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Madeleine Moving On

Madeleine Moving On


Madeleine told her mum and dad (according to her mum and dad) on the Morning of 3rd May 2007 that she, and her 2 year old brother had been crying, asking of them, where were they, when this had happened.  She wanted to know why her mummy and daddy did not come when she and Sean her brother had cried for them.

When asked about this in interviews Gerry and Kate McCann have responded with the most outrageous and unbelievable answers one could possibly imagine.  At times, as is usual with the couple, avoiding giving, an in any sense of the word, sensible, direct answer to a direct question. 

They “blame” Madeleine, who was three years old at the time, for them not being able to give a proper answer, saying that she, Madeleine, said, what she did, and then ‘moved on.’

Having left their children alone at night, and then hearing that the children had been awake and crying, should have had Gerry and Kate McCann worried, very worried indeed.  It should have had them re-thinking their behaviour, and quickly.

We heard of how due to Madeleine’s words they had given a lot of consideration, had agreed that they should take more care of the children, be more vigilant.  They would, NO, not stay with their children in the apartment at night, as one would expect their response to be, what would be a normal and natural reaction to what their daughter had told them – instead they would still leave the children alone in the unlocked apartment, but check more regularly! 


How could the McCanns  just dismiss what the child had told them, and then, after her disappearance so flippantly state that they could get no more out of her, that she just moved on – by way of excusing them going out once more and leaving these children in danger?

One listens with incredulity at their words.

Whether this child ‘moved on’ or not, it was for them to act as responsible and caring parents, and see to it that such a situation NEVER arose again.  Their duty to ensure that their children were NEVER again put in such a dangerous situation.  Their duty, to ensure that these children would NEVER again experience such an ordeal where they had suffered fear and upset at discovering their mummy and daddy had abandoned them once more.

Madeleine was 3 years old, not an adult who could make such decisions. 

These parents had a duty of care to these three little children, and they, according to their own statements, completely ignored their need and their right to be cared for and protected as far as was humanly possible.

Madeleine, the ‘situation which she found herself’ as Gerry McCann shockingly refers to his daughter’s disappearance cannot and should not be held responsible in any way.  She was at that time, but a child of 3 years of age.  Her parents created the situation not the child. Her parents should have acted responsibly.  Madeleine, ‘moving on’ not a jot to do with matters!  Not a jot to do with her parents failure to do what they should have after hearing what the child said.

To hear her parents spout the absolute and utter nonsense they have in this regard makes ones blood boil.  She was but a baby.  A baby left alone to look after two other babies, her two year old twin siblings!


Makes ones blood boil:

(a)            As, if what they say is true, and Madeleine did ask this of them and they STILL walked out of that apartment and left those children alone, the door unlocked, they are not then fit to have children in their care.  They did not act remotely responsibly or caringly.  They acted both selfishly and cruelly towards these children.


(b)           If it was part of any plan they may have had - to plant the seed of an alleged abductor having been in the apartment the previous evening, to beef up their tale of abduction, and from reading their comments, listening to their words in televised interviews, this must be considered along with the many other inconsistencies in their statements given to police - then they have acted with the utmost dishonesty and wickedness.


The ‘One Year On ‘ Documentary


Q: Tell me what happened, that morning... what Madeleine said.


Kate McCann: 

Well, I... I can't remember if we'd just had breakfast, it was rou... it was, sort of, fairly early in the morning and she just very casually, really, said: (mimics Madeleine's voice)  - 'Where were you last night, when me and Sean cried?'   

And we immediately looked and said, you know:  'When was this, Madeleine? Was this when you were going to sleep?' and she didn't answer and then she just carried on playing, totally un-distressed.



But did she tell you off when she was saying it?


Kate McCann: 

No. It was a passing remark, you know, and...


Gerry McCann: 

Madeleine's very articulate and, errr... for her age, and, errm... you know, it's unlike her, if she's got something to say, to drop it. She just did... literally, dropped it, errm... and we both, kind of, looked at each other and said:   'Was it when we had just put them down?'


Dermot Murnaghan interview Sky News



Dermot Murnaghan: 

"Was Madeleine upset the night before, about being left alone. Had she… had she had a moment and got out of bed and started crying and started looking for you?"


Kate McCann: 

I mean, I don't want to dwell on it too much, I mean, I don't know if you saw the documentary last night, so, I mean, I have talked about it, errm... Madeleine made a comment, errm… in passing, that, errm…  'Where were you when I cried?'   Not just to mummy, by the way, just generally, errm… and it just seemed a bit odd.

I mean, it was a very, kind of, passing remark and we just thought, 'Oh, she doesn't usually wake up' and, she woke up; that means that, you know, she must have fallen back asleep very quickly, errm... and then she moved on… you know, she moved on.


Gerry McCann:

Anybody with young children will understand that children cry; they wake up at night. During that week there was one night, errr… and we can't give too much detail because it's part of the investigation file but there was one night where Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying, so, you know, and when she did mention to it… it to us and we asked her about it and she just dropped… she was completely fine and we thought, 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired.


What the McCanns have said is - and to use their spokesman Clarence Mitchells’s term - when he was speaking of the possibility of the McCanns having accidentally or otherwise harmed the child - as is the feeling of the public in some quarters ‘JUST PLAIN DAFT’

Note how Kate McCann tells us she asked Madeleine if this was when she was ‘going to sleep.’

Note how Gerry McCann refers to the possibility of the children crying when they were ‘bathing them.’

How plain daft is that?

Had the children been crying when the parents were bathing them then the parents would know.

Had the children been crying before they went to sleep calling out for their parents in that small apartment, then the parents would know.

But Dr Gerry McCann and Dr Kate McCann were simply playing a game, they suggest all of these silly scenarios which two intelligent doctors must know could not possibly have happened.

No of course their children did not cry when their parents bathed them and unknown to the parents.  And NO their children did not cry when their parents put them to bed, and unknown to the parents - this was Gerry and Kate's little panto piece, where we the audience have to shout back at them - 'No Kate, No Gerry, it wasn't at bath time, or bedtime, look behind you - It was when you two were out dining that the villain made his entrance when you two were sitting in the tapas bar with your backs to the apartment, your backs to the unlocked patio door.  It was the villain, the alleged abductor who made Madeleine and Sean cry!'

These horrible people have made up the most outrageous stories regarding the disappearance of this little girl, and they have the absolute nerve to sit and spout a load of crap, and expect   demand that others should believe, the unbelievable.   

Note also how Kate McCann tells us that   - Madeleine does not usually wake up.  

Apart from the fact that this is an outright lie as they kept a chart at home for the very purpose of recording the nights when Madeleine did/did not wake in the night, and if she did not wake and go through to her parents bedroom and disturb them, the child was given a reward.

Gerry McCann then tells us about ‘one night when the child did – wake up.’  She came through to tell them that the younger children had been crying.

We know also from other interviews given by Gerry and Kate McCann that Madeleine woke up on more than one occasion during this vacation, going through to her parent’s bedroom to alert them to her brother and sister crying.

We know also that BOTH McCann parents on their independent checks claim that when they saw the bedroom door more widely open, thought that Madeleine had WOKEN and gone through to their bedroom due to the NOISE her siblings were probably making – (Gerry McCann stated that Madeleine had been awake due to the noise her siblings had made.  Presumably their crying)

The way in which they speak of this child – 'she is articulate' said Gerry.

'Not like her if she has something to say, to just drop it but she did.'    And then he adds – "and we just looked at each other."

Are these two just ‘plain daft?’

They must be, if, they think for a moment, that anyone swallowed any of that crap.  If they think for a moment that anyone believes that they just followed Madeleine’s lead  that this three year old child – called the shots! 

Never heard anything more ridiculous in my life!  Madeleine just dropped it and MOVED ON!

What would Madeleine have needed to say to her parents, for Kate and Gerry McCann, her parents to sit up and take notice?   

If not the child saying, that she and her sibling had cried when alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, which to any parent, a serious and worrying development, on top of their already negligent and cruel behaviour towards their kids - leaving the kids alone, their crying and distress at this, distressed caused through the actions of their parents, if that did not bring this horrible nasty pair down to earth with an almighty thud, what would have it taken for them to give this child attention, to sit up and take notice?  – Madeleine telling them, she had popped out for an hour while they were at the bar?  Or casually say - 'oh by the way mummy and daddy where were you when we cried last night as an abductor called by to visit, he said he'll call back!'

What did it need for this couple to act responsibly towards their three children?

Well we all know the answer to that now.  A child's life!

There is absolutely no consistency in the statements this couple have made during various interviews and police witness statements, regarding ‘crying’ or in fact, pretty much anything else!

Portuguese Police had doubts -

Speaking of the McCann and friends police witness statements:

From the police point of view,

'... if these witness statements do not totally exclude the possibility of an abduction, they make the theory LESS credible.   As a result, the answer must lie elsewhere. Notably WITH THE GROUP OF FRIENDS (parents included). The only person to have seen a suspect with a child is Jane Tanner, a member of the group of friends.'

** The Smith family had not as yet given police a statement at the time of the above.   They later said they saw a man of Gerry McCanns description, carrying a child of Madeleine's description in Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine was reported missing.

The parents at times vehemently deny that their children would ever wake in the night.

This they say quite obviously to cover their asses, make them feel a bit better about having left these little ones.  It is something they say when the situation they ‘find themselves’ requires such an answer.

With the same token, if a story about the children crying is required to help their cause, to aid an agenda, like perhaps beefing up an abduction story, then hey presto – we hear of how Madeleine told them that she, and Sean, or both twin children cried the night prior to the little girl vanishing.  The tale of which kids cried too varies. Sometimes its Madeleine and Sean.  Sometimes its the twin children.  

Sometimes Gerry McCann in interview cannot remember who it was who cried!  Yes, ever the doting dad.

He cannot remember which of his kids cried.   He didn't hang around the apartment either he said, after discovering the bedroom door more widely open, he just hurried off to get back to his buddies.

Now what kinda parent does that.  Discovers someone had opened the door to his kids bedroom while he and his wife were out drinking with their buddies, and just leaves the kids alone again and leaves the patio door open?

Story makes him one of two things, or maybe even both -

A Fuckin' liar
Fuckin' negligent

And one has to ask, the twins were 2 years old at this time.  Did these parents never at any time think to ask them anything, anything at all, whether it be about this crying, or anything about the night Madeleine vanished?

I'm sure these kids were able to understand what their parents said to them when speaking with them.   Kate has told us so many stories over the years of how and what the twins think happened to Madeleine.  Stories their mummy and daddy have told them.  So yes, I'm sure they would have been able to articulate at age two, at the very least a 'yes' or a 'no' in response to carefully and gently put questions.

Interestingly, the witness Mrs Fenn who lived above the McCann apartment heard crying from the McCann apartment which lasted over an hour and fifteen minutes.

It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that the McCann couple say this is impossible! 

Gerry McCann:

“It is not true that Madeleine had been crying that night for an hour and 15 minutes, because she was not alone ALL that time."

Children do not cry ONLY when they are alone!

Does Gerry McCann then know who was with Madeleine during this very long crying session?  Kate McCann perhaps making a telephone call?-

Call Records

Mrs Fenn had no reason in the world to lie!

Why is it, we are asked to believe the many contradictory versions of the tales told by the McCanns and their group of buddies and acquaintances, and yet ALL witnesses in the case who are not related in any way to the McCann couple have to be deemed wrong in what they saw, heard, witnessed? 

It is the same for the Smith family, the family who saw a man fitting Gerry McCanns description, carrying a child fitting Madeleine’s description through the streets of Praia da Luz on the night the child vanished.

We have not to believe the Smith family – We must toe the McCann party line and believe ONLY in the story told by Jane Tanner an acquaintance of the McCanns when she states she saw her mystery man carry off a child.   A child we have all to believe was Madeleine!

An interesting concept – Believe what you are told by the McCanns and Co and not anyone else at all!

Why is it that it is not possible (according to Gerry McCann) for their children to have cried on the particular night Mrs Fenn spoke of, for whatever length of time, yet it IS possible *according to McCanns) for the children to have cried on the night the McCanns would have us believe that an intruder got in and frightened their children, the night previous to Madeleine’s disappearance?

Was it because it suits their purpose to have their children cry the previous evening – to aid their “suggestion” that an intruder may have been in the apartment on that night, and had disturbed them?

I guess the alleged intruder, once in the apartment, like Madeleine, when speaking to her parents re the ‘crying incidentjust dropped it, literally dropped the idea of abducting a child, and ‘moved on!’

As if!

And if this alleged intruder was there the night before the McCanns reported Madeleine as missing – Why had he not jemmied open the shutter to gain access as the McCanns claimed he had done, on the night they reported her as missing?

Oopsy – he must have dropped that idea too!

And did not this alleged abductor have loads of time on the Wednesday night, was this not the night the group stayed out late at the bar?  The night that Matthew Oldfield was not creeping around doing impromptu checks of kids he did not know, listening at shuttered windows - so the coast would have been much, more clear?

Do we really think if this alleged abductor had monitored the movements of this group of people, his intention to go into an apartment and snatch a child from bed, as the McCanns keep telling us happened – that, he would not have come prepared for the possibility that there may be a child awake, that a child or children might cry?

There were three children in the McCann apartment, rather ups the odds of a child waking and crying.  Ups the odds of any intruder being caught.

Why did this alleged abductor not target one of the other families?

If we are to believe as the McCanns would have us do,that the intruder jemmied open shutters etc - Why did he not jemmy the shutter of the Oldfield's where there was one child, a little girl also, and much less risk of a bunch of kids crying?

Why not Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien's children, again, two little girls, if it was a girl this guy wanted?

All of the bedroom windows to their apartments (of the families I have mentioned) were together in a row - so why specifically the McCanns apartment, where three children slept posing an obvious increased risk of being caught, and why not Amelie, Madeleine's younger sister, who slept closer to the window than Madeleine, and who looked just like Madeleine?

It makes not a bit of sense.

Of course this alleged abductor would have come prepared, he would have come as prepared on a Wednesday as he would have on a Thursday or any other day!

If he did not then he must have been as plain daft as Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns believe the public to be if they think for a moment – we believe their tale even has a tinkle of a ring of truth to it!

And little Madeleine?

She did not get the chance to "MOVE ON" - her life?/the life she had known brought to a horrific and tragically sad end on 3rd May 2007, when alone, caring for, looking out for her two year old twin siblings in an unlocked holiday apartment, whilst her parents enjoyed their FIFTH night out wining and dining with friends.  

The parents who had ignored what Madeleine had told them that very morning. 

That's not plain daft it's plain cruel!

Food for thought:

If Madeleine, Sean or Amelie, one, two or all three of them cried for their mummy and daddy on the Wednesday night, then we must assume that Madeleine did as was usual for her to do -
Got out of bed and went to her parents bedroom to look for them to alert them. This seems to have been the role this poor child had - her sleep being disturbed by crying two year old's every night, her then having to alert her mummy and daddy.

This notion too that any abductor took Madeleine from her bed whilst she slept - is it not possible if anyone took her that she was already awake and out of bed at that time?  Out of bed doing what was normal routine for the child - looking for her mummy and daddy

And the point I was about to make - is it not strange, if Kate McCann slept in the kids room on the Wednesday night that Madeleine did not speak of THIS over breakfast, as she would have been delighted after nights of being on her own, being woken by her baby brother and sister, having her sleep disturbed, and having to go through each time to wake her parents, her parents not always being there when she did so.  To then wake one morning, and find that her mummy was close by sleeping in the other bed, in her room?  Would she not have spoken of the pleasure this would have given her?

Why would the child ask her mummy and daddy, why they did not come when they (whatever combination, Madeleine/Sean, the twins) had cried, and yet make no mention of her mummy having slept (albeit we are to assume after the alleged crying incident) in the room with her and her twin siblings?

The story stinks more than the McCanns hire car:

Michael Wright, McCann family friend witness statements:

'I noted some unpleasant smells on a number of occasions which I think have come from the twins' nappies. Discarded nappies were collected in rubbish bags and held until thrown into the rubbish bins, thereby provoking smell.'



On a number of occasions he noticed an unpleasant smell in the vehicle that he put down to the twins used nappies which had been discarded with the general waste. He was NOT AWARE of any spillages in the vehicle or anyone cleaning it.

When Wright was out there in Portugal driving around in the McCann hire car, were not the McCann twins, 2 and 1 half years olda, and STILL wearing nappies?

Hell the McCann/Healy clans must have strong constitutions, driving around town every day with all sorts of stinking crap in their car in blazing heat of a Portuguese summer.  The nappies of young babies bad!  The shitty nappies of TWO kids aged 2 and half years old PHew!-

Where in the world do people not immediately dispose of dirty nappies, preferring to cart them around in the car?

Between the child neglect and the poor hygiene - Dirty Doctors or Dirty Liars?

Did Wright not notice the trunk of car lying open every night for weeks on end, as the witness who spoke to police, and who lived neighboring the villa inhabited by McCann Crew, saw and reported?   And if he did, was he just thinking, oh its the darn nappies again?

Michael Wright is right - Shit smells!
March 2013

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