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Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund

The following is taken from the Madeleine Fund.

The Directors of this Fund are

Kate McCann

Gerry McCann

Brian Kennedy - Kate McCanns uncle

Jon Corner - A close friend of the McCanns

Edward Smethurst - The lawyer to another Brian Kennedy a businessman who has backed the McCanns financially.

Michael Linnet (presumably also a friend as the Fund Directors have always in the main consisted of family and friends)

The Fund states that the above persons have appropriate, legal, business, and charitable experience.

For the record - The Madeleine Fund is not a charity.

The objects of the Fund are listed below.  One of them being to provide financial assistance to Madeleine's family.

I have always understood that should the objects of the Fund be met, then the balance of monies in the Fund would then be given to a missing person charity or charities, and the Madeleine Fund would cease to be.

If I am reading correctly that is not the case at all.

From the FAQ's Section of the Madeleine Fund site (listed below)

(3) Why is Madeleine's Fund not registered as a Charity?

Because Madeleine's Fund is currently focussed on searching for one child only, Madeleine McCann it cannot register as a charity. However in the future if the objects are fulfilled and subsequently changed to concentrate on multiple similar cases, it may then be possible to acquire charitable status.

So the McCanns if the objects are fulfilled have no intention of closing the Madeleine Fund, it would appear to be their intention to continue with it.

And who might then be the Directors of such a company, surely the family and friends do so now as it is for Madeleine? Are these people, the McCanns included, happy to continue with the Fund and happy not to receive any remuneration for doing so?

The Fund objects clearly would be quite different if such an event as the current objects being fulfilled were achieved and would surely then not include financially assisting the McCanns?

I can see no reason either why the Fund has stated that in such circumstances (objects being fulfilled, and the necessary changes made etc) that it is ONLY a possibility they will be able to achieve charitable status?

As the Madeleine case has been re-opened by the Portuguese Police and the Metropolitan Police in the UK has also a £multi million investigation going on paid for by UK taxpayers, and the McCanns financially I am sure as a family do not require to be maintained by the Fund to help search for their missing daughter, it would be rather nice if they sought now to help others, rather than wait to meet the current objectives, which quite frankly and realistically have little chance of being met - 'her safe return?'

If others being assisted by this Fund is dependent on the objects at present being met, we can forget it as far as I can see. 

Rightly or wrongly much controversy surrounds the Madeleine Fund with the public it would appear losing faith in as to how the monies are being spent, to such an extent that there is talk that some are requesting their donations be returned.

The Fund seems to be doing Madeleine, the case of her disappearance more harm than good.

Perhaps in light of two police forces in two separate countries now investigating the disappearance of young Madeleine - not investigating abduction perse - but investigating her disappearance, and at huge cost, it would be a good time for this Fund to be wound up?

The McCanns have over the past six years repeatedly said that the Fund was running out of monies and made appeals for donations, this despite £m's having been donated, some of which was used to not search for Madeleine but in legal costs, and to pay a spokesperson (£70,000 per year) press agencies too, several teams of lawyers also at great cost, private detectives, dodgy, but still needing paid.

How do they propose to continue when the current 'objects' are met, and when dealing with the families of other missing children?   How do they propose to then raise funds?

Which private detectives would they use to search for other missing children - would they retain Dave Edgar?  Would Clarence Mitchell organise press campaigns to highlight the plight of these other missing persons?  What sort of legal team would they require, if any?

Or, is that not the type of assistance the Madeleine Fund would be offering others?  Who knows!

Do they plan to 'fund raise' and then simply donate to missing person charities?

Probably they haven't looked that far ahead, and probably they know that the likelihood of the Funds present objects being met are more than remote, so no need to look to a future Fund with new objectives, but to just keep plodding along plugging the present one, after all as Gerry keeps telling us -
'There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed.'

Being apart from her family doesn't count then I take it?  We are to believe an almost 4 year old child was torn from her family by a gang of paedophiles, and she has suffered no harm? Missing six years, soon to be seven, with not a trace of her to be found.  Not a single clue or lead from the six years of the McCann private investigation financed by the Fund, which is financed in the main by public donations.

And talking of which with Christmas looming, will there be an appeal for funds to search for their daughter, by the McCanns? - (Like the Queens Speech, we have come to expect it. )  

Surely not, not with a £multi-million investigation by the Met ongoing, an investigation which David Cameron I believe has stated will be financed for as long as it takes, the monies from his special fund, set aside for this case, this purpose, limitless?

Which raises another question - Why do the McCanns still require the services of such formidable legal teams who require to be paid from the Fund?

Do they still expect, or fear, after more than six years since their daughter vanished, to be arrested at some point, as their 'fighting fund' was set up to finance such an occurrence was it not?

Fund raising - It's a funny old business!  

Madeleine's Fund

About the Fund

"Us" and "we" refers to Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited, a not-for-profit company, aka Madeleine's Fund, which has been established to find Madeleine McCann, support her family and bring her abductors to justice. The Fund is following best practice governance procedures as set out in the Good Governance Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector. The directors of the company are Brian Kennedy, Michael Linnett, Edward Smethurst, Jon Corner, Kate McCann & Gerry McCann. They have appropriate legal, business and charitable experience. An experienced Fund Administrator has been appointed to ensure the highest standards of transparency and accountability. This should enable the Directors to maintain an appropriate governance distance in the day-to-day operations of the Fund.

Fund Objectives

The full objects of the Fund are:

  • To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;
  • To procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and
  • To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family.

If the above objects are fulfilled then the objects of the Foundation shall be to pursue such purposes in similar cases arising in the United Kingdom, Portugal or elsewhere.

Fund Raising

We thank you for your interest in fund raising to support Madeleine's fund. Many donations have resulted from a variety of fund raising events. These have included Car Boot sales, jumble sales, school cake sales, race nights, sponsored runs & cycle events, ‘dress down' days, auctions & ‘cheese & wine' nights.

These events have further highlighted Madeleine's plight as well as bringing many people together to have fun whilst working towards one common goal.

We would be grateful if you are considering fund raising that you do not refer to Madeleine's fund as a registered charity as it is not. If you are embarking on a type fund raising which may carry an element of risk you may wish to consider your position regarding insurance cover. If you require further information please refer to:


(1) Who are the main contributors to the fund?

Many members of the general public from across the world have kindly donated to Madeleine's Fund, either by personal donation or fund raising events. In addition to this, over £1 million pounds in libel damages and compensation awarded to Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends has been paid into Madeleine's Fund.

(2) What are the registered details of Madeleine's Fund?

Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, CRN 6248215. Registered office: 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6YH.

(3) Why is Madeleine's Fund not registered as a charity?

Because Madeleine's Fund is currently focussed on searching for one child only, Madeleine McCann it cannot register as a charity. However in the future, if the objects of the fund are fulfilled and subsequently changed to concentrate on multiple similar cases, it may then be possible to acquire charitable status.

(4) Can gift aid or tax relief be claimed on my donation to Madeleine's Fund?

No it cannot because these are only available to registered charities.

(5) If Madeleine's Fund isn't a charity who is regulating it?

The directors regulate Madeleine's Fund and they aspire to follow best practice policies and processes used by charities. The directors have reviewed its operation against “Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector”. This sets out best practice requirements for charities.

The Fund also has:

  • a Financial Procedures Manual
  • job descriptions for directors, chair and treasurer
  • clearly laid out policies and processes for:
  • payments
  • expense claims
  • risk management
  • whistle blowing
  • registering conflicts of interest

(6) Who are the directors of Madeleine's Fund?

There are six directors of the Fund. They are:

  • Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;
  • Edward Smethurst – A Commercial lawyer;
  • Jon Corner – Director of a media company;
  • Michael Linett- retired accountant
  • Kate McCann General Practitioner
  • Gerry McCann Consultant Cardiologist

(7) What is the money being spent on ?

The majority of the fund money has been and continues to be spent on investigative work to help find Madeleine. Additionally money continues to be spent on the wider 'Awareness Campaign' – reminding people that Madeleine is still missing and to remain vigilant. None of the directors have taken any money from the fund as remuneration.

Anyone who wishes further information with regards to the financial details of Madeleine's Fund and its professional advisors, please refer to the accounts filed at Companies House. Crown Way Maindy Cardiff CF14 3UZ


16th December 2013

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