case - but the vile bickering pah!

And never forget, no one 'played' Hutton.

Hutton played you all for fools. She played in the Sun, she lied in the Sun, she KNEW she said that the Sun would not portray her in a good light. Then why do it?

Only one answer to that ATTENTION!

And in fairness to the Sun, how could they be expected to make the ridiculous story told by Hutton, look good?

She's having a laugh - at your expense!

She got what she wanted out of this, and more! 

Hutton has claimed she has the proof that the Sun stitched her up. She therefore owes the forum where she is a member, those members who have supported her, that proof!

Do we really think she will come up with it?

Of course she won't she will talk circles round you all, and NEVER produce the goods.

She will blame the usual persons she does.

But maybe, just maybe, now at least some of those amongst you, who have been blinkered regarding this lady will open their eyes WIDE.

SHE KNEW she would be stitched up by the Sun?


An afterthought - Why would Hutton not have passed a copy of the 'script' to be published in the Sun, to the Admin at the forum which she is a part, as whatever she had signed up to with the Sun was clearly going to have a huge affect on them, their reputation?
31st January 2015
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