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Maddy's Mum - 'S' Word

Maddy’s Mum the ‘S’ Word & the £1m Cure


'Kate McCann NEVER intended killing herself says her psychologist.'


Alan Pike psychologist witness for Kate McCann told the Court Kate McCann referred to killing herself:-




"She says she spent a few days in tears. Kate talks about not being around anymore, and refers to killing herself as an option"  

Yes killing yourself is an option to not killing yourself!

And of course - the show must go on and Kate clearly didn’t opt to kill herself. 


Pike also said that Kate McCann NEVER had any intention of killing herself - just words!




"I deduced an indication of how she felt rather than something she would ever intend to do."


Three cheers for Pike, he ‘saw through’ Kate’s words.  He knew Kate had no intention of committing suicide.  Hurrah, hurrah!   For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us…


few days of crying over, tears mopped up, and no intention of making herself  ‘disappear’  her  psychologist Pike deduced, and testified in Court.  Kate quickly turned her thoughts and attention to something else.


What could lift her out of her darkness?


Nope not chocolate, it would have to be something way more than a candy bar to get over ‘nearly having’ – 'might have having' – 'sort of having' – 'almost having' -  BUT NOT HAVING thoughts of not being around. 


Lots of candy bars?


Nope – this was a biggie, a few days of crying takes more than some chocolate to cure!


Shoes! – yes the next best thing, but not just any old shoes, and definitely not a pair from M & S!  


The only cure for Kate was a pair or two, of Manolo Blahnik’s!

But Gerry- he say - NO!


 'Don't you know woman that Manolos, duffy coats and frumpy frocks just don't go together!  Besides, the Fund is running low again - that shoe fund of yours!  Stick with the running shoes, they are more useful, or be like Jane, a pair of good quality rubber flip flops.   Since you started that shoe fund you’ve had ideas of grandeur.  Enough!’


A few more days of crying followed - as Kate knew in her heart she could ill afford the Manolos.  

‘Money, manolos’ - money, manolos - 'M and M's -'M and M's' her mind awash with thoughts of manolos, a tidal wave...


She drove herself crazy, well almost – nearly- just about- could have, drive herself crazy, at the thought of not having them, not owning a pair!


But Kate knew she had options!


Live like Jane, creeping around in her flip flops and matching rubber wristband for the rest of her life, no one ever noticing her



She could have those manolos! 

Kate is no Jane, she was not going to be a wallflower for Gerry, not anyone, not anymore! She would ditch the duffy’s, free herself of the frumpy frocks – ‘Kate, Cinders to her close friends, shall go to the ball… she would walk in wearing those manolos…if it erm...killed her!

Blahniks, Blahniks, her battle cry! 


Rothley residents thought she’d gone quite mad, but hearing her scream Blahniks was a welcome relief from bewks, bewks!


But how to get them – Manolo means Money!


Kate ever imaginative found her own cure, no need for Pike – well he had given her a clean bill of health he had deduced she was not going to perform a disappearing act – for he’s jolly good fellow, for he’s jolly good fellow… therefore, he had no need to refer her to her GP for onward referral to a psychiatrist to perhaps be ‘sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act for her own good, and for the safety and protection of the McCann twins, and until such times as she became more well. Until the non-thoughts of disappearing...well disappeared!

That must have been such a relief to her family.  Or maybe not! 

Her family it seems did not know of any of this, it was private, between her and Pike.  And of course it would have been a gross breach of confidentiality if he had let the ‘S’ Word Cat out of the bag.  He’d just let Gerry, get a surprise if he came home one night and Kate had, well…vanished or lay dead on the floor the twins by her side.  

Had this man believed Kate McCann was suicidal it would have resulted in more than a gross breach of confidentiality should something have happened to the twin children whilst in their mother's care.  He had a duty of care toward the McCann children to make this known to her husband and family.  Breach of confidence is one thing, but when there are children who require to be protected, kept safe from the person who is ill - a whole different ball game.

But he didn't believe Kate was suicidal, so he didn't say a word!

He left it to Kate to tell, not just her family, of how she was feeling- Brave Kate, stoic as Gerry describes them – decided to tell not just the ‘ignorant and oblivious to it all’ Gerry, but to tell, no, SELL it to the WORLD in her book ‘Madeleine’- her private thoughts which she had shared with her new pal Pikey and Pikey alone! 


At least Pikey didn’t have to buy a copy!


But that was a long time after her chat with new pal Pikey...


...Kate still needed the money for the Manolos. 

She’d heard Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book was doing rather nicely, and the darkness sue-en lifted.  Kate was not about to let those Manolos slip through her fingers, they had to, just had to, be slipped on her feet. 

She would sue Dr Goncalo Amaral!


Crocodile tears dried up, Kate set about the business of raising her libel action against Dr Goncalo Amaral – those Manolo Blahniks would soon be hers – ‘mine, all mine’ Pike heard her say.


Seems 1 million bucks can cure just about anything!

The third day of the libel hearing on Lisbon, and yet again we had a string of witnesses, not friends of the McCanns – nope, not any friends, none of them rallied round to tell what they had witnessed - Kate descend into darkness!   Any true friends they may have are conspicuous by their absence.  Yet these are the people who would have seen, been in her company, surely noticed her distress more than anyone else? Instead we have a bunch of - what seems like money-grabbers!

We had, once again, people who have gained financially in some way or other, through young Madeleine’s disappearance, come to testify how Kate…did what Kate did, and forecast what kate might do next…


Money for old rope comes to mind!


Alan Pike told the Court, through listening to Kate McCann, to her words he deduced that she had NO intention of EVER committing suicide.  That is what he deduced in his professional capacity as her psychologist.

Listening’ to Alan Pike, I deduce that he is a paid witness, a witness who could not state categorically that Kate McCann was ever going to commit suicide, because of course she wasn't.

‘job’ in Court was to plant the seed, suggest the ‘S’ word, knowing that this would be picked up by the media.  He played safe, giving enough and just enough, he did not stray from the script...


He knows, as most do that Kate McCann had no more intention of killing herself than 'love me, I love myself, Gerry McCann' has of killing himself!


But listen to the words!

Pike said that Kate McCann told him she was:

"so INCENSED she couldn't get through each day".

Not so upset, distraught, distressed that she could not get through each day, but incensed.   In other words she was

Incensed that Dr Goncalo Amaral had written his book, incensed at the content!


There is a vast difference in someone who is for whatever sad reason, contemplating ending their life, so distressed at the death of a family member, a child perhaps that they feel they cannot go on…, and someone who is merely incensed at the content of a book.

Kate McCann never felt like killing herself when Madeleine vanished had no feeling of guilt whatsoever, she and her husband Gerry have both stated this numerous times about the loss of this child.   It was not their fault they say.

And as Gerry McCann has stated - if Madeleine had been hurt in their absence, how would that be their fault.


Kate McCann was so incensed by Dr Goncalo Amaral’s book, said Pike that she claimed she couldn't get through each day’. 


So Kate McCann was so ANGRY then each day, not sitting weeping, helpless, over the content of the book, but her anger so great she felt she could not get through each day.  


Kate McCann we all know has an angry temper. And a filthy tongue.   

I further deduce that she felt the only way to calm it, cure it, was a million bucks!

Will Kate McCann get her Manolos? 

Not if the Judge 'listens' to the words!

20th September 2013

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