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Maddy Cops Prime Witness

Maddy Cops Prime Witness - McCann Blunder

Looks like McCann couple are up the creek without a paddle.   They appear to have made one huge blunder -Their prime witness Jane Tanner, her story has has left a huge hole in the McCann tale of abduction, it was just not believable!

Jane Tanner is the acquaintance of the McCann couple who claimed to have seen a child being carried off by a man, on the night the McCanns reported their daughter Madeleine as missing.  The time - 9:15 pm.

If this man was someone carrying off Madeleine and the shutter and window was opened by the alleged abductor then they had to have been open at this time - 9:15 pm.

The McCanns built their entire "search" campaign around this supposed sighting by the witness Jane Tanner.

Gerry McCann telling Sandra Felgueiras in interview that Jane Tanner had almost caught the abductor.

The Portuguese Police did not find Tanner's 'sighting' to be credible.  Never agreeing either with the timeline the McCanns and their holiday companions invented!

The McCanns and their companions refused to return to Portugal when requested by the Portuguese Police to do so, so that their timeline could be tested!  (see 'Refusal Blogs')

Nevertheless the McCanns insisted on publicising this sighting.  Together with their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell, and one of their private detectives Dave Edgar they commissioned a sketch of a man carrying a child, and held a huge press conference to launch same. 

What those who have not followed this case may not understand is that it was NOT the Portuguese Police who launched this sketch, and that the 'timeline of events' of the evening Madeleine was reported as missing, is a timeline drawn up by the McCanns and Co who have pretty much manipulated much in this case using the monies donated by the public to the Madeleine Fund to do so.

This sketch of the man Jane Tanner claimed to have seen (known as Tannerman sketch) the McCanns have had displayed on the Madeleine site for the past few years, in fact up until very recently, despite DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police having 'dumped' this sighting back in mid October 2013.

Why?  Why indeed?

The Metropolitan Police are now it would appear following the lead of the Portuguese Police, and are in complete agreement with the initial Portuguese investigation in that the sighting by Jane Tanner is not relevant to the case of missing Madeleine.

This, as I said on opening - rather leaves the McCanns up the creek without a paddle, mucks up Gerry McCanns tale of how, when he entered the apartment to check on his children at 9:05 pm and found that the door of the bedroom where the children slept was open much further than he had left it, before heading out to dinner that night.

(The implication here by McCann was that someone, the alleged abductor had been in the apartment before he arrived, and had concealed himself, then when McCann left the apartment, carried Madeleine off only to be seen by Jane Tanner

McCann said he restored the door to the original position before once more leaving the apartment after his check.

Their holiday companion Matthew Oldfield, he claimed that the same bedroom door was wide open (more widely open that is than McCann claimed to have left it) when he entered the McCann apartment at approximately 9:35 pm

We the public were to believe that when Oldfield arrived the bedroom door was more widely open, as the abductor having waited for Gerry McCann to leave, had then opened it when removing Madeleine, leaving it in this more open position.

Now, with Tanner's sighting being dumped by not only the Portuguese Police and the Metropolitan Police it rather leaves Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield with one hell of a lot of explaining to do.

The sighting being concentrated on by the Metropolitan Police is the very same one, the Smith family sighting, which Dr Goncalo Amaral of Portuguese Police was interested in also.

This sighting is of a man, seen carrying a child, the child fitting the description of Madeleine,
the man resembling Gerry McCann.  Members of this family believing it was Gerry McCann they saw.

E. Fits of this sighting were produced by the McCanns private detectives.

E.Fits which the McCann couple chose to conceal for over 5 years, that was until the recent Crimewatch programme, where DCI Andy Redwood of Metropolitan Police had other ideas and decided it was time they had an airing.

This sighting too by the Smith family was nearer to 10 pm just before the time Kate McCann claims to have discovered Madeleine to have been missing or 'taken' as she likes to refer to the mysterious disappearance of little Madeleine.

Redwood believes Madeleine was removed from the apartment (abduction not as yet proven) closer to 10 pm

Which brings us nicely right back to that more widely open bedroom door which both Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield claim to have found -

DCI Andy Redwood, the Portuguese Police, the public, anyone at all looking at the information as it stands, knows that for the bedroom door to have been more widely open at Gerry McCanns check - 9:05 pm and then again at Oldfield's check - 9:35 pm that the alleged abductor would have to have hung around that apartment for a very long time.

The shutter was NOT open at Oldfield's check.   So if we are to assume the abductor opened the shutter then he did so after Oldfield checked.  

The stories told by Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield - don't therefore add up.   Just not possible for the bedroom door to have been found more widely open on either/both of their checks.

Abductors, who had planned, as Kate and Gerry McCann tell us is the case here, didn't plan to hang around the McCann apartment for almost an hour, that is for sure!

Madeleine McCann having been abducted by a stranger has never, based on the information in the police files, the far-fetched stories told by the holiday group and the wild imaginings by the writer of 'Madeleine' seemed at all likely.

DCI Redwood following the lead of the Portuguese Police and ridding the case of Jane Tanner's sighting must have left the McCanns with more than a little to think about, not least how that bedroom door came to be more widely open, multiple times...

And despite Kate McCann saying it was a very windy night, Matthew Oldfield said in his rogatory interview that is was not windy, and that he closed the patio door after he entered the apartment, and there was no draught...

Cannot wait to hear what they come up with to explain away that more widely open bedroom door...

The McCanns for sure too, cannot be at all pleased at the e.fits which they concealed being in the public domain.

They for sure cannot be pleased that the fact they concealed them is now known also.

Now with the McCann libel case the closing due early January 2014 and the world now knowing what the McCanns did, a bit of salvage work was necessary, hence the nonsense we once again have in the UK press.

The fault for the McCanns 'Tannerman' being out there all of these years had to be laid at someone else's door and quickly, and of course we all know whose door that was to be...well we could not hold the McCanns responsible for their own actions now could we..?

Brought a huge smile reading the latest in the press which simply serves to highlight the McCanns desperation in the situation they now find themselves...

'The innocent dad agreed to be pictured in the clothes he wore in Praia da Luz at the time to prove he was the man in the police sketch previously seen as key to cracking the case.

His two year old's pink pyjamas, which were described by Ms Tanner, were also brought to Scotland Yard to help prove
his innocence.

Almost seven years on, this man still had the pyjamas his now 9 year old daughter wore when she was two years old, and he took them down to Scotland Yard to prove his innocence.  How funny is that!   And, the innocent dad dressed up too, in his old clobber which he just happened to have saved also.   Wonder if he wore it to the Yard or he just got changed into it when he arrived there.

Just a thought and far be it for me to tell the mighty Met how to do their job, but would it not have been simpler to check the creche records and all others relevant to this guys stay in Portugal?   Methinks DCI Andy Redwood required to make more of a splash, more of a statement though than simply to say he has dismissed Tanner's sighting.

Yip, but only in the case of Madeleine McCann could such nonsense be produced in UK press, courtesy of Clarence Mitchell.

And just a little reminder from the Sandra Felgueiras interview with Kate and Gerry McCann:-  

SF = Sandra F.   GM = Gerry McCann  KM- Kate McCann


And you say that you regularly was checking her... were checking on the children every 15 minutes. So do you still maintain that, errr... this is the person that you believe has abducted Madeleine. 

[SF holds up newspaper, with the 'Cooperman' sketch beside the 'Tanner' sketch

Do you still believe that this is the man?


We... we have never 
said that that is the man who abducted Madeleine. We said that it's someone, who multiple witnesses... had a description similar to this man. 

[GM holds up a sheet of paper showing the same two sketches]

Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."
Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."

 [points to 'Jane Tanner' sketch, on right ] We believe this is the man...


The man that Jane Tanner saw?





KM:    [points to 'Gail Cooper' sketch, on left] 

Now, this is the man who has... who has obviously been flagged up by certain people acting strangely and he's not that dissimilar to this man but we don't know.     Basically, it'll... we almost wanted to eliminate him.


And how do you think that he could have opportunity to get into the apartment if you were checking on the children every 15 minutes?


Ehh... Ehh... How often did you say we were checking?


15 minutes. No?


That's... that's not what we've said, you know...




 ...and it's been widely reported that it was about 30 minutes. Now, that was what our checks were. Clearly, different people were going at different times and there was a small window of opportunity.

There's no doubt about it; it was a small window. 

I believe it's a high risk strategy and that person almost got caught.


By who?


By Jane!

Ah but that person this imaginary abductor didn't almost get caught by Jane... but the person who did remove Madeleine from the apartment... kinda looking like the Metropolitan Police, together with the Portuguese Police are almost ready to catch him!

This latest nonsense is borne by their desperate need to deflect from their CONCEALING THE E.FITS OF THE SMITH SIGHTING, therefore they are concentrating their efforts on Tannerman attempting to discredit others for this sighting still being out there.  

The real issue is of course WHY WERE THE SMITH SIGHTING E.FITS not circulated but HIDDEN by the McCanns? 

The public and in particular those who donated to the Madeleine Fund must now be asking serious questions as to why the McCanns would do such a thing, bury crucial evidence in the case of their missing daughter, and those who donated to the Find Madeleine Fund must be horrified, sickened that the money they gave to help find the child was used to help bury information which could have helped Madeleine.  Information hidden for FIVE YEARS by those the public trusted to use the monies as they were intended to be used.  Hidden by those who should have cared most about this little girl!

And still Gerry and Matthew need to provide an explanation as to why that bedroom door would have been more widely open on each of their checks...

Seems there is a whole lot of bluffing going on from all sides and the McCanns surely cannot be feeling very comfortable right now.  

They know just as all following this case do, that Redwood and his team
must be wondering how that bedroom door which Gerry claimed he found open, came to be that way if the alleged abductor didn't strike until AFTER Gerry's check, AFTER Matthews check!

Yip McCann and Oldfield are up shit creek on this one!
And without that paddle they're going to either have to get their hands a whole lot dirtier than they already are...or...they could come clean?

And I'll say it again - McCanns cannot be happy that Redwood is in agreement with Dr Goncalo Amaral, that he too dismissed Tanner's sighting.

The Metropolitan Police agreeing with the findings of Dr Goncalo Amaral - a real blow for the McCanns.

Kate McCann has stated she wishes for Dr Amaral to suffer to feel pain - nice lady!

Wonder if she now wishes that the same should befall DCI Andy Redwood for daring to agree with the Portuguese findings? 

Funny too how this libel trial has them all a fluster - hiding those E. Fits, now that is something they definitely don't want introduced in this trial - the following from the Mirror a dead giveaway (well the entire article is really) it is being offered up as the excuse, the reason why this lovely couple hid CRUCIAL INFORMATION, that is the E.FITS in the case of their missing daughter.

The Mirror:

'The Smith family provided two images of the man
more than five years ago.  However, the sighting was viewed as too late to be significant because of Ms Tanner's sighting - which is why the e.fits were only released publicly in a Crimewatch appeal broadcast in October.'

To add a little clarity here.   The McCanns then private detectives had these E. Fits produced.   They presented them to Kate and Gerry McCann, advising that they be circulated immediately.  

The McCanns decided not to use them in their own private investigation, nor did they hand them over to the British Police and more importantly they kept them from the Portuguese Police!    

Never has their been a case of a missing child where the parents have manipulated and used monies donated by the public to help the missing child to do so.

Never has their been a case of a missing child which stinks more than that of missing Madeleine McCann!
27th December 2013

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