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Madeleine - 6 Years Gone

Madeleine - 6 Years Gone

Kate McCann fears for her Twins

Then why did “terrified” Kate McCann only this past week if this is the case, choose such a time to begin leaving the twins alone in the car at the petrol station while she paid for fuel?


How far will the McCanns go for their Farce and their Fund?

The answer to that is in their latest sick stunt!

I have always felt great sadness and concern for the McCann twins in equal measure.  Never getting to know their sister Madeleine, much too young at the time of her disappearance for them to now remember her, but to have their heads filled with stories of a scary man who took her, the burglar as their parents tell them, who took something which didn’t belong to him, but belonged to them – their sister Madeleine, and of how he might strike if they are in the car alone.  A lot for young children to take on board, understand.

They celebrate the birthday of this sister who they never got to know, gifts are bought for her, given in the name of the twins. Christmas too this is the practice.

Their parents speak to the press about them.  Make public what the children say and do or rather the parents present us with stories.  Whether the twins did in actual fact ever say, or do, any, or even some of the things which Kate and Gerry McCann have made public I would leave a huge question mark! 

They are known to embellish at these times, and very much more at others.

They want the world to believe that Madeleine plays a big part in the young twin’s lives, when realistically that cannot happen, nor can it be true.  Of course there will be reminders of Madeleine in their home, and they will be told stories of her by their parents.  Not a parent in the world who would wish that family members ever forget a lost loved one.  But the twins cannot possibly remember her.  They can be "reminded" of a time when she was there with them, but they themselves will not remember Madeleine.   This was evident in ‘Madeleine Was Here’ when Kate had to prompt the little ones to say their sister’s name.

The twins cannot miss or grieve for Madeleine as her parents do, as simply they don’t remember their sister.  And it is wrong to expect that they do.  No amount of prompting will allow these children to experience the same feeling of loss as older or adult members of this family who do remember a time when Madeleine was with them.

Kate and Gerry McCann harmed all three of their children when they so horribly, cruelly abandoned them night after night whilst on holiday in Portugal.  Madeleine their eldest daughter vanished, never to be found.

Perhaps the McCanns should be grateful their young twins were too young to remember what must have been a terrible time for them, waking in the nights, no mummy and daddy there to comfort them.

They have blamed in one way or another, everyone they could think of for this, never once, accepting any blame whatsoever, directly or indirectly for Madeleine having vanished off the face of the earth.

Every Anniversary of this child’s disappearance they pull a stunt, together with Clarence Mitchell.  Sightings of Madeleine appear in the press, stories arranged by McCann team.  Televised interviews arranged where presenters of morning shows, sit posing the pre-agreed questions to be put to the couple, their answers rehearsed.  The presenters fawn over them.   If these presenters had taken the time to read the police files to view/read each and every interview this couple have given, the dishonesty, and inconsistencies in their story would jump out at them.  But pertinent questions are not allowed.

But they don’t bother, don't seem to mind they would rather ignore what happened to Madeleine, favouring pandering to the parents who caused her not to be here.

Every anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance brings more bizarre stories, more interviews, more ridiculous press stories, all created by the McCann team.

But none more concerning than when they “use” their twin children to serve a purpose on their agenda, we have witnessed this time and time again.

After Madeleine’s disappearance, one would think, hope that these people would take better care of the remaining children, and that does not simply involve keeping an eye on them when paying for petrol!

Amelie and Sean McCann should absolutely not be exposed to the media in any way manner or form.  Yet their parents continually allow this to happen.

Gerry McCann hi-jacked, Hacked Off, complaining about every aspect of the media, stating that the media frightened his children.

It is NOT the media who chase the McCanns to obtain a story, to hear a tale of the twin children it is Clarence Mitchell, together with Kate and Gerry McCann who are responsible.  It is they who create whatever tale they feel will get them the most attention, the attention they crave so badly.

Kate McCann wasn’t forced to take part in the recent round of interviews, not forced to pose for pictures for press release. She stands looking woeful as that is what she wanted to do. 

First off there is always news of whatever money making scheme they have concocted and we are told the “search” will have to be discontinued if we don’t give more, that they are running short of cash, their Fund requires ‘topping- up.’    But in truth, does anyone at all know what this so called “search” involves?   Does anyone at all know, what is this entity they have labelled ‘The Search?’ because as sure as eggs are eggs, I have not a clue! 

Kate then gets into character – playing the victim –‘they hate me because I’m fat/skinny/dumb/blonde/horrible voice/no boobs/short hair/long hair.cold/boring/gorgeous/heartless.  Her list is endless.  Endlessly self- serving!   

Madeleine barely gets a mention, increasingly it is all about her mum.

‘Kate McCann - by Kate McCann! ‘

As time passes it is more difficult for them to keep the public attention, to keep the public parting with their cash for THAT Fund!

Their tales of woe have to be made more dramatic, Kate has to appear more wounded each year, and there has to be someone who is to blame for this.  This year internet trolls – whatever they are when at home!

Also if they want continued support for the Fund, Madeleine too has to be alive!   At all costs, that is the message they have to get across.

But as we all know, chances of that are less than slim.

Colin Sutton, a former chief inspector of London’s Metropolitan Police, speaking about missing person cases in general, and more specifically the Metropolitan review of the Madeleine case too:

“Technically you have to use these media opportunities to get help, you can’t stress in an appeal (for information) that she may be dead or you are switching people off”

He continued:

“If a person is missing for more than 48 hours, there is a 90 per cent chance that they won’t be coming back.  A lot of the team will be thinking that she simply isn’t alive.

It’s a fact, that the McCanns also would have had to face, and that while police officers would have been sensitive, they certainly wouldn’t have shied from it as a distinct possibility.

They would have been told she is dead, and they would have accepted that, but they, as her parents, also have to believe that she will be found one day.”

This statement by Colin Sutton goes a long way to help understand the statement by Andy Redwood when he declared he had taken TWO positions in this case – One that Madeleine is alive, the other is that she is not!

Was he saying Madeleine may be alive, knowing that the likelihood is that she is not, but as Sutton said, just following protocol?

If she is dead, then how that came to be is the question that needs answered, and it isn’t looking very likely that she was abducted, in fact the investigation suggests otherwise.

It would explain also, the review team consisting of homicide detectives!

The McCann ‘Annual Publicity Stunt’ – 2011 we had Kate announce to the world that she now believed Madeleine had been trying to tell her that it was an intruder who had woken her the night before she vanished.  How very convenient!

Did not though Kate and Gerry McCann tell us that Madeleine was not upset at the time when she told them of her and her brother’s upset of the previous evening, when they had woken up and were crying for mummy and daddy – that, that she had told them of their upset, and then - just ‘dropped it?’

The thing with Kate and Gerry McCann is that they seem unable to keep to one version of any particular story.  The other thing is that they will use anyone, even their children, to achieve whatever is their goal.  

Just when you think though that this couple could not sink any lower in this regard, using their children in a way they should be ashamed, up they pop again, this year, kicking off with the fantastic tale, that Kate forgives the abductor who took Madeleine.  The child who the world was asked to believe is alive and with a paedophile, a paedophile who did things to her daughter which Kate imagined and described so graphically in her book, and she forgives him.

Is she able to forgive as she knows he does not exist?

The public were outraged at these comments.  It very much came across that if her daughter was alive that she had no empathy for what the little one would have suffered at the hands of an evil brute, but had sympathy and forgiveness in abundance for the perpetrator of the crimes against her.  She could she said forgive him in any circumstance.

Story number two on the 6th Anniversary agenda – was the rather outrageous tale at the pumps, the petrol station!  This time, we heard of how Kate, when ‘filling-up’ always thereafter takes the twins with her when she pays for the fuel, keeps them by her side but suddenly in the last few days, she decided it was time for her ‘to leave them in the car.  So this she did!

Interesting that, as number three in her little trilogy, had Kate doing what she does best - telling porkies!   She spoke of a death threat it seems, in one of their “anniversary” interviews.  Seems too she suggested that she feared for the twins.  She was terrified.

Now let us call a spade a spade.  There is no death threat hanging over Kate McCann.   She knows this, the police know this, and the public know this too. 

Even if there had been a credible threat, do we honestly think for a second the police would have advised her make this public, make it part of her annual stunt? 

Do we really think she would be running in the Marathon if this was the case?

But very much more importantly, if this mum truly knew of any real threat to her and to her twin children, where they could be harmed at any time, at any place, or at a specific event like the London Marathon, why would she sit laughing and joking chatting to the giggly Lorraine Kelly?  Why would she run in the Marathon?  And why would she have spoken of this when she would know absolutely that it would hit the headlines, that her twin children would see this, or hear of it from school friends.  That it would frighten the living daylights out of them.

Hardly the actions of a responsible adult, mother!  Chilling in fact.

If she thought forgiving the abductor was not, cause enough for the public to be outraged, mother’s across the globe will be appalled that she would do this, that she would have "given" the press such a story, such a headline.   Every mother of a young child, every mother of a now grown child will be thinking back to when their child/ren were 8 years old, and how they would feel to see such a headline, how their child would feel to read or hear this.

The absolute horror and fear this would instil in their child/ren, and yes, the little ones would believe it to be true, as it was their mummy who said it.

Kate McCanns actions, and behaviour are not those of a loving, caring mum, a mum who feared for her children’s safety. If she genuinely felt her children were at risk, that she was going to be a target, pot shots taken at her at the Marathon, she would not be taking part and she most certainly would not have brought this to public, drawing surely what was unwanted attention to her children.

If the police knew of any threat imminent or otherwise to these children they would not have considered it safe for Kate McCann to sit and speak of this in a TV broadcast.  They would be questioning her, asking her why she had deliberately put her children at risk.  If the Missing People Charity thought Kate McCann and her children were at risk they would not allow her to run on their behalf, her sponsors would understand completely.

But there is no risk to the lives of the McCann twins they were used for what has now become an annual publicity stunt.

For the “6th” Kate pulled out all the stops with her trilogy!  Horrifyingly she used the twins to do so.

What type of people would do this?  These children, they don’t remember Madeleine, but every day of their lives, they are made to remember her.  Their adult life will be no different, worse perhaps as by then they will understand that all is not what they had been fed throughout their childhood.

Kate's book, Madeleine she said was written so that they the children would have an account of what happened to Madeleine, but there is a fly in this docs ointment - she has
given other accounts elsewhere, all available on internet.

What will Sean and Amelie think?

They may read some nasty things written about their parents, but they will read also the truth of matters, and that has to be Kate and Gerry McCanns greatest fear.   The various accounts of events as told by their parents, refusals, not searching for Madeleine, not co-operating fully with police, and much more.  They will discover the part their parents played, before, during and after Madeleine’s disappearance.

Gerry McCann (2010):

“Sean talks all of the time about finding Maddie, and what he will do to the person who stole her.  They know they went to sleep and when they woke up she had disappeared.  But they still don’t understand that somebody took her.

When they become aware of this I think they will want to know where we were.  And we will have to explain to them that we were having dinner in the restaurant next door.”

(Is ‘next door’ the same as dining in your back garden I wonder?)

It’s now 2013 I think Amelie and Sean may just be asking those questions now, and, I think they will be wanting to know why it is their mother on national television spoke of them being harmed, fearing for them?  Why their names in this regard appeared in newspaper headlines.

The McCanns should be protecting these children, not exposing them, not using them in the way that they do.   How can they complain about the press, intrusion in their lives, intimidation of their children, when they themselves contribute by creating stories, headlines in a bid for publicity for their Fund!

Jeremy Paxman nailed it on this count, enraging Gerry McCann in the process.


“But then you had this entire media circus camped out around you, but YOU collaborated with them when it was CONVENIENT to you, didn’t you, and you would announce photo-calls, and whether or not you would be speaking that day, or maybe tomorrow or the day after”


This year the annual dose of nonsense was more sickening, more concerning than ever before.  I guess not being able to say that there is no one, no law enforcement agency doing anything, had them struggling to come up with something.  There was no book launch, no documentary, they had to get their thinking caps on. But to sink to the levels which Kate McCann has this past week, involving her twin children as she has, fills me with disgust, despair as to what lies ahead for the twins when their mother conducts herself as she has and the father clearly condoning, going along with this.

It is utterly shocking, sickening, stomach churning, beyond belief.

Is there no one in the McCann extended family who can take them aside tell them that what they are doing, doing to their twin children is distasteful, not responsible, so extremely harmful to these children.

Kate McCann says she worries about the stuff that the twins might come across on the internet, what they might see.

Something they will never see is a threat against them. 

The reason that story is out there now is because their mummy saw to that, which is not only tragically sad, but it leads me to believe that someone, be it social services or some other child protection agency should be taking a close look at this matter, the situation regarding this threat Kate McCann has raised and her concern, for her children.

If there is any threat of harm, physical, or to their welfare and well being, from whatever quarter, be that out-with the family home or otherwise, if there is an unhealthy atmosphere, an atmosphere where these twins feel vulnerable, afraid, this quite frankly has to be addressed.  It is matter of extreme urgency importance that someone from a proper child protection authority does so.

When there are headlines which highlight a threat a potential risk to these children and that headline was borne of what the mother said on television, a headline which would frighten these children witless then something has to be done about it.  It has to be investigated as to why their mother would do this.

There can be no one out there now, no mother who could respect the actions of Kate McCann.

As for her appearing on Daybreak, and her smile being described as the first in 6 years – where have these people been these past six years – On Madeleine’s 4th birthday just days after she disappeared, Kate and Gerry McCann when leaving the church in PDL beamed a smile wider than any mother or father whose child, it was claimed was abducted by paedophiles should have been able to.

The only gunfire we have heard the past few days is Kate McCann repeatedly shooting herself in the foot, her desperate bid for attention massively backfiring.  And tomorrow the only shots we will hear is - the sound of the starting pistol!

My heart goes out to the McCann twins, Amelie and Sean.  They don't deserve this latest by their parents, they, like Madeleine, the innocent victims.
April 2013

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