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Who's Kidding Who?

Scotland Yard we are told have requested the permission of the Portuguese authorities to dig at specific sites.  In my last blog I asked why if whatever information they have stumbled upon, has led to this request, would the Portuguese, not themselves, have done a little digging at these places?

I pondered also as to why, on what grounds, what new credible evidence allowed the Portuguese Police to re-open the case.  I don’t believe it was based on tractor man that would be just too ridiculous hardly could they consider that as new credible evidence, or a strong lead.  Far from it!

So still a bit of a mystery the real reason behind the case being re-opened in Portugal.

When there is new credible evidence, hot leads, especially in the disappearance of a child, they are acted upon smartly at least that is what one would imagine. 

The Portuguese re-opened some time ago now – yet nothing?  We know due to secrecy laws there will be no rolling reports, updates, but surely if they had re-opened with a person(s) in mind as being who they considered responsible for crimes against the child, there would have been forward movement, arrests by now?

And with so much circumstantial evidence against McCanns one can hardly see how any new evidence they may have acquired would not involve them.

For Portuguese to have re-opened, if not in relation to the McCanns , then it must have been pretty strong evidence against another – so why nothing, no arrests?

Doesn’t make sense!

The antics of Scotland Yard this past week too is questionable.

Metropolitan Police have had their own little investigation going on for past three years, and coming up with zilch thus far!  They have no credible evidence of anything at all.  No hot leads.

Then we have the nonsense in UK press of imminent digging (as opposed to the usual stories of imminent arrests which basically means that Madeleine’s disappearance/death they will attribute to anyone, anyone who was in Portugal on the night of 3rd May 2007, that is anyone who was able to draw breath on that night became a suspect, and blame too being attached to anyone who didn’t!  Even the dead can be held responsible in the Madeleine case) and pictures of a somber faced bunch of Met detectives playing Men in Black, either sporting shades or carrying them, strutting their stuff through the streets of Portugal.  And a helicopter flew overhead for effect.

Is it not just a little suspicious when we stop and think about it, that the letter requesting these digs would have been sent some time ago to the Portuguese, and why only now, on the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and her obvious death that any news of this should be made public?

It is the timing of all that the Metropolitan Police have done since the beginning of their involvement in this case that gives cause for concern.  Every major announcement coincides with a ‘McCann Planned Event’ in essence assisting the McCanns.   That, and of course the fact that from the beginning they made it clear that McCanns and their buddies are not suspects as far as their investigation is concerned.

And as far as I can tell – nothing has changed in this respect!

Now that is pretty incredulous!

We have a party of 9 adults, 4 couples with children, and one granny, who left 8 children, all under the age of 4 years alone in holiday apartments night after night while they all went out for boozy get- together’s.   McCanns say they left their door unlocked and that their eldest daughter the almost 4 year old Madeleine vanished – Whoosh just like the curtains – abracadabra, now you see her now you don’t!

They have lied, and lied in a way never before seen in any case, and not only that of missing children.

No need to go into all the lies here, they are contained in other blogs on this site and on several others!

The simple fact that they have lied through their teeth time and time again should have had alarm bells ringing at the Met, but it would seem not.   And that is astonishing.

Do we really think that they lied, and such whoppers, if they did not have something to hide?

People lie to hide and cover for something they do not want made known.

So what is it that they are hiding?

Whatever it is the Metropolitan seem not to have any interest.

DCI Redwood has not taken this case back to zero, as he so often tells us, he has been working backwards.  He started not open minded, but with abduction.  And he has every step of the way, attempted to make any available information fit the abduction theory.

Is this case going to be a whitewash?

I think there is a very good chance of that.   DCI Redwood has been steering in that direction.  Just as Clarence Mitchell has shaped stories in the press for the past seven years, I am of the view that DCI Redwood has been doing likewise for the past three, taking the public for a ride.  Bit by bit he has shaped his story, from the British dad to digging holes in PDL.

Why would they spend so much money on a whitewash we might ask?

Why would they not if that was their remit?

But a helicopter some have said, would they go so far as hiring a helicopter?

Hiring a helicopter to fly over PDL for a couple hours, in the grand scale of things from a financial aspect is a drop in the ocean when we consider that a 30 + detectives, for a period of three years has been allocated to investigate, one missing child, a child who did not vanish into thin air when on UK soil!

I have of course wondered - how can 30 + detectives whitewash this, but the Met past history tells us,that whitewashing lies and deceit, are not beyond them.   And the fact that in this case there still remains the political interference, just leaves me with doubt.

And how we reached this point is due to David Cameron bowing to the threats/demands of Rebekah Brooks on this one, and suddenly he was able to produce the cash to fund this Met investigation. 

Whether he did it to - 

  • Shut the McCanns up once and for all, to prove they are involved.
  • To save his Government from a week or more of the threats of Brooks becoming a reality
  • He really is as he says, helping this poor couple 

Who knows, I’d like to think it was the first, but I lean towards his own self-interest, number two on list, as being at the heart of his decision. 

I'm hoping I'm wrong about Redwood and his team - I don't have any doubt they will dig, or tell us that they will, then come up with an excuse for not doing so, but if they do, I doubt if the digging is to really find something, doubt they are working on a tip off or a clue, more an exercise to say they have dotted all 'i's' and crossed all 't's' 

Yes it is expensive, it would be an expensive whitewash but the whole investigation is expensive! 

I think if the PJ believed there was something there to find which would assist the investigation to reach any conclusion, they would have sprung into action. 

Would seem extraordinary in a case like this that when there is the possibility of finding something from a tip off perhaps, that it would take a long procedure to be able to even go take a look, more so when the PJ don't have to jump through the hoops the Met would to obtain the permission.   

Understandable SY have to request it, not their domain, but I don't understand why the Portuguese would not if working on this case, which they are, would not have been doing some digging themselves if such great leads. 

And I just cannot understand why news of this comes to light at the anniversary.   Why would the Metropolitan Police not leave the McCanns to get on with their annual sofa appearances at this time of the year, and they get on quietly with theirs? 

They were not going to Portugal to start a dig a few days ago, and probably not any time soon – so why the drama and specifically at this time? 

As for the gruesome twosome’s appeal to the press to let the Met get on with their investigation in peace as it could hinder finding their daughter, give me strength, couple of jokers the McCanns.  Most stories in the press about Madeleine come from them and their nasty spokesperson Clarence Mitchell.  What a vile bunch. 

As for the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance being hindered, never more so than by the parents themselves.   

They have let their little missing daughter down in so many ways, I have lost count. 

They have behaved despicably, they and their buddies should hang their heads in shame at what they have done to not only Madeleine but all children on that holiday and all children.  For their remaining children the little twins God help these kids what their future might hold is a frightening, never do they appear to be put first. 

I wish I could have more confidence in the Met Investigation…but I don’t, and won’t until I see or hear something positive. 

As for the reported threats by the PJ that if the press don’t back off they will not allow the digging. 

Can’t help thinking this too is all part of the game! 

Would any police force if they truly believed there were clues to be found on these sites which could lead to the perpetrators of the crimes committed against young Madeleine McCann, or any child, being caught and punished - forbid digging? 

That makes no sense. 

So who is kidding who?
10th May 2014

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