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Madeleine Was Here

Madeleine Was Here

Channel 4 Documentary 2009



Five Parts


The ‘Madeleine Was Here’ Documentary containing the McCann Reconstruction of events went out in 2009.  It was not true to the police files, nor to the police witness statements.


The McCanns their private detective Dave Edgar produced for the purpose of their documentary “suspicious” persons who we were all to accept had lurked in Praia da Luz around the McCann holiday apartment watching the family.


All of these persons had been checked out by the Portuguese Police and it had been established there was nothing at all suspicious about them, just persons going about their business.


In this documentary – Edgar states that as he doesn’t know whether the Portuguese Police had checked the persons out – he would just assume that they hadn’t and he would include them in documentary!

How very professional of him!


“I don’t know what the Portuguese authorities have done to actually eliminate these people so we’ve got to presume they haven’t done it and go with it.”


Now we have Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police, and a Crimewatch programme soon to be screened.


Redwood tells us that he has ‘worked on the timeline.’  (Loud Laughter)


This is the first I have known that police investigating a crime – are able to work on timelines of events and change them to suit whatever is their agenda.

If there is a reconstruction the public do want to happen, not necessarily be able to view it, it is one based on what Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Rachael Oldfield, Matthew Oldfield, Dianne Webster, Russell O’Brien and his partner Jane Tanner (aka – the tapas bunch) gave as their police witness statements to the Portuguese Police, a reconstruction by the Portuguese Police, as no one else seems willing to produce an honest account of events! 


No one wants to see a reconstruction where the timeline of events has been ‘worked on’ by Andy Redwood, or any other copper!


I draw attention to the ‘Madeleine Was Here documentary, as it will be interesting to see where Redwood’s timeline deviates…


Also, the press reporting on this nonsense by Redwood and the Metropolitan Police has been relentless – they certainly have an agenda going on – Redwood a man on a mission…and it’s certainly not all about finding Madeleine!  Or tracing dodgy German tourists or perhaps dodgy Dutch persons…the language is so similar you see…they could have been French, or had Geordie accents for all that it matters…

Redwood’s language…now that is similar too…to Pinkies!


I took a look back to see how the press reported the last time we were treated to such a campaign by the McCanns - the ‘Madeleine Was Here’ Documentary/Reconstruction was aired back in 2009

McCannfiles (what would we do without it)


Cutting Edge: Madeleine Was Here Timesonline


Tim Teeman

May 8, 2009



There is a very macabre dance around Madeleine McCann, as we mark the second anniversary of her disappearance. There are no law enforcement agencies on the case. Instead, alongside Kate, Madeleine's mother, two retired detectives are poring over recently released Portuguese police files. Last night's Cutting Edge was called Madeleine Was Here and — to keep yesterday's pre-transmission front pages furnished — revealed a suspect from deep within the files; a man who was, according to witnesses, watching the McCann's Praia da Luz apartment.


Gerry returned to the apartment block and some reconstructions were filmed. Last week, the McCanns appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with a computer-generated image of how their daughter would appear now.


To keep the chances of finding her alive, the McCanns have to keep the story alive, and Cutting Edge observed the McCanns at home: a picture of determinedly amiable domestic life emerged. But the family is uncomfortably beached between a desire for privacy and a desire for as much publicity as possible to find Madeleine.


This presents a problem for them, and for documentary-makers and journalists.


The dripfeed of information (like the new suspect) and access to the McCanns is controlled by the family and their press representative Clarence Mitchell.


The journalism of the Cutting Edge documentary was thus skewed to whatever the McCann's agenda was.


It was hard to see what material Cutting Edge had uncovered itself: it seemed to just record whatever the McCanns wanted us to see.


Oprah quite reasonably asked them how their marriage had survived the last two awful years.


The documentary, despite its access and illusion of family intimacy, didn't dare ask such things.


When I asked Mitchell and the documentary-maker the same question at a screening on Wednesday, I received a curt dismissal: that wasn't the intention of Madeleine Was Here, apparently.


But that doesn't mean my question, or indeed any question is invalid just because it doesn't fit with the McCann/Mitchell agenda, especially when TV cameras have been invited into their home to show how jolly nice everything is under the circumstances.


Kate and Gerry McCann may well feel their privacy has been invaded, but then they want the media to do their bidding on their terms.


It's a mess — a very unhappy, tragic one.


The McCanns need the media and the media needs the McCanns, but it's a scrappy, compromising relationship for both sides.


Let's hope it yields the desired result.





Madeleine McCann: conflicting eye witnesses Daily Mirror



May 8, 09 09:39 AM


I watched the Channel 4 documentary last night about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and came to one conclusion - the more anyone looks into it the more confusing it gets.


We were told that several "new" eye witnesses saw a man staring at the McCann's apartment in Praia da Luz from the street in the days before Madeleine vanished, sometimes with a white van parked nearby.


Then we were told that an Irish family saw a man carrying a child through the streets 40 minutes after Jane Tanner, the McCanns friend, saw a man carrying a child in the street outside the apartment.


Interesting though this may be, I'm not convinced either sighting is much of a breakthrough or evidence pointing in any particular direction.


Is anybody seriously suggesting that a child snatcher would wander the streets with their victim for 40 minutes risking discovery at any second ?


If, as the eyewitnesses believed, the man was not a tourist, how would he possibly explain carrying a child who most definitely was on holiday ?


If the man spotted outside the apartment with the van was involved in the kidnapping why would he be carrying the child half a mile away 40 minutes later in the street when he could be 30 miles away speeding down the road ?


Both accounts could be correct but it is hard to see how both could be relevant to what happened to Madeleine.


Her parents tireless appeals for information are impressive but it is hard to see where or when the breakthrough will come.






Madeleine McCann documentary yields 'potentially significant' information Telegraph


The broadcast of a new TV documentary about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has led to "potentially significant" information for retired British detectives to pursue, her family's spokesman said.


Last Updated: 6:18PM BST 08 May 2009


More than 50 calls were made to the McCanns' investigative hotline following the airing of the programme, which highlighted three separate sightings of a suspicious man before the little girl vanished.


The callers offered "real, new information", including details of possible sightings of the missing child, family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said.


Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz, southern Portugal, on May 3 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.


The new documentary, broadcast on Thursday night, highlighted three witnesses who saw an odd stranger who appeared to be watching the McCanns' apartment in the days before she disappeared.


An artist's impression based on one account of the man, who was described as "very ugly" with pitted skin and a large nose, was also released this week.


Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, are employing two retired British policemen to continue the search for their daughter.


The former officers - ex-detective inspector Dave Edgar, 52, and ex-detective sergeant Arthur Cowley, 57 - scoured thousands of pages from the official Portuguese case files looking for clues.


They put the three reports of a suspicious stranger hanging around the McCanns' apartment together with two sightings of a man carrying a child away from the flat on the night Madeleine vanished.


Mr Mitchell said there was a good response to the programme, Madeleine Was Here, which was watched by 2.6 million people on Channel 4.


He said: "The investigative phone line has had at least 50 calls since the documentary.


"It's a very encouraging response because there is real, new information being given in some of these calls, information that the investigators are now able to set to work on.


"Some of the calls are coming from Portugal, and that's exactly where we need the information from.


"We will not go into detail but the investigators are very pleased with that response."


He added: "Many of the calls are offering real information that's potentially significant and can be worked upon. It's not speculative or vague."


The documentary will be shown by Portuguese broadcaster SIC on Monday and negotiations are under way to air it in other countries.

13th October 2013

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