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Madeleine Pale and Tired

Madeleine Pale and Tired

Kate and Gerry McCann have told us of how they left their children alone night after night in the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal.

They have told us also that after however many nights  of doing this that they decided also to not bother locking the apartment when leaving the children alone, that they would leave a patio door unlocked so that anyone who fancied could slide it open, and enter.   This of course works both ways, anyone inside - Madeleine to be precise - could slide it open and exit.

We also know that on the morning of the night Madeleine was reported as missing, removed from the apartment, that the little girl had told her parents that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous evening when alone in the apartment.  Crying for their parents to come and attend to them.  She asked her mummy and daddy (according to the McCann couple) why they had not come when she had called for them.

It is more than astonishing unbelievable in fact that these two doctors would leave their children alone at all, night after night, but that they would do so after the child told them of the distress she and her brother had suffered, to then leave them once more, and leave a door open, is more than disturbing.

Why I go back to this, is that a message has been left on the Guestbook page posted by 'Marleen.'

In the message it is pointed out that Kate McCann stated that on the night Madeleine vanished the child had complained of tiredness and was looking very pale.   We know from other statements made by the McCanns that it was not normal for Madeleine to be tired so early in the evening, nor normal for her to be looking very pale.   This very active child, at this time in the evening was usually exactly that - very active!

Did Gerry McCann notice when he was having tea with his children (before Kate arrived that evening) that Madeleine was pale and tired?  Did the creche staff notice that afternoon that Madeleine had become pale and tired requiring to be carried around, and if so, why did they not contact her parents?

Madeleine didn't look pale and tired in the photo sitting at the pool at lunch time on that day with her daddy and sister Amelie - that is of course if that photo was taken on that day as we have been led to believe.

So did the child become pale and tired sometime after her parents returned her to the creche/kids club?

As doctors, the McCann couple must surely have been able to determine, at least hazard a guess as to what was wrong with the child. They must have been concerned surely that their normally active little girl the one who every evening  we are told, at the tennis courts, was the instigator of the games played with the other children, the child who called for Oldfield, Payne, and O'Brien the other fathers in the holiday group to chase her, the one who asked them to pretend to be a monster and chase her?   And we know that these other fathers have all stated that Madeleine was great fun, fun to be around.

They all agreed she was a lively, active, happy child, and Dr David Payne included in his statement:

"err you know I, you know again I'd be playing with Madeleine you know in the, err the play area err you know during that week, you know lifting her up, twizzing her round and everything, I knew her that well, you know to do that."

Oldfield on the other hand stated he did not know the McCann kids, had seen Madeleine when she was a baby and had never seen the twin children before the holiday in Portugal.  Yet he went to check on them in the dark apartment?

Simply as a mother, not a doctor, Kate McCann must surely have been very concerned at this change in her child?   Even if she decided it was due to  tiredness after a week of being chased around by the other fathers and twizzed around by Payne, for a couple of minutes every evening, and the general activities she would have taken part when at the creche, which had caused the little girl to become pale, lethargic, tired, needing carried from the creche to the apartment -Why would Kate McCann as a mother not remain in the apartment with Madeleine and her other children to be sure that all was well, that the child's condition did not worsen?

Even us non doctors know how quickly a young child's health can deteriorate.  One minute bouncing around, the next perhaps needing medical attention.

Madeleine a perfect example of a change in a child, happy and splashing around with her daddy at the pool, a couple of hours later too tired to even walk, pale and tired.

Did she manage to eat her tea I wonder or was she too tired for that also?

Gerry doesn't seem to have noticed anything wrong with Madeleine.  
Of course this story of Madeleine's tiredness could just be another in the long list of stories invented by Kate McCann.

As 'Marleen' asks - Why would any parent leave their very tired, and pale child alone in an unlocked holiday apartment to fend for herself?  A child who had been alone crying and upset the evening before.

Short answer - a responsible parent would not!

Did Madeleine say that she was too tired to go play, that she was perhaps fed up being twizzed around by Dr Payne, fed up being chased by Oldfield and O'Brien in monster mode,  and that she didn't want to go to the play area, or did Kate McCann decide Madeleine was not to go and play due to her tiredness and pallor?

If so, all the more strange she walked out on her kids to go wine and dine.

Can't help wondering if any parent had taken their child to Dr Kate Healy McCann at the medical centre where she practiced, a pale and tired child would she have advised them to take the child home, put her to bed, and for the parents to leave the child on her own, and for them to go out and party.  Or would she have advised that the child be kept under the watchful eye of her parents in case of any change to her condition, to call the surgery or take the child to hospital if it deteriorated?  

How odd that a doctor whose own child was under the weather, decided best to leave her on her own in an unlocked holiday apartment.  A child whose father is also a doctor.

So what really happened that night to young Madeleine?   Did the child become ill/more ill while her parents were out partying?   Did the child wake through feeling ill, and got out of bed to ask her parents for attention, followed by a fall, a fatal accident?   

Whatever happened to Madeleine, chances of her having been removed from that apartment by someone who was a stranger to her/her family are slim to none.
9th March 2014
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