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Maddie's Daddy

Maddie’s Daddy


Why did Maddie’s daddy, Gerry McCann tell the Portuguese Police that he had entered the apartment on the night the child mysteriously vanished – by the front door, using his key to unlock it, when SEVEN days later, he then told police…oops, sorry…I didn’t enter by the front door using my key – I entered by an unlocked patio door at the other side of the building?


That’s a little mystery all of its own!


Did Maddie’s daddy make a mistake?


Really not possible to mistake which door he used – he’d been checking regularly he claimed every night, all week long…So no – not possible for him to have mistaken or forgotten which door he used to access the apartment.


Months after giving the Portuguese Police his two entirely different accounts of his movements on the night Maddie vanished, Maddie’s daddy Gerry took part in a little documentary.


In this documentary – ‘Madeleine was Here’ – Gerry McCann re-enacts his movements of the night the child vanished.  That is he demonstrates how he gained access to apartment 5A.


Maddie’s daddy in his second version given to Portuguese Police, is that he entered by an unlocked patio door


One would naturally presume then, that when making this documentary that the second version would be the one we should expect to see re-enacted…  


It wasn’t! 


Maddie’s daddy had reverted to his first police witness statement, his first version?


Maddie’s daddy Gerry – entered by the front door!


8.26 mins on video




McCann is very careful, very cunning in the making of this documentary.  This is meant to be a re-enactment of the night the child vanished.

With others involved, Oldfield/Tanner we were given a step by step commentary of what they claimed happened on that night.  Oldfield described exactly where he stood in the apartment the position from where he viewed the sleeping children, told us WHICH DOOR HE ENTERED THE APARTMENT demonstrated it for us.

(And McCann held his hand while he did so.  Quite funny really, a re-enactment of Oldfield’s movements and Gerry joins him troops up the patio steps with him…)


Now McCann when he re-enacted his movements – he enters by the front locked door, as was his first story to Portuguese Police, but do note – he makes NO mention whatsoever which door he entered by on the night the child vanished.


He is so very careful NOT to commit verbally, to one door or the other in this documentary.


Also he does not immediately when entering the apartment, go to the bedroom where his children slept on that fateful night. Which of course he would have done on the night Madeleine vanished.   He seems reluctant in the documentary for us to see demonstrated what he actually did on the actual night.

He hovers around the apartment then walks over to the bedroom door.


He does not make it clear at any time that he had entered by the unlocked patio door on that night (which was his second version to police, and should have been the version then being demonstrated in this re-enactment)

He does not demonstrate make any mention whatsoever that the bedroom door was more widely open than he had left it, and that it was this which had caused him to go into the bedroom?


He simply walks over and says:


“Aye, and I actually came in and Madeleine wis jist at the top of the bed here where ahd left her, and the covers were folded down, and she had her cuddle cat and blankey were jist by her head and its terrible because ah had one of those erm really proud father moments where ah jist thought, ah jist thought –you’re absolutely beautiful and ah love you.  And ah jist paused for a minute and then ah jist pulled the door closed again, jist to about there.  And ah jist felt incredibly proud standing there and having three beautiful children.  Ah think that’s the most ironic thing of the lot that that momentary pause ah had at that door, that’s exactly what ah felt like.”


Now that is all very lovely that he felt proud – but is not the McCann story that the bedroom door was more widely open and this is what had caused him to go into that bedroom to make sure all was well?


Yet he omits this from his documentary?

By all means feel proud of your kids – but did he not feel fear for them, which he should have knowing that bedroom door was widely open and that had to mean someone had opened it?  Had to mean someone had been in his apartment with his kids when he and his wife were out dining?

These kids didn't need a proud father that night, they needed a protective one!


Why then did he not when he realised none of the children had been out of bed, start to figure out how that door came to be wide open?  Decide he better stay with them keep them safe in case the person responsible for opening the bedroom door returned?


He didn’t!   He didn’t bother!  He just headed back to the bar to be with his companions.

That to me at least indicates that there was no wide open bedroom door, else Gerry McCann is quite possibly the least caring father in the world.


And he didn’t bother to include the WIDE OPEN BEDROOM DOOR in his re-enactment for this documentary.


That wide open bedroom door surely was crucial to his story/documentary?


He did not demonstrate in this re-enactment his movements his actions – he did not demonstrate how he walked up the road, climbed the patio stairs entered through the patio door and saw the wide open bedroom door, immediately going to check on his children.  Instead he gave us a sweet soppy story about cuddle cats and blankeys – didn’t re-enact what he had given as his police witness statement to Portuguese Police.

Was that bedroom door more widely open?  Was the patio door ever left unlocked?

Extremely doubtful!


Was Maddie’s Daddy cunning, calculated, and very selective when making this documentary?    Of course the proud father was!


And where is Blankey now?

2nd September 2013

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