Lying in the Sun

Madeleine Gagged

Madeleine Gagged

Dr Goncalo Amaral spoke of Madeleine as a 'little girl with no voice.'  

Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann in interviews have often spoken of the 'missing piece of the puzzle.'

Little did we know that not only did Madeleine have no voice, but it was her parents who gagged her!

Gagged her when they made vanish, a huge piece of the puzzle, by hiding from police authorities, hiding from the public who donated to their Fund vital information which could have given Madeleine back her voice, given back to her siblings,  Sean and Amelie, their sister.

All these years they have asked the public to search for this 'missing piece of the puzzle' and the McCanns were hiding it!

The voice of Madeleine for this past six years - Dr Goncalo Amaral!
28th October 2013

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