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Maddie & the Met Police

Maddie and Met Police


               ‘I’m not buying it’

                          Wendy Murphy former US Prosecutor


£m’s of UK tax payers money on PR for Kate and Gerry McCann makes the Scotland Yard Investigation/Crimewatch very ‘hard to buy’


Madeleine McCann is missing has been for over 6 years now.  Scotland Yard like police authorities around the world, ex prosecutors like Wendy Murphy, know that there is little chance of her being alive… 


Parents of a missing child would naturally though continue to hope their child will one day return, that is, innocent parents of a missing child, parents who have played no part in the child’s disappearance on any level – from harming the child in any way- before the mysterious disappearance, to discovering the child dead or injured, later to die of injuries sustained in an accident which happened in the absence of the parents, the parents, thereafter panicking and making the decision to conceal the body...


...their thoughts on Madeleine most likely being dead, not based only on the length of time she has been missing but on the police files, the information gathered by the intensive and thorough investigation carried out by the Portuguese Police, the 30,000 files which were passed to the Metropolitan Police.


The files which are available online, the files which not nearly enough people read before making comment or criticising the original investigation!


One such person famed for making such uninformed and malicious statements is none other than Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly – who has interviewed the McCanns on more than one occasion, and like the little nodding dogs once seen hanging from car mirrors in days of old, Lorraine nods in agreement, lapping up their every word.  On many occasions, tail wagging, panting as she waits for her treat - their approval!   She demonstrates in so doing her complete and utter ignorance of the facts of this tragic case.

I am not condemning Kelly's personal views of this case or her opinion of the duo, those are hers to have, as mine and yours are ours to have.    It is the comments made by Kelly which are untrue and malicious in content for which I voice my condemnation.

Kelly as a TV presenter/columnist (for Sun?) has a duty to the public to check out her statements before making them, to ensure that they have foundation, are truthful, more so when they are aimed at others, an attack on someone's person.

She behaves no better than the troll people she describes!

Kelly, just another example of someone who shows little concern for missing Madeleine?


I trust Lorraine Kelly will next time she has the McCanns on her sofa, ask of them some pertinent questions – If she is able to stop giggling, fawning over the duo long enough, it would be helpful for the public to hear her ask some meaningful questions regarding the night the child vanished, and leave the twin children out of the equation!

If she cared a jot about them - she would do so!


If she would take the time to read the police files, the statements, given by the McCanns, and their holiday companions even better!   


Common sense tells us  (well most of us) when Andy Redwood speaks of the volumes of information he and his team have been working through – that the Portuguese before them most obviously then must have carried out an intensive investigation – else from where did these voluminous files hail?  The very same files, Kate McCann claims to have studied after they had them translated (did Kelly miss all of this?) One only needs to refer to the online police files to see this, and to have our eyes opened with regards this case, the McCanns and their holiday companions, and all involved who pulled out all stops in attempt to hinder the Portuguese in any way they could.

Even that cannot be beyond the comprehension of the seemingly dizzy Kelly?  Surely cannot have gone over her pretty little head!


What is of huge concern though is that Andy Redwood has been working with Crimewatch for many months now.


For many months also we have been fed ridiculous stories by Redwood and other ‘sources’ from the Met of how Scotland Yard have identified a number of ‘persons of interest.’


The exact number makes not a jot of difference as it is all irrelevant to the case, that is, irrelevant to discovering what became of Madeleine.  The numbers are only relevant to the PR Campaign.


Two, twenty, fifty, one hundred persons of interest  -  multiply it by whatever number you wish of mobile phones that might have pinged in Praia da Luz -  press ‘=’ and the answer on your calculator, will like Redwood’s, if he had taken time or cared enough to take an honest look, will be flashing ‘error.’


The Metropolitan Police though are not aiming to find Madeleine what became of her, their aim is to present by way of this massive PR campaign, the McCanns, as the innocent parents of a child who mysteriously disappeared!


A campaign, as Andy Redwood has stated in his ‘trailers’ of the Crimewatch programme, has been worked on for months.


Had the Metropolitan Police new evidence/ prime suspect (s) – Why in God’s name have they sat on this for these many months that Redwood speaks of?

Do we think Lorraine might be able to answer this one?

Should this not have been ‘breaking news’ with e-fits of this ‘suspect’ flashed around the world?  An e-fit could have been put together in jig time.

Why was it not?

They have the funds to do so – UK tax payer paying for Metropolitan Police shenanigans. 


And the McCanns themselves have the Fund for Madeleine which the public have given to and most generously so – presumably they still have monies in this Fund? 

So if the Met wanted to sit on their hands on this new crucial information, the parents desperate to find their child would surely have put their hand in their own  ‘Fund Pocket’ and forked out for an e-fit, would they not?


The Yard too have the manpower!


So why did Scotland Yard not publish this information, this e-fit immediately?


If they believe Madeleine McCann is alive then Scotland Yard her parents have once again failed the child.


Imagine, the investigating force – the Mighty Metropolitan Police discover a suspect, your child has been missing over 6 years, they tell you they have made a breakthrough - and what do they do?


They SIT ON IT – for MONTHS!

What do you do?  –



YOU LEAVE a whacking great big stone unturned?


Why would desperate parents do that?   Wait so long while their daughter is held by her alleged abductor, before getting this crucial information out there?

Why would they be interesting themselves in a libel trial when there was crucial information lying there requiring immediate and urgent attention regarding their missing daughter?


Did it suit them better to roll out the information, unturn the stone at a more convenient time for them – like when the libel trial they instigated was in full flow?


Most likely!


But imagine one of the missing children, now found, who we have heard of over the past years, who the McCanns continually speak of as being their reason to hope the same for Madeleine – If when such crucial information came to light – it was ignored for such a length of time as the ‘new information’ claimed by the McCanns and Andy Redwood has been before being brought to public attention.


Yes Redwood started the spinning process months ago but he did not release to the public what was necessary to help Madeleine should there be a  slim chance she is alive he released only what he considered would help Kate and Gerry McCann, their image, how they are now perceived by the public!


Doesn’t matter whether you believe in the McCanns innocence or not – How can anyone trust Scotland Yard, when it has conducted this investigation as it has, the lies the spin by them over the last months, in fact since Redwood made his first appearance in the early stages of the Met Review – he has been spinning like a top.


No one can have confidence in such persons when there has been more effort and emphasis placed on painting what could very easily be parents who are not free of all involvement, as innocent/non-suspects, before the investigation is anywhere close to completion, than there has been in efforts to discover what became of Madeleine.

It is not the duty of the Metropolitan Police to influence the public in either direction.

And when those very officers know that there are inconsistencies in the police witnesses statements given by the McCann holiday party, it makes their actions questionable and answerable to a public paying for this investigation!

There will be appeals it seems, not only in the UK, but various other European countries – but the oddest thing of all – NO campaign by the Met is scheduled for Portugal the last place this child was seen alive!  And by her father!


Police around the world, retired officers too know that something is very wrong in the Madeleine McCann case.  One such retired officer who I have quoted many times is John Stalker, who was from the beginning very open about his opinions of the McCann holiday party.


I wonder what Lorraine Kelly might think of this highly respected now retired officer,  his views on this case?


If there was not something awry… so much effort, and £m’s would not have been spent on protecting the parents – and the McCanns have used the Fund donations given by the public to do just that – only this past week we have Kate McCann declaring she wants now (when the libel case in Lisbon is slipping away from them, when their own witnesses have testified and lied when doing so) to take the Stand and defend herself.’   Kate McCann raised the action, she is not the defendant.  So what does she need to defend herself against?


The most obvious answer truths coming to light!


And what we have witnessed since the onset of the Metropolitan Police Review/Investigation is the most desperate attempts to hoodwink the public – the UK tax payer footing the bill…


Police around the world know and agree with the Portuguese Police that the only way to begin to get to the bottom of what became of Madeleine McCann  is to have a reconstruction of events of the night the child vanished, the hours leading up to her being reported as missing.


Scotland Yard know this too. 


But the Yard also know that they have a huge problem in this, as if they are to use the witness statements by the McCanns and their holiday companions – it puts them between the devil and the deep blue sea.


We have had the McCanns own version of a reconstruction – led by their own private detective Dave Edgar – which was far from truthful – in fact – deliberately misleading.


Andy Redwood, Scotland Yard is now promoting ‘his’ reconstruction by way of tacky trailers asking us all to tune in to Crimewatch.


He has a possible new suspect.  Who is actually not a suspect at all (just as the other 41/29/30/68 are not suspects either) but for the purpose of his tale, he had to choose one!


But will Redwood’s reconstruction be a proper reconstruction, based EXACTLY on what the McCanns, and their holiday companions told Portuguese Police in their witness statements together with their statements to Leicestershire Police in the UK, with no deviations?


I rather doubt that!  


We know the statements contain many inconsistencies.   And that there was more than one account given!


We know Gerry McCann changed his police witness statement SEVEN days AFTER the child vanished.


And one doesn’t have to be a police detective to know that that is a BIGGIE in terms of the investigation – the investigation into the mysterious vanishing of a 3 year old child!


A child, whose father claimed that he and his wife were checking the children regularly every 20 minutes each evening over a period of 5 nights, claiming he entered by the front locked door – telling Portuguese Police this was his routine – yet SEVEN DAYS LATER after the child vanished for whatever reason, McCann needed to change his story?


Do you really believe he forgot which door he used and only remembered seven days later that on this night the night the child vanished, he had changed his routine?


This is a doctor we are speaking of – such a danger to his patients if he has such poor memory – I’m sure some in the medical profession would have been ‘retired’ for less serious a disability!


Originally McCann told police he entered the apartment by the front door using his key to open the locked door.  He said his wife Kate McCann had done likewise on her check of their children.


She was not in agreement with his statement!


So which of the McCanns told the truth, one both, or none?

Perhaps Lorraine knows the answer to this one?


This wonderful checking system they had in place – did neither of them know what the other was doing?


Seems like it!


Or more to the point – seems like they were changing their stories every time they were ‘caught out’ when it surfaced that particular information they had given, could not possibly have happened – like the tale of the jemmied window!


So seven days later – McCann changed his story to something completely different – He said he did NOT enter by the front locked door using his key, but had entered by an unlocked patio door at the opposite side of the building.

Gerry McCann was the last person known to have seen his daughter alive.

His colleague David Payne has claimed that he saw the child that evening, he made a visit to Kate McCann in Gerry's absence, while Gerry was out playing tennis - something Payne had never done before this night, making him the last person other than Kate or Gerry McCann to have seen Madeleine alive.

I hope this is included in the reconstruction!   Why?

Well Kate McCann and David Payne have given different accounts of this visit.
One said it lasted 30 minutes - the other 30 seconds!

Perhaps Lorraine can tells us the answer to this one?


I sincerely hope that Andy Redwood has established and firmly so, that he is able in his Crimewatch production to explain to the public, the UK tax paying public in particular who are meeting the cost of this most extravagant PR Stunt, reputation management for Gerry and Kate McCann – that if the Crimewatch phone lines are jammed with callers wanting to know why Gerry McCann changed his story, he is able to provide credible answers to this and much more!

Of course they won't - no such questions would ever be allowed!

But wouldn't it be helpful to know on which day after Madeleine vanished, that it dawned on McCann that he had told police the wrong story, as somewhere between day 1 and day 7 it struck him that he had not given the 'correct account' to Portuguese Police!

Was it over breakfast one day perhaps, that it hit him like a lightening bolt - that what he told told the police regarding his movements was not true, that is that the following first statement was not correct-  

Had a key to the front door.   Left the tapas restaurant, walked up the street to the top of the road, the T-junction (passing the side/patio gate on his route) turned left, walked along to the entrance to a car park, crossed the car park exiting at the little footpath where he then walked along to the front door of his apartment, passing the shuttered windows and front doors of other apartments on his way.   Passing also the bedroom window of the room his children lay sleeping.  Unlocked the front door using his key, walked inside stopped to look at his children (not something he would normally do, only doing so because the bedroom door was open wider than he had left it) stood and thought how lucky he was to have three beautiful children...used the bathroom -

Telling police seven days after the child's disappearance that what he had in fact done was to:


Leave the tapas bar, walk half way towards the top of the road, but on reaching the side/patio gate, he opened it, climbed the steep stairs, opened the child safety gate at the top of the stairs, opened the unlocked patio door to the apartment - which had no handle on the outside, so presumably he left it not only unlocked but open, open wide enough for his fingers to slip through to give him a grip so as to slide it open - then either drew open the closed curtains which framed the patio door, or fumbled with them looking for the gap in the curtains so as to get through.

Now I ask you - Who could have forgotten which of the above two routes/scenarios correctly described your movements on the night your child vanished?

They are not exactly similar!

It is impossible for McCann to have forgotten how he entered that apartment!


I would hope Redwood is able to tell us where, at what stage in this investigation did he ‘part company’ with the findings of the Portuguese Police and the statements made by the Leicestershire Police, the Chief of Leicestershire who stated that the McCanns had not taken the opportunity to prove their innocence, that one or both may be involved in the disappearance of this child.


The timing too of the Crimewatch programme is by all accounts ‘suspect’ more suspect than Redwood’s non-suspects, who he will present as suspects!


Not only would it appear that Scotland Yard are attempting to bury this case – it is a blatant attempt at affecting in a detrimental way – the libel case in Lisbon.


Why else would this particular production of Crimewatch be screened at this time?

Redwood claims that the civil case in Lisbon is quite separate from his investigation – and indeed it is and should be, but that is ever more reason to question – WHY NOW ANDY? 

If he has been sitting for
many months on such crucial information regarding missing Madeleine, information which could if we are to believe his hype could lead to her, her alleged abductor – why did he wait until now?


Why did her parents wait too?


The McCanns know that the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral did not hinder their private investigation, or any other investigation!


They  were too cock sure that they could trample whomever, whenever, but soon discovered that some, Dr Goncalo Amaral, the publishers of the book Guerra & Paz, and the producers of the made for television documentary were not prepared to roll over and play dead!


They have seemingly ignored, that is the McCanns, the Met and all involved in this nonsense, the McCann/Healy family members, the effect this has too on the twin children.


And they now cannot deny that it is affecting them, as their own witnesses at the libel trial, Gerry McCann’s sister, Trish Cameron has testified to this.   That this libel trial which the McCann parents instigated – is now affecting the lives of the twin children whilst at school amongst friends!


Unless of course Trish Cameron for the purpose of the libel trial, also lied in a Court of Law, as did the husband of Kate McCanns cousin, Michael Wright? 


The McCanns may plead their innocence in the disappearance of Madeleine – and they may be innocent, but so much yet to be answered before that can be truly established – and even then, it will be in a Court of Law the ruling will be made if ever this case reaches one, not by Andy Redwood of Scotland Yard who has not yet completed his investigation, but who has unashamedly put the parents before the missing child.


The McCanns are guilty of the most appalling neglect of all three children, and they are guilty of what they are now doing to the twins and have been doing for these past years.  These children have been used like pawns in a sad and sick game by the McCann/Healy family, this evidenced in the libel trial in Lisbon!


And that in my book is quite unforgiveable!

A game which David Cameron, Andy Redwood willingly or otherwise signed up for!


Either way they are all a disgrace!


Will the Crimewatch production be truthful?

Be exactly as the McCanns and their companions have claimed in their witness statements?


Will the public be made aware during Crimewatch, no matter which of Gerry McCanns accounts has been used for this production (assuming they used one of them) that McCann gave contradicting accounts and explain for the benefit of the viewing public, why they the Metropolitan Police decided on the version which they did?

It would be rather helpful if Scotland Yard did so, as the change of story  by McCann, changes the events of the whole evening!

There is a little saying – ‘Funny noses alter faces, circumstances alter cases.’ (or the other way around if you prefer)

The point being – McCann changing his story, the circumstances which caused him to do so, to take such desperate action, affected not only his location, position on street during that night, but also that of his holiday companions!

Why did he change his story?   Possibly the fact that the police forensics had proved that the bedroom window had not been jemmied open, and they needed another access point for the alleged abductor – an unlocked patio door?

Changing his story further allowed for McCann to then claim that he did not see anyone in or around the front door area…if he was not round that side of the building, then how could he have seen anything…he would not have seen anyone lurking, would not have heard the alleged abductor or bumped into him.   How very convenient and how very helpful to their tale!. 

His change of account as to his movements on that night, introducing an unlocked patio door to the tale, as it turned out proved problematic too to the story, making it more unbelievable, so much less credible than if he had stuck to what was the truth, which I imagine was his first account – that he entered the apartment as was usual, as was the routine of that week for both him and his wife – through the front door, using their key to unlock it!

There has always been doubt as to whether the McCanns did in actual fact leave the children in an unlocked apartment, they certainly left them in a locked one, but an unlocked holiday apartment with a patio door which would require to be not only unlocked but would have to have been left slightly open (due to there being no handle on the outside) so as to allow them to grip the door frame to slide it open.

Would they really have locked up the apartment each night - locking the patio door from inside, leaving by the front door and locking it from outside, making sure it was all secure, then on the very day that Madeleine told them that she and her baby brother had been crying in their absence the previous night when alone, decide to go out and leave the kids in the apartment alone again, only this time, deciding  to further endanger the children by - leaving the patio door open, making it so simple for Madeleine to slide it open placing her fingers in the little open gap they would have left for to allow them to enter?

I don't think so!

I think the McCanns were negligent in the extreme leaving these little kids to fend for themselves night after night, but something tells me they didn't leave that apartment unsecured.

I don't think for a moment they murdered their daughter, if anyone thinks that I believe they would be few in number, but whether we like it or not, whether we want to believe their tale or not, do not want to think of them as being responsible for what did happen to this little girl 
their stories do not add up!

And that is the crux of this whole sad and sorry tale of a little girl missing - the stories told by her parents and their holiday companions simply don't add up!

And for Madeleine that should be questioned should come under scrutiny.   And for those who automatically deem anyone with the common sense to question as being an anti or a McCann hater, shame on you all, you do the missing child more than a disservice.

The McCanns and their companions have yet to explain the inconsistencies, the lies contained in the police witness statements.

Gerry McCann has yet to explain his change of story.

If Redwood's reconstruction does not adequately explain them - or he has not addressed them, then the position for the McCanns remains the same in the view, of what now seems to be the majority of the public, police officers (not connected to this investigation) and former police officers alike  - They are hiding something!

If Redwood ignores this, then one can only surmise that he too has during his investigation decided to conceal/withhold information.   It would not be the first time in this case that on the UK side information has been withheld!

The Crimewatch appeal I think most will take with a pinch of salt - definitely not something to get excited about, as we have seen this tactic before by the McCanns their PR reputation management in full swing.   It is nothing new and nothing one would not expect of them.

They had quite obviously planned this release of the usual silly stories the spin and lies,the Crimewatch programme to coincide with the libel trial, but what they had not anticipated though, I would imagine,  was that the libel trial would go so badly - with the McCann witnesses being shown not to be the most truthful people on the planet - and further I would say they had not anticipated that there would be days the Court did not sit,  witnesses not being heard, hearings cancelled for one reason or another - that must surely have thrown
the cat amongst the pigeons in their grand plans. 

The timeline which I have no doubt they had worked on now thrown into disarray.

Crimewatch goes out on Monday - most probably they had banked on this being closer to the end of the trial than it now actually falls.

The libel trial continues long after the date that Crimewatch will have been sceened and no doubt fortgotten, long after the pretendy possible suspect has been put back in his box.

And that I think will pose them some problems, they will need to re-group and make plans as how to fill column inches - do they fill them with stories of 'thousands of calls' in response to  the Crimewatch appeal - or do they stick with the libel trial, hideous stories about Dr Goncalo Amaral?

That really is about the  size of this nonsense.

And there is the public too, even those who have not particularly followed the case will not swallow the case put forward by Redwood -  in my opinion!

And why is it again that the appeal will not include Portugal where the child was last seen?
12th October 2013

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