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Madeleine 'Dig' Pictures

Madeleine Dig Pictures

A very public dig...?  

If police really thought Madeleine was buried at the particular spot shown in the images below, under the corrugated material, why oh why would press be allowed to picture this?

Why would there have been no tent?

If someone had tipped Redwood off as to where is Madeleine's burial place, that person would have been able to be more exact, and would have been able to state whether the 'grave' was some sort of ground cavity covered by a corrugated metal sheet.

And if he'd been tipped off, he would know whether he should be digging in this piece of scrubland or the other areas mentioned for which he has yet to obtain permission from the Portuguese.

As ever this is making little sense.

Cannot recall ever seeing police digging for a body in full glare of the press and public.

The Metropolitan Police said they would not be giving a running commentary - hell they don't need to - everything they are doing is being filmed up close and personal by TV crews!

If Jane Tanner and her partner had decided to come clean...I think if Madeleine was buried in PDL, they would have been able to be one hell of a lot more accurate! 

And if the Met did know the burial place was where they are looking now, and under corrugated material - why would Portuguese not have searched there - they've known about the request by Metropolitan Police for some time now, the reason and what evidence the Met had to raise the request.

Has to be more to this.

Sorry, still not buying it..!  

Video: Madeleine Search: Police Start Dig
3rd June 2014
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