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Maddie's Mum & Marathon

Maddie's Mum and the Marathon

'Kate's Achilles Heel'        &           Her  "Best"  Plan

Madeleine McCanns mother, Kate McCann will be taking part in the London Marathon, to raise funds for the charity Missing People. 

Elizabeth Grice, the Telegraph writes briefly of this event, her article being more about Kate McCann than the Marathon, or the Charity. 

She speaks of how there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead – ‘Not a single piece of evidence has emerged to show that she is dead’ says Grice, and she speaks of the child being abducted, but fails to state that ‘NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE HAS EMERGED TO SHOW THAT MADELEINE WAS ABDUCTED’ nor does she explain how she knows that there was an abduction.

Very few journalists, even in the UK still refer to Madeleine’s disappearance as an abduction, as this has yet to be proven.  

Only those who have NOT read up on the case, NOT bothered to become informed would be so foolish as to do so.  Then we have those who are working under instruction, working to a quite different agenda - dancing to the beat of Mitchell's drum!

So much information available now though, easily accessed by the public -the tapas groups police witness statements, and other police files/records which serve to raise serious doubts that an abduction ever took place, this group of people were FAR from truthful in their accounts of events, that is obvious to the reader, the layman.  But of course, more crucially, the findings of the police investigation, what it quite clearly points to.

No one should be referring to the disappearance of this child as 'abduction.'

At a recent Court case, an action raised by the McCann couple against a retired lawyer, a member of the McCann legal team referred to Madeleine’s “abduction.” 

When the McCann lawyer was questioned on this point, asking how she knew there had been an abduction, her response was that she had ‘been told this’ by her clients the McCanns, admitting though, that she did not know if what she had been told by her clients, the McCanns, was true! 

Simply as the McCann lawyer, she had accepted, acted upon, and responded to what her clients had told her.

Clearly having no proof of abduction, and her clients, the McCanns being UNABLE TO PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE that their daughter had been abducted, rather left the McCanns OWN lawyer with no alternative but to concede on this point.

So indeed, Elizabeth Grice, Telegraph should have done her homework before speaking of an abduction of which there is NO PROOF, and IN ALL PROBABILITY - NEVER HAPPENED!

Grice, like the McCanns’ Lawyer, stated as fact, something which neither of them could produce proof of.  They had only the word of Gerry McCann and Kate McCann, which in a Court of Law proved insufficient for Madeleine’s disappearance to be referred to or accepted during the course of that particular case as abduction.

“We thought we had worked out the BEST plan," Kate says, in reference to the child neglect/abandonment of their children.

She continues - "It seems very different now. I have persecuted myself about that decision for years, even though deep down I knew I was a caring parent and how much I loved my children."

(she knew somewhere DEEP DOWN that she loved her children WOW! Most mum's wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to their offspring) 

I wonder to which “years” she is referring, when it was, this 'self-persecution' took place, as not so long ago, almost 6 years since their daughter was removed from their holiday apartment by someone in their party/someone other than, but known to them/or a stranger, that both Kate and Gerry McCann were still beating the “what we did was responsible” drum!   Still maintaining their 'decision' to leave the children, the right one, the BEST as Kate McCann stated, as it felt so safe (no mother can say that it felt "safe" to leave three babies alone in the circumstances she left her young children when she KNEW they had been awake, crying, upset in their absence - NO MOTHER.  That is not the natural instinct of a loving caring mother, not natural of any adult human, not just a parent)    Still they were not showing any remorse whatsoever for their actions against their own children, the "remorse" which Kate McCann states, makes forgiving easier!

But her brand of forgiveness - reserved
only for the alleged abductor, the perpetrator of the most heinous of crimes against this child?

In her book 'Madeleine' she vividly describes what she thinks this man will have done to her daughter. Stomach churning, sickening. Yet she is prepared to forgive?

Does she no longer believe this is what happened to the child then?  
Did she write this at the time because she felt it would increase book sales?  Gain her sympathy?  

They say forgiveness is part of healing process.

But somehow, until I hear Kate and Gerry McCann publicly apologise to ALL those who
they have harmed, mocked, demeaned, spread untruths, ALL of those people, witnesses in this case, police officers performing their duties as officers of the law, who helped this family, offered kindness and assistance, who physically searched for this child (something more than her parents did) more especially Dr
Dr Goncalo Amaral the officer who headed the investigation, and admirably so, who still to this day fights for
JUSTICE and for the TRUTH of what happened to Madeleine, to be heard in a Court of Law, and in the most dignified manner despite his appalling treatment at the hands of the McCanns - Kate McCann wishing serious harm, pain and suffering to befall him and others.  This she made public.

NO!  Until Kate and Gerry McCann, can do what is decent and honourable, make a
public apology to all of those they have hurt and harmed - her words on "forgiveness" are hollow - just one more publicity stunt as we have come to expect as we near another Anniversary of this missing child.

stunt this time which has seriously backfired, she has shot herself in the foot yet again!   Mothers, parents, the wider public, both astounded at her words, not only because they cannot understand that someone would forgive in these circumstances, but that Kate thinks that we are all daft enough, so gullible that we would believe, eat up, and swallow this latest distasteful offering from the House of McCann!

If Madeleine is alive - will she ever forgive

Will Sean and Amelie, when they discover the truth of how they were abandoned nightly in the unlocked apartment of how their sister came to be missing -
ever forgive them?

Is her little piece on 'self-persecution' an admission now, however late in the day, that what she and husband Gerry did by leaving the children alone on FIVE consecutive nights, in fact was a reckless act, an act of child abandonment, a crime in Portugal?

Of course it isn't!   They didn't 'lawyer-up' on this one, to then crumble and fall.  Kate persecuting herself? - Hell will freeze over before that ever happens.

According to Elizabeth Grice the McCanns thought that leaving 3 UNDER 4 YEAR OLD CHILDREN ALONE IN AN UNLOCKED HOLIDAY APARTMENT NIGHT AFTER NIGHT – was an arrangement so NORMAL, , so IDEAL, that they never questioned it.

Now that is not true!

Have we not heard from the female members of the McCann group, read in their witness statements that Kate McCann was ANXIOUS on the night Madeleine disappeared, as they, the McCanns had left the PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED for Madeleine, so that she could get out and go and look for her mummy and daddy?

Kate McCann asked of best friend Fiona Payne, her opinion whether what they had done was an okay thing to do to their children?

That doesn’t sound like a mother who thought this arrangement was SO NORMAL, SO IDEAL!

This mother knew her children had been awake and crying in her absence, the night before Madeleine vanished, yet she decided it was BEST for the children to leave them alone again?

How can that ever be described as IDEAL OR NORMAL?

And it definitely doesn’t sound like a mother who didn’t question it?  Clearly she did!

As for no one being harder on the couple than themselves?  Elizabeth Grice is sounding like Clarence Mitchell!

Oh no, they were not hard on themselves, if anything they have defended their actions and would do I have no doubt, to the death. When questioned on this, becoming angry that anyone dare mention it, dare suggest what they did was wrong.

This couple feared for themselves, how the consequences of what they had done would affect their lives, feared they would be charged with crimes against their children, they consulted a lawyer to determine whether what they did to their children was unlawful – the lawyer it seems told them that they acted within the bounds of responsible parenting!  

And the lawyer studied where I wonder?

If he told them this, then I would suggest they did not tell him EXACTLY what they had done!   They will have given him the tale of their imaginary checking system, which one and all can see from their own words, in their police witness statements, did not happen!

And the possibility exists that they never consulted with anyone, any lawyer, that this story was just another which Clarence Mitchell spun as part of his remit to protect the McCanns!

Medical doctors who required legal advice so as to know if they were treating their children properly?   

And at this time of the year, no press article about Gerry and Kate McCann would be complete without the ‘F’ Word being brought into play.

Wallets safely tucked away now people for this one – Grice being the bearer of bad news announced that Gerry and Kate McCann are not going to ‘let-up’ on their Fund/Fund Raising Awareness Campaign. 

Still they want your cash!

Take note, there is a dilemma in the McCann household - they need an extra soon to come of a new home?

Are not the Metropolitan Police, courtesy of the UK taxpayer in the middle of a £multi-million Review of this case – and the McCanns are still asking the public for MORE?  They are having a laugh!

Sick Buckets at the ready for the next piece of news from Grice which worryingly had Grice rather a bit more excited than she ought to have been – as she divulged to the world her ‘other reasons to be thankful.’

‘Kate is allowing Gerry to join her between the sheets!’

Enough, enough said - Running out of sick buckets here…

Laughed so hard at that - Should it not have been ‘Reasons to be Cheerful?’ - Get back into bed, Get back into bed, Get back into bed. Yip Kate McCann and Hit me with your rythm stick?   

Either, Elizabeth Grice is the biggest fool who ever walked the planet, to put her name to that comment re Kate McCanns drivel of what goes on behind the doors at Rothley, or she has one hell of a sense of humour money her master too, put pen to paper, accept a pretty penny for doing so and laughing all the way to the bank? 

On a serious note, Kate McCann needs to get a grip on reality.

Her twin children are now 8 years old, and she is still speaking about them in the press, re-hashing the stories the remarks she claims they made as toddlers of how they will search for Madeleine, slay the alleged abductor. 

This is the woman who said the book by Goncalo Amaral would harm her children, the search for Madeleine?   Time for Kate to look closer to home when it comes to her children what is harmful to them. 

This year's panto piece - Panic at the Petrol Pumps!  

Starring of course...none other than...Oh I don't need to tell you, you know!

For the past six years she, Kate McCann, said she took the twin children, into the petrol station with her when going to pay for her fuel, and that they knew this was because ‘someone might steal them!’  

Wonder who told them that?  

Grice tells us that, days ago, Kate McCann did something “frighteningly normal.”   That raised a smile right away!  Grice is a real funny gal!  'Funny ha ha!'

The children, who for SIX YEARS have been led to believe by their mother, that if they remained in the car while she paid for petrol, they would be “taken” by a bad bugger, sorry, bad burglar, taken as Madeleine had been. 

 A few days ago Kate in her wisdom a conscious act she said - LEFT THEM ALONE IN THE CAR!

I have to disagree with Grice on this one - Scaring the shit out of your children isn’t really what I would describe as frighteningly normal!  Frightening, but not normal!  You cannot have your kids, for years believing they will be taken, if left alone in the car, and then one day JUST LEAVE THEM IN IT!

Now that’s just gonna give ideas to all those parents who are sick of hearing ‘Are we there yet?'  A quick and sure fire way to get the kids to stay quiet in the back - 'We're gonna leave you alone in the car if you don't zip it!'

Of course two 8 year old children would be perfectly fine, perfectly safe in a car (the point we were to take from this is how Kate has suffered, worried about them being "taken"(from a petrol station) how she now keeps them in her sights - She knows no one is going to take two big kids out of the car at the petrol station, and that two big kids are not going to get out with a stranger) the story is probably not true, and from that standpoint I found myself laughing, visualising the McCann kids pulling faces, Kate thinking they were happy funny faces, the kids, faces pressed against car window  being terrified, fear on their faces as they tried to attract mummy’s attention through the glass, screaming out for her to come get them.  Kate not recognising the difference between the expressions they pulled - happy funny faces or scared fearty faces!  

She, just looking at them, and then 'moving on' just as she claims Madeleine did!

She had better be careful though,, doing this to the kids  might bring back for them memories of PDL, nights in the scary dark apartment crying for mummy and daddy who of course were not around, were out with their buddies!   And not too sure this would be welcome!

More concerning than her kids being kidnapped from the pumps, is that she keeps harping on about her, and Gerry’s antics in the bedroom getting it published in books, in the press – that's pretty scary stuff for Sean and Amelie, at school they will be a laughing stock! 

The twins aren't having their 'best week ever' are they?  Mummy, the marathon runner/bedroom gymnast, embarrassing the hell out of them, and then being left alone in the car too (Kate has said she was conscious of what she was doing when she left them) Oh no, not another one of those"conscious" McCann decisions - always they seem to involve leaving kids alone somewhere, but never fear Kate kept the car door in view, same as the patio door.   Could this now be her 'best' idea, and leaving them in the unlocked apartment, a close second?

Thank heavens though that she kept them in her sights as I don't think the world is ready for another revolving door/open
window/shutter mystery -

'I got out the car driver side, or did I climb into back seat, and exit from nearside passenger side, or maybe I crawled out the hatchback?   I locked the kids inside using my key... or did I leave it open?  

Whatever! - I knew the kids would be safe, Rothley is such a quiet town, it felt so safe, and I had developed my own checking system based on a listening system I'd heard about when I visited another chain of petrol stations, a while back  - I  choose the pump closest to the pay-point so that I can hear if the kids scream.  Works a treat, until it doesn't!  - and anyway, there is just no way Sean and Amelie would be able to get out of that car on their own, they would have to, undo their seat belts, pick the child lock, pull the door handle towards them, push the door open and step outside, and there is just no way 8 year old twins could do that!

I proceeded to the petrol station shop to pay for my fuel, a man in the queue a stranger, seeing I was anxious asked if I'd like him to go check on my car, suddenly we realised we had met 4 years previously at a supermarket check-out - so I let err, Jimmy,  err, no Johnny, or was it err Bill, maybe Matt, take on the task.  He thought it was a nice thing to do as he was leaving town and it would be his last time at these pumps.

I paid for my petrol, picked up a copy of the Telegraph - my picture was front page, goody gum drops, and I returned to the car, entered by the front passenger side, and slipped over to the driver side.  I just sat for a moment, and  I thought to myself 'okay all quiet.'  To be honest, I almost drove off the forecourt, but as I touched-up my lipstick, I noticed in rear view mirror, the hatchback door was open a little more than I had left it (we always leave it open a little so the smell of rotting meat doesn't build too much on a long journey - supermarket packaging, not what is used to be, Clarence always claimed it was a Portuguese problem, leaks...) this time I exited by front passenger door, and I walked to the back of the car to close the hatch door over again, to about here, half-way, and as I was pulling it down, the wind, it was a breezy day, slammed the hatch door closed. I looked around to see if anyone elses' hatch was open, but everyone else seemed to have their property locked up.  Happy safe children smiled back at me from the other cars.  I opened it again, and I thought 'oh,' I'll just take a look at the children'  The twins, they were so quiet, but I couldn't see them, not because it was dark, it wasn't.  As I slipped from driver to passenger side to get out of car, or was it when I was getting in?  No matter, one of the TWENTY Magic Trees hubby had hung from the car mirror had caught me in the eye and my vision was now a bit blurred due to tearing...and I was thinking - 'is that them, is that Sean and Amelie, or is that the not the bedclothes...the school bags....?' and then I saw the back passenger windows were open, jemmied, and I just knew, they'd, they'd been taken...taken to school by their dad that morning.   I'd forgotten!  

 I forgot too that leaving the hatch alone open isn't sufficient any more,  we have to leave the rear passengers windows open too if we don't want to be overcome from the  stench of my sweaty old running shoes - The locals, a Rothley Raider (a hoodie to rest of us)  must have been watching me, it was only a small window of opportunity, but they must have have recognised me from the papers, they would know I was running the marathon, then, when I went in to pay for the fuel, 'click' one of them struck forced that window open - my running shoes for the Marathon on Sunday snatched!   I hold the petrol shop attendant responsible, I'd written the time the race would start on Sunday, my details, on a piece of paper for him a few days previously, he wanted to watch me on tv, he must have left it there on the counter for everyone to see, one of the Raiders must have seen it, and they would know I had left my sports shoes, in the car, unattended. 

I've hired a private detective, Pat, or Mick something like that is his name, he said he's handled cases like this before back in Ireland, he doesn't hold out much hope, said they probably won't be able to track them down, the shoes or the culprits.  The culprits he said definitely not, as these people can make themselves invisible.  They can morph into anything, blend with the scenery, when on their own turf, and not even he would be able to find them.

The shoes, well there is a little more hope.  He said its been known for some shoes to be found years after they were taken, and relatively none the worse for wear!    Problem is though it could be as many as ten years before this happens, he said I'd be old by then and my feet will have broadened, 'spread' bunions and the like, so it wasn't worth his time venturing to these unknown territories.   As an afterthought, he did say due to the high fees he charged he would try though and get them back for Christmas, but the race is Sunday...

One promising lead he had was a sighting on ebay.   With my celebrity status, he thinks the Raiders might have chanced their luck thinking my designer 'fund bought' sports shoes (I have a Shoe Fund, little piggy bank shape of a trotter ah! ) might fetch a bob or two!  

If I could ask you all to be vigilant - Ladies, sports shoe, pink, UK 6!  

Looks like Kate will have to write another book now...maybe something more in the style of JK Down-in-the-dumps - - Sporty Kate and the Case of the  Shelved Shoes!

Sean and Amelie able to read now, their friends, and their friends older siblings and parents too, reading about the McCann parents in the press, the silly silly and embarrassing stories their mother has published has made public, about her and their dad.

Such a shame for these children.

What is Kate McCann thinking of?

For once in her life, one would hope this woman could put her children before her own selfish needs, her need to be centre stage.  Madeleine got little mention in the article.  The twins will be embarrassed by it!

She should be protecting them from press, not exposing them.

Gerry McCann calls for responsible reporting.  Responsibility for this repeated nonsense begins at home Gerry.  For the sake of your twin children, rein in Clarence and Kate!

McCanns want it both ways though – they want the press to do their bidding when it suits, but to shut up when it doesn’t.

From now, until the 3rd May the 6th Anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance the press are needed to churn out the usual stuff put together for this time of year. The Fund high on the agenda!

Almost forgot, Grice spoke of Kate’s problems, her Achilles Heel -

That would be the jemmied shutter!
April 2013

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