Lying in the Sun




What happened to Madeleine McCann no one has absolute proof – there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to cast doubt on the parents their companions, and there is of course their police witness statements which speak for themselves – they simply don’t add up, riddled with holes and lies.


What there is not is any evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that abduction took place.  Not a shred.


Redwood can produce any number of persons seen walking/talking/standing in Praia da Luz - produce e.fits of persons, and declare, them as possible, potential, might be, could be, not sure, stick them in the mix anyway ‘suspects’ but he is fooling no one.


As the ex US Prosecutor, Murphy said”


“I mean I am so not interested in being dragged down a rabbit hole about FAKE suspects”


And neither is anyone else!


And that is about the extent of what has been happening this past six years since this child vanished – fake suspects!


The Review/Investigation by Andy Redwood and the Metropolitan Police has been nothing short of an utter disgrace.  The way this has been conducted the stories he has fed the press simply sickening.


It had nothing to do with discovering what became of the child they already know what that is, knew from the beginning!


This little girl has been failed so badly by all, from the parents, their holiday companions - a despicable bunch - Clarence Mitchell their spokesperson who I consider the scum of the earth, how else can you describe someone who would spin and lie in the case of a missing child - their lawyers, the teams of them, all who have made a pretty penny out of Madeleine!

And not forgetting the McCann/Healy clan who took the stand to testify at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon!- they were not there for Madeleine but for money!


Andy Redwood and the Met have failed Madeleine big time!  He and his colleagues should hang their heads in shame.


They know what those files contain yet they have chosen to disregard.

Wherever little Madeleine is, I hope she is at peace.

13th October 2013

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