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Madeleine's Time

Madeleine's Time

In terms of Madeleine case. 

It would be nice to think that all who have an interest in the case of missing Madeleine have one thing in common - justice for a missing child.  But of course that is not the case at all.

For those who do have the child at heart, how should they best spend their energy, the time they devote to Madeleine -   Discussing the case civilly with others, researching it, sharing thoughts, voicing opinion, OR wasting precious time and energy on those who are absolutely not deserving of a moment of Madeleine's time being spared or spent on them?

It's a no brainer!

Affording such types the time of day, the attention they crave so badly, is giving them that which should be Madeleine's, her time!

What would give you more satisfaction at the end of the day, to know you had spent your energy, given your time to Madeleine, this little girl, and this truly tragic case of her disappearance, or spent it on someone who is far from deserving of your time and energy.  The type of person, who for instance sees themselves working together with the media in UK (who thus far have printed pretty much only untruths re this case) and not together with the police to solve it?  Not sure if such a person exists who believes that they will work with UK media in this way, but if there was such a person out there...

If I may be so bold.  Yes indeed at certain times one feels a response is necessary.  But most of the time best not be drawn in...'a blackout' at these times is probably best course of action!

With the greatest of respect folks, please don't be led by the nose. Choose your battles carefully if you feel there is a battle to be fought...

But as I see it there isn't...

Please don't let any more of Madeleine's time be wasted!

Don't let Madeleine's time the time you wish to afford this child, be tainted by those not deserving of a minute of your time or Madeleine's. 

Disruption just like confusion, can destroy, and so many good people have put such hard work into this case that is for sure.  I am amazed at the research by some on forums. Truly outstanding!

There is only one side to be on, only one corner to fight and that is, that of this little girl.

Make it once more about Madeleine.  

Have a good day one and all!
13th October 2015
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