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Madeleine McCanns Hero

Madeleine McCanns Hero -

                     Dr Goncalo de Sousa Amaral

"It is truth that guides me, and it will continue to do so, in its simplicity and greatness"

Most every little girl looks upon her father as a hero the person who will love and protect her every day of her life, keep her from harm as far as is humanly possible, never placing her in obvious danger.  He is the person who would lay his life on the line to save her from harm, fear, pain, suffering.  He is the person, if harm should come to his child, would seek to bring those responsible to justice, and perhaps more.

Gerry McCann is the father of missing Madeleine McCann.   Her mother is Kate McCann.

They placed Madeleine in danger likewise her two siblings, this they told the world, that is their statement to police, that they abandoned Madeleine and her baby brother and sister, night after night after night, in an unlocked holiday apartment.

They knew she had been awake in their absence, crying, upset calling out for them, her baby brother too.   Yet they chose to ignore the plight of their kids.   They chose to continue abandoning them in the dark and scary vacation apartment.

Gerry McCann, his complete and utter disregard for the care and protection of his children in leaving them alone night after night rules him out as being anyone's hero, and most certainly not a hero to his own kids.  His arrogant and offhand conduct in not accepting any blame or responsibility for the safety of his kids, and more specifically the disappearance of Madeleine is surpassed only by his downright refusal to co-operate fully with the police as they endeavoured through their investigation to discover what became of the missing child, her whereabouts, and to find the perpetrators of the crimes committed against her.  

This dad told the world that he/they would leave no stone unturned in their search for her, a search funded with the £m's donated by the public. 

That was a LIE, a great fat lie.

Gerry McCann and his wife Kate McCann together with their buddies did everything in their power to AVOID every stone being unturned.

They ALL refused to fully co-operate with police.   Refused to take part in a re-enactment of the events of the night they reported Madeleine as missing. Refused to answer police questions.  Refused to return to Portugal.  Suggested the police would set them up.

Matthew Oldfield:

"...might be saying it was just being done to create a problem and create inconsistencies..."

Above is from Oldfield's interview with Leicestershire Police in reference to assisting police with a re-enactment he suggests police required his/the groups co-operation so as they, the police could create problems for them, create inconsistencies in their statements.

Wake up call for Matthew Oldfield, YOUR STATEMENTS ARE FILLED WITH LIES AND INCONSISTENCIES. CREATED BY YOURSELVES!  Your story buddy about checking twice on Madeleine McCann a kid you didn't know from Adam is one of the biggest loads of bull to have have been unearthed in this case.

They have each and every one of this group LIED in their statements to police.

As retired British detective John Stalker said - THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING.

Of that there is absolutely no doubt.

The Metropolitan Police KNOW they have not been truthful.  

Every cop in the world KNOWS they have not been truthful.

And more than any other Dr Goncalo Amaral a now retired Portuguese Police officer who co-ordinated the initial investigation KNOWS they have not been truthful.

And anyone who has taken the time to read the police files available online, anyone who has followed this case, knows they have not been truthful.  Only persons not being honest with themselves would say otherwise.

Only persons like the Lorraine Kelly's of this world who bury their head in the sand and giggle would say otherwise. 

Why, when a child vanished in such mysterious circumstances and when the parents and their buddies have been economical with the truth, and in other instances have outright lied, when they have led the police and the public a merry dance, why people like Lorraine Kelly year in year out, just continue to sit their asses on a sofa, giggle and make small talk with the parents is beyond the understanding of any right minded person who cares about justice for little Madeleine.

Yes we all know Kate and Gerry McCann will get angry if any TV host person interviewing them asks a pertinent question.   We have seen this when Sian Williams, BBC asked Kate McCann about the crying incident.   Kate McCann went into denial.  She went into crazy Kate mode instantly.  As did Gerry McCann during the Paxman interview.

But the wrath of the McCanns should not prevent anyone interviewing this couple asking relevant questions.   A child vanished her parents have accepted £m's in public donations some of which they used to pay towards their mortgage (it was later reported they returned these monies to Madeleine's Fund?) they have not been fully co-operative with police, and those interviewing them pussy foot around them for fear of getting on Kate and Gerry McCanns angry side.

Dr Amaral, his team at the time knew the McCanns had not been honest, and it is for this reason that he had to be silenced.   It is for this reason that Kate McCann wishes him harm.  She hopes he will be miserable she hopes he will suffer that he will feel fear.

Nice lady!

She, they, want Dr Amaral destroyed, his life, his family.  They want his home to be sold to cover their demands.   

Kate and Gerry McCann did NOT do all in their power to keep their children safe, they deliberately left them in danger night after night. 

Kate and Gerry McCann did NOT do all in their power to leave no stone unturned.


Kate and Gerry McCann HAVE done everything in their power to attempt to harm Dr Amaral, to harm his children, to harm the mother of his children.  They have done all in their power to make sure the Amaral family suffered, felt fear, pain, misery. To make sure they have no money available to them, to make sure their lives were destroyed.

What kind of people are the McCanns?  Harming their own family, their own children by their neglectful actions is one thing, one abhorrent thing, wishing harm to others....a whole different nastier level...

I would have to say evil personified.

Madeleine was reported as missing by her parents.  She vanished, they would have us believe, whilst they were out drinking having a meal with their buddies.

More than eight years down the line and NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to support their story has been uncovered!

On the other hand, much has been uncovered which points to their involvement to some degree.  Pointing to their untruthfulness.

Madeleine, IF her parents story of leaving their kids alone night after night, is true, NEVER stood a chance of survival, alone in an unlocked vacation apartment.  The little girl who would wake at night and wander around.  It was only a matter of time during that vacation before harm of some sort came knocking.

And IF she had been abducted she NEVER stood a chance of being found as her daddy and her mummy, together with their doctor buddies saw to that.  THEY LEFT EVERY STONE UNTURNED BY REFUSING TO CO-OPERATE WITH THE POLICE.


Gerry McCann is NO hero.

He refused to accept responsibility for his neglect of his kids
He has lied repeatedly.
He changed his story, giving police a completely different version seven days after Madeleine vanished than he gave when first interviewed.

Had Gerry McCann, Madeleine's daddy, her best interests at heart, he and his wife, their buddies would not have lied.   They would not have refused to assist police with their investigations.

They would have had no need to have hounded Dr Amaral his family.

If they were innocent of all involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, they would have had no need to lie.

If they were innocent of all involvement they would have had no need to set up what they referred to as a fighting fund to cover their legal costs.  This they did from the off, with Kate McCanns uncle Brian Kennedy telling the world just to pop their cash in an envelope and it will get to Kate and Gerry.

Why would they feel they needed a fighting fund for themselves?

Not exactly what innocent parents would first think of!

Innocent parents of a missing child don't lie, cheat, don't refuse to assist police, don't have any need to pay £hundreds thousands to a professional liar such as Clarence Mitchell, and they don't destroy the life of young children, young children as Dr Amaral's were at the time when Madeleine was reported as missing.

It takes one sick mama to have wished as Kate McCann did, misery, fear, suffering on this man and his family.  Yes his family.   By harming Dr Amaral, a man simply doing the job he was tasked with, Kate McCann harms his children, their mother, his entire family.

It takes a sicker mama to have used funds donated for her missing child to PAY Mitchell £HUNDREDS THOUSANDS, and to finance legal actions against the Amaral family.

Goncalo Amaral with his wife and daughters

Image result for goncalo amaralImage result for goncalo amaral
Goncalo and his wife Sofia Leal

Mitchell was up to his old tricks again this week a rush of stories about poor Kate and Gerry - poor Kate and Gerry my ass!

In a Mitchell shaped story, Kate and Gerry McCann are one of two things:

  • Bhoyed when they are taking money from someone through legal actions/causing suffering to others


  • Anguished, when they are on the defence when they are up to no good, up to their usual dirty tricks.  More skull duggery by McCanns and Mitchell in this case than one can shake a stick at.

And the latest by Mitchell appears to have been prompted by the news that the Court in Lisbon has granted Dr Amaral's appeal.

Now Kate and Gerry McCann thought it was game, set and match after the Court Judgement.  Knowing Dr Amaral had no monies (as through their actions his assets have been frozen for years now ) they thought they were home and dry.

But some good, and honest people, who, like the police, know the McCanns and their buddies have not been truthful in their accounts their police witness statements, decided to help Dr Amaral.

A wonderful young lady by the name of Leanne Baulch set up a Fund to work in conjunction with the PJGA, and it has been growing day by day.  It has given Dr Amaral the financial power to fight back.

Hell that must have been a shock for Gerry and Kate McCann to discover that the public are no longer willing to put up with their lies, their abhorrent conduct their treatment of this good man his family.

Kate McCann must have been tearing up the furniture at home at the thought of the public in their droves assisting Dr Amaral by their donations and messages of support.   A group of Metropolitan Police officers too showing their support in their message and in their donation of £1,000.

Not in their wildest imaginings could Gerry and Kate McCann have foreseen the wind of change, the public telling them -





The Fund for Dr Amaral must have Mitchell and the McCanns spitting all those teeth with which they lie!    

As Mitchell's latest dirty deed was to inform the world that Kate and Gerry were
anguished at the thought of this appeal being granted and the possibility of the Metropolitan Police Investigation drawing to a close, and in so doing stating also that Kate and Gerry McCann have been furiously shifting funds around, one has to ask why there would be any need to shift funds?

Surely the monies in the Madeleine Fund should never at any time have been SHIFTED ANYWHERE?

  • Gerry McCann stated in an interview with Sandra Felgueiras that EVERY PENNY of monies raised through books sales of 'Madeleine' would be used to search for her.

  • When McCanns promoted this book people were encouraged to purchase it as all monies raised would go directly into the Fund to help Madeleine, a search for her.

And that, good people, is why good folks bought it, to help the missing child.

In recent months we have had press stories about Kate McCann transferring funds, the claim being it was to
boost the Madeleine Fund.  Therefore the monies were being put INTO the Madeleine Fund. The monies she was shifting around were proceeds from book sales her own money.  Please someone correct me if I am wrong in this.   But were not PROCEEDS from books sales to be lodged directly in Madeleine Fund?   Was not that the purpose of this book to ask the public to purchase, and all money raised to go to the Find Madeleine Fund and not a personal account of Kate McCanns?

And now we have this latest from Mitchell, that once again, monies are being moved around - moved
FROM the Find Madeleine Fund to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT.

'He told how former GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 37 of Rothley, Leics, had moved money FROM the publicly-backed Find Maddie Fund into a SPECIAL account in anticipation of having to finance the hunt for their daughter themselves.'

Mr Mitchell said:

"In a common sense and practical move, they have kept some money back from the Find Madeleine Fund in case it is needed for an ongoing search"

Once again, correct me if I am wrong:

THE FIND MADELEINE FUND IS the fund/the bank account where ALL donations are lodged?   This is the fund set up, the monies intended for a 'search' so WHY would monies have required to be 'kept back' in case needed for a search when all monies IN THAT FUND were intended for that very purpose - a search?

There should never at ANY TIME be any reason, to move funds from this account to any other account, any other SPECIAL ACCOUNT as stated by Mitchell.

The objectives of the Find Madeleine Fund - where does it state that monies donated to this fund may be MOVED AROUND to OTHER -' SPECIAL BANK ACCOUNTS?

Are the McCanns Mitchell going to post a message on the Find Madeleine Fund Website explaining to the public that their donations have been taken FROM the Fund to which they gave so generously and moved to some unknown SPECIAL ACCOUNT?

What is so SPECIAL about this SPECIAL ACCOUNT?

For more than EIGHT YEARS the public have been donating to the Fund set up by the McCanns so as to help them with their so called search for their missing daughter.

NEVER has it ever been mentioned before that donations were moved to another account.

This movement of funds was it is stated in the article - in anticipation of having them having to finance a search for Madeleine - they therefore MOVED MONIES FROM the FUND set up for this purpose and transferred to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT?

That makes no sense at all.

Putting money IN TO the Find Madeleine Fund bank account makes sense NOT REMOVING IT, TRANSFERRING IT TO WHAT THEY ARE CALLING A SPECIAL ACCOUNT.

That suggests something underhand.

But WHY then would Mitchell have made this public?

Well, when Mitchell and the McCanns make such announcements, one knows instantly that they are up to dirty tricks.   That they are covering their tracks and their backs/trying to fool the public!

In the same article:

'A source close to the family said:

Kate and Gerry FIRMLY 
believe Madeleine could still be alive and when the police investigation ends, they have vowed to continue looking for her.

"They don't know when this will be, there is no suggestion yet, but they want to be ready, and have set aside HUGE CHUNKS of money for this reason."

I have to say, for anyone not familiar with the workings of Mitchell and the McCanns, the 'family source' IS MITCHELL.   One of his little tricks, sometimes he is quoted under 'McCann spokeman' and other times he is the 'family source.'

And sometimes would you believe both the spokesperson and the source appear in the same article, like he did on this occasion.  It kind of beefs up the story, if it sounds like more than one person is giving their tuppence worth as Kate McCann would say.

Mitchell, the McCann spokeperson, his trademark statement is 'Kate and Gerry FIRMLY believe this or that'

Just like when he said Kate and Gerry FIRMLY believe the alleged abductor left the apartment through the open bedroom window, carrying Madeleine, and leaving no trace.

The family source loves that phrase too!

News for Mitchell, most people are, FIRMLY OF THE BELIEF that he and the McCanns are up to their necks in this mess, the McCann buddies too.

But let's get back to MADELEINE'S MONEY the money which gets shifted around by her parents.

Now, when the Metropolitan Police began investigating, the McCanns, some months later, said that their private investigation would be put on hold as they didn't want a 'clash of information.'

At that time the Madeleine Fund would have had considerable monies.

As there has been no private investigation for over three years at least, surely those monies remain in the Fund, and perhaps, depending on the type of account, remain there gaining interest.

Perhaps too, there have been many donations during this time?

When monies were originally paid from this Fund account to pay for matters relating to a search - Was there ever any need to MOVE THE MONIES TO A SPECIAL ACCOUNT BEFORE ANY PAYMENTS WERE DUE?

Now Mitchell lies, that is his job, to lie, that is what he is paid big bucks to do.  His latest story is what we have come to expect of the man.

The story of McCanns hurriedly shifting funds is not the truth, rather, that is, if monies are being shifted around, you can be sure it is NOT for the reason Mitchell has given.

If the Metropolitan Police are about to close this case, that is, their side of it, closing it because, after more than FOUR YEARS they haven't come up with a shred of evidence of any abduction, and there are no imminent arrests, then why the fuck are Kate and Gerry McCann in such a rush to shift monies around, as they sure in hell are not going to be
'discovering' Madeleine, her whereabouts, her remains, or searching for the perpetrators of crimes committed against the child any time soon.

They kept the E.FITS in their possession, keeping them from the public, kept them a secret for years and years, didn't put them on their website, never mentioned them during all those televised interviews when they appealed to the public for money and asked them also to keep their eyes peeled, to keep looking for Madeleine.

There was no rush then, all those years ago to find the guy in the E.Fits, therefore evidently no rush to find Madeleine back then.

Yet here we have them rushing around according to Mitchell, transferring monies here and there.

'anguish' or a money story by Mitchell means that they are all up to no good!


Will Kate and Gerry McCann DEFINE for the public what they mean by 
'huge chunks of money?'  What is the monetary value of a chunk?

The article states that they the McCanns continue to
PUMP thousands of pounds into A SPECIAL ACCOUNT.

These are the people who had not a penny to their name when Madeleine vanished, had they, they would not then surely have used the monies donated for the child to pay their mortgage?

So where are these thousands of pounds which they

Why are they TAKING FROM the FIND MADELEINE FUND, monies and transferring into some, UNKNOWN TO THE PUBLIC, SPECIAL ACCOUNT?


We all know funds can be moved at the touch of a button these days.

As for the continuous pumping (fucking laughing my head off as I type that) would not, ONE TRANSFER, SUFFICE?

I wonder if Mitchell received his £70,000 per year fee by the continuous pumping method.  And did he receive it in huge chunks?

I cannot for the fuckin' life of me ever say I have seen that written on any bank instruction.  
'Payment may be made by bank transfer/cheque or CONTINUOUS PUMPING.'   Must ask my bank manager about this pumping business.  Ask him how long a pump takes?  How big a chunk is!

Let us not be fooled by this latest by Mitchell and the McCanns about the movement of monies due to Madeleine, the search for her soon to be the responsibility alone of McCanns.  

Of course at first read, on the surface, one thinks, he, Mitchell has landed them in trouble, that they are moving funds which they should not be.  But do we really think Mitchell would leave himself open to any repercussion/legal action against him, from any mishandling of funds?

Yes Mitchell has been happy these past 8 years to accepts huge chunks of Madeleine's Money from the Find Madeleine Fund, but he sure in hell will never leave himself open to being prosecuted for anything in relation to the McCanns.

Gerry McCann described Mitchell as an extremely good friend.

Yeah right -  when shit hits the fan in any situation, when the funds are low and the debts are high, that's when McCann will know how strong is the Mitchell friendship.

Friends don't accept £hundreds thousands by way of helping you like Mitchell has.

Absolutely the story is part of whatever is their latest agenda, and absolutely it will be connected to Dr Amaral's Appeal being granted.

Mitchell and the McCanns don't freely offer up stories, statements regarding the Fund (hell even their published accounts they keep guarded, supplying for public attention only the MINIMUM information required of them by law - TRANSPARENCY McCann style?) and they most certainly DON'T put stories out there regarding the Fund monies that could render them liable for any legal action for mishandling shall we say of said monies.

I therefore tend to FIRMLY BELIEVE that this story is yet another in a long line of lies, stories shaped by Mitchell the McCanns for the purpose of painting them again as innocent anguished parents, another poor McCann story, the poor couple who will once again be left to search alone for their missing child, but so dedicated are they that they are ALREADY preparing for such an event by organising monies.

And I FIRMLY BELIEVE the story is directly prompted by Dr Amaral's appeal being granted and the huge success of the Fund for Dr Amaral.

Mitchell and the McCanns way too cunning to put a story out there about money which could lead them to being prosecuted in any way for any wrong doing regarding the FIND MADELEINE FUND.

The story, for all the reasons I have given above, just too ridiculous for words - transferring funds in preparation and anticipation of having to finance a search themselves.  Funds can be transferred instantly, the minute they hear of any closure of the case by the Met Police.

Pumping chunks, thousands of pounds PAH!

Load of bullshit!

And they wouldn't be pumping it OUT OF THE FIND MADELEINE FUND, BUT INTO IT! 

But all of that said.

Think about it.  Dr Amaral the monies donated to assist with his legal fees is set up in such a way that the McCanns cannot get their filthy hands on it.

I might suggest that IF monies have indeed been moved FROM the Find Madeleine Fund to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT that the McCanns and their Board of Directors, legal team, have come up with some sort of similar type 'protection' of the Fund monies, not in anticipation of having to finance a private search for Madeleine the missing child, but in anticipation of the Appeal not going their way, protecting that which they consider their own money.

Mitchell his part? - to shape the story about THIS SPECIAL ACCOUNT.

I really don't believe however that they would in any way leave themselves open to any chance of their actions in moving funds being unlawful, rather they will have come up with a way around protecting their money.

I am FIRMLY OF THE BELIEF though that it is not a jot to do with searching for their daughter.

Please never forget.  Mitchell is a paid liar.  He is paid to lie, invent, convince the public that his client, whoever that client may be, in this instance the McCanns, are pure as the driven snow.

And that is what this latest is about, to convince the world that the McCanns moving the cash is to HELP MADELEINE A SEARCH FOR HER.

He has not gotten where he is now, by tripping himself up, by announcing to the world any mishandling of Fund monies, any illegal action or wrong doing by either him or his clients.  No Siree!

If they have moved funds, you can bet your boots they have had this in mind for some time, their legal and financial team coming up with a loophole if you like whereby they could do this without any legal comeback.

If so, it still remains however that an explanation, details of this SPECIAL FUND be given to the public, an announcement on their website perhaps, the site where they appeal for donations.   The public have to know where these monies will be held.  Either in the Find Madeleine Fund or in this newly announce SPECIAL ACCOUNT?

Mitchell/the McCanns latest story, also quite clearly demontrates once again the lack of respect the McCanns Mitchell have for the public those who gave so generously to this fund.  It shows clearly that they think they can take the public for fools, that they will swallow the many lies, the stories invented to protect his clients.

It is yet another story where Mitchell set out to DECEIVE the public.

The simple fact that they need to invent stories, lie for whatever reason, leaves us in no doubt the type of people they are.

Their conduct on every level since this little girl vanished is shameful.

In light of the enormous success of the Fund set up by Leanne Baulch to enable Dr Amaral his right to appeal in the case brought against him by the McCanns, and in light of the track record of Mitchell and the McCanns where truth is always thin on the ground, we can safely assume that their latest is just a continuance of the deceitful and underhand conduct which they have become known for.  A story to cover their real agenda.   Don't expect them to be arrested soon in relation to matter of money/the Find Madeleine Fund.

Yes every little girl looks to her daddy as her hero.  Most dads
are that hero, love protect and keep their child safe.

Gerry McCann ain't no hero, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Dr Goncalo Amaral on the other hand is a hero to not only his own daughters but to missing Madeleine Beth McCann.

He has fought for justice for this child as though his own.

While Gerry McCann was being less than truthful leading the police up the garden path, while he was keeping under wraps from the public the E.Fits of the man they say stole their daughter, while he and Kate McCann were taking the world for a ride, while they were covering their own backs and those of their buddies, paying Mitchell for years on end huge sums of money (or should that be huge chunks of money) from the Madeleine Fund - 

While truth was guiding Dr Amaral....   

"It is truth that guides me, and it will continue to do so, in its simplicity and greatness"

Blatant lies were used to thwart the truth...

While Mitchell and the McCann spun (and continue to do so) their tales...

Dr Goncalo de Sousa Amaral became Madeleine's voice.  

He is her hero.

There are no two people in this world more deserving of justice than Madeleine Beth McCann and Dr Goncalo Amaral.

And no two people more despicable than Kate and Gerry McCann.

For them, winning is about money.  It is about the destruction of the lives of others.  It is about causing others, fear, misery and pain.

Where does Madeleine fit, in their agenda.   I cannot see that she does!

They are driven by greed and hatred a desire to cause the utmost harm to the Amaral family.

For Dr Amaral it is about truth and justice for a little girl, the McCanns little girl.  He is as he stated, guided by truth.

No matter what the outcome of any Appeal.  Dr Amaral in the eyes of the world is the better man.  He fights for Madeleine.

Dr Amaral would never describe himself as a hero.  He is a humble man, always dignified, has a strength and integrity that most of us do not possess.

A good man who does not deserve to be made a target of the McCanns their dirty tricks.

Wishing Dr Amaral every success for the Appeal.
6th September 2015
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